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Mystique Marvel Legends Custom X-MEN Figure by K&L Customs

K&L Customs has brought to life a character from the legendary X-MEN series with their Custom Marvel Legends Mystique figure.  The detailing on this figure is excellent and I love the way they created the eyes on this figure as lack of pupils mirrors the concept art and styling of the comics.  The skull in the center of her head adds a great touch!  The accessories for this figure are killer and K&L Customs are awesome customizers so head over to eBay and check out their latest customs!

Bruticus Custom G1 Transformers Universe Classic Combiner by Hangyodan

The G1 combiners are still some of my favorite Transformers and Hangyodan has created one of the most Generation 1 accurate customs I have seen to date with his Custom Transformers G1 Bruticus Combiner figure.  The detailing and the colors of this figure really capture the classic nature of 1980's version.  My favorite aspects of this custom are the head and chest shield.  I like the head because it is a bit more streamlined than the original.  I always thought Bruticus has a fat head and Hangyodan has solved this issue with a longer, narrower head.  The chest plate is great because it is more grand than the original.  I like the way the chest plate extends further as this aspect makes the figure look like a great warrior.  To view more photos of this awesome figure, head over to eBay and check out Hangyodan's Custom Transformers G1 Bruticus Combiner figure.

Runamuck and Runabout G1 Transformers Custom Figure by Frenzy.Rumble

Frenzy.Rumble has a pair of Decepticon troublemakers up for sale this week with his Custom G1 Transformers Battle Chargers figures.  It is cool when customizers create figures that mean something to them because you know that extra care has gone into them to make them the very best they could be.  I am happy to see these two together in this auction because one would not look right without the other.  Let's learn more about these cool figures from Frenzy.Rumble himself:

I customized these twins with a more modern spin. Both Runabout and Runamuck are included in this auction, as well as some great bonus items coming later this week. This mischievious Decepticon Battlecharger Duo is a must have for any Transformer fan. Some cool features of these figures include:

- Fully poseable "frenzyrumble" signature hands, in ball joints, giving proper articulation
- Metallic flake "iridecint" paints on their alt (car) modes....colors change and appear tinted to different hues when at certain angles
- Cast, one of a king, scratch-built heads

To see more photos or to place a bid on these great figures, head over to eBay and check out Frenzy.Rumble's Custom G1 Transformers Battle Chargers figures.

THS-01 Optimus Prime Transformers Custom by Sabrina Ng

Sabrina Ng is downsizing this week but this little guy is packed with all of the skill and love she puts into every custom.  Her THS-01 Optimus Prime Custom Transformers figure is very highly detailed and from what she said was very difficult to customize due to the size.  Let's read more about shy she decided to make this great figure:

"I'm pretty reluctant to let my Henkei line end this week. So I decided to do up this little gem for this week's auction. Rare and beautiful, THS-01. Made of diecast, this 4.3 inch gorgeous is definitely a must have for every Transformers fan. Not only that, he is now fully customized for display. That literally makes him a pretty unique collectible. I can honestly say that this is my favourite toy of all time. And for all you Transformer lovers out there, do not miss a chance to own this one and only THS-01. He is sooooooo hard to customize due to his size. Thus there will not be a '2nd one' out there in the market. I've also included an Actual Galaxy Force Convoy in one of my pictobrowser slide pictures as comparison. Galaxy Force Convoy is not included in the auction. He is just for size comparison. Oh and by the way, THS-01 comes in a complete package with the original box, manuals, power card and accessories"
Head over to eBay and check out Sabrina's THS-01 Optimus Prime Custom Transformers figure!

Deadpool Marvel Legends Custom Icon Figure by Kyle Robinson

Kyle Robinson has outdone himself again with his Custom Marvel Legends 13" Deadpool figure.  This is a massive and comes with a ton of cool accessories!  I am super excited about this figure as I relate it to the Masterpiece line of Transformers, which is a much larger version of the figure with more detail and extras!  Kyle has placed a ton of photos in his listing so head over to eBay and check out his Custom Marvel Legends 13" Deadpool figure.

Ryu Habayusa Custom Marvel Legends Ninja Gaiden Figure by Kyle Robinson

Seeing this custom has brought back some great memories!  Ninja Gaiden was one of those staples of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) back in the days of 8 bit gaming goodness.  Kyle Robinson has brought to life, in 6" scale, a legend in the platform gaming arena with his Custom Marvel Legends Ryu Hayabusa figure.  The costume design on this figure is simple and well executed.  The soft goods as a great touch to the figure, giving it depth and the ability to give the figure slightly different looks.  My favorite aspect of this custom are the eyes, which gives the figure personality and the look a ninja who is ready to set out on a journey.  Kyle is one of the best customizers out there so if you want to own a peice from a legend, head over to eBay and check out his Custom Marvel Legends Ryu Hayabusa figure.

