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Inferno Brigade Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figures by Quantum-7 Customs

Quantum-7 customs is adding a Fire Department to the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line with his Custom Inferno Brigade figures.  I love the concept of the figures and here to give you the back story about them is Quantum-7 himself:

After designing the fire proof armor that Barbecue wears to protect him from fire, CINDER was asked to lead his own specialized unit called the INFERNO BRIGADE. The team, consisting of, BLOW OUT who mans the Flame Retardant delivery system and  BREAK-THROUGH who specializes in demolitions. They work side by side with the Joes to help protect our world in the  fight against the evils of Cobra Commander and his henchmen. Together they make up the specialized team: INFERNO BRIGADE!!!

Back home in Ireland , Eoin McPatrick ( code name: CINDER ) was a volunteer fire fighter for 12 years. In those 12 years he lost two of his brotherens to the flames. Compelled to design a fire resistant suit for his fire fighter brothers to wear he studied for many years the dynamics of fire.  He intensely studied the characteristics of it but how and why it behaves like a living organism,  which materials it can consume and which ones it can't. He was determined to stop anymore fires from claiming more of his friends lives. After several years of hard work and experiments he had a breakthrough....he designed a suit that was completly fire proof and protected the wearer from any ill effects from the heat and smoke fire produces. It went into immediate use and on its first day it saved a fellow fire fighters life....Eoin was hailed a hero and even the Mayor gave him recognition. It wasn't very many days later that  General Hawk contacted him and requested that he design a newer, better, more manuverable suit for a top secret American Team called: GI JOE. Eoin accepted and within 2 months he had designed a better version of his fire proof suit. After succeeding they asked him to join the GI JOE team. They offererd him the Captain's position in his own fire unit. They would be called the....... INFERNO BRIGADE!!!

Megatron Custom Revenge of the Fallen Transformers Figure by Dubz

It is great when customizers take figures in different directions and Dubz has done just this with his Custom Revenge of the Fallen Megatron version with rust.  I always wondered how the Autobots and Decepticons can go from dirty and greasy in robot mode to showroom shine in alternate mode?  This brings me to the rust version of Megatron that Dubz has made.  If I was sitting at the bottom of the Ocean waiting for a gang of Decepticons to liberate me from my watery resting place, I would look in very bad shape.  This version of Megatron is what he would look like if the Movie obeyed the laws of physics and chemistry.  Dubz has plenty of photos over at his auction page and check out his Custom Revenge of the Fallen Megatron figure.

Peter Parker Black Suit Spiderman Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Custom De Cajon

Custom De Cajon brings out the dark side of Peter Parker with his Custom Marvel Legends Black Suit Spiderman figure.  The paint aps on this figure are really smooth, especially since there are nooks where paint can clump but Custom De Cajon smooth paint job gives this figure an overall great look.  I also love the look and how the eyes are done, which gives the figure much personality.  Check out Custom De Cajon's Custom Marvel Legends Black Suit Spiderman figure over on eBay!

Cover Girl GI Joe Rise of Cobra 25th Anniversary Figure by Saadtoys

Saadtoys picks up where the 25th Anniversary line leaves off with his Custom GI Joe Cover Girl figure.  This figure brings back so many memories as I had her plow through Cobra's army with a barrage of missiles.  This figure would make an excellent addition to your GI Joe 25th Anniversary figure collection!

