Battle Cat-Man Custom MOTU Classics by Joe Amato

Growing up watching He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was really fun and it was cool that Prince Adam had a talking cat!  JACC (Joe Amato Custom Creations) imagines a world where He-Man trusty sidekick is more than just transportation and the occasional rescue feline with his Custom Battle Cat-Man MOTU Classics figure.  Resculpting a removable helmet and chest symbol, JACC has retained the classic look of Battle Cat we grew up with while creating a totally brand new figure for us to enjoy.  The green and yellow paint scheme is also new and to make this figure even more interesting, he also wrote up a really cool bio:

Battle-Cat-Man Custom MOTU Figure 3

The armor on the figure completes the look and I like that he tied in the symbol and sword of He-Man, which makes it look like they belong together.  The tunic is a nice touch giving Battle Cat a more human feel to the character.  This would make an amazing addition to any MOTU Classics collection so make sure to snatch this Custom Battle Cat-Man MOTU Classics figure while you still can!

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