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AFC Interviews Customizer Sabrina Ng

I first got to know Sabrina by her outstanding work customizing Transformers figures.  Her technique is top notch and I was extremely fortunate to get a glimpse into her world.  Here is the latest addition to the interview series for your reading pleasure:

AFC: Tell the fans of your work a little about yourself.
Sabrina Ng: Well, I'm 24 come this January '09. I'm pretty much a very cheerful girl that loves challenges. Some of my favorite past times (besides painting) are dragon boating, working out in the gym, watching Japanese anime, and SHOPPING!!! Heh, which girl doesn't? 🙂  I've also just obtained a degree in Business Management and am looking around for a job in the Human Resource field. It's been my interest ever since I started my program.  I do airbrushing as a past time. But it was so exciting that I started a small blog ( to document and promote my work.

AFC: When did you start making customs?
Sabrina Ng: Well, I first laid hands on an airbrush somewhere in April 08? Apart from that, my only experience in arts was in designing and drawing on batik, a form of Indonesian art which I learned in school.
AFC: How did you get started making customs?
Sabrina Ng: Well, my bf saw some custom transformer on ebay a few months after the movie in '07 and was highly driven on bidding on it till the price went to the hundreds.  So feeling dejected, he asked me if I could paint. I was like sure, I could paint. I've done some pretty elaborate Batik designs when I was in school. Never would I expect him to ask me to paint a toy! So when he showed me the custom (it was movie Jazz) I was like hmmmm...That's something I've never done before..So without informing me, he splurged a 1000 odd on an airbrush set. He then took me shopping for paints and there I was...stuck..I mean I couldn't possibly say no after he had bought all the equipment now can I?
AFC: How many customs do you work on at one time?
Sabrina Ng: This really depends. Large and complex customs typically sap my time pretty fast. I would only work on one custom if it was large and complex due to the many parts available for paint as compared to a smaller custom. I've probably done up to a maximum of 3 customs for the smaller models. It's not something that I would try to make a habit off as once my attention jumps between 3 toys, I may find my attention to quality diminishing.
AFC: What is the custom you are most proud of?
Sabrina Ng: This is a tough question. But I guess, the custom that I am most proud of is my first custom. A Transformers the Movie : Camshaft. I'm not proud of it because of how nice it is but on the contrary, I am most proud of it as it looks really horrible. The paint was too thick, some parts were goey up till today and that the colours bled between the layers amongst the many reasons as to why it looks horrible. It serves as a reminder as to where I started out at and also for me to never stop learning from others as there is always someone out there who can teach me a thing or two about this craft.
AFC: What is your favorite toy line to do customs for?
Sabrina Ng: Without a doubt, TRANSFORMERS! I really love to work on those guys as I can fit them up with showroom shine paint jobs. I really love to have any custom turn out shiny and reflective. I just can't tolerate for any of my customs to have any form of battle damage or chips even when necessary.
AFC: You use a really detailed painting technique, can you tell me more about your process?
Sabrina Ng: Well, I always start by cleaning the figure of any factory goo and muck. I'll then prime the figure as this step helps paint adhesion especially on the smoother plastic surfaces. From there, what I do entirely depends on the custom's requirement. Generally though, alI my customs are done with an airbrush at a very low PSI setting. I do many thin coats of paint while using cmpounds to buff the surface as soon as it is dry to the touch so as to improve the smoothness of the surface for a more vibrant shine.
AFC: Can you share some details about your workspace?
Well, my workplace is almost always in a mess. Hehehe.

AFC: What customs do you have lined up for future projects?
Sabrina Ng: Well, I'm not really sure on this one as the moment I start on a full time job, airbrushing takes a backseat and I'm not really sure if I can spend that much time on it again. It's really too tiring.
AFC: If you had one piece of advice for other customizers out there, what would you say to them?
Sabrina Ng: Well, my MAIN advice is to always do some research before you embark on something. That's something that I need to heed as well. Many a time I'm stuck in the middle of a project because I do not have a clear idea of my goal or I'm being overly impatient in starting an idea without considering other factors. I'm facing that problem right now as I am working on Optimus Pime's trailer. Hehe. The colour scheme is giving me a big headache.

