Metroplex Custom G1 Transformers Supreme Class by TB-Production & XavierCal

Metroplex Custom Transformers G1 Figure21 transformers generation 1 transformers

Standing at an impressive 15" tall, TB-Production & XavierCal team up to give you this Metroplex Custom G1 Transformers Supreme Class figure.  I love when customizers put their heads together because you are guaranteed a superb figure when it is all said and done.  The construction of the figure was done by Xaviercal and he has done a fantastic job at placing articulation where needed and replicating and scaling the large parts needed to pull off a Metroplex custom.  The arms and mid torso are my favorite parts of this custom.  TB-Productions put on the finishing touches to this great piece by applying multiple shades of white and gray overall and black and gray to achieve a steel like effect.  This is one of the best Metroplex customs I have seen to date so if you want to see more, head over to eBay and check out TB-Productions and Xaviercal's Metroplex Custom G1 Transformers Supreme Class figure today!

Metroplex Custom Transformers G1 Figure1 186x300 transformers generation 1 transformers

Metroplex Custom G1 Transformers Supreme Class Figure

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