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Devastator Generation 1 Transformers Custom Combiner by Defstar

Defstar is at it once again with his Custom Transformers G1 Devastator figure.  Going for a more Generation 1 feel, he has really captured the feel of the figure from the 1980's.  With the cartoon head, it reminds me of the Devastator we grew to know and love.  Let's hear more about this great figure from Defstar himself:

"Hello everyone…I return with yet another take on the great Transformer combiner Devastator (as some may remember my Universe Devastator from a little while back)…this time around I’m aiming to get even closer to the original look of the G1 version.  First I would like to mention the help I got from fellow TFW2005 member Ptitvite…I opted to use one of his Devastator head molds for this project…he’s very skilled at what he does and turns out quality work.  Devastator stands approx 14” tall and 9” wide…he is painted with a combination of quality sprays and acrylics and then coated with a very durable sealer…he has full rotation of his head and both shoulders…be bends 90 degrees at the elbows and knees…his fingers move as do his legs at the hip…waist has about 15 degrees movement in both directions."

If you want to own this massive custom combiner, head over to eBay and bid on Defstar's Custom Transformers G1 Devastator figure.

AFC Interviews Quantum-7 Customs

Quantum-7 Customs Interview: Continuing the Interview Series, I had the chance to get to know JB Goodenbuy, otherwise known as Quantum-7 Customs. Let's learn more about this talented customizer:

AFC: Tell the fans of your work a little about yourself.

Quantum-7 Customs: First I just want to say thank you Michael for the questions and you really do a great thing here at this site. Thank YOU Action Figure Customs. My name is JB Goodenbuy and I go by the customizing name of QUANTUM 7 customs. I sell the majority of my work on Ebay, with the slight and occasional commission work for very close friends. I currently live in South Carolina and I am originally from Orlando/Daytona Beach Florida area.

AFC: When did you start making customs?

Quantum-7 Customs: I got started on making customs over 15 years ago or so. It started out with just simple repaints of 3 3/4 inch Star Wars figures. Then moved up to mix and match parts to create new characters or ones the big companies hadn't made yet. Then evolved over the last several years to include sculpted details and parts and larger figures. It has just really evolved from the humble beginnings.

AFC: How did you get started making customs?

Quantum-7 Customs: I'm not really sure exactly what started it other than my quirk in seeing things that could be done differently or better. I have always had a knack for art type things. Drawing, painting, sculpting. I just have a need to make things.

AFC: How many customs do you work on at one time?

Quantum-7 Customs: There could be up to 6 different projects on my desk at any given time in various stages of completion. I have a terrible disease that before I complete one or two I have already begun another batch in the wings. I guess it would be my lack of attention. I just get ideas and I'll get the new one going while still having 5 others waiting to be finished... this is part of the reason I don't do commission work.

AFC: What customs you are most proud of?

Quantum-7 Customs: Oh wow, tough question. Like most artists I feel that each piece is important to me. They are almost like children. You think about having them, then you make them, then you try to prepare them to function in the world and then you let them go. Pride comes from each one I do. Each one gets alittle better than the last, because you learn new things on each project. Some of the ones I am very happy with are ATLAS from the Thunderbolts, ARSENAL from Teen Titans, RED HULK , FIN FANG FOOM repaint and most recently, DARK-CLAW. I just had put alittle more effort and time into these particular ones so I would say they are my favorites.

AFC: What is your favorite toy line to do customs for?

Quantum-7 Customs: I enjoy doing customs in all the major lines but I think the larger 6 inch scale are a little easier. When sculpting on large figures you can get more detail in the sculpt.

AFC: What customs do you have lined up for future projects?

Quantum-7 Customs: LOL...Well, currently I have about 6 lined up in various stages of completion. Some on the "chopping block" are a classic version of Marvel's Thunderbird, Thunderbolt's Scourge , an Ultimate version of Aquaman, Ultimate Red Skull in battle armor and a TOP SECRET project that will be revealed on Ebay in about 2 months!!!!!

AFC: If you had one piece of advice for other customizers out there, what would you say to them?

Quantum-7 Customs: Stay true to yourself. Create what makes YOU feel happy. Don't try to make customs of what you think others want to see and most importantly, always let your first coat of paint dry before applying a second ; ^)

AFC: You can find Quantum-7 Customs over at eBay by following this link!