Cyborg Darth Maul Custom Star Wars Figure by fstoys4u

Imagine if Darth Sidious did not leave Darth Maul on the floor to be mopped up by the Naboo janitor but took him to his pad back on Coruscant and gave him the Darth Vader treatment?  This is what Maul would look like and fstoys4u gives us this Custom Star Wars Cyborg Darth Maul figure to play this out.  Darth Maul has a General Greivous type look to him so he can continue to be the badass that he is.  I give the customizer props for the concept and for giving Darth Maul a second chance!

Predaking Custom Generation 1 Transformers Optimus Prime Combiner by Darkcave Customs

Darkcave Customs has made the most intricate and detailed combiner figures yet with his Custom Generation 1 Predaking Prime figure.  This is one badass beast and you have to hand it to Darkcave's imagination for making this one into a reality.  The story behind Predaking Prime is Optimus unleashing his inner beast and this is what Darkcave translated this into...a G1 style behemoth that stands 17.5 inches tall and 13 inches wide.  This deviates from the traditional combiner figures as only 3 figures combine to form the larger robot but this is a welcome deviation as the other two figures are not needed as Prime's legs are used in place of the two figures.  I love the colors that he chose on this one as it harkins me back to the 80's when Predaking made his colorful debut.  My favorite part of this figure, which are many, is the lion chest plate smack dab in the middle of the figure and the massive sword that this beats yields.  Let's check out Predaking Prime's alternative mode:

To learn more about this awesome custom, head over to eBay and check out Darkcave's Custom Generation 1 Predaking Prime figure!

Outback Colossus Custom Marvel Legends X-MEN Figure by Claws Inc

Claws Inc has blended the classic with the modern with this Custom Marvel Legends Outback Colossus figure.  I love it when customizers go out on their own and make something that blends the classic nature of the characters with a more updated feel.  This technique gives the best the best of both worlds for collectors who are grew up with the older style of the figures but are now also into the newer versions as well.  I love the paint aps on this figure and the overall concept.  The metallic paint and the hue of red is just perfect for the figure.  Claws Inc tells us more about this great figure:

"Here we have a.....CUSTOM: Marvel Legends "OUTBACK COLOSSUS" figure.  I wanted him to be kind of a cross between the Modern and the older classic X-Men 'Outback' Colossus....Hence the cleaner look overall, brighter metalic paint (with just a hint of light blue) and a much lighter/cleaner yellow on his belt etc. And of course the other yellow that was on him is now gone...I think way better. I've aways loved the 'Outback' look for Colossus, and I hope I've done him justice."

To own this great figure, head over to eBay and place a bid for Claws Inc's Custom Marvel Legends Outback Colossus figure.

Beachhead Custom GI Joe Sigma Six Figure by Wats9876

Beachhead was always one of those characters who flew under the radar.  Making his debut in 1986, Beachhead became a great addition to the GI Joe's fight against Cobra.  Wats9876 has epitomized this great Joe in Sigma Six form with his Custom Sigma  Six Beachhead figure.  This figure will fit perfectly in with your existing Sigma Six figures as Wats9876 has done an excellent job matching the look and feel of the line while still retaining some classic look to the figure.  For example, Beachhead is in his classic green uniform, which is his classic look, and he is wearing yellow camo pants, which gives him a more updated feel to him.  Head over to eBay to check out Wats9876's Custom Sigma  Six Beachhead figure and to place a bid!

Custom Optimus Prime Leader Class Transformers Movie Figure with Trailer by Sabrina Ng

Sabrina Ng has gone above and beyond with her latest homage to the great leader of the Autobots with her Custom Leader Class Optimus Prime with trailer.  This custom is jam packed with detail, as well as a uniquely designed MP-02 Trailer and a custom Battler Roller (remember that six wheeled little guy...yup...he is in there too!).  I love the way that Sabrina can turn plastic into metal and she has a great eye for the color palette.  Here to give us more detail is Sabrina herself:

"This figure is one the main reasons why I wanted to take up customizing initially. I've always wanted to do up a full repaint of the Movie Optimus Prime but it was too complex at first. The multiple layering of colours as well as flames made it a nightmare for most customizers. My G1 Prime enabled me to  understand the toy's design better while I planned for a colour concept that would be unique to him. 6 months after my 1st custom, I belief that I've managed to recreate a Movie version of Optimus Prime that is truly aesthetically pleasing.  This auction includes Movie Optimus Prime, an MP-04 trailer, the MP-02 Commander Set, the TFC-EX002 Battle Roller as well as an extra weapon for Optimus Prime.  Optimus Prime was given many shades of colours that range from sunset yellow to orange, red and blue. Most of the colours blend smoothly into one another. He was also given a Mirror Chrome finish on certain parts of him. Do note that this is the Hasbro version of Optimus Prime. He does not initially have any Chrome parts unlike Takara's Premium mold.  The MP-04 trailer was covered with styrene to emulate an actual truck better. Only the autobot logo from the original trailer remained. Flames that matched Optimus Prime were painted on the exterior and the internal compartment was dry brushed with silver and detailed accordingly. The upper, front and rear ends of the trailer were given a post and pre-shading treatment for a weathered look. The repair dock was painted in a metallic blue shade.  The Mp-02 Commander Set was repainted to match Optimus Prime's colour scheme as the original colour was meant for Ultra Magnus.  The TFC-EX002 was given a chromy metallic blue finish as well as a pair of articulated fists that holds an additional weapon. His joints have been tighten for more stability as compared to the vanilla version."

Head over to eBay and don't miss this once and a lifetime opportunity to own one of Sabrina's masterpieces so check out her Custom Leader Class Optimus Prime with trailer.

Custom 18″ Defensor Update: Bonus #1 Added

A couple days ago I featured Frenzy.Rumble's Custom 18" Defensor figure and today he has his first bonus installment.  The winner of this figure will get to choose from the colors above.  Which set of eyes do you think would look the best?  If you have a preference, take the poll I just created located in the right bottom module.

Drax the Destroyer Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Steveid

There have been a few different looks of this classic Marvel character over the years and Stevid has done an awesome job capturing this icon with his Custom Marvel Legends Drax The Destroyer figure.  This version of Drax appears to stem from the Captain Marvel series of comics where Drax is epitomized in green, gold, and purple.  The subtle detail in this figure is brought out by shading and the leg muscles and arm muscles add another dimension.  Head over to eBay and view more photos and while you there, place a bid on Stevid's Custom Marvel Legends Drax The Destroyer figure to add this to your collection.

Monkeywrench Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Dreadnok Figure by StratoViper

The Dreadnoks were a staple in my GI Joe universe as a kid and I remember filling the Thunder Machine to the brim with Zartan's crew.  StratoViper has captured the true essence of one the clan with his Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Monkeywrench figure.  This figure looks exactly like the one from the 80's but with better articulation and a more streamlined look.  I like the bandannas around the legs and he even captured the patches on the jeans.  Fan of the Dreadnoks or not, this figure would make an awesome addition to your GI Joe collection so head over to eBay and place a bid on StratoViper's Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Monkeywrench figure.

Defensor Custom 18″ Generation 1 Transformers Combiner by Frenzy.Rumble

Frenzy.Rumble has outdone himself again and who would of thought he could top his Custom Devastator Combiner I featured a few weeks ago?  This week, he has tackled one of the great G1 combiners of the 80's with his Custom 18" Defensor figure, which is made up of the five Protectobots (Hot Spot, Blades, Streetwise, Groove, and First Aid) you see below:

Frenzy.Rumble did a bang up job capturing the essence of this classic combiner with the color choice, which is spot on, and his choice of figures.  He also added some great features, which include LED lights that flash and siren sounds.  I was told by Frenzy.Rumble himself that he will have 5 bonus items throughout the duration of this auction so check back often to get the latest updates!  Not only is Frenzy.Rumble one of the best customizers out there, he also is a stunning photographer who takes the coolest pictures of his customs so head over to eBay and check out more photos and place a bid while you are there for his Custom 18" Defensor figure.

