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Bizarro Custom Superman Man of Steel Figure by AC Custom Figures

Bizarro Custom Superman Man of Steel Figure

Bizarro Custom Superman Man of Steel Figure

The Bizarro concept is an interesting one.  Introduced in the late 1960's, the Bizarro universe was an alternate reality where the "opposites" of characters lived.  For example, instead of a round planet, the world was cubed and contained a freakish looking Superman called Bizarro.  AC Custom Figures, in his "What if..." concept line introduces a new character to the new Superman movie with his Custom Man of Steel Bizarro figure.  As the figure appeared in comics and the Superfriends tv show in the 80's, Bizarro boasts a purple color scheme and a backwards "S" on the chest.  I love the shades of purple on the figure as they give it a metallic look and the gray washed out flesh of Bizarro gives him the appeal he had from the concept art and the cartoon.  To view more photos and to place a bid on AC Custom Figure's Custom Man of Steel Bizarro, head over to eBay.

Metallo Man of Steel Custom DC Universe Figure by AC Custom Figures

Man of Steel Metallo Custom DC Universe Figure

Man of Steel Metallo Custom DC Universe Figure

AC Custom Figures had started a "What if..." concept where he imagines if other characters were a part of movies so he creates figures that could have been.  This week, he focuses his attention on the Man of Steel movie with his Custom Metallo DC Universe figure.  I love concepts like this because there are always villains or heroes that we wish were a part of the movies so customizers like AC provide this vision for you.  In looking at concept and comic art, this Metallo is combination of various renditions.  One aspect that I really like about this custom is the kryptonite hologram on the chest as well as the bottom of the palms.   Also, the face looks very sinister with the way that the eyes were done.  Overall, this figure was very well executed!

Superman Man of Steel 2013 Custom Figure by MattHancock

Superman Man of Steel Custom

Superman Man of Steel Custom

In anticipation of the upcoming Superman Man of Steel movie that hits theatres June 14th 2013, MattHancock has created this Custom Marvel Legends Scale Superman figure modeled after Henry Cavill, the lucky actor to play the Man of Steel!  The one major change to Clark Kent's costume is the lizard'like appearance of the suit, which is replicated very nicely in this figure.  Textured and hand sculpted, the suit displays a high degree of accuracy to the movie version.  The smallest details can make or break a custom and Matt has even thought about the cloth cape as it folds into the shoulders as he replicated the way linen folds into the actual costume from the movie.  He also added a very cool reflective base to show off this fine piece.  To view more photos of MattHancock's Custom Marvel Legends Superman Man of Steel custom, head over to eBay!

Steeljaw Transformers G1 Revenge of the Fallen Custom by Protis82

Steeljaw Transformers G1 ROTF Custom

Steeljaw Transformers G1 ROTF Custom

The Ravage figure that was produced for the Transformers 2 movie was pretty lackluster and there was not much it could do except turn into a cybertronian jet built for reentry back into the Earth's atmosphere.  Protis82 has put his skills to good use and has created a Custom Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Steeljaw figure in a G1 color scheme.  I don't see many customs made out of the Ravage figure so I thought I would highlight this one as it is unique and it fills a void where the Transformers 2 movie did not provide any robots to counter Ravage on the Autobots side.  The head was sculpted to resemble what Protis82 thinks a ROTF Steeljaw to look like if it appeared in the movie.  Although this figure suffers from the alternate mode where it is just a reentry bot, at least the alternate mode is much more interesting and looks like the G1 Steeljaw we grew up with.

Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime Custom Transformers Figures by Sabrina Ng

Bringing together the concepts and artwork of Mr Guido Guidi, the concepts of griffith_76, and the execution of form and function of Sabrina Ng comes this outstanding Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime Custom Transformers figures.  This is a dual effort as griffith_76 is the designer and built these beauties from scratch and Sabrina has applied her skill with the brush.  Stylistically, you will notice that the finish on these customs is very different from Sabrina's usual glossy showroom finish as she decided to go for realism for the period that this comic was set in.  I love it when customizers have the presence of mind to make the changes necessary to make thier customs the best they can be.  Let's hear more about these great custom from Sabrina herself:

"This first edition set pair of Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime is designed to be modelled after the Hearts of Steel comics as well as my very own rendering of a Hearts of Steel Nemesis Prime. I set out to do up a more realistic impression of a train as opposed to my usual shiny and reflective customs.  The HOS 01A (red/blue) was dry brushed before using coats of red and blue to get a steely outlook for the his parts. Much of his trailer was shaded before being covered with clear blue. HOS 01B (black/gold/teal) was predominantly shaded to achieve his burnt steel look across. His gold was achieved by airbrushing layers of enamels for a richer shade. Both figures were given an anti UV gloss coat for a lasting finish that will retain their colours for many years to come.  This auction includes HOS-01A (red/blue) and HOS-01B (black/gold) only. Movie Ironhide and Bumblebee are used as gauges for the audience to estimate the height and build of the Hearts of Steel customs. Also, griffith_76 has decided to include 3 bonus items for this auction. I will update it accordingly in the next few days as and when I receive details about them"

I have to tip my proverbial hat to custmizers like Sabrina who go out on a limb and pour their heart and soul into making customs that would never see the light of the day from major toy companies.  To check out more photos, head over to eBay to check out the pair of Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime Custom Transformers figures.


Iron Monger Custom Marvel Legends Iron Man Figure by Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome is heating up the Iron Man custom section with his Custom Marvel Legends Iron Monger figure. The cool thing about this custom is that Jin has given this figure the look of brushed steel and has a light up chest but I will let Jin take it away from here:

"Monger has been decked out in a shiny metallic paint job with just a hint of blue shading and great highlights that give the look of real brushed steel! He has full articulation in the legs as well, not static posed like the first Iron Monger figure. Ready for the kicker? Open up the cockpit and flip the hidden switch, Iron Monger’s eyes and chest light up just like the onscreen character! Please don’t stare directly into the chest light, it’s so bright you can use this guy as a flashlight in case of an emergency. The batteries can also be replaced if needed."

