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Ironhide Custom Transformers Universe 2.0 Figure by Crefigz

Kickin it G1 style, Crefigz applies his unique paint ap technique to an old friend with an updated look with his Custom Transformers Universe 2.0 Ironhide figure.  It is figures like this that remind of being in Boston, Massachusetts where you can see older buildings reflected in the newer skyscrapers and this is the feeling I get when I see this Ironhide.  Although this Ironhide has a new look thanks to the Transformers Universe 2.0 line, Crefigz has given this figure a G1 paint ap reminiscent of 1980's tride and true Autobot.  With the familiar yellow stripe gracing the sides of this figure, you can get a feel for the classic Generation 1 Ironhide we all know and love but with a sleek, angled new mold.  If you want a figure that is as smooth as glass with craftsmanship and attention to detail that is the highest around, head over to eBay and check out his Custom Transformers Universe 2.0 Ironhide figure.

Custom Transformers Generation 1 Devastator Masterpiece Figure by MalsMasterpieces

Over the years, I have seen many awesome Devastator customs and before I get into the details of MalsMasterpieces Custom G1 Transformers Masterpiece Devastator figure, I have to give props to Frenzy.Rumble for providing great inspiration to so many customizers out there.  Back in June 2008, I featured Frenzy.Rumble's Custom G1 Devsastator and there have been many great customs that have been modeled after it.  It is great that the customizing community provides such great inspiration to everyone.

For MalsMasterpieces' Custom G1 Transformers Masterpiece Devastator figure, he chose a great hue for the base color green that resonates with the Generation 1 feeling from the 80's.  MalsMasterpieces' gives us more detail on this great figure:

"As this custom becomes more popular, since it was announced that the 2009 Movie Transformers:Revenge of the fallen will have the combiner Devastator figure added to the cast.  This custom will only grow in popularity.  Authenticity is the #1 priority for most collectors and that was my main goal in creating this custom.  I have seen this custom done before but there was always something not accurate or unproportioned about the figure.  I wanted to master this custom by keeping authenticity and proportion  the main goals.  This made for a high level difficulty of completion, but this is what I came up with.  A lot of Hasbro/Takara figures were massacred in order to create this one of a kind masterpiece, but i think it was well worth it.  Not only did I keep the figure 95% Hasbro/Takara but he is fully functional, meaning that all 6 figures transform from vehicle mode to combiner mode with ease, as well as into full Devastation mode.  To conclude, this Masterpiece is the holy grail for transformer lovers because of its closeness to the animated series from the 80's, the Devastator we all wanted growing up but Hasbro or Takara never produced.  If you have the devastator from the 80's then you'll understand how much this custom is really worth."

To view more photos, head over to eBay and check out MalsMasterpieces' Custom G1 Transformers Masterpiece Devastator figure.

Wheeljack Transformers Universe 2.0 Custom G1 Figure by Duom

Wheeljack has to be one of my favorite Autobot customs and Duom has payed a very nice homage to this G1 favorite with his Custom G1 Transformers Universe 2.0 Wheeljack figure.  This figure began as a TFU2.0 Sunstreaker but is not a Generation 1 great thanks to a very talented dude.  Not only did he use Sunstreaker as a base, he also custom made many of the parts and decals.  Let's read more about how Duom made this excellent figure:

"The new front body kit was scratch built from styrene, as were Wheeljack's trademark wings, head details and enhanced spoiler. Wheeljack's wings peg into his car underbelly for storage, and his "ears" even fold up for transformation.  Wheeljacks sports a new, high-gloss, Krylon Fusion white paint job for ultimate durability. He is finished off with chrome silver details and a custom dark grey for body parts. All decals were custom designed just for this particular Wheeljack, no ill-fitting reproduction G1 stickers here! The decals are protected with gloss clear coat for added protection. Please note, however that there are a few spots of unavoidable paint scratching, namely the clips on the doors on the pegs on the legs. It's quite minor though."

Head over to eBay and view more photos and place a bid on Duom's Custom G1 Transformers Universe 2.0 Wheeljack figure.