Devastator G1 Transformers Combiner by MalsMasterpieces

MalsMasterpieces knows how to do the G1 combiners right with his Custom Generation 1 Devastator figure that stands a towering 16" tall.  This figure is how it should be done as he tried to get as close to the classic figure as he could.  There is something unique about this figure but I will let him tell you about it:

“What’s the best way to prevent a painted custom from scratching and chipping?  Don’t use any paint! Featuring the color matched plastics DEVASTATOR.  I tried to use only pieces that matched the entire color scheme of the original classic from the 80’s.  However, the difficulty of creating such a figure includes finding and making sure the pieces matched as well as functioned properly.  There are a few pieces I had to paint because they did not come in alternative colors.  For example, Mixmaster is heavily modified and none of his parts came in green he is partially painted.  The only other pieces which received paint were the forearms, upper shins, knees, and devastator head.  Also, every cut and hole drilled had to be perfect because there was no hiding the fabrications with paint. The goal was to make it look so clean like it came right out of a transformers box.  So if your looking for a custom you can play with, without the fear of damaging the paint then this 1 of a kind custom might be the custom transformer you’ve been looking for.”

If you want to own a figure you will never see in the store, head over to eBay and check out MalMasterpieces' Custom Generation 1 Devastator figure.

Comic Con Exclusive Star Wars GI Joe Transformers Figures

Can't make it to Comic Con?  Here are some short cuts to the exclusive figures that attendees are putting on eBay from your favorite toy lines:

Star Wars

GI Joe


All Comic Con Exclusives

Dark Knight Optimus Prime Custom Transformers Crossover Figure by DarkCaveCustoms

DarkCaveCustoms is one of the most creative customizers I have seen and he is not afraid to go bold on his work and his Custom Transformers Dark Knight Optimus Prime crossover figure is no exception.  Not only has he created a killer looking Batmobile, it also transforms into the leader of the Autobots.  Let's hear more about his inspiration for making this great figure:

"As a HUGE Comic book hero fan, as well as a fan of Transformers, this one was a very fun project to do.  The Original figure is Transformers: Cybertron Leader Class Megatron, modded with hands that include a moving trigger finger and grouped fore fingers. The hands rotate for poseability.  The head from Cybertron Leader Class Optimus Prime is mounted on a ball joint and is fully poesable in a circular motion of tilt (forward, backward and a degree of tilt from left to right).  Embedded in his left forearm, shoulders, chain guns, boomerangs and feet are neonydium super magnets that attach all weapons included with this action figure custom.  The figure has been primed and painted with high quality paints, allowing him to fully transform with no damage to the paint if transformed properly."

The alternate mode of this vehicle is most impressive so head over to eBay and check out DarkCaveCustoms' Custom Transformers Dark Knight Optimus Prime crossover figure.

Devastator Custom Revenge of the Fallen Transformers Figure by Creg

I know that fans are clamoring to get their hands on largest combiner to date in the Transformers Movie realm and Creg has this Custom Revenge of the Fallen Devastator up this week for your ogling pleasure.  One of the funniest parts of the movie was when Agent Simmons was underneath this behemoth looking up at his nether regions and as a bonus, Creg has included optional wrecking "balls" to make this combiner movie accurate but you will have to head over to eBay and check them out for yourself!

The Fallen Optimus Prime Transformers 2 Custom by Chris Morada

It is not often that I see great figures come up again but Chris Morada has another Custom ROTF Leader Class Fallen Prime up this week.  I originally wrote an article on this figure on June 25th so I am excited to see it again!  This is still one my favorite concept figures and I love the photo above as it looks like Optimus is about to open a can of whoop ass on some unsuspecting bots.

Custom Lego Star Wars Republic Gunship Side Cannon Pods by toystorycollectables

It always puzzled me that every Gunship that was made was lacking the side turret pods and toystorycollectables has created these Custom Lego Star Wars Republic Gunship Turrets.  This is a great improvement to the Gunships and they look slick mounted to the sides of these troop transports.

Devastator Revenge of the Fallen Supreme Class Custom Transformers Figure by Frenzy.Rumble

It was only a matter of time before this behemoth of a Transformers hit the scene and I am happy to see that one of my favorite customizers taking on this challenge.  If you follow Frenzy.Rumble on Twitter and put 2 and 2 together, you could have guessed that he was working this Custom Revenge of the Fallen Devastator Transformers figure.  When Devastator formed in the movie, it was one of the highlights for me and it is great to see that Frenzy.Rumble has give each of the six figures his undivided attention to make this figure the work of art that it is.  Some of my favorite parts of this custom are the added articulation in key areas and the ability for the vortex to stay open like in the movie.  Make the jump to eBay to see Frenzy.Rumble's Custom Revenge of the Fallen Devastator Transformers figure in all its glory!