Bid on Jin's Custom Marvel Legends Iron Monger figure on eBay today!

Custom Stealth Iron Man Marvel Legends Style Figure by Central Cali Customs

Central Cali Customs has outdone themselves with his Custom Marvel Legends Stealth Iron Man figure. This Sideshow'esque figure is comes packed with articulation and a custom base that looks like Iron Man has unleashed hell on it. Central Cali Customs explains more about how he made this work of art:

  • Researching, the best suitable Action Figure to transform. For example: According to Cable's bio, he is 6ft 8in and 350 lbs. So, I would not use a HULK’s body because he is 1,000 lbs.
  • Once you find all parts, then you Assemble and Sculpt
  • This part is very fun……I used Apoxie Sculpt for a strong finish.
  • Prime the whole body.
  • Paint major parts with correct color accordingly. I do multiple paint 3 to 4 times. I used Testors Model Master Acrylic Flat (unless it's an armor steel character) color paints. These paints are non-toxic and lead free.
  • Wash with darker color to imitate shadow (Where needed).
  • Dry brush with lighter color to imitate highlights (Where needed).
  • Then detailing such as lines, logos, etc.
  • Last and not least, depending on what kind of finish I would like to achieve, I will coat my figure. If I want to get flat comics like finish, then I coat it with dullcoat. If I want to get armor stell finish, then I coat it with glossy coat.

Bid on this one of a kind Custom Marvel Legends Stealth Iron Man on eBay!

Vault Guardsman Custom Marvel Legends Figure by wanderer-X

Wanderer-X brings us this Custom Marvel Legends Vault Guardsmen this week. The armor is perfectly sculpted, especially on the head, which is nicely proportioned. If you want to own this great piece, go check out his auction and his other customs for sale this week on his seller page. If you want more information about the Vault Guardsmen, read more below.

The Guardsman armor gave the wearer superhuman strength allowing the operator to lift 40 tons under optimal conditions (for about 3 minutes). The armor's high-carbon steel alloy mesh and radiation shielding also offer protection from most ballistic and even energy weapons. The armor can fly via boot jets at a maximum speed of 250 mph for 3 hours, and contains 30 minutes air supply for submersion or high altitude flight.
Deep within the adamantium-lined walls of the high-tech prison known as the Vault, the world's most dangerous super-villains are kept in line by the stalwart Guardsmen. Each Guardsman wears incredibly advanced battle armor designed by Tony Stark and is skilled in a myriad of combat techniques. But a Guardsman's most valuable asset is his detailed knowledge of each super-villain's power - knowledge that comes in handy when dealing with the likes of Venom, Carnage, or any number of sinister symbiotes!

Big Bad Toy Store Pre Orders and New Arrivals


Encore: #23 Fortress Maximus - In Stock Now - $329.99

Figuarts Zero - Sigma Action Figure (Tamashii Web Exclusive)

New Japanese Exclusives - Bandai & More

Sideshow Darth Malgus 12" Figure

Real Masterpiece 1/6 Michael Jordan - Series 01 - #23 Road Edition - Red Jersey - UPDATED IMAGES

Mass Effect 3 Geth Pulse Rifle Full Scale Replica (LE 500)

Resident Evil 6: Chris Redfield Figure - Capcom

James Bond Breather Evolution Set Prop Replica (LE 500)

RW-011 Banshee Blade (LE 100) - Final Run

Castle Grayskull Statue - Arriving Soon

D-Arts Charizard - In Stock


Enterbay has announced a second version of their Michael Jordan Real Masterpiece figure. This one wears #23 and is dressed in his red Road uniform. It comes with multiple hands, multiple pairs of Air Jordan shoes, a basketball and more. It is listed at $259.99.

Hasbro's newest assortment of Marvel Universe contains two each of Captain America (apparently in classic outfit with new sculpt), Elektra, Rhino and Mysterio, along with one each of Silver Surfer, Black Costume Spider-Man, Iron Fist and Iron Spider-Man; we have this Case listed at $114.99. We also have Captain America, Elektra, Rhino and Mysterio available as a Set of 4, priced at $49.99.

The Power Pose line continues with this new 1/6 scale figure of Iron Man's Mark 35 disaster rescue armor, code named 'Red Snapper'. It includes multiple light-up parts, over 15 points of articulation and a display stand, and is listed at $254.99.

Jazwares has announced a number of new Teen Titans items; we assume that they will be from the new Teen Titans cartoon. We have a Case of 8 7" plush figures for $99.99, which will includes one or more each of Robin, Cyborg and Trigon. Action figures are also on the way - a Teen Titans 2" Six-Pack at $26.99, and Sets of Robin and Cyborg in 5" Figures at $27.99 or 8" Figures at $37.99.

Six new listings are up for Transformers Go!, the Japanese version of Prime Beast Hunters. These include G08 Budora and G09 Evil Demon Combination Goradora Set at $44.99 each, G10 Hishomaru and G20 Sensuimaru at $39.99 each, and G19 Hunter Ratchet and G21 Judora at $29.99 each. We also have images now for G01 - G04, so be sure to check those out as well - it appears that G01 , G02 and G03 can combine in three different ways, in addition to transforming between robot and vehicle individually.

Three new Transformers are ready for pre-orders. The fourth figure in the new Alternity Super GT line is named after Fortress Maximus and is listed at $99.99, while the Japanese versions of Metroplex and the Legends Optimus Prime & Bumblebee Set are listed at $229.99 and $39.99, respectively.

Superman and his enemy General Zod are the first two figures in the "Man of Steel" Play Arts Kai line. If previous releases are any indication these figures should include alternate hands and appropriate accessories; we have them listed at $79.99 currently.

The title hero from "Man of Steel" is receiving a new ArtFX statue from Kotobukiya. The statue shows his cape floating out behind him, and we have it listed at $104.99, $15 off of the MSRP.

Many new items from Power Rangers Megaforce are now ready for pre-orders. We have Basic 4" Figures in Sets and Cases, Battle Gear, Deluxe Battle Gear, Cycles, Zord vehicles, DX Vehicles with Figures, Deluxe Megazords, Feature Figures, Figure Megazords, Armored Might Figures, Power Sound Figures and a Feature Megazord. Be sure to check out these new items for yourself or the Power Rangers fan in your life.