Iron Man Custom Sigma Six Crossover Figure by Dead Man Customs

Throwing a little Sigma Six in the mix, Dead Man Customs has done a fantastic job paying homage to Tony Stark with his Custom Iron Man Sigma Six crossover figure.  It is unique when a customizer can use parts from other toy lines to create the right look and feel.  With the Sigma Six line from GI Joe, the figures were made using very hard lines and angles and I think that goes very well with the world of Iron Man and creates a nice canvas and medium to create one of a kind pieces.  This Iron Man boasts an incredible 27 points of articulation and the faceplate on his helmet and chest were sculpted with Aves Fixit Sculpt.  Also featured is a removable chest blast for when the fight needs to go to the next level.  To view more photos, especially of the cool chest piece, head over to eBay and check out Custom Iron Man Sigma Six crossover figure.

Macho Man Randy Savage WWE Custom Wrestling Figure by CustomKing316

Wooooooooo Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!  CustomKing316 is bringing some Macho Madness to AFC with his Custom WWE Macho Man Randy Savage figure.  This Savage features a custom painted face and head, trunks, knee pads, removable star robe, and Intercontinental Championship belt.  The likeness to the Macho Man is great and the trunks and robe that were chosen for this figure bring back the memories of when he was in the WWF!  Bid on CustomKing316's Custom WWE Macho Man Randy Savage figure over at eBay!

Gamora X-Men Custom Marvel Legends Figure by K&L

From concept to custom, K&L has the talent to make their customs come to life and look even better than the art they were derived from.  Their Custom Marvel Legends Gamora figure is a great example of their craftsmanship at work.  It is the small details that add up to a great custom.  For example, the gold accents around the eyes and the costume highlight the finishing touches that complete the look of the figure.  The moulding on the forehead, the skull, and the hair pay a great homage to the marvel representation:

Check out more photos and place a bid on K&L's Custom Marvel Legends Gamora figure!

Custom Thundercats Lion-O World of Warcraft Syle by BoskoesToys

I love when BoskoesToys goes 80's and we get things like this awesome Custom World of Warcraft Lion-O Thundercats figure.  I don't come across many videogame Thundercats crossovers but BoeskoesToys has the ability to make the two worlds come together.  The paint aps on this figure are impecable and the way they are applied makes the plastic look like metal and the flesh tones look like skin.  A few noteworthy aspects of this Lion-O include an exchangeable left hand and removable claw shield, both long and short versions of the Sword of Omens, and a super vibrant paint job.  There are more photos to view over at eBay so head over there and check out this blast from the past with BoskoesToys Custom World of Warcraft Lion-O Thundercats figure.

Transformers Universe Hound and Ravage Custom G1 Figures by Frenzy.Rumble

Frenzy.Rumble is back on the scene with an exclusive treat that will not be out in the US for another few weeks and the best part is that they are customized in their Generation 1 likeness.  His Custom Transformers Universe Hound and Ravage figures are the epitome of the 1980's and Frenzy.Rumble has outdone himself once again by using the very effective olive green (for Hound) and silver and black (for Ravage) to capture that G1 flavor that fans clamor for.  Like all of Frenzy.Rumble's customs, the finish and paint aps are like glass and you know that he goes out of his way to please fans.  Let's learn more about these great customs from the source:

"Hound was one of my favorite Autobots as a kid, and who doesn't love Ravage? Transformer Universe Hound and Ravage won't be available in US retaill for another month, but here they are ...and they're customized. With Hound, I removed the existing hands, and replaced them with fully poseable hands, which can point, wave, make a fist and more. These new hands actually fold into the forearms when transforming into alternate mode. I achieved Hound's awesome green color using 6 shades of green. All the detail was painful to add on, but suits the figure very well. His Jeep mirrors are painted with chrome to give a great reflection. I later added custom made decals, such as the faction symbol, army stars and vehicle ID tags. There's even been a custom California license plate added with the text : HOUND1. I also replaced the ugly tires which this figure came with for some authentic Jeep Wrangler rubber type tires. For Ravage, I repainted the entire figure and added a metallic look to his limbs, a faction symbol, and tiny details, like glowing red eyes and shiny silver teeth.

