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Custom Transformers Alternity Megatron Fairlady Z Binaltech Figure by Sabrina Ng

Alternity Megatron Custom

Alternity Megatron Custom

The Nissan Z is a sweet ride and Sabrina Ng has put her showroom shine on this Custom Transformers Alternity Megatron Binaltech figure.  The paint aps on the figure brings out the detail and gives Megatron the much needed personality.  The original figure looked really muted ad boring but Sabrina knows just where to place the right colors to make the figure pop.   This figure is the first in a long line of Alternators coming from Sabrina so be sure to head over to eBay and check out her Custom Transformers Alternity Megatron Binaltech figure because there are more great figures to come!

Bumblebee Transformers Human Alliance Voyager Class Custom by Metallichemist

Custom Transformers Bumblebee Human Alliance

Custom Transformers Bumblebee Human Alliance Voyager Class Figure

We finally get a Voyager Class figure worthy of the figure and Metallichemist has done an excellent job making this Transformers Human Alliance Bumblebee look like it could belong in the movie.  What I found odd about the movie was that the robots look dirty and dingy but when they transform into vehicles, they have a squeaky clean showroom shine.  Metallichemist has done a great job with the detailing of this figure to give it depth and character.  Here is how he describes his process: "Work done on BUMBLEBEE includes a full extensive repaint on the body with custom metallic paint to give a sense of weight.The completed paint job is scratched and brushed to achieve a worn out look that is fitting for the determined lieutenant battling against the Decepticons."  Head over to eBay to view more photos!

Ramjet Dirge Thrust Custom G1 Revenge of the Fallen Seeker Jets by Alphamagnus

Alphamagnus has used the 2007 Transformers Movie Starscream figure and created a great set of G1 coneheads for your collecting pleasure with Custom Ramjet, Dirge, and Thrust Revenge of the Fallen seeker line.  If you are like any person who grew up in the 80's, the seeker jets were the toys to own and what a great way to blend the classic style of the G1 Transformer with the newer Revenge of the Fallen movie.  Although I loved the concepts of the newer figures, they were always missing the classic feel and Alphamagnus has solved that issue.  If you want to see more photos, head over to eBay!

Battle Damaged AT-TE Custom Clone Wars Vehicle by MeadMunch

In honor of my son's 5th birthday today, I am featuring one of his favorite Star Wars vehicles.  MeadMunch has created this Custom Battle Damaged AT TE as he was tired of the clean cartoon look to the vehicle.  The detailing is really nice on this AT TE and it looks like it has been through hell!  To see more photos and to place a bid, head over to eBay!

Omega Supreme Custom G1 Transformers Figure by Sunok Studios

Omega Supreme has always been on those figures that was great in concept but the execution of the G1 figure was never quite right until now!  Sunok Studios has revived this legend with his Custom G1 Transformers Omega Supreme figure.   Here are some of the special features this figure is packed with:

  • 16 inches tall and fully poseable
  • Fully custom face in the helmet with light up eyes and a visor that moves up and down
  • Super articulated joints, 360 degree rotating arms, head, and bendable knees, pivoting feet, and waist

This is really a great looking figure so if you would like to view more photos or own this piece for yourself, head over to eBay and check out Sunok Studios'  Custom G1 Transformers Omega Supreme figure.

Desert Cobra Hiss Tank Trubble Bubble Custom GI Joe Vehicle by Build-A-Rama

Being a military history aficionado, I was excited to see Build-A-Rama's Custom Desert Hiss Tank resemble a North Africa campaign style vehicle.  First, the paint scheme and weathering on this Hiss Tank makes this piece feel like a period piece from the 1940's.  I love the converted turret of the old Hiss Tank to a Trubble Bubble platform, which is a great concept!  Overall, this vehicle is very well executed and would fit very well in your 1980's or current GI Joe collection.  If you want to view more photos of Build-A-Rama's Custom Desert Hiss Tank, head over to eBay!

Ravage Revenge of the Fallen Custom Figure by UniqueToyz

UniqueToyz has a movie accurate take one of the coolest figures in the Revenge of the Fallen line with his Custom ROTF Ravage figure.  Most of the Ravage's I have seen so far have had a G1 flavor to them but I really like the attention to detail the UniqueToyz has taken with this figure.  This figure reminds me of a surreptitious Scorponok in the first Transformers Movie.  The paint scheme really shows off the finer points of the figure and gives Ravage depth and character.  Some of the G1 style customs of this figure often mute the details but the way this was painted makes them stand out.  To see more photos and to place a bid on UniqueToyz Custom Revenge of the Fallen Ravage figure, head over to eBay!

District 9 Alien Mech Custom Movie Figure by jiveking7

I have not seen the District 9 movie yet but I can't wait to see it.  Jiveking7 has created this Custom Alien Mech Figure in honor of the movie.  This one is scratch built and fully poseable so head over to eBay and check out more photos of this great movie custom.

