Barricade Custom Masterpiece Transformers Figure by Barbershop Customz

Totally rethinking one of the toughest Decepticons from the 2007 Transformers Movie is Barbershop Customz with his Custom Masterpiece Transformers Barricade figure.  Using a Masterpiece Prowl as the base for the figure, he reimagined the character using the movie paint scheme.  The gold face really pops against the darkness of the figure.  I like the angle that Barbershop took with the figure where he chose not to change the face to the style of the movie figure.  I think this was a good call since all of the Masterpiece figures are based on the G1 Transformers line.  I have been a fan of Barbershop for many years and if you are too, come check out the past articles I have written about this fantastic customizer!

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