Rune Haako Lego Star Wars Custom Minifig by CAB Customs

Rune Haako was a male Neimoidian and the Settlement Officer of the Trade Federation, as well as a lieutenant to Viceroy Nute Gunray in the years leading up to and through the end of the Clone Wars.  This week, CAB customs epitomizes this Trade Federation slime in a minifig with his Custom Lego Star Wars Rune Haako figure.  I love the way the face was drawn as it captures the personality of the character in the movie so well.

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Red Alert and Inferno Revenge of the Fallen G1 Transformers Custom Figures by Xaviercal

Kickin it old school, Xaviercal has given the Revenge of the Fallen Ratchet and Bumblebee a classic look with his Custom Revenge of the Fallen G1 Inferno and Ratchet figures.  Ratchet has been given a makeover with an Inferno red paint ap and styling while Bumblebee has been given a Red Alert transformation with trademark fire department logos and lights.  I love these types of crossovers and want to see more from the custom community so bring on the G1 and ROTF crossovers!  If you want to see more photos, head over to eBay and check out Xaviercal's Custom Revenge of the Fallen G1 Inferno and Ratchet figures.

Sideswipe Revenge of the Fallen Transformers Custom by Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome is well known for his highly modded and detailed customs and his latest Custom Revenge of the Fallen Sideswipe is no exception.  The paint aps are not only amazing, but he added extra hoses and even scratch built his blades to make them more movie accurate.  This is one of the best Sideswipes I have seen to date from the ROTF line.  Here is more details from Jin himself:

"He's been given the detail treatment folks, the paint job for my RotF customs is more complex than anything I've done before and includes airbrushed shading, weathered detail, blended shades of color, highlights, oil/grease splatter, metallic toning, and more. All this culminates to a super realistic look of a professional miniature model and Sideswipe is no exception here. Included are two new removable arm blades that look more like the ones he sports in the movie, cutting Sideways in half on screen. They are scratch built with sharp pointy tips so take care when attaching them. Various hoses and extra detailing has been added to Sideswipe including fixing his feet to look more movie accurate. He still stands just fine and you can adjust the heel-spurs in the back to allow him different sliding poses!"

If you are in to super accurate movie figures, head over to Jin's item and check out his Custom Revenge of the Fallen Sideswipe figure.

The Fallen Custom Transformers ROTF Figure by frogDNA

Just when you thought there was no Decepitcon more ruthless than Megatron...think again?  Enter the supreme leader of the Decepticons and frogDNA has created a movie accurate version with his Custom ROTF The Fallen figure.  There are times where I love customizers to be creative and run with a custom and make it thier own but in this case, I welcome the quest to get this figure movie accurate as the toy line lacks this aspect from the get go.  Let's take a peak at how frogDNA retooled his head:

"This is how The Fallen should look like! The first thing I did was get rid of that skinny chinny face he had and totally resculpted his "mouth" and chin, I also added a pair of those blue fins on the sided of his face, for an even more accurate look, I also retooled his forehead (that slicked back forehead he originally had was driving me nuts!) aaaand, just for the coolness of it, I added a ball jointed neck! Plus, I filled all the screw holes."

To check out more photos of frogDNA's Custom ROTF The Fallen figure, head over to eBay!

Frenzy.Rumble’s Power Up Optimus Prime Ending Today!

Frenzy.Rumble's Custom Revenge of the Fallen Power Up Optimus Prime is ending today in 4 hours!  This is the most viewed custom I have seen in a very long time.  It is about the break the 15K view mark so head over there and place a bid while you still can!