AT TE Clone Wars Captain Rex Custom Vehicle by daveSstation Creations

As Mel Brooks said in the movie, The History of the World Part 1, "it is good to the King!" and for a Captain in the Clone Wars, this equates to getting your own rig modeled after your body armor.  I was excited when I first got my hands on the AT TE and daveSstation Creation has taken it to the next level with his Custom Clone Wars Captain Rex AT TE snow vehicle.  I am very impressed with the attention to detail and the craftsmanship that he put into this AT TE.  First of all, I am a huge military historian and I am very please to see the "decals including some skulls along cab representing missions and a couple others custom decals on rear panels straight...representing assault and heavy artillery."  The old style deco of the tanks from the armored divisions and the planes from the navy made sure to decorate their vehicles and planes with their respective core markings and this AT TE, in my opinion, is a great homage to that era.

The paint aps looks flawless and I am sure this baby looks amazing in person.  It is great to see such creativity grace the AT TE and daveSstation Creation has done a stellar job imagining the world where this behemoth of a vehicle fits into the Clone Wars universe.  To view more photos and to place a bid on this bad boy, head over to eBay and check out his Custom Clone Wars Captain Rex AT TE snow vehicle.

Astrotrain Henkei Transformers Custom Figure by Sabrina Ng

Back in the 80's, Astrotrain was an interesting concept is was one of the first triple changing Transformers.  Sabring Ng, continuing her Henkei series, brings this awesome version of this triple changer to life with her Custom Henkei Astrotrain.  I love the way the figure mould turned out but the colors were very wrong on the original figure, which Sabrina has solved with her stellar paint ap and color choice.  I have not thought about this before but painting this figure must be like painting a car.  Take a look at what Sabrina has to say about how she pulled off the striping of this figure:

"Astrotrain's a tricky fella being the first triple changer that I've worked with. His white stripes was painstakingly taped and airbrushed on. His glossy grey was achieved through a very light shade of highly diluted black."

Sabrina is winding up her Henkei series so if you want a chance to own a Transformer from one of the best, head over to eBay and check out her Custom Henkei Astrotrain.

Stealth Iron Man Marvel Legends Custom Figure by Michael Amore

Michael Amore has a fully loaded Custom Marvel Legends Stealth Iron Man for your viewing pleasure.  Not only does this Iron Man have a stellar paint ap, but it is chock-a-block full of custom details and weapons!  I am not sure if everyone reading this knows where the phrase 'the whole nine yards' comes from but back in World War 2 it referred to using up an entire aircraft machine-gun ammunition belt, which was nine yards (27 feet) in length.  I would classify this Iron Man as going the whole nine because if you can see the photo above, it looks like this Iron Man is packing heat with a gun that can do some serious damage.  This is one of the most detailed Iron Man's I have come across in a long time so head over to eBay and check out Michael Amore's Custom Marvel Legends Stealth Iron Man figure!

Dark Claw Marvel Legends Custom Crossover Figure by Quantum-7

It is great to see characters from the past come to life by talented customizers.  Leave it to Quantum-7 customs to create a figure that you will never see in stores with his Custom Marvel Legends Dark Claw figure.  Trying to be as comic accurate as possible, Quantum-7 did an excellent job combining both the DC and Marvel universe.  The sculpting on this figure really completes the look from the comic.  The mask is symmetrical to the face and in scale with the rest of the figure.  Another great addition to the figure is the custom building top base but you will have to head over to eBay to view it!

Boom Boom Marvel Legends X-MEN Custom Figure by K&L Customs

K&L Customs does it again with a magnificent display of their skill with their Custom Marvel Legends Boomer (Boom Boom) figure.  I love costume design on this one.  The shoulder pads and the amo belt add great character to the figure and the colors compliment each other nicely.  One of my favorite parts of the custom is the head sculpt.  The eyes are done in a way that give the figure personality.  K&L are one of my favorite Marvel Legends customizers so head over to eBay and check out their Custom Marvel Legends Boomer (Boom Boom) figure.

Sunstreaker Henkei Transformers Custom Figure by Sabrina Ng

Continuing her Henkei custom line, Sabrina Ng puts paint to plastic with one of my favorites from the G1 era with her Custom Transformers Henkei Sunstreaker figure.  I have to hand it to her because every custom she does comes out so flawless.  In vehicle mode, the paint job is so smooth and glossy, it is hard to believe that this is a toy as the photo looks like it belongs in a showroom.  Not only does she have the skill to paint flawlessly but she also can mod the figure to put that finishing touch on it.  For example, she swapped out the fists for some better looking ones.  To view more photos, head over to eBay!