Punch Counterpunch Henkei Transformers Custom by Sabrina Ng

Sabrina Ng has a double agent up this week with her Custom Henkei Transformers Punch Counterpunch figure.  This highly updated version retains the classic yellow and blue color scheme but with a more intense focus on deeper, rich colors.  What I love about Sabrina's customs is that you just don't get a straight repaint but you get her interpretation of the classic style, which is more artistic and one of a kind.  As of now, she also has a special bonus item that comes with this figure so head over to eBay and see what it is...

The Fallen Custom Transformers Optimus Prime by Darkcave Customs

Darkcave Customs has outdone himself with his Custom Transformers 'The Fallen' Optimus Prime figure.  This heavily modified Cybertron Leader Class Optimus Prime figure boasts many awesome features, which are outlined below:

  • 2 Magma Swords (Mount to either turret or arm cannons)
  • I Hell Tank Turret (mounts under arm/ top/rear trailer)
  • 2 Flame Cannons (mount underneath the forearm or Tank treads)
  • 5 points of Magnetic Connection for weapons configurations galore!

This is one of the grittiest Optimus Prime customs I have ever seen and this figure looks like he was resurrected from the depths of hell.  The fire accents that engulf the figure appear to be glowing, which is a very cool effect.  The way that they are placed on the figure also made Prime look like the fire was flowing through his joints and gears.  Darkcave has many photos over at his auction page so head over to eBay and check out his Custom Transformers 'The Fallen' Optimus Prime figure.

Halo 3 Recon Spartan McFarlane Custom Figure by Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome is beefing up the Halo army with his Custom Halo Recon Spartan figure.  Halo was a game that made me buy an XBOX so it is great to see Jin paying homage to this great game in this way.  Here is more about this figure:

"This auction is for a custom made 5" tall Spartan with removable Green USNC Recon armor, magnetically attaching battle rifle, Mauler, and grenade. He has all the great articulation of a regular Halo 3 figure and will fit right in with your current collection.  It's rare, it's cool, and it's sought after by every Halo gamer out there. It's Recon armor! This is a set that attaches to your Halo 3 Spartan figures, but you get more than just the armor in this auction. You get the figure as well! Precisely hand-painted in a tan desert 'USNC' numbered theme, this Recon Spartan has all the equipment necessary to complete any mission. All weapons attach with the M.A.P. system (magnetic attachment points) and if you have any of my earlier customs those weapons are interchangeable too. The armor of course is removable and can be swapped between your figures. So, need to equip your soldiers with the rarest armor?"

To army build a one of a kind figure, head over to eBay and check out Jin's Custom Halo Recon Spartan figure.

Gears Generation 1 Transformers Custom Minibot by Shinobitron

There is nothing mini about this minibot!  Shinobitron has brought back to life a G1 classic with his Custom Transformers Gears figure.   He has made a Deluxe figure that stands 6" tall and this figure really captures the classic nature of Gears with an updated look.  Still donning the classic red and blue paint scheme, this figure looks great and will fit in very nicely with your other G1 or customs Transformers.  To see a photo of Gears posing with Spiderman, head over to eBay and check out Shinobitron's Custom Transformers Gears figure.

Autobot X Spike Original Transformers Custom by Frenzy.Rumble

Frenzy.Rumble has a one of a kind creation up this week with his Custom Transformers Autobot X figure.  He also refers to this figure as Autobot Spike but nonetheless, it is an amazing piece that shows off his talent and creativity.  To give us the run down of the features of this awesome figure, here is Frenzy.Rumble:

- Roughly 50 points of articulation and/or moving parts!
- Head's  scratch built, using a Sigma 6 Joe face, refined and "chiseled" then building the rest around it with clay and styrene.
- Eyes light up thanks to a small LED inside his head. Also harnessed in his head is the battery pack and switch on back. The batteries are easily accessible and replaceable.
- Head sits on a ball joint.
- Porsche shoulder on his right is cut and reshaped from a die cast model.
- On his back are opening rocket packs. They swing open and the rocket/engine slides down and out.
- In his chest is a sound chips, triggered by a small button on his back. The sound chip plays the "transformation noise."
- His upper right arm has a small door which opens to reveal gears inside.
- His lower right arm has a small door also, which reveals a canon (shown later)
- Right Hand is from MP Prime (man that hurt cutting him up for this, but the size was perfect)
- Left upper arm "post thing" up top near his shoulder is on a hinge, allowing that arm to extend to any position (if it remained sticking straight up, it would collide with the shoulder)
- Door on back right is from a second die cast model car, the mirror is real glass (what?)
- Lower left arm has red laser light inside it, pressing the front of this forearm illuminated the canon's recessed areas, canon tip, and 2 small holes on the sides of the forearms.
- Right leg bottom has scratch-built working hydraulic.
- He's over 11" tall

He already has bonus item #1 up and here it is (operation table):

To see more photos of this amazing piece, head over to eBay and check out Frenzy.Rumble's Custom Transformers Autobot X figure.