Iron Man Marvel Lego Custom Minifig by Christo

I have Ozzy's Iron Man song running through my head while I am writing this but nonetheless, Christo's Lego Custom Iron Man minifig is the center of this article.  I can't believe that there are no decals on this figure as it is highly detailed and the colors work very well together.  This minifig looks mean and it can be yours by heading over to eBay and bidding on Lego Custom Iron Man minifig.

Leader Class Optimus Prime Custom Revenge of the Fallen Figure by Encline Designs

I have always been a fan of Encline Designs and he has an Optimus Prime up this week that is awesome!  His Custom Leader Class ROTF Optimus Prime is stunning.  I love the additions of the new stacks and the articulated hands as these subtle details really make the figure.  Encline is being shy with the photos for this one because he has a master plan to keep you coming back for more so be sure to check out his Custom Leader Class ROTF Optimus Prime figure often to see what he has added to the great leader of the Autobots.

Ravage Custom Revenge of the Fallen Custom Figure by Sabrina Ng

I still am not tired of writing about the Revenge of the Fallen customs and this week, Sabrina Ng has a great figure with some special mods up for sale with her Custom Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Ravage figure.  Not only does this figure have a paint finish that rivals some cars out there, but there are some special twists.  First, she added an LED to the eye (very cool feature) and if that is not enough, she even went as far as thinking how the light turns on and off.  Let me give you a hint, it has to do with the chain so head over to eBay and check out her Custom Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Ravage figure to find out how it works!

Testors Aztek Airbrush & Acrylic Paint Kit for Sale on eBay!

7/12/2009 Update: Although this item has been moved off of the Daily Deal page, you can still get to it by following this link: Testors Kit

I just checked out the Daily Deal on eBay and found something useful for you custmizers out there!  If you are looking for an Airbrush Kit, check out Testors Kit they have over on eBay!  If you don't know about the Daily Deal, it is awesome!  They have lots of products that are at very deep discounts!

Sideswipe Revenge of the Fallen Custom Transformers Figure by Dubz

I will never get tired of writing about the Revenge of the Fallen customs when I see great work coming out of so many people.  This week, Dubz gives a proper paint job and styling to a very cool Autobot with his Custom Revenge of the Fallen Sideswipe figure.  One thing I love is that when customizers get their hands on these figures, they turn them into movie accurate works of art.  Here is an example from Dubz himself:

"For the robot mode i wanted to add a very detailed but dirty looking-battle worn appearance just like in the movie. Various shades of silver were drybrushed on, then i added the weathering with shades of black, gun metal and light rust and oil stains for a super-realistic effect. The robot mode parts also feature tiny chips and light textures to simulate worn metal."

One of my favorite parts of this custom is the head because you can see all of the detail.  One of my pet peeves with the ROTF toys as they are is that so much of the detail is lost when the factory paints them just one color.  Dubz has many more photos so check out his Custom Revenge of the Fallen Sideswipe figure.

G1 Transformers Custom Menasor Figure by Malsmasterpieces

Malsmasterpieces has created a behemoth of a combiner from the 80's with his Custom G1 Transformers Menasor figure.  This beast stands a towering 16" tall and one of his goals with creating this figure was to make this feel more G1 than the original:

I don’t have to tell you who this character is, some of us had him growing up or if you were like me, we wish we did. Menasor was one of the first combiners of the animated series back in 1984. Unfortunately 25 years later, all takara Hasbro could give us was a repainted classics mirage and called it dragstrip from the stunticons. I have now faced the fact that Hasbro/takara will never release figures respectable enough to call menasor. So I decided its time to bring back the rest of the Stunticons and bring Menasor to life and create this custom one of a kind transforming sculpture. My masterpiece of a combiner, not because of its closeness to g1 specs but because I used pieces of the transformers masterpiece, classics, and even generation 1 line to create him. He is made up of some die cast pieces, more articulation points that ratchet and click durably like figures from masterpiece line. A lot of planning and engineering went into this figure and only the finest and most durable enamels went into painting this figure to match the color scheme of the original back in the 80’s. If you have the original one back from the 80’s your going to love this one. Twice as big, twice as cool, and a million times more rare than the original. Again the goal was to be more G1 than the G1 versions from the 80’s

I love when custmizers do combiners as they are always great so head over to eBay and check out this Custom G1 Transformers Menasor figure.

