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Modded Custom Nintendo Entertainment Systems and NES Classic Editions


Since the NES Classic Edition hit the scene last November 11th 2016, they have been super hard to come by and for fans of nostalgia, a real blast from the past.  I have to admit, I did run down to Toys R Us at 4AM only to get turned away at 6am when all of the tickets were passed out.  I eventually scored one, with some help of my Mom, at a Target very far from where I live.  Since Nintendo discontinued the NES Classic, to the dismay of fans, they have been going up in price and you can only really find them through eBay or Amazon.  Short supply and price gauging has plagued the NES Classic right from the get go but if you want more for your money, try searching eBay for Custom Modded NES Classic editions (hint: click the link to your left)!  Some of these bad boys come with between 700 to 1500 games from systems like the NES, Super Nintendo (SNES), N64, and even the Sega Genesis!


Or if you want the original, which I highly suggest, there are some creative individuals who take old Nintendo Entertainment Systems from 1986 and apply a new paint scheme or decals to give it a fresh, one of a kind look!  You can get pretty much anything from a Joker themed NES console to an NES that is painted to look like a Switch to an NES that has been squeezed into a Castlevania cartridge!