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Bruticus Transformers Fall of Cybertron Custom Combiner by Xaviercal

Bruticus Transformers Custom Combiner

Bruticus Transformers Custom Combiner

Inspired by the Fall of Cybertron box art from San Diego Comic Con, Xaviercal has created this stunning action masters style Custom Transformers FOC Bruticus figure.  What drew me to this figure was the sharp lines and vibrant colors.  Looking at in game screenshots, art work and trailers, Xaviercal has translated the fluid movement in the game and used this to articulate the figure.  Here is more about this great figure from Xaviercal himself:

"The inspired for custom FOC Bruticus came from the box art that appears on the SDCC FOC Bruticus set.  I wanted to aim for what appears on the box art. I want to recreate that fantasy art work. Make the art work come alive in this custom FOC Bruticus  figure. Further more it should had being the FOC Bruticus we should have gotten. Custom FOC Bruticus doesn’t not transform into individual robots or any other form.  It an intake figure that stays as FOC Bruticus.  He is filled with tons of articulation and details. Allot attention and time has being put in to make this amazing figure..."

To view more photos and to place a bid on Xaviercal's Custom Transformers FOC Bruticus figure, head over to eBay!


Dr. Doom Doombot Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Raybot

Doombot Custom Marvel Legends 18" Figure

Doombot Custom Marvel Legends 18" Figure

Standing a gargantuan 18" tall is Raybot's Custom Marvel Legends Dr. Doom Doombot Sentry figure.  The paint app on the figure highlights the fine lines and detail in the muscles and armor.  The base silver color shines and the darker green and gold accents are in the right places.  The lighter green on the boots almost look iridescent and the different angles in the photos makes the green look fluorescent and light green.  Looking at the scale of the figure below, you can see how large it is compared to other, more normal, size figures.  There are more photos of Raybot's Custom Marvel Legends Dr. Doom Doombot Sentry figure over on eBay so click over and them out!

Custom Transformers G1 Insecticon Combiner Pestilence by Colosal Customs

Custom Transformers G1 Insecticon Combiner Pestilence

Custom Transformers G1 Insecticon Combiner Pestilence

The Insecticons were an interesting breed of Decepticon robots.  These creatures, along with the Dinobots, were the first Transformers to deviate from the machines that made up the bulk of the Autobot and Decepticon characters.  Taking this concept to the next level is Colosal Customs' Transformers G1 Insecticon Combiner that he dubbed, 'Pestilence.'  The name is a great play on words and if you are familiar with the Bible, Pestilence symbolizes plague (contagious disease) in some interpretations of the book of Revelation.  Taking Napalm, Kickback, Bombshell, Shrapnel, and Shellshock, Colosal has created a super Insecticon combiner that is 15" tall!  A fantastic concept that is well executed, this combiner retains its G1 look and feel with the use of purples and yellows.  This figure really looks like it could go head to head with toughest of Autobot combiners.  Here is the back story on Pestilence:

"We lay in wait in the dark places, dank places. We exist to cause chaos and destruction. Our hive mind was perfectly suited for Megatrons combination process. We serve him now, but there is another. We felt his influence durring the process, we feel him now... So we will bide our time awaiting his arrival. Untill then, we are Pestilence and we are HUNGRY!!!"

If you click over and read more about Colosal Customs' Transformers G1 Insecticon Combiner, you will find out more great facts about this menacing figure.

Static Shock Young Justice DC Universe Custom by Vernondo

Static Shock Young Justice Custom

Static Shock Young Justice Custom

Inspiration can come from many sources.  Oftentimes, customizers are inspired to create figures that the toy companies have not created or (or will never make).  Vernondo has created this Custom Static Shock Young Justice figure based on the new season of Young Justice.  To read more about this figure, he provided a quick insight into his mind and how he came up with this figure:

"I am more of a Marvel guy when it comes to a lot of my customs, but there are still a few characters we never got to see in as action figure in the DC line.  One of them had his own TV show and the most he was able to get was a Happy meal toy and a limited release as an older version in the JLU line.  The new season on Young Justice inspired me to take on a few characters that we have not see in the show yet so I decided it was about time STATIC SHOCK  got his due!  Now is your chance to add this very “electric” character to your collection in 6 inch form!"

His appearance is more of a young adult with a killer electric styling.  Vernondo's Custom Static Shock Young Justice figure is very well executed and would fit right in with your other DC Universe or Marvel Legends scale figures.

Loki Custom Marvel Legends Agengers Figure by Big Hank

Loki Custom Marvel Legends Avengers

Loki Custom Marvel Legends Avengers

Loki, the adoptive brother and archenemy of Thor, is the pinnacle character in the Avengers movie and Big Hank's Electrifying Action Figures has taken the Walmart exclusive version of the figure and created a movie accurate villain with his Custom Marvel Legends Avengers Loki figure.  Here is how he took the figure "off the shelf" and made it his own:

"Tom Hiddleston owned the whole Avengers movie, and I really wanted to capture the pale, sinister look he had. The WalMart Loki figure is awesome but there was a couple of things that needed attention. I sculpted his hair to be more screen accurate, and sculpted the Cosmic Spears's blade to be bigger than the woefully inadequate stock spear. I went ahead and added the blue light up gem into the spear while I was at it!"

I really like the more sinister and crazy look that Big Hank gave Loki as it captures his likeness as he appeared in the movie.  Adding an LED into his cosmic spear was a fantastic addition.  To place a bid on this great figure, head over to eBay and check out Big Hank's Custom Marvel Legends Avengers Loki figure.

Airachnid Transformers Prime Custom by Cheetimus

Arachnid Transformers Prime Custom

Airachnid Transformers Prime Custom

Emulating Airchnid's appearance on the Transformers Prime cartoon as closely as possible, Cheetimus has modified this figure into the spider like creature it was intended to be with his Custom Transformers Prime Airachnid figure.  Originally designed to be a helicopter (hence the 'Air' in the figures name), Cheetimus has crafted her half-spider mode with detachable extra legs.  The legs were also given more range of motion and are able to support the full weight of the figure.  The cockpit has been painted with finer detail, which is sometimes and afterthought since the you can't see it when the cockpit is closed.  Cheetimus has created a very fine figure that a ton more detail than the off the shelf version!