Three new items are up for pre-order. The Rock Henkei Blazeo is a ship that transforms into a mech; this figure is listed at $94.99. We also have the Dinosaur Mecha Topazpin, a Dimetrodon that appears to change into the main body of a mech, and is listed at $79.99, Finally, the Dinosaur Henkei Carnival is a transforming gun by itself that can also merge with another weapon, and is listed at $79.99. Note that the translation/spelling on these items may be off; be sure to check them out at the link.

This set is limited to 500 pieces and includes the 1965 breather from "Thunderball" and the 2002 breather from "Die Another Day". It also includes a display with cover, certificate of authenticity and more, and is listed at $309.99, $10 off of the MSRP.

Two new tanks and two new WWII figure sets have been announced. The tan camo German Tiger 1 Tank is listed at $54.99 and the olive drab U.S. M4A3 Sherman Tank is listed at $44.99. For new figures we have the U.S. WWII Army Soldiers Bravo Team Set of 3 and the German WWII Soldiers Set of 3; each Set is articulated, comes with equipment and bases and is listed at $24.99.

This new third party accessory is perfect for sending your flying figures on a mission to restore the eyesight of a large robot. It is listed at $21.99.

Another new cassette has been announced. This new evil version of Rhinohorn is done in clear purple plastic, and is listed at $21.99.

Both U.S. and Japanese color versions of this jetpack for the new version of the good robot leader are available. Each is listed at $39.99.

Two of DC's lovely ladies are joining the Real Action Heroes subline from the 'Hush' storyline. Each includes their costume from the story as well as accessories such as a whip or handgun. We have these figures listed at $184.99, $15 off the MSRP.

Last week we mentioned the new set of Batman 8" Retro figures; we are now glad to offer singles of Batman and Robin at $25.99 as well. In addition to them, there is a new Carrying Case that is sized to hold 12 of the 8" figures, and it is listed at $49.99.

This "Iron Man 3"-inspired statue has War Machine hovering above a bent pipe. It is priced at $109.99, saving you $20 off of the MSRP.

New JLA Member Catwoman is the next in line for an ArtFX+ Statue. She stands almost 8" tall and is listed at $39.99, $5 off the MSRP.

This figure from Evolution Toy appears to use their magnetic joint system, which seems perfect for this one. It appears to include Alpha, Beta and Gamma and can assume any of the gestalt forms, and is listed at $254.99.

This version of the giant robot stands 210 mm tall (about 8.25") and comes with his Speizer ship and multiple weapons. This set is listed at $329.99.

A variety of new import exclusives are now up for pre-orders. These include the Master Grade 1/100 Scale Crossbone Gundam X-2 Version Ka Exclusive at $109.99, the 1/1000 Scale Gamiras Close Defense Unit Color Set at $112.99, the Warrior Gashapon Senshi Next Saga 92 Tamashii Exclusive at $99.99 and the 1/10 Scale Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright Figure Exclusive, which is available on its own at $174.99, or with an exclusive 3DS Pouch at $194.99.

This Brick includes 8 boosters of pre-painted miniatures from the new expansion. We have it listed at $104.99, $8 off of the MSRP.

Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein are now available singly. Each figure is priced at $21.99.

The newest in the cereal killer line is Count Calorie. This pudgy vampire measures 8" tall and is ready to join your collection soon. We have him priced at $59.99.

This fantastic new figure is all dressed up in an elegant bridal gown and veil and stands 22" tall. It is limited to 300 pieces, and we have it listed at $254.99, $45 off of the MSRP.

Many of the ships and vehicles from the Thunderbirds are up for pre-order in miniature form. We have a 1/350 Scale Thunderbird 3 at $54.99, along with Mini Thunderbird 1, 2, 3 & 5, 4, The Mole, and Lady Penelope's Pink Rolls Royce, with each at $12.99.

Some of the more popular figures and sets from Doctor Who have been reissued. These include the Companions Gift Set at $63.99, the Fourth Doctor at $17.99, Captain Jack Harkness In Trenchcoat at $15.99, the Doomsday Set at $47.99, The Eleven Doctors TARDIS Box Set at $109.99 and the 10th Doctor, in Blue Suit or with Sonic Screwdriver, at $15.99 each.

A trio of new Sonic items are up now. They include the 5" Sonic Metallic Series Set of 2 at $37.99, the Sonic Team Chaotix Box Set at $25.99, and the 3" Sonic Comic Two Pack of Sonic & Blaze at $17.99.

Three new Star Wars Art pieces are on the way courtesy of Acme Archives. The "Enlist Today" and "Rebuild the Death Star" Limited Edition Giclees are each listed at $112.99, with the "Probe Droid" Limited Edition Giclee at $79.99.

Enesco will soon be releasing a number of new Disney figurines and busts. They include the Couture De Force Figure 7-Pack at $454.99, Mini busts of Santa Jack Skellington and Goofy at $84.99 and $74.99 respectively, and Carved By the Heart 4" Figurines of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Tinker Bell at $19.99 each.


This assortment includes Jungle Patrol Dutch Schaefer, Jungle Extraction Dutch Schaefer and Masked Jungle Hunter Predator. The Case include 5 of each Dutch and 4 of the Predator and is listed at $219.99, $60 off the MSRP; we also have the three figures as a Set, priced at $49.99, $10 off of the MSRP. Some singles are also available, with Jungle Patrol Dutch Schaefer at $19.99 and Jungle Extraction Dutch Schaefer at $17.99.

The first of these transforming cars is once again in stock. The robot changes into a Lamborghini and includes his own pistol; he is listed at $59.99.

Two new figures from the hit movie are here. Boris is in his Prison outfit, while Agent K is as he appeared in 1969. Each comes with weapons or other accessories, and each is listed at $114.99, saving you $35 per figure off of the MSRP.

This long-awaited set has finally arrived. In addition to Munitioner and Explorer in G1-inspired colors, it come with the rest of the gestalt parts (other than the three figures) as well as the new Quake transforming figure. This set is listed at $129.99.