Mudflap and Skids Ice Cream Truck Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Custom Figure by LEK

Aside from Demolisher obliterating Japan in the opening scene of the Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, another high point in that sequence was from a dynamic duo inconspicuously disguised as an Ice Cream truck.  LEK has taken the pitiful figure that Hasbro produced and created a movie accurate figure with his Custom Mudflap and Skids Revenge of the Fallen figure.  Not only is this figure painstakingly painted, but the headlights illuminate for an extra effect.  There are several photos of LEK's Custom Mudflap and Skids Revenge of the Fallen figure over on eBay so check them out!

Zartan GI Joe Resolute Custom Figure by ZartanMan

Zartan was one of my favorite characters from the GI Joe series back in the 1980's and I am happy to see that ZartanMan has created this Custom GI Joe Resolute Zartan figure.  This figure is a kitbash of a few figures, including the GI Joe Rise of Cobra Flash, Resolute Duke legs, and a Zartan Head from the GI Joe 25th Anniversary collection.  This figure will fit in with all of the your other GI Joe Resolute figures so head over to eBay and check out more photos of ZartanMan's Custom GI Joe Resolute Zartan figure.

Clone Trooer Red Star Wars Clone Wars Custom by Lilenobi

I still really like the Clone Wars series and there are a few tried and true customizers out there still making figures.  Lilenobi brings us this Custom Clone Trooper Red figure, which is part of Commander Gree's Elite Search and Rescue team.  This figure is well done and comes with carbon scoring and a removable helmet.  To see more photos, head over to eBay!

Shock Trooper GI Joe Rise of Cobra Custom Figure by GDX

Although I did like the GI Joe Rise of Cobra movie, there was one aspect I felt was missing and it was the spirit of the 1980's figures and GDX has captured that feeling with his Custom GI Joe Rise of Cobra Shock Trooper figure.  Inspired by what a Cobra Blue Shirt would like, this Shock Trooper is an amalgamation of several figures but I like it because it reminds me of the older figures.

Jetfire Revenge of the Fallen Custom Transformers Figure by TK385

One of my favorite military planes and also a great figure to add to the Revenge of the Fallen line, TK385 has brought this great concept of a figure to life with his Custom Revenge of the Fallen Jetfire figure.  Not only does this figure have an excellent paint job, but it also has a special feature that I have not seen anyone do before.  Here is TK385 to tell you more about this great effect:

"Added are Super Bright 2 colors LED Lights to both jet engines for a realistic jet effect.  Each jet engine can be activated individually. Activation mechanism is build in, nothing external to loose! This modification does not disable its tranformation capability"

A very cool figure to own!  It can be yours by heading over to eBay and bidding on TK385's Custom Revenge of the Fallen Jetfire figure.

Hooded Cobra Commander Custom Marvel Legends Figure by SpawnSauce Customs

In honor of the GI Joe movie, SpawnSauce Customs has created this Custom Marvel Legends Hooded Cobra Commander figure.  I have never seen Cobra Commander don a trench coat before (aside from the movie, of course), but I really like how this looks with the Hooded version of Cobra Commander.  There are a couple aspects of this custom that I really like.  First, the way the hood was made to look like it was flowing.  Second, the lapel of the trench coat looks as if it was designed with a King Cobra snake in mind as it flares out and the detailing on it looks like it.  To view more photos and to place a bid on SpawnSauce's  Custom Marvel Legends Hooded Cobra Commander figure, head over to eBay!

Omega Squad Custom Lego Star Wars Minifigs by Rurisk

One can never get tired of army building and Rurisk has created an instant troop builder for you with his Custom Lego Star Wars Omega Squad minifigs.  The Omega Squad was an elite clone commando unit, and was part of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. The members of this unit were brought together after each of their respective squads were killed during action at Geonosis. Unlike most other commando squads, the Omegas wore specialized Night Ops Armor.  You can own this elite group by heading over to eBay and bidding on Rurisk's Custom Lego Star Wars Omega Squad minifigs.

Ravage Custom ROTF Transformers G1 Figure for Charity by Sabina Ng

First, let me start off by saying that all of the proceeds from this auction go to will go 100% to a Singapore charity of choice by the TF.SG Fans site.  Sabrina Ng is based in Singapore so I have a treat for all of you rest of world fans out there who are not searching the eBay Singapore site.  She has listed this Custom Transformers G1 ROTF Ravage on the eBay Singapore site so I encourage everyone to bid this one up because it is for charity!  This custom possesses some aspects of the Generation 1 style with the hind leg mounted cannons and black and silver styling.  Sabrina makes the most amazing customs as her paint detailing is top notch so check out her Custom Transformers G1 ROTF Ravage figure here as you will not be able to see this if you search the regular website.

Sith Lord Custom Star Wars Old Republic Figure by Stocos28

I haven't had inspiration of late to write about custom Star Wars figure but Stocos28 has given me reason with his Custom Sith Lord from the Old Republic video game.  Not only is this figure not being produced, Stocos28 got the idea for the figure from the Old Republic trailer.  My favorite part of this figure is the breathing apparatus is it is reminiscent of Darth Vader himself.  Who knows what this figure will be called but rest assured you can own it today by heading over to eBay and checking out this Custom Sith Lord figure.

