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Commander Bacara Custom Lego Star Wars Minifig by Darrens5150

We first met Commander Bacara as he was commanding the stronghold on the Bridge at Mygeeto, where he carried out Order 66 and slain Jedi Ki Adi Mundi.  Darrens5150 captures this high ranking clone with his Custom Lego Star Wars Commander Bacara minifig.  This Lego customizer makes some of the highest quality minifigs around and here is some detail on what went into this great figure:

"This custom Star Wars mini-fig was constructed with custom water pull decals, (no stickers), a custom hand casted & painted Helmet w/antenna, Kama, Pauldron and made from all Lego parts. Also, he comes with a custom DC-15 blaster rifle. Figure is 2X-Clear coated for protection."

One of my favorite parts of this figure is the custom is the custom casted helmet as this gives Bacara his disctinctive look.  Darrens5150 has other lego minifigs up for sale this week so head over to eBay and check out his Custom Lego Star Wars Commander Bacara minifig.

Ricky The Dragon Steamboat WWF Custom Classic Superstar by skribbel24

Skribbel24 continues to pay homage to the classic wrestling stars of the 80's that I new and loved.  Take his latest Custom WWF Classic Superstar Ricky the Dragon Steamboat figure.  Skribbel24 has the unique ability to capture the wrestlers as they appeared so long ago.  I only know Ricky Steamboat from his WWF days and he was a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with.  If you don't know the back history behind this legend, here is it from

After ending a long and bitter rivalry with George “The Animal” Steele, Randy Savage focused his attention on Ricky Steamboat. After some back and forth action, Savage got frustrated and lost control. He took the timekeeper’s bell, climbed the ropes and came crashing down on Steamboat’s throat, crushing his larynx. Horrified fans looked on as Steamboat was taken out on a stretcher. Steamboat miraculously returned a few weeks later, taking on Savage at WrestleMania III. With revenge on his mind, Steamboat defeated Savage for the Intercontinental Championship in what some consider one of the best match in WWE history.

If you want to own this superstar in custom form, head over to eBay and bid on Skribbel24's Custom WWF Classic Superstar Ricky the Dragon Steamboat figure.

Cobra Black Racer Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by Jin Saotome

Who can Cobra trust with their most secret documents or weapons?  Surely they can't trust the Postal Service so they have acquired the stealthiness of Jin Saotome's own creation with his Cobra Black Racer Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary figure.  I see this figure as Destro's right hand man.  Jin is widely known for his one of a kind creations so let's get the back story on this unique figure:

"When Cobra needs to move a top secret weapon or document in the shortest amount of time, they call on the Black Racer. This warrior is only comfortable at speeds of over 150 mph with other vehicles whizzing past him on the road. His motorcycle has an experimental stealth device build in that evades radar and even casts a shadow over the bike and its rider, appearing only as a dark blur at high speeds. Nobody knows the true identity of the Black Racer, not even Cobra Commander! But what is known is that you cannot catch the wind... or the Black Racer!"

Enter the Black Racer, Cobra's speed demon! He's full of hand painted detail that will match up perfect to the existing GI Joe 25th line. Not only do you get the leather-clad biker but you get his motorcycle as well! It has real rubber tires and diecast parts, decked out in glossy black with Cobra symbols. This is one foe that's ready to run down the Joes!

If you want to add this one of a kind custom to your Cobra arsenal, head over to eBay and check out Jin's Cobra Black Racer Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary figure.

Boba Fett Custom Metal 17″ Sculpture by Obscure Alloy

Obscure Alloy makes one of a kind custom sculptures from recycled metal and I am completely impressed with their work.  Take their Custom Metal Boba Fett figure, which is a work of art and stands a towering 17" tall.  In high school, I took auto shop and we had to weld for the class and I must tell you that it takes some mad skills to weld and work with metal.  One my favorite parts of this custom are the small gears (or cogs) that were used under the arm sockets.  I am sure that they could have used other parts but the gear is the perfect part for this figure and it is that attention to detail that makes each figure stand out.  They also did an excellent job on the helmet and the overall look and feel of the Bounty hunter.  I had the opportunity to check out their website and all of their work is amazing.  They have other pieces on eBay right now so when you are finished placing a bid on this Custom Metal Boba Fett figure, go check out their other customs.