The black and gray redeco of Unicron from Transformers: Prime has arrived. It includes a similarly colored Arms Micron figure and is listed at $89.99.

Poor Breakdown ended up as a mech suit for Silas after his capture, and this figure is the physical representation of that ending. He comes with an Arms Micron figure and is listed at $64.99.

This set includes Rumble, Frenzy, Laserbeak and Overkill. We have it priced at $59.99, so if you are looking for cassettes to go with your Masterpiece Soundwave but would like more tapes for your buck, this set may be the way to go, as the G1 and MP cassettes both fit inside MP Soundwave.

Each of these Box Sets includes three figures as well as a host of accessories. Series 01 includes Ninja Dojo Battle and Ninja Showdown, and each box set is available individually at $22.99, or you can get them as a Set for $39.99.

This set includes two energy cubes in purple, one of which is beveled to fit into the chest of a certain recently released large tape deck / robot. It also includes a low-in-the-dark diagram that can fit into the chest of said robot as well. The set is listed at $15.99.

We're waiting on the rest of the assortment, but we have received our first shipment of Darkseid, and have enough left over for singles. He is priced at $18.99.

This replica from United Cutlery measures 38.75" long and has a stainless steel blade with simulated gem stones on the hilt. It comes with a wall display and certificate of authenticity and is listed at $233.99, saving you $90 off of the MSRP.

For the benefit of our international and other customers, we have received a small quantity of the new Orange Lantern Larfleeze figure. The sole member (usually) of the Orange Lantern Corps comes with his lantern and is listed at $33.99. We also have a small number of the Monsieur Mallah figure, which comes with her partner the Brain and is listed at $69.99.

The latest release in the MOTU Classics line is Snake Face. This warrior comes with alternate parts to make snakes appear from his face and torso, and is listed at $39.99.

This popular figure is once again in stock. He includes alternate head and hands and is priced at $24.99.

Toymunkey Studios has released their 13" limited edition statue of the Red Pyramid Thing (Pyramid Head) from Silent Hill 2. He carries a giant blade in his right hand and a lying figure in his left, and is priced at $149.99, $10 off the MSRP.

AFC Interviews Transformers Artist Kingbotz


This week, AFC has the pleasure of getting to know Transformers Artist, Kingbotz, in this exclusive interview:

AFC: Tell the fans about yourself

Kingbotz: Hi there fellow TF-artists & friends, I'm Shane aka "Kingbotz" from New Orleans, La, born and raised. I've been an artist all my life, starting with 2D pencil-art in my youth & building anything I could out of whatever I had. I grew up with plenty of educational building sets like Brix-Blox, Robotix, Lincoln Logs, Erector & Tinker Toys. A significant incident took place in '86 when my mom threw away all my TF & Gobot toys as punishment for something I did, so I secretly started making them out of paper & hid 'em under the dresser. Yep, they all transformed too. They had a simple panel-flip-technology on 'em but it worked! I even did a few combiners like Defensor, Superion & Devastator. I mean, they were more or less like little robotic paper-dolls that couldn't even stand on their own, but those and my imagination was all I had left after the "apocalypse," lol.   Anyhow, that creative-entity was always there, it just took all the right elements & conditions to manifest itself in a much more profound way further down the road.   Years of mechanical-experience, circumstances & timing was all critical to my development and establishment as a TF-artist/customizer.   Anyone is welcomed to check out my previous and current work on my main website at, on Facebook at
and my video-channel at


AFC: Why did you start making customs?

Kingbotz: It's a very long story to put in a nutshell, but it all started in early 2005 after I had surgery for a sports-injury. I was stuck at home, had a lot of spare time & started collecting old Transformers again that I found on eBay.  It was fun, but there was STILL something major missing, couldn't quite pinpoint it. A couple weeks after surgery, I woke up one day and started brainstorming the possibility of building an oversized Transformer-character of my own. I began pondering what I would base this huge figure on, and what I could use to make it happen. One of the first ideas that hit me was a combiner using vehicles to minimize scratch-building, and suddenly Tonka-trucks got my gears turning about a huge "Devastator" and I wondered.... "just how many Tonka-trucks can I find at one toy-store, that are all in scale with each other???" I jumped in my truck, went straight to the store and spent the whole day there, shopping and getting all the trucks I needed. Went home with the haul, and the rest was history.  Over the course of about 8 to 10 months, I built my first Transformer-custom, a 5-foot Devastator made out of Tonka-trucks that stored 29 other Transformer-toys all over the body. That was the custom that put me "on the map" sort-of-speak, which was only supposed to be a one-time thing that I was gonna list on E-bay and sell once it was done.  After I came home from Botcon 2006 and displayed Devastator there, I had no doubt I was meant to do so much more. I've been pretty much on automatic since then with limitless ideas, concepts & drive to continue to push the margin and take it further & further.



AFC: When did you start making customs?

Kingbotz: Define "custom!" Lol Well I did a lot of building & mods to toys & stuff growing up, but my first official major Transformer-custom that came in with a bang was the 5-foot Devastator-statue in 2005.  I believe towards the end of 2005 was about the time that I started experimenting with individually-transformable Tonka-prototype figures as I was wrapping up the Devastator project, finished all 3 around the same time in early 2006. Devastator came first though, so early 2005 was the start for me.



AFC: How many projects are you working on at any given time?

Kingbotz: Only maybe 2 or 3 at the most. It's so easy to get swamped by taking on too many projects at the same time, it just doesn't make sense. 2 or 3 at the MOST, but I tend to take on some pretty complex commissions for the most part, so really 2 concurrent projects are enough for me. I'd rather take my time & focus on the quality of the pieces that I'm working on and do a killer job.  I want the "wow" factor and initial-impact when people look at my work, even if it means going above-and-beyond what I was paid to do. Quality over quantity.

AFC: What are some the customs you are most proud of?