Phoenix Custom Marvel Legends X-MEN Figure by Claws Inc

I love it when customizers do what they think is right to enhance a figure to its full potential and Claws Inc has done just this with his Custom Marvel Legends Phoenix figure.  There are many aspects of this figure that would make any collector want to add this to their Marvel collection.  First, this is a one of a kind design straight from the mind and fingers of Claws Inc.  For example, the paint aps for this figure were done in a white and bright gold, which goes very nicely with the fiery red hair, which is one of my favorite parts of this custom.  The reason I like the hair is that (1) is looks very realistic and (2) the deep shadowing of the hair, which makes it look like it is flowing as she is rising up.  I also like the definition that is given to the flesh tones that makes this figure one of the best.  Head over to eBay to check out more photos and to place a bid on Claws Inc's Custom Marvel Legends Phoenix figure.

Blackout Custom Transformers Movie 16″ Ultra Class Figure by Encline Designs

I have to hand it Encline Designs for his latest in his series of Transformers Ultra Class figures.  His Custom Transformers Movie Blackout transcends any custom in this class this year.  This figure is the third in his lineup and I was happy to cover his other two earlier in the year, which were his Custom 15" Optimus Prime and his Custom 13" Bonecrusher figures.  Let's take a look at some of the aspects that puts this figure in a class by itself.  First, the led lights in the figure make it unique and add another dimension to the figure, which replicates the way that Blackout was portrayed in the movie:

The huge chest cannon is massive and looks like it could cause massive damage.  Made from a mix of model helicopter parts and other figures, Blackout's blades give the appearance of a mid-transformation where is then breaks out the huge canon and opens a can of whoopass on the base in Qatar.  I seriously was in awe watching the first live action Transformer come to life and Encline Designs has captured the true essence of the movie figure with his massive creation.  Here is what the figure looks like standing next to Megatron:

Head over to eBay and place a bid for one of the best Custom Transformers Movie Blackout's I have seen!

Custom Bodyguard Cobra BAT 25th Anniversary GI Joe Figure by Jin Satome

Jin Saotome is adding to Cobra Commander's BAT arsenal with his Custom Bodyguard Cobra Battle Android Trooper from the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line.  It looks like he has taken the upper torso from the Crimson Twins and went to town on the rest of the figure.  I love the way the figure mixes both realistic looking body parts (e.g, upper thighs and upper arms) with cyborg parts.  Jin as interesting back story on this figure so let's see what he has to say:

"Destro is the king of black-market arms dealing and in that crowd you need extra protection. Recently our Intel has reported of him travelling with a new type of Cobra BAT decked out to match his team and always standing close by in case some mercenary tries to steal what he's already stolen. What worries us is the upgrades he's installed. These BATs have advanced combat training and are more than just the walk-and-shoot type. They are even agile enough to climb up walls and follow a target quietly, drawing a knife when it's time to move in for the kill!"

If you want a totally unique figure from one of the best customizers out there, head over to eBay and check out Jin's Custom Bodyguard Cobra Battle Android Trooper.

Megatron Custom Leader Class Transformers 2007 Movie Figure by jcartwork

I never get tired of seeing customizers pay homage to the great leader of the Decepticons and jcartwork does an excellent job with his Custom Leader Class Transformers Movie Megatron figure.  The shadowing and black washing on this figure is amazing and his technique makes the plastic cast a battle scared metallic look.  The gold accents are in all the right places and add another dimension to the figure.  Let's take a closer look at some of the fine detailing:

Head over to eBay and check out jcartwork's Custom Leader Class Transformers Movie Megatron figure!

Darkstalkers Lord Raptor Custom Capcom Figure by NTT

Inspired from the Capcom game, Darkstalkers, NTT has made this unique rocker come to life with his Custom Lord Raptor figure.  The flaming blue hair and the way the eyes are done are some of my favorite parts of this custom.  He painted the eyes asymmetrically, which gives the figure that rocker attitude, like he is right in the middle of a killer solo.  The smallest of details make a big difference to collectors and NTT added gold accents to the belt and it looks like he is using actual steal cable for the strings of the guitar.

"This figure stands 7.5 inches tall and features multiple points of articulation (including head, arms/wrists, torso and legs). Parts of this custom was sculpted with Aves apoxie (very durable) and completely hand painted in acrylics.  Inspired by the Capcom video game Darkstalkers, this Lord Raptor figure comes complete with custom made toy electric guitar and a whole lotta attitude! This variant is an original design and was made as fan interest.  He can be posed and handled without damage by an adult collector."