Contra Nintendo Custom Video Game Figures Mad Dog and Scorpion by Jin Saotome

Jin has the ability to take you back in time with every custom he makes and these pair of twins is no exception.  Contra is a game that I wasted several weeks of my life playing and these Custom Contra Twins Mad Dog and Scorpion capture the period of time in my life when I had the Contra music running in my head 24 hours a day (those who know the music know what I am talking about).  One the coolest weapons to have in the game was the Spreader and if you got a hold of that baby you were invincible.  To get a peak at the Spreader and to view more photos of these awesome customs, head over to eBay and bid on Jin's Custom Contra Twins Mad Dog and Scorpion figures.

Sixshot G1 Transformers Custom Figure by Puichun721

Sixshot first came out in 1987 and puichun721 has paid great homage to this classic figure with his Custom G1 Transformers Sixshot figure.  He managed to capture the classic nature of the figure with an almost spot on look and paint aps (you have the love the mint chip green of the 80's to appreciate this one).  His Sixshot changes into 7 different modes and stands a towering 9 inches tall.  It also comes with 100% custom guns and a hand made instructions sheet.  To add this awesome figure to your G1 collection, head over to eBay and bid on Puichun721's Custom G1 Transformers Sixshot figure.

Commander Gree Lego Clone Wars Custom Minifig by Rurisk

Since the debut of the Clone Wars Movie and animated series, we are getting to know the Clones much better than the few seconds of air time they were given in Revenge of the Sith.  Commander Gree was one of those Clones that I would have like to know better in the live action movies.  Rurisk provides a real service to minifig collectors out there as he fills in the gaps where Lego has left off with his Custom Lego Clone Wars Commander Gree minifig.  With custom decals, painted helmet, and blaster, Commander Gree is ready to take on 'Clankers' and 'Tinny's' in any edge of the Outer Rim.  If you want quality Lego minifig's, head over to eBay and bid on Rurisk's Custom Lego Clone Wars Commander Gree minifig.

Selling My G1 Transformers Collection on eBay!

Hi Everyone!  I run and although this post is not custom related, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am selling off my G1 Transformers Collection on eBay!  I am sure that customizers out there appreciate the originals so I thought I would get the word out.  Jetfire is just one example above so head over to my seller page to check out more G1 Transformers and Takara Reissues.

Two Face Harvey Dent Custom Lego Batman Minifig by FreshFromTheSewers

The Dark Knight had to be one of the most engaging Batman movies made to date and FreshFromTheSewers has captured the transformation of Harvey Dent with his Custom Lego Two Face minifig.  Although the Dark Knight saved Harvey Dent from certain death, he created a monster in the process and FreshFromTheSewers did an excellent job giving this minifig the personality of a psychopath.  The face seamless flows together and and the way the eyes and the mouth were done really give the figure that look that he was going for.  If you want to add this awesome minifig to your collection, head over to eBay and bid on FreshFromTheSewers Harvey Dent with his Custom Lego Two Face minifig.

Commander Stone Clone Wars Animated Series Custom Figure by Lilenobi

Ever since the Clone Wars Movie and subsequent animated series debuted, I have been waiting for some great customs to come out and Lilenobi has answered the call with his Custom Clone Wars Commander Stone figure.  The detailing on this figure is amazing and captures the grittiness of battle that the Clones go through in each episode of the series.  The paint aps on this figure are a great translation from the episode, even down to the tattoo on his head.  Hasbro won't be making this figure anytime soon and if they do it will not be up to the caliber of how Lilenobi has done so head over to eBay and bid on this Custom Clone Wars Commander Stone figure.

Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime Custom Transformers Figures by Sabrina Ng

Bringing together the concepts and artwork of Mr Guido Guidi, the concepts of griffith_76, and the execution of form and function of Sabrina Ng comes this outstanding Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime Custom Transformers figures.  This is a dual effort as griffith_76 is the designer and built these beauties from scratch and Sabrina has applied her skill with the brush.  Stylistically, you will notice that the finish on these customs is very different from Sabrina's usual glossy showroom finish as she decided to go for realism for the period that this comic was set in.  I love it when customizers have the presence of mind to make the changes necessary to make thier customs the best they can be.  Let's hear more about these great custom from Sabrina herself:

"This first edition set pair of Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime is designed to be modelled after the Hearts of Steel comics as well as my very own rendering of a Hearts of Steel Nemesis Prime. I set out to do up a more realistic impression of a train as opposed to my usual shiny and reflective customs.  The HOS 01A (red/blue) was dry brushed before using coats of red and blue to get a steely outlook for the his parts. Much of his trailer was shaded before being covered with clear blue. HOS 01B (black/gold/teal) was predominantly shaded to achieve his burnt steel look across. His gold was achieved by airbrushing layers of enamels for a richer shade. Both figures were given an anti UV gloss coat for a lasting finish that will retain their colours for many years to come.  This auction includes HOS-01A (red/blue) and HOS-01B (black/gold) only. Movie Ironhide and Bumblebee are used as gauges for the audience to estimate the height and build of the Hearts of Steel customs. Also, griffith_76 has decided to include 3 bonus items for this auction. I will update it accordingly in the next few days as and when I receive details about them"

I have to tip my proverbial hat to custmizers like Sabrina who go out on a limb and pour their heart and soul into making customs that would never see the light of the day from major toy companies.  To check out more photos, head over to eBay to check out the pair of Hearts of Steel Optimus Prime Custom Transformers figures.


Dazzler Custom Marvel Legends X-Men Figure by K&L Customs

K&L Customs brings us this awesome Custom Marvel Legends X-Men Dazzler figure.  There are several things I love about this custom.  First, the sculpting on this figure really makes it come to life.  The hair, eyes, and lips are the high points for me as getting these features right can make or break a custom and for K&L, they always get these things right!  The sunburst on the figure is nicely proportioned and the colors look very smooth.  If you want to own a figure from one of the best Marvel Legends customizers out there, head over to eBay and place a bid on K&L's Custom Marvel Legends X-Men Dazzler figure.

Cobra BAT Custom Transformers Crossover Figure by Shinobitron

Leave it to Shinbitron to blend the universes of GI Joe and Transformers to come up with his latest Cobra weapon.  His Custom Cobra BAT Transformers figure is a cool concept and totally fits into modern warfare.  If you think about it, unmanned drones are patrolling the skies in the Middle East and how cool would it be if they could transform and destroy targets on the ground?  Shinobitron has taken the classic BAT colors and applied them to a Transformer and melded the two worlds together.  To check out more photos, head over to eBay and while you are there, place a bid on Shinobitron's Custom Cobra BAT Transformers figure.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan NWO Deluxe Aggression Custom Figure by Skribbel24

I have to agree with Skribbel24 when he says that "Hulk Hogan is arguably the most famous WWE Superstar of all time."  I was fortunate enough to attend Wrestlemania 7 as he battled Sgt. Slaughter at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.  As a kid, I grew up watching this icon level anyone and everyone in his path and Skribbel24 has epitomized the Hulkster in a very different phase of his life with his Custom NWO Hollywood Hulk Hogan figure.  What I love about Skribbel's customs is that he does not cut any corners and makes his customs come to life with his abilities.  I have seen photos of the Hulkster in the NWO years and this custom does a great job of capturing that moment in his life.  Specifically, he did a great job bringing to life his dyed black beard alongside his famous mustache.  Also, with the addition of a removable shirt, this adds to the display of the figure.  Head over to eBay and place a bid on Skribbel24's Custom NWO Hollywood Hulk Hogan figure if you want to own a custom from one of the best!

Defensor Custom Masterpiece Transformers 15″ G1 Combiner by L.K.

L.K., with his 4th installment in his Masterpiece collection, brings us another amazing combiner with his Custom Transformers G1 Defensor.  Five figures make up this 15" giant and the paint aps are in the Generation 1 feel (Red, White, and Powder Blue).  Let's get some of the finer details of this custom from L.K. himself:

"Most of the DEFENSOR  joints are movable, head moves left and right. Shoulder rotates 360, Fingers moves up and down ( thumb has individual ball joints ). Legs/hips moves forward, knees bends !! The paint used are the professional resin base paint, and all figures has been given a fixative coating on top of the paint to make it durable.And NOW, MPC04 DEFENSOR is ready to protect you!!"

The comparison shots when Defensor is next to other Transformers is awesome as you get a sense of the scale so head over to eBay and check out L.K.'s Custom Transformers G1 Defensor combiner.

Starscream Custom Transformers Voyager Class Movie Figure by Crefigz

In the 2007 Transformers Movie, Starscream chooses and F-22 Raptor to disguise himself until the time is ready.  When he gets the call from Frenzy, he mobilizes and heads straight for the Hoover Dam to wreak havoc.  The introduction of Starscream in the movie was a high point for me (1) because I like military vehicles and (2) the movie did a great job in translating Starscream into a robot.  Crefigz has captured this same feeling with his Custom Transformers Movie Starscream figure with his unique painting technique and skill.  The realistic paint aps is what makes this figure awesome!  The weathering the carbon scoring that is applied to the figure is in all the right places.  Again, he makes the plastic look like metal that has been through a few battles.  To view more photos of the detail he puts into his figures, head over to eBay and check out Crefigz Custom Transformers Movie Starscream figure.