Snake Eyes Custom Marvel Legends GI Joe Figure by 2dtoys

I had the lucky opportunity to attend a preview showing of GI Joe The Rise of Cobra last night and I was say I was very impressed with the movie.  Not to give anything away, I thought Snake Eyes was a bad ass who can hold his own anywhere and with anyone.  That said, 2dtoys has paid homage to this legend with Custom Marvel Legends Snake Eyes figure.  I love the detailing on this figure as it brings out the contours with the shading and painting techniques, which is hard to accomplish on a black figure.  Here are more details about this figure from 2dtoys himself:

"Snake Eyes is made in the Marvel Legends style, standing around 6 inches tall with 38 points of articulation.  He comes with his pet wolf Timber, his trademark Uzi, a removable knife and handgun, and a custom made sword. His costume was meticulously recreated to make the most unique Snake Eyes custom I could.  He's definitely my favorite Joe custom and one of my most sought after pieces."

If you want to own a one of a kind figure, head over to eBay and check out this Custom Marvel Legends Snake Eyes figure.

Devastator Custom Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Supreme Class Figure by Encline Designs

I have to admit, I was excited by the prospect of the Devastator figure when I heard about it but now seeing it in stores, I have to say I am not too impressed with it but Encline Designs has given me faith that this figure can look great with his Custom Revenge of the Fallen Devastator Supreme figure.  There are many mods to this figure ranging from body, electronics, and paint.  One of my favorite mods to the figure are the 2, 12 volt mini fans that can be installed inside his mouth to create the spinning vortex that tore everyone a new one!

For one of the best Devastators I have seen to date, head over to eBay and check out Encline Design's Custom Revenge of the Fallen Devastator Supreme figure.

Hooded Cobra Commander Scratch Built Bust by ContradictionWear Customs

ContradictionWear Customs has brought one of the most treacherous villains to life with his Custom Scratch Built Hooded Cobra Commander bust.  It takes great skill and talent to replicate human features from scratch.  For example, the eyes on this bust are amazing and really bring the figure to life.  There are subtle features of this custom that make this great!  For example, if you look closely, you can see a raised eye brow.  ContraditionWear Custom has scratch built other busts such as Deadpool, Wolverine, and Venom, which you can check out by heading over to eBay and viewing his Custom Scratch Built Hooded Cobra Commander bust.

Menasor Custom Generation 1 Transformers Combiner by Sabrina Ng & Thyvipera

You don't see this very often but when two customizers collaborate and put their skills together, there can only be a great result.  Sabrina Ng's metallic paint skills and Thyvipera's engineering join forces to create this Custom Transformers G1 Menasor Combiner.  This figure is stunning!  What I like about Sabrina and Thyvipera is they give credit where credit is due and they call out some great customizers as inspiration:

I'm honestly very tempted to even call this a Henkei Version of Menasor. But before I continue further, credit must be given to those that have embarked on similar projects before. Some of them include Frenzy_Rumble, Ptitvite, Malfunction, Crefigz among the many talented artists out there. This custom colloboration is the product of Thyvipera's engineering as well as my metallic paint applications. Menasor consists of the 5 Stunticons. Each Stunticon has been lovingy customized to perfection. Without further ado, let me elaborate on some of the more interesting mods done to the figure.

Head over to eBay and check out Sabrina's and Thyvipera's Custom Transformers G1 Menasor Combiner.

Devastator G1 Revenge of the Fallen Transformers Custom by Xaviercal

There is something nostalgic about the G1 Devastator color scheme.  Maybe it is because I remember crying myself to sleep on the floor of my parents bedroom when I was a little kid because they would not take me the toy store to get one but that is beside the point.  It also could be because it was just a cool combiner that we all grew up with so I am going with that for now.  Xaviercal captured this feeling with his Custom Revenge of the Fallen Generation 1 Devastator figure.  I love the one unifying color scheme of this figure.  The original figure has way too many colors, which mutes the overall look but Xaviercal has managed to capture that 1980's classic nature while applying a consistent color pallet that makes the individual parts stand out.  This is a great figure and if you want to check out more photos, head over to eBay and check out Xaviercal's  Revenge of the Fallen Generation 1 Devastator figure.

Jolt Custom Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Figure by Frenzy.Rumble

On the heals of Frenzy.Rumble's ROTF Devastator comes his Custom Revenge of the Fallen Jolt figure.  What I love about Frenzy.Rumble's creativity is that he is always thinking of ways to make things better beyond a paint app.  Here are some examples of this from his current figure:

- Head modified allowing it to have more range of movement
- Working dual "electro-whips" easily attach to back of figure with easy to access on/off buttons. The batteries are also easily changeable.
- Sparking light up chest - with transparent blue plastic; small button inside activates blinking light display (see video below for demonstration) Batteries are also accessible for change if ever needed.

Check out more photos of his Custom Revenge of the Fallen Jolt figure on eBay!