Bruticus Transformers Movie Custom Combiner by Wats9876

Using the 2007 Transformers Movie line as the canvas for this combiner, Wats9876 has assembled an awesome group of Combaticons with his Custom Transformers Movie Bruticus Combiner figure.  Standing out in the forefront is Onslaught, which is made from a Leader Class Optimus Prime towing a set of twin canons.  If you look closely, those twin canons for the feet and tower over this figure to complete the look.  The colors really work well for this one as Bruticus' G1 concept was full of dreary colors.  Wats9876 took some liberties with the choice of figures but this is a welcome change as it demonstrates creativity and a willingness to step outside of the proverbial box and do something new.  I like the Starscream as the right hand.  This was a great replacement for the old space shuttle the G1 figure had.  There are a ton more photos over at Wats9876's auction page so head over to eBay and check out his Custom Transformers Movie Bruticus Combiner figure.

Brawl Transformers Movie Leader Class Custom Figure by Manana109

Manana109 pays homage to one of the most, in my opinion, undercustomized figures of the line with his Custom Transformers Leader Class Brawl figure.  I love the camo job as it is really detailed and the browns really stand out on the figure, giving it more definition.  If you want to see more photos, head over to eBay!

Menasor Transformers Custom G1 Combiner by MacrossFA-19

Paying homage to the great Frenzy.Runble, MacrosFA-19 gives us his version of the towering Decepticon Stunticon combiner with his Custom G1 Transformers Menasor figure.  I love when customizers throw down and kitbash because the results are awesome and impressive.  The choice of figures for this combiner was nicely selected and the color choices for the figures pay a great homage to the 1980's classic generation 1 Menasor.  Let's hear more from MacrossFA-19 himself:

"This awesome combiner, inspired by Frenzy Rumble, stands at a towering 15 3/4".  As tall as Unicrons and Primus, but perfectly fitting for the Transformers Classics line.  These Stunticons have been reformatted and repainted to fit in with the new Transformers Classics line.  Each one can still fully transform and can combine.  They have been carefully painted with quality durable Tamiya paints and overcoated with a matte finish to prevent color fading and chipping."

There are a ton of photos over on Macros' auction page so head over to eBay and check out his Custom G1 Transformers Menasor figure.

Starscream Thundercracker Skywarp Custom Transformers Alternators Seekers by XavierCal

For all you Transformers Alternator fans out there, XavierCal has made some familiar faces and added them to the line of diecast Decepticons with his Custom Transformers Alternators Seekers Starscream Thundercracker & Skywarp figures.  In the Alternators world, there are no jets so XavierCal has filled a big gap in the line by providing fans a chance to own these classic Decepticons by replicating them from the Battle Ravage and Tracks Alternator Corvette molds.  What a fitting car to model the seeker jets after.  I picture them tearing down the streets in a 100% American muscle car.  Head over to eBay to view what they look like in vehicle mode!

Masterpiece Grimlock Custom Transformers MP-08 Figure by Frenzy.Rumble

Pulling out all the stops and literally going for gold, Frenzy.Rumble has outdone himself and 24 karat gold painted various parts of this exclusive Custom Masterpiece MP-08 Grimlock figure.  Just to be clear, all of the gold details on Frenzy.Rumble's Grimlock (excluding his chest) are real gold lead, which is 24 karat.  Let's outline the other details of this figure:

- Small button changes the eye colors of Grimlock's robot mode AND dinosaur mode (red or blue)
- Button "snaps" his mouth closed
- Red LED light in hand light up his energon sword (included) and energon blaster (also included) through small button on his shoulder
- Several parts on this custom are die cast
- Tail swivels and connects to neck in dinosaur mode

This giant masterpiece figure has been air brushed with automotive primer. Layers of lacquer and enamel paints ensure the BEST possible paint to withstand transformation and usage. Every detail has been meticulously painted and highlighted. He was primed with a special plastic adhering primer, base coated (via air brush) with a strong enamel based neutral gray. He was then coated with lacquer based gray, then coated with a metallic clear coat - finally sealed with Testor's "dull coat" sealer. Grimlock's paint is VERY durable, strong and colorfast (will retain it's hue for MANY years and is immune to UV damage).