All paints used in the process were 100% enamel, so the finish is very durable, and the colors will stay vibrant and true for many many years. (Keep in mind, this is a collectible, so don't throw it around!)?  I finished him off with several finishes of Testor's clear coats, matte, semi-gloss, and gloss variations. This is a must-have and definite collectible for G1 and movie fans alike"

Head over to eBay and check out Frenzy.Rumble's Custom Transformers Universe Hound and Ravage figures!

Custom Transformers Universe Sideswipe as Striker Original Concept Figure by DW40 Customs

DW40 shows us an evil side to the Transformers Universe Sidewipe figure with his original concept TF Universe Striker Decepticon figure.  The last time I featured a custom by DW40, I wrote about his Custom Warmachine.  The one thing that has impressed me about his customs is the smooth paint aps he applies to his figures.  I really like the paint scheme on this figure and the way he used the black and purple to accent the figure.  The black paint on the hood, roof, and fin makes this figure very interesting to look at.  I love when customizers provide a backstory to thier original concepts so here is Stiker's story:

"Many years ago on the planet Cybertron many transformers were brought online. Siblings born mere nanoclicks after each other. Unknown to anyone some were brought online in secret. One would become well know as the Decepticon Striker. Striker is one the most powerful Decepticons. Even Megatron has heard about the mysterious Decepticon that lurks in the shadows waiting to strike at any given moment. Striker is one that takes orders from no one; His actions are his and his alone. Although loyal to the Decepticons, he follows his own path of evil! His spark is made of pure dark energy that will never extinguish. When the day comes that Striker steps out of the shadows and reveals himself to both the Decepticons and the Autobots, will be the day both factions fall!"

Head over to eBay and check out DW40's Custom TF Universe Striker figure!

High Evolutionary Custom Marvel Legends Figure by DarthLeon

High Evolutionary Custom Marvel Legends Figure

High Evolutionary Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Straight from the pages of Marvel Comics comes DarthLeon's Custom Marvel Legends High Evolutionary figure.  This Marvel character first appeared in Thor #134 and is a master geneticist and brilliant theoretician.  It is very obvious that great care was taken with this figure to ensure that it matched the concept art and comics.  My favorite part of this custom are the rivet accents that are given to the costume as they look molded on instead of painted.  It is this attention to detail that makes DarthLeon's customs really stand out.  Also, the color variation is in just the right places and shades were used accent various parts of the body.  DarthLeon has more pictures over at his auction page so head over to eBay and check out his Custom Marvel Legends High Evolutionary figure from many more angles!

Lego Star Wars Custom Invisible Hand & More by MightyHutt

MightyHutt makes really awesome Custom Lego Star Wars figures and vehicles so today I am featuring 3 of his items that are currently up for sale on eBay:

Trade Federation Battleship

Trade Federation Battleship

Darth Vader Meditation Chamber

Darth Vader Meditation Chamber

Invisible Hand

 Make sure to head over to eBay and check out all of the Custom Lego Star Wars figures and vehicles!

Devastator Transformers 15″ Generation 1 Figure by ThyVipera84

Fans are in combiner heaven with ThyVipera84's Custom G1 Transformers Devastator figure.  This is one figure you do not want to miss out on!  First, the paint aps are in amazing detail and the weathering on this figure makes this one stand above the rest.  Towering 15" tall, this Devastator is a great scale to other smaller Transformers.  This is one of the best custom Devastator figures I have seen to date!  The figure also comes with two head styles:

Let's read more about this great figure from the source:

"Here's a custom, 100% HANDPAINTED DEVASTATOR!!! Painted with Testor's Enamel Paints.  There's no other out there like this one. Equipped with lights and sounds.  In Devastator mode, he stands a whopping 15 inches tall and is very pose able.  He comes with TWO DIFFERENT HEADS! (G1 style head is courtesy of Transformer Customizer: Ptitvite).  In robot modes, Devastator's EXTRA pieces form an ENERGON CONVERTING STATION!  6 robots form the BIG GREEN MACHINE called DEVASTATOR."