Miles Mayhem Custom Marvel Legends MASK Figure by BoskoesToys

Continuing with thier homage to the legends of Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, BoskoesToys brings us their Custom Marvel Legends Miles Mayhem figure.  One very minor thing that  bothered me about the MASK line was that the figures were so small and BoskoesToys has solved this issue by designing a 6" figure with a mask to go along with it.  Portraying a much slimmer Miles Mayhem than the original, they have done an excellent job capturing the old school feel of the line.  I love the mask on this figure as it is a great translation from the older figure.  For all of you MASK fans out there, head over to eBay and place a bid on BoskoesToys Custom Marvel Legends Miles Mayhem figure.  You will also find there Matt Trakker figure over there too!

Matt Trakker Custom Marvel Legends MASK Figure by BoskoesToys

The MASK toy line ranks very high as one of the best and it has given me so many great memories.  Aside from making Matt Trakker part of the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line, Hasbro has yet to go big with a reissue of the MASK line.  Enter BoskoesToys, one of the premier custmomizers out there and they immortilised this classic figure with their Custom Marvel Legends Matt Trakker figure.  The red and gray outfit that Trakker sports gives the figure that feeling that I can only describe in Transformers terms...Generation 1!  I love what BoskoesToys has done with this custom and they really brought out the essence of the MASK line.  The MASK is very well done as well and looking at this figure makes me want to crack open the originals.

Custom Transformers Gernation 1 Superion Combiner by ThyVipera

Continuing the great trend of G1 combiner figures, ThyVipera has payed a great homage to this classic Autobot combiner with his Custom Transformers Superion figure.  Standing an impressive 18" tall, this figure boasts the red, white, and gold paint scheme we all loved growing up.  Here are more details on this awesome figure:

"Head rotates 360 degrees.  Arms move forwards and backwards and up and down.  His legs bend at the knees.  His Feet are on a ball joint.  His hands rotate 360 degrees and can move outward.  They are painted with Testor's Durable Enamel paint and Krylon Fusion. They are finished with Testor's Dullcote."

Be sure to visit ThyVipera's Custom Transformers Superion as he will have a couple bonus items that will be revealed before the auction close.

Jin Saotome Custom Marvel vs. Capcom Figure by Jin Saotome

Yes, you read that right!  Jin Saotome does Jin Saotome!  Bringing the worlds of Marvel Legends and Capcom together, Jin's stunning portrayal of this Cyberbots great is an amazing piece of work.  The painting technique goes really well with this figure and the way the face was done gives the figure great personality.  Jin always has a great back story on his figures so let's read more about Jin's Jin:

"It's time folks...time to pass on Jin to one lucky person out there in the world. If you've been keeping tabs on this figure, he's been with me for quite a while. You may have seen him at the SDCC up close or perhaps on my web page, deviantArt, or Flickr pics. Years ago, I created him and have slowly been resculpting and adding new features, updating him as my customizing skill have progressed. I can do no more to this figure and that means he's ready for a new owner, someone who will enjoy him just as much as I have over the years. Jin has been hand painted with all sorts of uniform shading, metallic effects, bright highlights, realistic flesh tones, and a sparkle in his eye that you only get from truly putting your heart into your work. His shoulder spikes are pointy and sharp so watch out! His bandana is poseable as is his real satin cloth scarf that's wired inside to hold poses. On his back is the kanji that roughly translates to "Number one in the universe" just as his character sports in the Marvel vs Capcom game."

To own a piece of video game history from one of the best out there, head over to eBay and check out this awesome Custom Marvel vs. Capcom Jin Saotome figure by none other than the one and only Jin Saotome!

Bluestreak Custom Transformers Binaltech Figure by jcartwork

jcartwork has given this Autobot a showroom shine with his Custom Transformers Binaltech Bluestreak.  One of the coolest points about the Binaltech line was that Takara and Hasbro used 1:24 scale, accurate real-world vehicle modes officially licensed from car manufacturers that transform into the characters we know and love.  One thing that I like that jcartwork has improved upon is the way he painted the figure in robot mode as it shows off all of the detail.  I love the color choice for the internal parts as it really brings out the 'bot' in the figure.  To see more photos, head over to eBay and check out jcartwork's Custom Transformers Binaltech Bluestreak.