Head over to eBay to view more photos and to place a bid on NTT's Custom Lord Raptor figure

Sting Custom TNA Jakks Figure by Squared Circle Customs

Squared Circle Customs has payed a very nice homage to one of the most well known wrestling icons with thier Custom TNA Sting figure.  The inspiration for this custom stemmed from the Bound for Glory match between him and Jarret.  Nonetheless, this Sting figure looks ready for action.  Some great aspects of this figure include the excellent execution of the face paint aps and the way the eyes were done makes this figure come to life.  The eyes are a very subtle aspect to look at but it can make or break a custom as the eyes make the figure take on a very different look depending how they are drawn.  The costume design is a great replica to what Sting wore during the match:

Head over to eBay to check out more photos and to place a bid for Squared Circle Customs Bound for Glory Sting figure.

Doctor Octopus Custom Marvel Legends Figure by BoskoesToys

The Spiderman Movie really brought Doc Oc to life for me but I can also appreciate the comic version and BoskoesToys has created a version with massive tentacles with their Custom Marvel Legends Doctor Octopus figure.  This Doc Oc comes equipped with destructive tentacles and fit to a base, which creates a cool effect for the figure and provides a great way to display it!  Like with all customs from BoskoesToys, the paint aps are impeccable and the tentacles look like metal.  To own this Custom Marvel Legends Doctor Octopus figure, head over to eBay!

Superion Masterpiece Custom G1 Transformers 15″ Figure by L.K.

A month ago, I featured L.K.'s Custom Masterpiece Superion and it is back on eBay!  Head over to the auction to check out this awesome figure!  You can also read the article from November from this great figure!

Sting Bound for Glory Custom TNA Custom Figure by Lambo205customs

Wrenching his foe in the Scorpion Deathlock and capturing the NWA Heavyweight Championship, Lambo205customs has captured this wrestling icon with her Custom Sting Bound for Glory figure before his championship match.  There are some really nice touches to this figure.  For example, she has used some soft goods to created removealbe pads for both the crotch and knees, which adds to the way the figure can be displayed in your collection.  She has also done and impecable job on the facepaint and really has captured the essence of the Stinger.  It is also the little touches that make her customs great!  For example, check out the scorpions on the boots:

When I watched Sting when I was young, I always marveled at his ability and I also thought it was cool the way he would go into a match with his face paint in perfect condition and at the end of the match, the paint is almost gone.  If you want a figure from one of the best, head over to eBay and check out Lambo205's Custom Sting Bound for Glory figure or head over to her website at

War Within Shockwave Custom Transformers Figure by Tonyz Customs

Tonyz Customs has brought the concept art of Don Figueroa to life with his Custom Transformers War Within Shockwave.  The finish on this figure is amazing and Tony captures the Generation 1 feel of the figure while also keeping the War Within styling in mind.  It is a great blend of concept and execution in my opinion!  Let's hear more about this great custom from Tony:

"He comes with a removable left hand for the Tank mode so he has the treads and a blaster hand for bot mode(Both are fitted with strong magnets for easy switch). The purple used is slightly metallic gving this big guy a very nice finish. Know some one who just loved the War Within series like me and always wanted him to be in the story like this"

Let's take a look at the concept art, which Tony used as the inspiration for this custom:

As you can see, he done an excellent job making this concept come to life:

I like the contrast of the black treads as it really sets off the rest of figure in tank mode.  The finish looks eaqually as great in this mode for an all around great looking custom.  To bid on Tonyz' Custom War Within Shockwave, head over to eBay!

Soundwave Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen Custom Figure by Frenzy.Rumble

Getting his hands on the rare Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen figure, Frenzy.Rumble has once again worked his magic and turned this mediocre Soundwave into a figure worthy enough for Megatron.  His Custom Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen Soundwave is the first of its kind that I have seen customized and kudos to Frenzy.Rumble for seeking this one out and doing a bang up job!  Let's remind ourselves about how Soundwave used to look before the customization:

The original figure is quite dreadful but par for the course for Hasbro.  Let's look at the vehicle mode customized:

I like the way Frenzy.Rumble used the same color palate and really enhanced this figure to bring out the intricacies of the figure.  The detail simply gets lost in the original figure.  If you want a chance to own this awesome figure WAY before it is released, head over to eBay and bid on Frenzy.Rumble's Custom Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen Soundwave.