Leader Class Megatron G1 Revenge of the Fallen Custom by Xaviercal

Xaviercal is kickin' it G1 style with his Custom Revenge of the Fallen Megatron in Generation 1 color scheme.  The way he painted this figure makes the parts stand out.  For example, the tank treads and the gun are so muted in the original figure because everything is the same color.  By adding black, red, and gold accents to the figure, it helps to bring out the classic nature of the figure and remind us of the Megatron that we grew up with.  The red accents really define the sections of the figure and call attention to the arms and legs.  You will also notice the absence of the toothpick arm on the original figure as he gave Megatron two new arms, which go well with the figure and make Megatron more menacing as he looked kind of pathetic with a thin arm.  If you want to check out more photos, head over to eBay and see Xaviercal's Custom Revenge of the Fallen Megatron figure.

Custom Lego Star Wars Kashyyyk Clone Troopers by Jebstuff

One of my favorite clone troopers from the Revenge of the Sith movie and Jebstuff has epitomized these troopers with his Custom Lego Star Wars Kayshyyyk Clone troopers.  I like the deviation from the BARC trooper mold as we need more of these troopers in different types of fatigues.  These figures would make great additions to your Clone Army!  Jebstuff has more custom Lego Star Wars clones over on eBay so go check them out!

Megatron Custom Revenge of the Fallen Transformers Figure by Crefigz

Resurrected from the depths of the Laurentian Abyss, Crefigz has an excellent version of the leader of the Decepticons with his Custom ROTF Megatron figure.  I am very impressed with the way this figure has been painted.  For example, he has made the metal look worn and warped, like Megatron has been sitting on the bottom of the ocean waiting for someone to rekindle his spark.  There are some great additions and mods to this figure, which include a crystal added to Megatron's blaster and ball joint for his hand.  Crefigz is excellent at layering on the paint to make the figure look as realistic as possible so head over to eBay and check out more photos of his Custom ROTF Megatron figure.

Power Up Optimus Prime Jetfire Combiner Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Custom by Frenzy.Rumble

*Spoiler Alert*

Another high point on the Revenge of the Fallen movie was when Sam used the Matrix to bring Optimus back to life and Jetfire sacrificed himself for spare parts so that Prime could fend off and defeat the The Fallen.  Frenzy.Rumble has captured this aspect of the movie in super high detail with his Custom Revenge of the Fallen Power Up Optimus Prime figure, which uses Leader Class Prime and Jetfire figures.  Another favorite figure for me was Jetfire and although I have not spotted any figures in retail stores, I will be keeping my eyes out that one as it looks cool.  The one thing I really love about all of Frenzy.Rumble's is that he makes excellent choices with repsect to paint apps and modifications.  It seems like the mods are all in the right places and the paint aps are bullet proof.  I can't possibly write about all of the amazing aspects of this figure so here is Frenzy.Rumble to tell you more about it:

Optimus Prime Modifications and Details
- "Truck Mode" flames were meticulously "traced" on computer using oversized images of the real truck, printed and sized accordingly, then processed and plotted onto high performance vinyl creating perfect stencils. The flames were then air brushed and hand pin-striped.
- Real chrome paint on front grill, bumper, exhausts, rims and other areas. Protected with industrial strength clear coat via air brush.
- Extra accessories fitted; chrome rear view mirrors and exhaust pipes, red and blue wiring on the back of the cab.
- Fully articulated hands with rotation at the wrists (allowing him to hold bonus items to be seen later....)
- Ultra shiny and durable lacquer paints used.