Fallout 3 Power Armor Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Jin Saotome

Fallout 3 takes place in the year 2277, 36 years after the setting of Fallout 2 and 200 years after the nuclear war that devastated the game's world.  The game places the player in the role of an inhabitant of Vault 101, a survival shelter designed to protect a small number of humans from the nuclear fallout.  Jin Saotome has filled the void of video game figures with his Custom Marvel Legends Fallout 3 Power Armor figure.  Looking at the concept art for the game (see below), Jin does an excellent job translating the art to a figure you can be proud to display in your collection.  Let's read more about this awesome figure:

"In the future man's ability to survive will be tested. The vaults will be opened and it will be time to reclaim the earth. Where will you stand? What will you use to protect yourself? Enter the Power Armor, your last best hope to survive in the wasteland that was once earth. This Power Armor has been meticulously painted with tons of weathered shading, rusty detailing, oily splotches, and metallic shading. This is the figure that's featured in my new Metallic/worn armor painting guide on my site as well. There's hand sculpted detail all over him and you can pose him on the battle-ravaged display base with his battle rifle in hand. This is a one-of-a-kind figure never to be made again and will show up in a future issue of Playstation Magazine."

If you want to own a piece of history and have a chance to display a custom that will be featured in a 'to be determined' issue of PSM, head over to eBay and bid on Jin's Custom Marvel Legends Fallout 3 Power Armor figure.

Transformers Animated Custom Beast Wars Megatron Figure by NemesisPredaking

One thing that was great about the Transformers Animated line was that it gave a fresh canvas for talented customizers to work with and create original works like NemesisPredaking's Custom Transformers Animated Beast Wars Megatron figure.  Megatron has had several incarnations of himself and NemesisPredaking has captured the evil Predacon version by making excellent paint choices and choosing a very cool Transformers Animated figure as the base.  I have seen the concept art and the head on this figure is right on.  Also, the way that the paint was applied to this figures makes it look very smooth and high end, which I would not expect anything less from NemesisPredaking!  Let's read more about this great figure from the source:

"Dino head is removable for Bot & Beast mode.  Hands are interchangeable via magnets.  BW Megs head is mounted on the neck of Grimmy via magnets.  I had to use magnet for the head because of a clearance issue in beast mode, but it still fits in place nicely in beast mode
Golden Discs & Reader are from's add on set"

To see more photos and read more about this awesome figure, head over to eBay and check out NemesisPredeking's Custom Transformers Animated Beast Wars Megatron figure.

Commander Neyo Custom Lego Star Wars Minifig by CloneArmyCustoms

Doing what he does best, CloneArmyCustoms executes Order 66 and delivers for Lego fans all over with his Custom Lego Star Wars Commander Neyo minifig.  Commander Neyo of the 91st Recon performs his Clone duty by killing Stass Allie which left speeder bike parts flying in an orange glow from the explosion.  CloneArmyCustoms gives Lego fans a chance to relive this scene on a much smaller scale and I have to say that this Clone is very well done.  Not only do the decals extend beyond the waste, but the attention to detail on the figure is why collectors will want to add this minifig to their collection.  The helmet is also perfectly proportioned.  Be sure to head over to eBay and check out more photos of CloneArmyCustoms' Custom Lego Star Wars Commander Neyo minifig.

Shockwave Custom Transformers Universe 2.0 Figure by Darkcave Customs

When I first saw the Transformers Universe 2.0 Onslaught figure, I never imagined that someone would turn into a masterpiece but Darkcave Customs has managed to create a killer concept with this Custom Transformers Universe 2.0 Shockwave figure.  Darkcave has managed to retain the classic feel of Shockwave while giving him a more Cybertronian look to him in vehicle mode.  Let's read more about the back story of this figure from the source:

"Shockwave has not spent his time idle while guarding all of Cybertron in Megatron's absense.
Far from it. He's spent the millennia experimenting on Decepticon and Autobot prisoners,
pushing their pain receptors to the limit, or until their spark exhausts itself in a
burst of fiery agony.  Oddly enough, he has moddified his own weapon and targeting systems, even to go as far as to mount a Negative Energon Furnace into a cannon turrett.he's not sure which is more memorable: The look in the faces of the Autobot idiots when his cannon comes into view, or their deactivated shells that lye charred in the wake of his firepower. It matters not. They are all just data, data that will further the will of Lord Megatron."