Seriously, this paint ap looks phenomenal so don't miss you chance to own this one of a kind Custom Masterpiece MP-08 Grimlock figure that is decked out in 24 karat gold accents.

Cyclonus G1 Transformers Universe Custom Figure by TonyzCustoms

I really liked the Transformers Universe version of Cyclonus when it came out but TonyzCustoms has taken it back in time and to the next level with his Custom Transformers Universe 2 Cyclonus figure.  Paying homage to the Transformers Cartoon Movie from the 80's and the concept art that is available for this figure, TonyzCustoms did an excellent job coming up with a paint ap that is very complimentary.  The contrasting purples work great with each other and highlights the features of the figure very well.  The figure also comes with Nightstick so better head over to eBay and check out TonyzCustoms Custom Transformers Universe 2 Cyclonus figure.

Alternity Optimus Prime Transformers Custom Figure by Sabrina Ng

Taking a break from her Henkei series, Sabrina Ng brings us her latest gem with her Custom Alternity Optimus Prime figure.  The design of the figure is awesome and Sabrina takes it to the next level by paying homage to the classic version with the reds and blues in her signature style.  It is not often when I do comparisons like this but I felt the need to show what this figure used to be and show it side by side with Sabrina's to show you how talented she is:

Looking at the two together really points out how a great paint ap can bring out the personality of the figure.  The bland colors on the orignial figure mutes the whole figure while applying the paint aps in the right places gives the figure a totally different style.  To see more photos and to place a bid on Sabrina Ng's Custom Alternity Optimus Prime figure, head over to eBay!

Waxer Clone Wars 212th Battalion Star Wars Custom Figure by MasterCloner

MasterCloner brings Waxer to life, the persnickety Clone who was more interested in busting 'klankers' than the collateral damage of the invasion.  His Custom Clone Wars Waxer figure displays a very heavy battle damaged look.  The helmet reflects the hash marks on the side, reminiscent of wars where pilots would mark their kills on the side of their planes or soldiers would mark theirs on their helmets.  The head is nicely done and looks just like the animated version from the series.  To view more photos, head over to eBay!

Scout Trooper Kashyyyk Armor Lego Star Wars Custom Minifig by Darrens5150

Darrens5150 has one of my favorite decos for a clone up this week with his Custom Scout Trooper Lego Star Wars minifig.  The sculpt of the helmet reminds of my all time favorite Biker Scout style armor and I was very happy to see the evolution of the Biker Scout uniform in the Revenge of the Sith Movie.  Darrens5150 has a bunch of custom Lego Star Wars minifigs up this week so be sure to check him out.

Waxer and Boil Clone Wars 212th Battalion Custom Figures by Ironhide44

I echo Ironhide44's thoughts when he said that Waxer and Boil are the most interesting Clones from the series so far.  The characters demonstrated compassion, leadership, and skill on the battlefield and Ironhide44's Custom Waxer and Boil figures are an awesome addition to your Clone Wars collection.  I guarantee that these figures will not see the light of day for a long time from Hasbro so be sure to bulk up your Clone collection with figures you will never find in the store.  It was only on the second time watching the episode where I noticed the different helmets and Ironhide44 has captured their unique elements from the small upside down triangle on Boil's helment to 'Klanka' count tick marks on Waxer's helmet.  Ironhide44 is an excellent Clone Wars customizer so head over to eBay and check out his Custom Waxer and Boil figures.

Revenge of the Fallen Soundwave Custom Movie Figure by Crefigz

Crefigz applies his mad skills to this popular Decepticon with his Custom Revenge of the Fallen Soundwave figure.  I have seen the original paint scheme from Hasbro and I have to say that Crefigz' version is 1000% improved and not even in the same league.  He pays homage to the 80's figure with some of the blues throughout the figure.  I can't wait for the mass release of these figures because if Crefigz' work is a prelude to the great things to come, sign me up!  Crefigz has one of the most stellar painting techniques I have come across so if you want a figure with a paint scheme that is above and beyond anything you will ever see, head over to eBay and check out his Custom Revenge of the Fallen Soundwave figure.

Commander Neyo Star Wars Clone Wars Custom Figure by Ironhide44

Based on his brief appearance in Star Wars Episode 3, Ironhide44 brings us his interpretation of this infamous clone with his Custom Commander Neyo in Clone Wars Animated style.  This figure was very well done and no detail was spared.  The helmet was custom sculpted and it looks like a very believable precursor to the next gen armor that we saw in the Revenge of theSith movie.  The figure also sports a custom made sash with integrated shoulder armor and home made armor symbol decals.  I am very pleased with the Clone Wars animated series and I am happy that customizers are making excellent additions to the line.  Ironhide44 is one of the few that are making Clone Wars customs so head over to eBay and check out his Custom Commander Neyo figure!