Kingbotz: Hmmm....that's a tough one. As far as size goes? The 7ft "Bruticus." Complexity....the 5ft "Frenzy" Aesthetics....5ft Devastator (2008) and 4ft Shockwave. As far as originality goes though, I do have to say I'm particularly very proud of the new Transformers "Abstract" line I introduced a year ago, it's gone over really well. I was skeptical about the concept and how it would be received, but the reception and feedback has been fantastic. It's fresh & original with nothing else to compare it to.....all out of my head, my perspective.  I look at how that small line is growing slowly but surely and the potential it has now and think, "wow, I did that," and that's something I'm proud of.








AFC: What is your favorite toy line to do customs for?

Kingbotz: Hands-down, the Transformers line. I'm an art & customs-enthusiast for most toy-genres across the boards, but Transformers are my specialty & where my passion is. I do have to admit I love the GoBots toys as much as TFs, but that's a line I haven't had the chance to explore just yet. All in due time. 😉

AFC: What customs or commissions do you have lined up for future projects?

Kingbotz: I'm currently developing a 2-foot G1-Devastator to offer TF Abstract-enthusiasts the chance to take their collection to the next level. I chose that particular size not only because it will display nicely in scale next to Generations Metroplex & G1 Fort Max, but it's also a magnificent centerpiece and serves as a fantastic next-level option for the Abstract-admirers as well.  I also have a long-overdue commission in the final-stages that is sure to please, an old transformable robotic steel-mill Titan based on the Generations Metroplex figure. (Ogun Abyss)  That project has been quite a journey & learning-experience, one of the most involved transformable pieces I've ever tackled. Keep an eye out for that one. As far as future commissions I haven't begun yet, I've got 2, maybe 3 NES (Nintendo) commissions I'll embark on soon, one of them is definitely a crossover of 2 genres. The consoles will still be playable, 2 of the pieces will involve the little R.O.B. robot that came with the original deluxe Nintendo game-set. There is another secret outlandish 3-stage project I've been working on here & there for roughly 5-years now. Can't say much about it, but anybody that grew up in the 80s will particularly love this one and be blown away. Lot's of crazy stuff in the works.




AFC: What was the most challenging custom to make so far?

Kingbotz: Without a doubt, the 5-foot "Frenzy" replica from the 2007 Transformers-movie. Good God, where do I start with that one. It was a total scratch-build, and all I had as reference were maybe 5 or six good pics that I could find on the internet. For decent part-scale reference, I actually had to get frontal & side-pics blown up to the approximate height I wanted the figure to be, and I worked off of that. What made it worse, you still couldn't see every spot, joint & body-part of Frenzy in the pics I had, so I was forced to improvise in a lot of areas. The customer also wanted it to be posable with 4 light-up eyes and a r/c controlled turning-head. All this within a 5-month time-frame. Yeah that one stressed me out a little....a lot....but I liked the challenge and sense of accomplishment when it was done. This project was a test & sum of all the skills & resources I picked up over the years, and it still pushed me beyond that.  When it was finished I thought, "how can I possibly top THAT one?" It was both humbling and gratifying, but it removed any doubt I could do anything I set my mind to.


AFC: If you had one piece of advice for other customizers out there, what would you say to them?

Kingbotz: Excellent supplemental follow-up to question #8. 😉 My best advice to other artists & customizers new & old is- believe in yourself. I could say "work hard, stay humble, don't give up, be consistent, be original" & all that other stuff.....but if you first believe in yourself, everything else will follow.


Pretender Prime Custom Transformers Figure by Primos Customs

Pretender Prime Custom Transformers Figure

Pretender Prime Custom Transformers Figure

I thought this Custom Transformers Pretender Optimus Prime figure was a very cool concept!  The story is amazing so without further ado I will let Primos take it from here:

After being severely damaged in battle with Bludgeon and the Mayhem Attack Squad on the ravaged planet Klo, Prime in put into a repair bay to heal his injured body. His Power Master body has suffered extensive damage.

Prime starts to remembering how many countless times this has happened. Looking at Ratchet "What is it all for? Megatron, Bludgeon, Shockwave, there’s always another enemy luring on the horizon. Always one step closer to putting out my spark for good."

Ratchet: " This is why you’re our Prime, you’re the answer to all these evils. Just relax Optimus.We’ll have you fixed up in no time " Prime: "Like so many times before"

As Prime slips into sleep he hears the Matrix calls him…Engulfing him into the light and pulling him to another time.
Prime is shown a savage war. Prime thinks to himself “Is this the past or the Future?”.
He’s watches a courageous Transformer named Primal. Both organic and machine on a somewhat familiar world. His body is something Optimus has seen before. Much like the Pretenders we developing on the Steel Haven from the stolen plans of Scorponok.(The Transformers (Marvel US) #40, "Pretender to the Throne!" )But these beings did not use it for disguises, they were both organic and machine as one.

Prime see’s flashes of battles, Organics and Transmetal soldiers. The uncertain future of Cybertron. The namesake of Megatron and Prime live on into the future..or is this the past?

Then he sees the Ark, where he and the Autobots laid dormant for so many years. He’s see’s a new tyrant named Megatron lining up to destroy him. "Why are you showing me the past ? Has this already transpired"? Booom
Flash of Light. Clearing the landscape, he see’s Primal protecting his spark from Destruction. Combining it with his own "He’s saved me, before I awoke so long ago."

Prime seen how they were together as Optimal Optimus as they shared his spark. His existence is a direct reflection of Primal’s own determination. That determination will protect his resting soul in the past. It’s a circle he can’t escape from. The Future and the past is one. The burden is to be shared!

"PRIME" He hears Ratchet calling. Losing focus and brought back into Ratchets repair bay. "Your Powermaster armor is pretty much destroyed" Were re-scanning you. Teletran-1 is rebuilding your original earth Alt mode. it will take some time before you’re ready to Roll Out". Prime: "Wait, I have an idea. Contact Maximus on the Steel Haven, Tell him I want initiate the Pretender process for myself until my body is repaired."

Rachet: "You, an Organic human? Don’t you think you would need something with a little more..bulk?" Prime: "Human? not exactly".

Pretender Prime!

