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Custom Transformers Titan Class Fortress Maximus by TheDistressMaster


I have to admit, I took a very long break from posting amazing customs on my site but a mix of hobby and life changes has brought me back.  Brought to you by TheDistressMaster, this Custom Transformers Titan Class Fortress Maximus is a figure that could bring a guy out of retirement!



As you can see from the highly detailed paint application, TheDistressMaster has put his heart and soul into this custom.  Described as corroded detail, Fortress Maximus looks war torn and battered.  Just looking at the hand detail, you can tell that a lot of patience and care went into crafting the look and feel that he was going for.  Looking severely carbon scored, this figure looks like it has been fresh from battling those menacing Decepticons.


Usually customizers usually just show their finished work but TheDistressMaster gives you a window the time, effort, and skill it takes to pull off an amazing finish to this Custom Transformers Titan Class Fortress Maximus figure.  If you are so inclined to buy this masterpiece, it is still available on eBay!