How cool is that!  Definitely head over to eBay and check out ThyVipera84's Custom G1 Transformers Devastator figure.

Hawkeye Custom Marvel Legends Kate Bishop Figure by BenjaminWings

BenjaminWings has outdone himself yet again with his Custom Marvel Legends Hawkeye figure from the Young Avengers.  The costume design was beautifully executed, mirroring that of concept art and comics.  The scarf adds a nice touch and I am happy to see that he found a way to pull this off.  Let's learn more about Hawkeye from BenjaminWings himself:

"You are bidding on a custom HAWKEYE Marvel Legend. She stands at 6 inches tall and retains all of her articulation. She is hand painted with durable citadel paints and sculpted with Apoxie to reflect his current outfit from her appearances during the Civil War and Secret Invasion stories. Her scarf is crafted from darice to keep it soft and posable without hindering articulation. She comes complete with a bow and arrow for those all important action shots."

To view more photos or place a bid, head on over to eBay and check out this awesome Custom Marvel Legends Hawkeye figure.

Jazz Transformers Movie Custom Figure by Sabrina Ng

Ever wonder what Jazz would look like if Jazz came across a different dealership and scanned a red Pontiac Solstace?  Sabrina Ng applied her signature painting technique to make a version of the Transformers Movie Jazz you will never find anywhere.  It is great to get into customizer's heads so let's learn more about this great figure:

"The last of my red customs (I think. hehe). Zoom Zoom!!!! I was inspired to take on this project when I realized that some Mazda cars on the road actually had the word Zoom Zoom written on them. He's been given some extreme metallics as well as an additional head, recasted to pay tribute to his Binaltech inspiration. I've always been amazed by how Jazz can look so good in red (or any colours for that matter). Deluxe Premium Jazz was given a nice shade of red metallics to emulate Zoom Zoom. As always, I take great pains to clean the figure of any factory residue. He was primed and was given a base coat of supper black to bring out the strength of the metallics. He's got approximately 7 layers of red and 3 layers of anti-UV gloss to keep him in great condition for the years to come."

Head over to eBay and check out Sabrina's Custom Transformers Movie Jazz figure!

Speed Custom Marvel Legends Young Avengers Figure by BoskoesToys

BoskoesToys has made a great figure from the Young Avengers with thier Custom Marvel Legends Speed figure.  Speed has the powers of super-speed and can use his speed to accelerate and destabilize atomic matter thereby causing it to explode.  The body suit on this figure is nicely done and has great shadowing effects.  The head sculpt is great and the hair appears to be realistic.  BoskoesToys continues to provide excellent quality customs week after week and their Custom Marvel Legends Speed figure is no exception so head over to eBay and check out more photos and place a bid!

Shatterstar Custom X-Force Marvel Legends X-MEN Figure by Wiz Customs

Wiz Customs shows us why fans love his customs and his Custom Marvel Legends Shatterstar figure is one great example.   Decked out in his new X-Force suit, this figure sports very realistic detailing including shadowing and flowing hair.  The facial detail is very well done as well, adding to the realism and making this figure look less like a toy.  To tell us more about this custom and the quality that is poured into each and every one of his customs, here is Wiz.

"In his new X-Force suit as seen in the new X-Force comics an made with an exceptional level of detail to his comic counter part. Shatterstar stands 6" tall with over 32 points of articulation for maximum poseability. He was made with real to life shadowing you have to see it in person to appreciate it. He is made with the highest quality products available and looks amazing the pics do not do him justice. Any sculpt work is done with Aves Apoxie so it will not chip or break away. The painting is done using some of the best paint's available with some airbrushing as well. The parts and accessories are from existing Marvel Legends figures."

Head over to eBay and check out Wiz Customs' Shatterstar Marvel Legends Custom figure today!