Custom Transformers Prime Galvatron Figure by Zildjian

Custom Transformers Prime Galvatron

Custom Transformers Prime Galvatron

I can't believe that I have been featuring work by Zildjian (back then that is what he called himself) for over 5 years now and his customs get better and better as time goes one.  Take his Custom Transformers Prime Galvatron figure, for example.  He has gone by Customs by Z for a while now but if you want to look up his older customs, just go here!  In a collaborative effort with Fakebuster, another talented customizer, they have produced one of the best Galvatron figures I have seen to date.  Capturing the raw essence of the character from the 1980's Transformers Movie, the rough edging of steel makes it look like the paint is peeling off from battle.  The LED's give the figure an ominous and sinister feel and I could imagine Galvatron lighting up as he was just about to blast a fireball through his iconic orange canon.  Here are some more details about the figure from Z himself:

"GALVATRON stands approximately 6"-7" inches tall. This is the second of two extremely novel figures that was completed with a unique set of add on parts that were made exclusively by none other than FAKEBUSKER! Through a very generous agreement with one of my best and most loyal commissioners, I was able to obtain 2 additional sets of the Galvatron upgrade kit."

For your change to own this rare Custom Transformers Prime Galvatron figure, head over to eBay!  While you are there, scroll all the way down to the end of the listing and check out the before and after photo to see how amazing Zildjian's craftsmanship and execution is.

Custom Transformers Prime Galvatron

Custom Transformers Prime Galvatron

Leader Class Shockwave Transformers Dark of the Moon Custom by Encline Designs

Leaver Class Shockwave Transformers DOTM Custom

Leaver Class Shockwave Transformers DOTM Custom

If you can't get something done the way you want it, do it yourself!  That was Encline Designs inspiriation for this amazing Custom Transformers Leader Class Dark of the Moon Shockwave figure.  This figure appears like a piece of digital art with the sharp edges and fine lines but looks can be deceiving as this is a scratch built figure made from a host of other Transformers figures.  The protruding rib cage and leg armor give this figure an ominous 3D feel and the swivel and ball joints make this figure super poseable.  Let's get a feel for how Encline Designs came up with the idea for this amazing figure:

"I have been hoping to see a huge DOTM Shockwave since the first time I saw laid my eyes on that awesome design. Shockwave have always been a favorite of mine. Seeing his movie design was perfect. He captures pure cold, calculating, and logical beast that he should be. I knew the only way to get one is to build it myself. Using a leader class Megatron, Optimus, and a bunch of random parts as a base to start with, I scratch built the body parts using styrene and a torch. Then finished it off with a sculpted head and unique paint job using many shades silvers and steel and then topped of with a slight purple pearl. He glows with great lighting! Standing at 10" tall,  Shockwave is sure to make a unique and intimidating piece to your collection."

You can see from the photo above how the figures articulate, giving it the feel from the movie it deserves.  This 10" figure must look amazing in person so if you want a chance to own this great work of art, head over to eBay and bid on Encline Design's Custom Transformers Leader Class Dark of the Moon Shockwave figure.

Blaster G1 Transformers Custom War for Cybertron Figures by FrogDNA

Blaster G1 Transformers War for Cybertron Custom

Blaster G1 Transformers War for Cybertron Custom

Blaster G1 Transformers War for Cybertron Custom

Blaster G1 Transformers War for Cybertron Custom

Blaster is one of my favorite Transformers from the 80's and FrogDNA has taken a War for Cybertron Soundwave figure and turned it into this awesome Custom G1 Transformers WFC Blaster figure with Steeljaw and Eject.  There is no mistaking this figure as the classic Blaster boasts the large bright yellow tape deck front with the large Autobot symbol on the front.  Add the signature oversized gun and you have an updated version that will go great with your War for Cybertron collection.  For those who grew up in the 80's, we listened to music on these archaic tapes, which for me, that always seemed to get tangled and mangled in the decks they were played from.  Although this figure looks like the classic character in robot form, the alternate mode takes a very cool form of a futuristic car, which I am sure blasts awesome music while driving over the terrain of Cybertron.  Add Blaster's companions Steeljaw and Eject and you have a great set from the 80's.

War for Cybertron Blaster Steeljaw and Eject Customs

War for Cybertron Blaster Steeljaw and Eject Customs

Ricky The Dragon Steamboat WWF Custom Classic Superstar by skribbel24

Skribbel24 continues to pay homage to the classic wrestling stars of the 80's that I new and loved.  Take his latest Custom WWF Classic Superstar Ricky the Dragon Steamboat figure.  Skribbel24 has the unique ability to capture the wrestlers as they appeared so long ago.  I only know Ricky Steamboat from his WWF days and he was a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with.  If you don't know the back history behind this legend, here is it from

After ending a long and bitter rivalry with George “The Animal” Steele, Randy Savage focused his attention on Ricky Steamboat. After some back and forth action, Savage got frustrated and lost control. He took the timekeeper’s bell, climbed the ropes and came crashing down on Steamboat’s throat, crushing his larynx. Horrified fans looked on as Steamboat was taken out on a stretcher. Steamboat miraculously returned a few weeks later, taking on Savage at WrestleMania III. With revenge on his mind, Steamboat defeated Savage for the Intercontinental Championship in what some consider one of the best match in WWE history.

If you want to own this superstar in custom form, head over to eBay and bid on Skribbel24's Custom WWF Classic Superstar Ricky the Dragon Steamboat figure.

Halo Scorpion Tank Custom Lego Vehicle and 4 Spartan Minifigs by jv2402

jv2402 has a vehicle to beef up your custom Lego Halo collection with his Custom Scorpion Tank!  The scale of the Scorpion Tank fits in nicely with the scale of the minifigs and the steel look of the tank is very well done.  The Lego pieces look like rivets on the tank and to top it off, the vehicle comes with 4 minifigs, which you can read about below:

"The is a CUSTOM MADE SCORPION TANK that will be super glued together upon shipping do to the parts that might break off during shipping. Scorpion Tank is customed painted to make it look like steel. Has a cockpit to put your Figure in to handle the Scorpion Tank.  Tank Barral is movable in 360 degrees.  4 minifigs included:

  • 1 Blue Spartan with decals on his arms and legs armed with a custom Rocket Launcher
  • 1 Red Spartan with decals on his arms and legs armed with a custom minigun
  • 1 Green Spartan without decals armed with a minigun and to man your Scorpion Tank
  • 1 Very Rare Steel Spartan without decals armed with a custom Rocket Launcher"

Bid on this custom Lego Scorpion Tank over at eBay!