Jetfire Modifications and Details
- Meticulously detailed, every wire, gear, detail.... painted to look like the real deal.
- 5mm ultra-bright blue LED lights added to his jet turbines which are activated through reliable switches.
- Arm "kibble" modified so that it is removable, giving his robot form a much more accurate appearance.
- Articulated fingers and hands with rotation at the wrists. The "out of box" Jetfire has "fused fingers"
- Ultra matte finish on his alt mode ; SR-71 Blackbird.
- Modified head allowing him to look right and left

Power-Up Prime
- Added jet wings to his lower legs and chest
- Fixed the shoulder pads to better resemble the on-screen and concept art.
- Added parts to his feet to give a more accurate look to the on-screen and concept art.
- Created "alternate" transformation sequence to really make him one-of-kind and more movie accurate.

Head over to eBay and check out this amazing Custom Revenge of the Fallen Power Up Optimus Prime figure from Frenzy.Rumble.

Demolisher Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Custom Movie Figure by Tonyz Customs

Demolisher had to been one of my favorite Decepticons from the Revenge of the Fallen movie and Tonyz Customs has paid a great homage to this devil of destruction.  His Custom Revenge of the Fallen Demolisher is like he was seen in the movie thanks to Tonyz great work.  I love that the robot has no legs and just rolls around obliterating everything in his way.  Tony has done an excellent job with this figure and has given him a dingy look.  Not only has he given him the movie look he deserved, he also did some needed modifications so let's hear it from him:

"With Revenge of the Fallen still fresh in my mind I bring you Demolishor! Painted to resemble his movie counterpart more this voyager class figure is one showstopper. Painted completely with Automotive Grade Paints, Lacquers, and Enamels you can rest assure that this is a top shelf custom you can treasure forever. Besides the wonderful paint job he also underwent some modifications including a new and improved double jointed neck, free-spinning wheels, and claws that can fold in and out for total mayhem."

The Revenge of the Fallen customs are heating up so check out Tonyz Custom Revenge of the Fallen Demolisher figure!

Eternity Custom Marvel Legends Icon 12″ Figure by NTT

Having just watched 2001: A Space Odyssey and 2010: The Year We Made Contact, I was drawn to NTT figure because of it's cosmic nature and how well NTT translated the concept art into reality.  His Custom Marvel Legends Icon Eternity figure is well put together and captures the comic version of the figure very well.  I actually like this version much better as the pictures I have seen of the concept art drown out the face and in NTT translation, the face stands out much more, which makes it more interesting.  This is a 12" figure and it looks like a piece of cosmic art so head over to eBay and check out more photos of NTT's Custom Marvel Legends Icon Eternity figure.

Optimus Prime G2 Transformers Movie Custom by Dubz

Dubz has an interesting twist on an old friend with his Custom Transformers Movie Style G2 Optimus Prime.  I never liked the G2 Optimus Prime but Dubz has given this figure a new look and a new life that is based on the Transformers Movie version.  I like the flame job he did and that he carried the paint ap all the way through the trailer.  This is a great time to get Transformers customs as everyone and their mother has come out of the woodwork for the launch of the Revenge of the Fallen movie so head over to eBay and check out Dubz'  Custom Transformers Movie Style G2 Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime Jetfire Revenge of the Fallen Transformers Combiner by ranjawz64ls

One of the high points in the Revenge of the Fallen Transformers movie was when Jetfire sacrificed himself to lend a hand to Optimus Prime's fight against The Fallen and the Decepticons.  His Custom Optims Prime Jetfire Combiner figure brings to life the newly resurrected Optimus Prime and he does a great job integrating the SR71 Blackbird parts into this Prime figure.  I thought this was a cool concept and this figure is nicely executed.  For more, head over to eBay!