AFC Q&A with Xaviercal: Custom Transformers Masterpiece Soundblaster

Masterpiece Soundblaster Custom Transformers Figure

Masterpiece Soundblaster Custom Transformers Figure

Ever wonder the effort it takes to make a custom but were too afraid to ask?  AFC interviews Xaviercal to find out more about his Custom Transformers Masterpiece Soundblaster figure:

AFC: What is the custom you have up for sale on eBay this week?

Xaviercal: Well this week I will have a inspired Masterpiece G1 Soundblaster custom from the Headmasters cartoon series.

AFC: How was this figure made?

Xaviercal: This figure was a MP-13 Takara Soundwave, repainted using ,metallic black & red  both from Tamiya Color as well as a bit of custom blending to give Soundblaster a very nice look such as a Henkei figure but not overdone that It could fit with other stock Masterpiece and Customs.  As painting techniques goes, one big step that is mainly key factor is the disassemble to every little bit and cleaning each piece from stock paint or else the new paint might react to it and well come out terrible or everything will need to redone. The key is always to take time in preparation in cleaning the figures especially if you are going for a clean look.

AFC: How many hours did it take you to create this figure?

Xaviercal: Hmm I would guess with taking it apart, cleaning it, painting, masking, paint some more, wait for it to dry, putting it back together and final taking photos of it, would say a good 48 hours about.  It is hard to keep track, especially with other projects going on at the same time.

AFC: What inspired you to create this custom?

Xaviercal: Well had come across a MP Soundwave and thought about doing a Normal Soundwave but why not Soundblaster? Actually now that I think about it, I hardly see any Soundblasters around, but yes he has a cool color scheme, black with red with some blue in it.

AFC: Is there any other interesting information about the process of making this custom that you would like to share with your fans?

Xaviercal: Well there are sometimes design changes that happen at the last minute.  For example, I painted Soundblaster's chest a translucent red; however when it came to the photos, his chest was too dark to tell it was red so I went back to repaint it a solid red now, which now has better impact in the overall design.

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2 Responses to AFC Q&A with Xaviercal: Custom Transformers Masterpiece Soundblaster

  1. Caging says:

    Cool interview! Keep up the great work on AFC!

  2. afc says:

    Thanks! I am planning to do more of these types of interviews so stay tuned!

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