Nemesis Prime Allspark Transformers Animated Figure by Encline Designs

Encline Designs crosses two Transformers wolds together with his Custom Allspark Nemesis Prime Transformers Animated figure. The love the harsh steel look of this figure (when the lights are on) as it makes a stark contrast when darkness succumbs Prime and you see him in his Allspark glory. What a fantastic idea and executed well. Encline Designs did not over do the Allspark aspect as I could imagine someone running wild with the glow in the dark aps. The lights add great dimension to the figure and this would be something you want to sit and stare at with the lights out. Here is how Prime was made and the story behind him from the source:
How Prime was Made
He was dismantled and rebuilt. First you will notice I ran four red LEDs though the chest cavity with an on/off switch and battery pack on the back. It has a removable cap to replace the batteries. I removed the blue glass and replace it with clear acrylic sheets sprayed with transparent red. While apart, I airbrushed the whole figure with Flat Black enamel. I always liked purple on this guy, so, I put a simple metallic purple stripe on him. The paint is great, but no need to let Chuck Norris fight with it!! Then, I panel lined with GLOW IN THE DARK paint, and airbrushed glow in the dark ALLSPARK energy markings on him. I figured Nemesis Prime needs to have weapons like Prime, but a lot more menacing. So he has a new axe, the regular axe, a new arm grapple with blades, and not to mention the Chrome removable smoke stacks/rotating arm cannons. Also, look under the face mask!
The Story Behind the Figure
I thought it would be cool if the new C.E.O. of Sumdac Ind. wanted to create a bot to get rid of ALL transformers. While a rouge psychotic Transformer with the ability to scan other Transformers and gain there powers is heading to earth, from the future to scan Optimus Prime because he has become the greatest warrior, and next thing you know, he crosses paths with allspark and Sumdac Ind. to become the greatest threat to ALL TRANSFORMERS. So, there you go, you can complete the story when you add this to your collection.

Bid on Encline Design's Custom Allspark Nemesis Prime Transformers Animated today on eBay!

AFC Interviews Customizer Shinobitron

Shinobitron is one of the most talented Transformers customizers I have met thus far. He also makes customs for Marvel Legends, Video Games, and GI Joe but I am drawn his work with the Transformers. If you are looking for a one of a kind custom to proudly display on your shelf next to the originals, you need to check out his work! I have blogged about several of his customs, including Highbrow, Beachcomber, Rampage, and the latest, Dragstrip. Please check out all my reviews of his figures on his dedicated page. I was lucky enough to get some insight and learn more about Shinobitron so please enjoy!

AFC: Tell the fans of your work a little about yourself.

Shinobitron: My real name is Justin and I currently reside in north western Pennsylvania. I'm 28 years old and work in a stock room for the Pittsburgh Steelers when I'm not making customs. I'm big into Anime and classic 80s toons. Not only do I customize figures I also make costumes. I've been Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, the Hobgoblin, and Soundwave! Soundwave could actually transform and the chest opened to reveal a cassette that also changed into Lazerbeak. LB had magnets in his feet that let him attach to my wrist!

My artist name comes from 2 things 1) Shinobi, one of my favorite video games of all time. Not only that but the remake for the PS2 had Hotsuma, the main character, in one awesome looking uniform. 2) Tron, not for the old movie but as in Megatron. I've always like the bad guys more. I currently started a website called Shinobitrons Dojo

I can be contacted there or thru my regular email at:

AFC: When did you start making customs?

Shinobitron: I started making them in 1999. This all started with my love for Resident Evil. I bought the entire set of figures from Toybiz and was mad no Wesker figure was made. I used a Toybiz Johnny Blaze and remade him into Wesker. That's when this all started I then took it into Gundams, Various models kits, and random figures for practice. I got the heaviest into it however when the Marvel Legends released and have been very steady ever since.

AFC: How many customs do you work on at one time?

Shinobitron: For the most part I try to keep all my focus on one figure at a time. This lets me give all my attention to one item and let me give one figure my all. I do however base coat figures that up for painting while working on another figure. This let any sculpty or glues I have on my main project harden and keeps me from sitting idle. (I do cave and treat myself to some PS2 or PC games in between phases though)

AFC: What is your favorite toy line to do customs for?

Shinobitron: I have to go with Transformers on this one. First of all each piece can end up being super easy or one heck of a challenge. After you finish one of the pieces you get a great sense of accomplishment, knowing that you made not one but two toys in one project. You got a badass looking robot and a sleek vehicle that looks equally badass.

Another reason I like TFs is the fans reaction. TF has a diehard fan base that love their bots. When you sell a figure to a person and he/she says that your piece is proudly displayed in their collection for everyone they know to see it give you a great sense of pride.

AFC: What is the custom you are most proud of?

Shinobitron: That's a tough question. I would have to say a very rough tie between my Darkstalkers, Ghost in the Shell, Galvatron, and Hotsuma figures. These piece have a special place for me as they are major display pieces on my shelves.

AFC: What customs do you have lined up for your next ones?

Shinobitron: My minds always working on what to make up next. I'm a real spur of the moment kind of person and even though I set myself a list of figure to make I usually end up doing something else cause I just got a great base fig I "have" to use right then and there. Heres a tenative list: Goldbug, Movie Beachcomber, Hoist, SHS Venture Bros figures, Animated Deadpool, Female Junkions, gears, The entire Cowboy Bebop cast, Bludgeon, Anime X-Men, 8" Master Cheif, Hellsing characters, G2 Grimlock, and more Sigma 6 Cobra members.
Believe me there so many I can't even remember them all.

AFC: If you had one piece of advice for other customizers out there, what would you say to them?