Custom Marvel Legends Nate Grey Figure by Jazz4Toys

Jazz4Toys stays true to the comics with his Custom Marvel Legends Nate Greyfigure.  Let's start from the head sculpt and move down from there.  The hair sculpt is magnificent and really brings out the comic feel of the figure.  I like the way Jazz4Toys combined the looks in both of the concept art photos and added the sculpting around the eyes.  The jacket and outfit looked stressed and he did a great job giving the clothing a realistic look.  To own this great figure, head over to eBay and check out Jazz4Toys' Custom Marvel Legends Nate Grey figure.

Superion Masterpiece Style Custom G1 Transformers 15″ Figure by L.K.

L.K. Customs has put his talent to work and has created a massive combiner from the past with his Custom Masterpiece Superion Transformers G1 figure.  Using the Transformers Universe Silverbolt as the centerpiece of this figure, he seamlessly recreates the Generation 1 feel of the classic Aerialbot crew, which is evident in his color choices and overall style of the figure.  In robot mode, the 5 figures combine to form a massive 15" autobot, which towers over the deluxe and voyager class Transformers.  With the size difference he was able to achieve what Hasbro could not do with the original.  Let's learn more about this great figure from L.K.:

"Most of the SUPERION joints are movable, such as Shoulders move in and out, Elbows bends, Arms rotates 360 front/back ways, Fingers moves up and down ( thumb has individual ball joints ). Legs/hips moves backward, knees moves forward and backward !! Shoulder movable joints are not simple ball joints, they are the gear wheels joints which will give a "click" sound whenever you move the joints!! All figures has been given a fixative coating on top of the paint to make it durable.The paint used are the professional resin base paint."

Head over to eBay and check more photos of this awesome Custom Masterpiece Superion Transformers G1 figure.

Custom Stealth Iron Man Marvel Legends Figure by Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome brings us a modernized version of Tony Stark's weapon of the future with his Custom Marvel Legends Stealth Iron Man figure.  What is great about this figure is that it is not seen in any comic and this is Jin's interpretation of how this suit would be modernized.  The way this was painted really makes the plastic look like metal and this is a great effect that shows off the detail of the figure.

"This auction is for a 6” tall Stealth Armor Iron Man with glossy metallic finish. He has 22 points of articulation and can be put in to all sorts of stealthly mission poses. He’s scaled to fit right along with your Marvel Legends figures and will look great in your display case alongside your existing figures. This variation on the Stealth Armor design isn't featured in any comic and is a new 'modernized' version of the suit.  A couple of reqests for a new Stealth Iron Man were sent my way and I always aim to please. This Stealth Iron Man has been painted with all sorts of glossy metallic details, deep armor shading, brlliant highlights, and a sealed surface against wear. I'm really, really, really liking the new Heroes Reborn Iron Man body as it has an excellent range of articulation and looks great in any pose!"

To view more photos, head over to eBay and check out Jin's Custom Marvel Legends Stealth Iron Man figure!

Devastator Custom Transformers Universe G1 Figure by Defstar

Defstar does not mess around when it comes to making what fans want and his Custom Transformers G1 Devastator is no exception.  This behemoth stands a towering 17" tall and is 12" wide and your G1 Transformers would not want to meet this monster in a dark alley!  This figure is made of 6 Constructicons that combine to form Devastator and it looks like great care was taken in making sure that this figure retained its G1 look and feel while creating a masterpiece.

"Created with the best epoxy and paints available and coated with a protective sealer for durability.  He has full 360 degrees of rotation at both shoulders and 180 degrees of rotation at both his elbows and knees.  His fingers are functional and his head turns 360 degrees…this devastator is very large and very heavy…but his pose ability remains relatively good.  He is very simple to transform…all six Constructicons do transform into their alt modes as shown and combining Devastator is very simple as well…though transforming instructions will be provided to the winner…(note: this custom is not recommended for children but collectors only as some care needs to be taken when handling the figures)…"

This figure was listed as a 10 day auction so head over to eBay and check out more photos and after you have done that, place a bid on this great Custom Transformers G1 Devastator from Defstar.