To check out more photos of Darkcave's Custom Transformers Universe 2.0 Shockwave figure, head over to eBay!

Seaspray Custom Transformers Generation 1 Minibot by Duom

Ever since I saw the Transformers Movie figure Stormsurge warming the pegs at Target, I have been waiting for the day for someone to create a G1 version and Duom has answered the call with his Custom Transformers G1 Seaspray figure.  Let's get some more detail on how he made this great figure:

"Seaspray started life as a Stormsurge from the movie line, but with a new paintjob and scratchbuilt peices has been rebuilt into the Autobot Naval Defender!  Stormsurge's original "lobster claw" hands were removed and rebuilt as new larger feet for Seaspray. New hands were scratchbuilt and fit perfectly into feet for transformation. A new head was also built for Seapray, and his gun was given a new handle to fit into the new hands. Finally, the spring loaded, key activated mechanism was removed, allowing the missles to simply be flipped forward or back.  Seaspray is painted in glossy Kyrlon Fusion White and Blue for long lasting durability, finished off with a orange-yellow and dark metallic grey. Details are done in clear blue, clear red, and clear yellow over chrome silver."

Don't miss out on your chance to add this killer custom minibot to your Transformers collection and head over to eBay and place a bid on Duom's Custom Transformers G1 Seaspray figure.

TARGAT Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by Jin Saotome

Fitting in with the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line is Jin Saotome's Custom Iron Grenadier TARGAT figure.  TARGAT was one of those cool figures that was introduced way back in 1989 and Jin has done a great job getting the colors exactly right on this one.  This version has an updated look and will go great standing next to your other GI Joe 25th figures.  To check out more photos, head over to eBay and view Jin's Custom Iron Grenadier TARGAT figure.

Matt Trakker Custom MASK Figure by Jin Saotome

What a blast from the past!  As a kid, MASK was one of my favorite cartoons to watch and toys to play with.  As I am writing this article, I am staring at my MASK collection longingly and Jin Saotome has brought the nostalgia with his Custom Matt Trakker MASK figure from the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line.  Jin has redesigned this cool figure to be more cartoon accurate and he did an excellent job capturing the feel of the old figure.  Check out Jin's Custom Matt Trakker MASK figure on eBay to place a bid!

The Watchmen Custom Marvel Legends Set by M1 Customs

If the movie, The Watchmen, is as good as the Custom Marvel Legends The Watchmen set that M1 Customs has created, then fans are in for a real treat.  From what I have seen from the movie trailers, The Watchmen looks like a blockbuster and what a way to ring in the movie.  As pictured above, M1 has made Rorschach, Ozymandias, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre, Dr. Manhattan, and The Comedian.  My favorite figure out of the bunch is the Dr. Manhattan as the perfect shade of blue was chosen and I love how the features of the figure are accented and acentuated.  For more detailed photos on all 5 figures, head over to eBay and check out M1's Custom Marvel Legends The Watchmen set of figures.

Polaris Custom Marvel Legends X-MEN Figure by 13Customs

13Customs has brought to life this lovely X-MEN character with his Custom Marvel Legends Polaris figure.  There was something that drew me to this figure and I can't quite put my finger on it but there seems to be an innocence to this figure in the way that the face was sculpted and painted.  The hair is nicely done and the figure overall is executed very well.  Sometimes it is the little things make a huge difference.  For example, the subtle black outlining on the figure really makes the costume off of the flesh tone skin.  The shades of green pay a great homage to this X-MEN enchantress.  Head over to eBay to place a bid on 13Custom's Custom Marvel Legends Polaris figure.

Bruticus Custom G1 Transformers Masterpiece 15″ Combiner by L.K.

I thought I would ring in the New Year with a big bang and feature L.K.'s Custom G1 Masterpiece Bruticus figure.  I have seen a nice run of combiner figures in the last couple months and I just have to say to all of the customizers out there making them...keep them coming!  This is the 3rd in L.K.'s Masterpiece Custom (MPC) figures and I do have to say that there are a few customizers that know how to do these figures right and L.K. is one of them.  Not only is the Generation 1feel intact and preserved, but the scale of the figure goes so much better with the scale of the G1 figures.  If you look at the cartoon, the combiners towered above the other bots but somehow the sense of scale was lost when the characters were translated into the toys (which is one of my pet peeves).  If you want to check out an amazing piece of work, head over to eBay and view Custom G1 Masterpeice Bruticus figure.