Shinobitron: Practice, Practice, practice. I know that Jin says this but its the truth. Never be afraid to use new techniques, screw things up or break things. Doing this is sometimes the best way to learn. Try new items, new paints, and new parts. Just remember to have fun doing it and never give up.

Custom Transformers Movie Smokescreen G1 Style by frenzy.rumble

frenzy.rumble had the vision to take the mediocre Transformers Movie Jazz figure and crafted it into a Generation 1 masterpiece with his Custom Transformers Movie Smokescreen figure. When I first saw this figure, I was thrown back by the craftsmanship that went into this one. I really thought I was looking at the original G1 Smokescreen as the colors and decals are a perfect match to the original. The paint almost has a glass appearance and it is really obvious that this figure was meticulously painted and matched to the original.
The G1 redeco's are my favorite of the Transformers customs as the customizers who make these have a great vision for what will look great and frenzy.rumble's customs rank up there at the top of my list! One of the aspects that sets other customizers apart is the ability to enhance their figures by seeking out parts that will take the figure to the next level. Let's see how frenzy_rumble made this great looking figure:
"Smokescreen was built off a TFTM Jazz figure, G1 reco mold. His head comes from Armada Blurr, with some slight alterations. In order to compete against the spring on the head section, I installed a small peg behind his chest plate, this ensures that the head area and neck stay on a straight angle. Jazz's 'hands' were no good, so I dremeled them off at the wrists. I drilled into the wrist a tight hole for a steel rod, and attached Gundam model fists onto the rods. They are articulated (spin) yet remain very tight. I removed some of the detail in his knee area, filled it in with some apoxie sculpt and painted with a deep metallic-red high gloss enamel. The pistols he weilds are from a clearance toy found at WalMart. I had the decals for the hood and doors custom made using a high quality 3M vinyl. The exterior was painted with Krylon Fusion Red and Blue, then robot mode was painted with about 99% enamels, so the finish is very durable. I finished him off with some Testors clear coats, all matte, semi-gloss, and gloss variations."

This Custom Transformers Movie Smokescreen can be yours and is available on eBay so go check it out! frenzy.rumble has a blog called Frenzy.Rumble's Amazing Action Figures where you can check out his latest WIP's and completed customs. I will be writing more about his customs in the coming days so stay tuned for more Custom Transformers greatness from frenzy.rumble.

Custom Marvel Legends War Machine by DW40 Customs

When diplomacy fails and international law breaks down, James Rhodes - head of the human rights group, WorldWatch - dons his solar-charged steel mesh battle armor to become the world's number one weapon in the struggle against injustice and oppression!
Straight from the pages of Marvel Comics (ok, 25 issues of the comic), DW40 Customs brings us his Custom Marvel Legends War Machine. Staying true to the comics, the paints aps are in a nice silver and gun metal grey. One cool feature of this custom are the rockets and the fire blast coming out of the gun. Sculpting takes talent and I really like the effect of the rockets bursting from the launcher with a plume of white smoke followed by red and orange burns.

DW40 Customs War Machine is available on eBay so head over there and place your bid now for this awesome Marvel Legends Custom.

Custom Star Wars Heavy Gunner Clone Trooper by jbronson713

The new Star Wars movies, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, reinvigorated fans and gave us a reason to hit the toys stores again. With Hasbro producing gaggles of clones, the hunt was on for Army Building enthusiasts. Attack of the Clones introduced us to the origins of the Stormtroopers and Regenge of the Sith opened the door wide open for customizers to create their own special forces armies.

jbronson713 brings us his Star Wars Heavy Gunner Custom Clone Trooper. This custom is unlike anything I have seen before. Here are some details about this Heavy Gunner:

  • Totally original repaint scheme, protected with multiple coats of varnish
  • Unique helmet repaint with flip-down scope
  • Custom crafted shoulder Pauldron with layered shoulder armor
  • Custom crafted removable plasma pack with conduit tubing for plasma delivery
  • New knee pads and right hip holster for tactical pistol
  • Gatling Mini-Gun with Dura- and Transpari- Steel Shielding
  • Custom crafted layered Tactical Display, which hooks into the pack on his back
  • Pulse Rifle
  • Tactical Pistol
The Heavy Gunner's bio is as follows:
Dextyrr Dextyrr set to life in search of bigger game. His stint with the
Army of the Republic was destined by birth, being born of the cloning vats
on Kamino, but his rigorous training and discipline could not wipe from
his mind the lust for bringing down the mammoth creatures from his dreams.
Somehow, Dextyrr had inherited "memories" embedded in the genetic coding
he received from his progenitor - Jango Fett. It seems that Fett had had many
brushes with large beasts during his tenure as a bounty hunter.

Dextyrr, caught by his desire to hunt, elected to train specifically with 'the
big guns' - the only tools he imagined could stand a chance of dropping 12 tons
of charging flesh and bone. His resultant skills proved useful to the Army in
many battles.

You can check out this super detailed Custom Star Wars Heavy Gunner Clone Trooper over at eBay or if you would like to check out the multitude of Star Wars Customs, head over to my site at

Custom Star Wars Lego Republic Attack Star Cruiser – 150 Pounds and 8 Feet of Lego Goodness

Back in December 2005, there was a charity auction for a one of a kind Lego custom from an actual LEGO Master Builder, Erik Varszegi. This gigantic piece, which had to be crated like a motorcycle for shipping, contained the following:

  • A framed certificate of authenticity that was signed by George Lucas and the Master Builder
  • Stem to stern the model is 97 inches 47 inches wide and was created using over 35,000 pieces
  • The model was built around a steel armature that runs down the spine of the ship and includes a rolling display frame
  • The model scale is 1:466 and took over 450 hours to build

I was in awe when I saw this back in 2005 and I have never wanted a Lego piece more than this one. So after over 60 bids and $36,000 later, this wonderful piece of Star Wars Lego history went to the high bidder and all of the proceeds went to Habitat for Humanity. This Attack Cruiser is long gone but you can find more Lego Customs on my website in the Custom Lego section of or head directly to eBay.