Hound Henkei Transformers Custom by Sabrina Ng

Sixth in her series of Henkei figures, Sabrina Ng works her magic with one of my favorite G1 characters with her Custom Henkei Transformers Hound and Ravage figures.  Being a military history fan, I was drawn to Hound as he is a military jeep decked out in classic olive green, which Sabrina has captured quite nicely!  I love the additions of the gold stripes and modded fists, which puts a nice finishing touch on the figure.  Sabrina's style makes plastic shine like a new car (although without the new car smell) so if you want a figure from one of the best, head over to eBay and check out her Custom Henkei Transformers Hound and Ravage figures.

Grapple G1 Transformers Universe Custom Figure by Frenzy.Rumble

Hot on the heels of his Custom G1 Inferno come Frenzy.Rumble's Custom G1 Transformers Universe Grapple figure.  Hasbro is known for taking a toy and making many paint variations and modifications to it and Grapple and Inferno (along with Ironhide and Ratchet) were no exceptions so I was very happy to see figure.  I think Frenzy.Rumble nailed the yellow color and did an excellent job with constructing the hook and hydraulic crane.  He also added some great effects which you can view below:

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To view the stunning photos and to place a bid, head over to eBay and check out Frenzy.Rumble's Custom G1 Transformers Universe Grapple figure.

Mimic Marvel Legends X-MEN Exile Custom Figure by Central Cali Customs

One of C3's (Central Cali Customs) strengths is his ability to mold plastic and paint into realistic figures and his Custom Marvel Legends Mimic figure is no exception.  I love the way this figure came together.  My favorite aspect of this custom is the head sculpt.  The hair and the eyes are done very well, which gives the figure personality.  Let's hear more about this great figure from C3 himself:

"Up for an auction is MIMIC from the Exiles series. This guy has so many powers. He could copy up to 5 other mutants' power. This particular custom figure, he will copy Wolverine, Angel, and cyclops. Mimic stands 6 inches tall. He comes with replaceable wings, and claws. If you wanted him to have Angel's power, then just plug in his magnetic wings. If you wanted him to have Wolverine's power, then just plug his magnetic claws on his hands. You could actually combine them all 3 powers together is you want to."

If you want to own a custom from one of the best, head over to eBay and check out C3's Custom Marvel Legends Mimic figure.

Halo Transformers Custom Crossover Master Chief Figure by newobmij

What do you get when you cross a Transformers Hound figure, a McFarlane Master Chief figure, and an Actionclix Warthog?  You get newobmij's Custom Halo Transformers Crossover Master Chief figure.  You have to love the creativity of customizers.  To take 3 distinct figures and meld them together takes a great mind and the execution of this figure is awesome!  The color goes really well in either the Halo or Transformers Universe so head over to eBay and check out this Custom Halo Transformers Crossover Master Chief figure.

Thundercracker Animated Transformers Custom Seeker Jet by xaviercal

Xaviercal adds another seeker jet to the line up with his Custom Transformers Animated Thundercracker figure.  The styling harkins back to the 80's with the G1 color scheme.  Xaviercal nailed the G1 color blue of the classic figure and the way the figure was painted really brings out the detail in the various parts.  I like the use of silver on the arms and the feet.  I would like to welcome Xaviercal to the biz and wish him luck in his future endeavors and if this figure is a taste of what's to come, I can't wait to see more so head over to eBay and check out his Custom Transformers Animated Thundercracker figure.

Ninja Gaiden Ryu Hayabusa Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Kyle Robinson

Kyle Robinson pays homage to the great Ninja Gaiden 2 character with his Custom Marvel Legends Ryu Hayabusa figure.  It is great that people bring these figures to life as you will only see them in the game but Kyle has given you the chance to display this figure next to all of your Marvel Legends figures.  The head sculpt is awesome as there is so much intricate detail to it and given that there is not much face shown, he does a great job drawing the eyes and making them engaging and believable.  Kyle makes customs of all genres so head over to eBay and check out his Custom Marvel Legends Ryu Hayabusa figure and his other Custom Marvel Legends figures.