Custom G1 Transformers Masterpiece Fortress Maximus by Xaviercal

Fortress Maximus Custom G1 Transformers transformers masterpiece transformers generation 1 transformers

Custom Transformers G1 Fortress Maximus

Go big or go home!  Xaviercal has definatley gone bug with his Custom G1 Masterpiece Transformers Fortress Maximus figure.  Standing a gargantuan 2 feet tall, this figure captures the essence of the Generation 1 figure with the updated articulation and scale of the custom designed by a talented individual.  There are many feature that have been packed into this great figure, including LED's and scratch built parts.  The hands and sword were designed and built from the ground up.  A lot of work went into this amazing custom so make sure to head over to eBay and check  out Xaviercal's Custom G1 Masterpiece Transformers Fortress Maximus figure.

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