Agent Sharon Carter Custom Marvel Legends Figure by BoskoesToys

BoskoesToys has ripped another awesome characacter straight from the pages of Marvel Comics with thier Custom Marvel Legends Agent Sharon Carter figure.  The face and the hair are really well done and the skin tone is just right.  The eyes are very engaging and they have soften up the look with some pink lip gloss.  This lady looks ready for action!  The detailing on the costume is also great as the silver accents outline various parts of the figure nicely.  You know you are getting quality and crafstmanship with BoskoesToys so head over to eBay and bid on thier Custom Marvel Legends Agent Sharon Carter figure.

Scarlett with Iron Strike Mech Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by Jin Saotome

I am so happy with the 25th GI Joe Anniversary line and it is Customizers like Jin Saotome keep the line going with one of a kind pieces and figures like his Custom Scarlett with Iron Strike Mech.  I like the Mechs that Hasbro produced a few years ago but they still could not get it quite right but Jin figured out that if he made his own, he could make something grand that would be a great addition to anyone's Cobra Army.  Let's hear more about this great Mech:   

"*Stomp Stomp Stomp Stomp* What's that sound? It's the sound of Cobra about to lose a battle! Enter the Iron Strike Mech, the Joe's newest battlefield addition. The Iron Strike has been painted with care to match the current assortment of Joe vehicles, yet still retains a certain level of detail such as panel lines, shading, and metallic effects which will please the demanding collector. You even get a pilot, Scarlett, all decked out in her new mecha pilot suit. She fits easily into the now modified cockpit, as will most other Joes that have the full range of hip motion needed to sit. Blast away at Cobra with the Iron Strike's cannons or use the claw to fling those pesky Zombie Soldiers out of the way."

Head over to eBay and bid on Jin's Custom Scarlett with Iron Strike Mech.

Devastator Masterpiece G1 Transformers 15″ Custom by MacrossFA-19

November is turning out to be the month of Devastator!  There have been so many awesome Custom Transformers Devastators that is it hard to keep track of them all.  MacrossFA-19 is adding to the greatness with his Masterpiece Custom Transformers 15" Devastator.  There are many great aspects of this monster that are worth a note:

-Articulated knees, shoulders, elbow, fingers, and hips

-Six robots transforming into six individual construction vehicles which combine into Devastator

-Painted with quality paints to best match his G1 self, but to also fit in with the Classics Line

-Specially modified G1 chest plate

-He can stand on his own two feet at 15 1/2" tall

-Comes with MIB Classics Optimus Prime (for your battle or display action fun!)

-100% orginal Transformers parts/figures, no generic parts/figures used

- Comes with Megatron pvc pistol mode

There are also a few other Custom Devastators up this week so make sure to check out the Custom Transformers section of this site!

Age of Apocapypse Morph Custom Marvel Legends Figure by JRS Toys

JRS Toys has improved upon what was once (and still is) a Toyfare Exclusive figure with their Custom Marvel Legends Age of Apocolypse Morph figure. They really captured the classic version of Morph from the 1990's and gave this figure a personality.  Many of the figures that are produced by major toy companies lack character and style and it is customizers like JRS Toys that can give that figure a special look that brings out the essence of the figure we all remember.  Let's read more about how JRS created this great figure:

"We here at JRS Toys have been trying to bring some "prototype" figures to life. Morph is a favorite of ours, I think his crackly laugh is probably most prominent from the X-Men cartoon of the 90's.  So anyway, we were always jealous of this Toyfare Exclusive was released and decided that since we finally had all the right elements we'd update it. So what we have for you is one AOA Morph, ultra pose-able figure with some 36 points of articulation and stands 6 1/2 inches tall."

Head over to eBay to own this one of a kind Custom Marvel Legends Age of Apocolypse Morph figure.

Bruticus Transformers Masterpiece G1 Custom 15″ Figure by L.K.

