AFC Q&A with Sculpt-bot: Perceptor Custom Transformers Masterpiece Scale Figure

Perceptor Custom Masterpiece Transformers Figure

Perceptor Custom Masterpiece Transformers Figure

Sculpt-bot's Custom Masterpiece Transformers Perceptor is the focus of this weeks featured post!  Let's get more detail on this amazing custom in this virtual sit down with the creator of this great piece:

AFC: What is the custom you have up for sale on eBay this week?

Sculpt-bot: It is a Masterpiece Scale Perceptor Figure.

AFC: What inspired you to create this custom?

Sculpt-bot:  With the design similarities between G1 Soundwave, and G1 Perceptor, I thought it was a natural transition to convert MP Soundwave into MP Perceptor.

AFC: How was this figure made?

Sculpt-bot:  I scavenged a lot of parts from the original G1 Perceptor figure. Mainly the "microscope" portion, but I also used a razor saw to cut off many thin panels to add to the base figure. I extended the microscope barrel slightly to add a little size (still magnifies!) This wasn't really an issue in bot mode, but it looked a little too small in his alt mode. I also heavily modified the original G1 chest piece to upsize it to fit the MP mold. The clear portion of his chest was a challenge, as no matter what I did, I couldn't build a perfectly clear "lens" for his chest. I finally settled on a fogged crystal look, that still provided some translucency, but didn't need to be perfect. I shortened his legs slightly at the knees so that he was slightly shorter than Soundwave and Prime in bot mode. I wanted his head to be a combination of the G1 figure and cartoon design, so I built a new one up using the Soundwave head as a base. This gave his head the same articulation as the base figure. I built his G1 toy weapons out of scrap parts and some styrene. He was then painted up using custom mixed acrylics and enamels to match his trademark colors.

AFC: How many hours did it take you to create this figure?

Sculpt-bot: I probably put about 20-25 hours into him.


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