Nemesis Prime Henkei Transformers Custom by Sabrina Ng

Sabrina Ng, with her latest in her Henkei series, puts a new look on a on friend with her Custom Transformers Henkei Nemesis Prime figure.  Sometimes, it is the little things that mean a lot, especially when it comes to Sabrina's customs as her figures are packed full of the smallest of detail.  I love the purple accents on this figure.  They are in the right places, along with the Decepticon symbols flanking the shoulders of Nemesis Prime.  Color is very important on figures and Sabrina has decided to share a tip with everyone:

"What you see on him is not black but a special mixture of gloss grey, patiently layered until this specific colour was derived. Why not black you ask? Well, black is firstly a very common colour and that it tends to be overly harsh on a vehicle. Unless absolutely necessary, I try to stay clear of black."

Who can argue?  She makes great stuff!  If you want to check out more photos of her Custom Transformers Henkei Nemesis Prime figure, head over to eBay!

Scratch Built Custom Transformers Movie Barricade Figure by TimShinn

TimShinn has an awesome Custom Transformers Movie Barricade figure up this week.  The aim of this work of art was to get close to the movie version and pick up the slack where Hasbro left off.  The hands are one of my favorite parts of this figure as they really capture the feel of the movie.  Imagine getting chased by this figure!  Here is TimShinn to tell you what went into this figure:

"Built over several months using a 1:25 scale Revell 2006 Mustang GT model kit and modified Bionicle parts for the skeleton into this articulated representation of the Barricade character from the 2007 Transformers movie. The model kit was cut up into over 200 pieces, cleaned, sanded and painted. The hands and head are mostly scratch built from sheet styrene and other found objects (Gundam bits, etc). 15 points of articulation. Stands at just under 9 inches tall. Hand painted and detailed. High quality custom decals were created by Reprolabels for this custom figure to duplicate the look of the movie character. 2 panels on the chest are removeable for access to the power switch and batteries for the working police lights."

I alway love hearing how customizers build thier figures.  TimShinn's listing has many pictures of the work in progress so you can see the different stages of this custom so check out his Custom Transformers Movie Barricade figure up on eBay.

Cad Bane Star Wars Clone Wars Custom Figure by jackoftradze

Cad Bane made his appearance in the Clone Wars animated series and boy was he a force to reckon with.  Ruthless and fearless, jackoftradze has brought him to life with his Custom Clone Wars Cad Bane figure.  This figure really captures the look of Cad Bane and I love the accessories and guns that were made for the figure.  The hat and soft goods really complete the figure and he chose a great shade of blue for the face and hands.  To view more photos and to place a bid on jackoftradze's Custom Clone Wars Cad Bane figure, head over to eBay!

Mirage Custom Transformers Henkei Figure by Sabrina Ng

I love Sabrina's Henkei series.  She is the first Transformers customizer I know to do a line like this and I know she will make some lucky collector very happy with her latest edition in this Custom Henkei Transformers Mirage figure.  Sabrina has really outdone herself and has captured the essence of the G1 figure while still retaining her own style and feel.  I love the way she takes liberties with the colors and tries not to do an exact match but she comes close, which makes her customs very sought after and popular.  If you want to see more photos, head over to eBay and check out Sabrina Ng's Custom Henkei Transformers Mirage figure.

Jazz G1 Transformers Custom by Sam

Sam has revived an 80's classic with his Custom Transformers G1 Jazz figure.  There are so many awesome features to this custom let's get it right from source:

  • Customised front end to closer resemble Porsche 935 Turbo  that jazz is based on. Used wire grill, recessed the lights, completly reshaped the front
  • Custom built styrene rear spoiler! Large and flared, this is a lot closer than using the original spoiler that looks nothing like jazz's.
  • Real Rubber tyres ! these rims were fitted so it could still roll, but have the real feel of rubber like the G1 type vehicles!
  • Built up and flared rear tyre guards to closer resemble the 935's large back, and also to fit the wider tyres !
  • Scratch built head on a ball joint for full posablity, this head closely resembles the G1 Jazz and still fully transforms!
  • Custom Decals I made myself on my computer then applied, clearcoating in futures to help protect them! These took many hours to make from scratch! Logos such as 'Martini' and 'Porsche' applied in all the relevant areas.
  • Painted in Fusion white for durability. Citadels and clear coats were also used to help make it as durable as I could.
  • Recast weapons such as his famous shoulder-mounted Flame thrower! His rifle is also replicated, and theres more...
  • Custom made speakers that attach in car mode for his 'light and sound' attack!
  • Working grappling hook that fits into his hand in bot mode!
  • Scratch built feet to closer resemble his G1 toy!
  • Metal ringlets to represent bonnet latches!
  • Scribed detail in bonnet to closer resemble G1 toy and actual Porsche!

Check out Sam's Custom Transformers G1 Jazz figure by heading over to eBay!