L.K. Customs has been busy and thier latest is evidence that the G1 Combiner figures have a life post 1980's.  His Custom 15" Bruticus figure rivals his 15" Superion figure he created in November 2008.  L.K. did a great job keeping the Generation 1 feel alive with this behemoth, even getting the right tones on the figure.  As this is not a direct interpretation of the figure, I feel that this Bruticus gives a more updated and modern look to the one who is quoted as saying, "The road to conquest is paved with Autobot wrecks."  Speaking of quotes, lets hear more from L.K. about this great custom: 

"Most of the BRUTICUS  joints are movable, head moves up and down, left and right. Shoulder rotates 360, Fingers moves up and down ( thumb has individual ball joints ). Legs/hips moves forward, knees bends !! All figures has been given a fixative coating on top of the paint to make it durable.The paint used are the professional resin base paint.Apart from these, all figures have been given a muddy/metalic effect on the surface to make them looks more realistic like an Army Set !! Besides, with Combaticons' individual wapeans, can combine and form a giant Weapons for Bruticus!!" 

Here are the other figure that make up Bruticus:

  2. BRAWL
  5. VORTEX 

To see an awesome combiner customs, head over to eBay and check out L.K.'s  Custom 15" Bruticus figure.

Custom Transformers Movie Accurate Ratchet by Sabrina Ng

I love the 2007 Transformers Movie but I was very disappointed with the quality of the toys that Hasbro produced.  It is customizers like Sabrina Ng that have brought the toys back to life and reinvigorated the toy line with accurate figures like her Custom Transformers Movie Ratchet figure.  I would call Sabrina's paint aps bullet proof because they look so life and the metal shines like it is real.  Let's get more insight on why Sabrina wanted to customize Ratchet:

"Ratchet's something that I've longed dreamt of doing as I felt that the Hasbro/Takara molds do not do him justice at all. Even the Metallic/Best buy Ratchet was not even anywhere near droolsome. He was meticulously detailed and even his butterfly axe had the red patterns repainted. Ratchet was painted with a special paint mix of 80% yellow and 20% green. He was shaded and drybrushed, panel marked and had anti UV gloss smacked on to him. Well, that's that. Always wanted to re-do Ratchet. And I'm really happy that I've finally done it!! And among all my customs, I dare say that these pictures do not do Ratchet any justice as he seriously looks twice as nice (at least in my opinion. hehe) as he is resting on my work desk right now. I've also  included 3 pictures of WIP in the slideshow to show how it looks like without the black background and lighting."

If you want to bid on a high quality custom from one of the best customizers out there, head over to eBay and check out Sabrina Ng's Custom Transformers Movie Ratchet figure.

Sprial Custom Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Figure by Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome has created one of the coolest Marvel Legends figures I have seen a long time with his Custom Marvel vs. Capcom Spiral figure.  The way the arms were integrated in this figure were very well done and flow seamlessly out of the arm sockets.  Let's read more from Jin about this unique figure: 

"Spiral is the 6-armed beauty of Mojoworld, one of the neater female designs Marvel has ever come up with. Here you get her in all her multi-limbed glory done in Marvel vs Capcom2 style. She has a nice suit shading, multiple metallic effects, fur/hair detail, and highlights just as the game sprite has. I'm doing a whole line of MvC2 customs and she'll fit right in with them. She has the now correct armored-sculpted half arm, an alternate hand for her seductive pose, and 6 count them SIX swords, one for each hand just like she tosses at you in the game."

If you want to add a very cool figure to your Marvel collection, check out Jin's Custom Marvel vs. Capcom Spiral figure.

Mumm-Ra Thundercats Custom Marvel Legends Figure by BoskoesToys

BoskoesToys takes a sinister twist to this famous Thundercats villain with their Custom Marvel Legends Mumm-Ra figure.  Taking an atypical look to the face, they have epitomized this relic from the 80's with an excellent black washing job and fantastic detailing.  For example, Mumm-Ra's belt and forearm guards look amazing and it is this kind of craftsmanship that sets BoskoesToys customs apart from others.  Another killer accessory is the massive sword that they made for the figure:

The intricate detail on this sword compliments the other fine work that went into creating this figure.  If you want a custom from one of the best out there, head over to eBay and bid on BoskoesToys' Custom Marvel Legends Mumm-Ra figure.