Grimlock Custom Animated G1 Transformers Figure by Mooncricket

Mooncricket pays a very nice homage to a G1 classic with his Custom Animated Transformers Grimlock in Generation 1 style.  The paint aps are very nicely applied on this figure and it is very smooth looking and professional.  It takes a very talented artist to make paint appear like glass on plastic and this is a great example of how a great technique translates into a work of art.

This figure looks awesome in robot mode, where the shiny chrome, reds, golds and blacks have all been re-done to look like the classic Grimlock we all know and love.  The G1 colors are all in the right places and this figure would make a great addition to your Transformers collection.  If you are looking to add a great looking G1 figure to our Transformers collection, head over to eBay and check out Mooncricket's Custom Animated Transformers Grimlock figure.

Darth Nihilus Custom Star Wars Medicom Sideshow 12 Inch Figure by Dreamer Kustomz

Dreamer Kustomz is filling in the Sideshow line with a much needed figure with his Custom Darth Nihilus Star Wars 12" Sith Lord!  The face, which is the most important part of this custom, is very semetrical and even and is a great likeness to sketches and art that I have seen.  If you are not familiar with Dreamers Kustomz work, here is how he desribes his figures:

"All custom figures are painted with extreme detail using only high quality, expensive paints. Multiple air and dry brush techniques are used to create beautiful and detailed figures! They are then sealed with a coat of sealent to keep paint from chipping. I strive to bring you the best quality customz out there and we love to hear from fans and bidders alike!!!"

To view more photos or place a bid on this great custom, head over to eBay and check out this Custom Darth Nihilus Star Wars 12" figure.

Custom Transformers Universe Jazz G1 Figure by Sam’s Customs

It is still great to see customizers paying homage to the original and Sam's Customs has outdone himself with his Custom Transformers Universe Generation 1 Jazz figure.  Looking at this figure brings back so many memories of playing Transformers with my friends in elementary school.  For a period of time, we would all bring our Transformers to school and recreate the cartoon at recess.  Some interesting things to note about this custom include:

** Customized flared rear tire guard

** REAL RUBBER TIRES have been installed, and they still roll!

**Custom head to better resemble his G1 countenance!

**Completly redone front end to look like the martini Porsche

**G1 styled weapons made to fit!

**Custom made decals to give an authentic G1 look!

**Scratch Built feet to resemble his 80's toy

**Painted with combination of Fusion, tamiya, citadel and testors clear coated

To own this great blast from the past, head over to eBay and bid on Sam's Customs Custom Transformers Universe Generation 1 Jazz figure

Custom Lego Star Wars Darth Sidious by Christt07

It is election day in the United States so I thought I find a Custom Darth Sidious to let everyone know to go out and excercise your right to vote!

Commander Appo Sideshow Medicom Custom Star Wars 12 Inch Figure

A few days ago I featured a Custom 12" Commander Bacara from a collector who needs to trim down his collection and this Custom 12" Commander Appo is coming from that same person.  The 501st Legion of Clones were an ominous site as they decended on the Jedi Temple to carry out Order 66 in the Revenge of the Sith movie.  This custom portays Commander Appo in the aftermath with his dirty armor and carbon scoring.  One very subtle difference in other 12"clones from Medicom is that this custom has a greenish tint on the helmet, along the lines of Commander Gree from the Battle of Kashyyyk.  There are only 7 hours left to nab this one so head over to eBay and place a bid on this Custom 12" Commander Appo figure.

Tigra Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Shandra’s Customs

First appearing in the Marvel Comic, The Cat, Shandra's Customs pays homage to a classic character with her Custom Marvel Legends Tigra figure.  This figure is very well done and takes on some human characteristics the way it was painted and sculpted.  The face was beautifully done and especially like how the eyes came out.  If the eyes are well done, like this Tigra figure, it makes the figure much more engaging.  The hair also came out great and it really looks like she spent a great deal of time getting this right.  The stripes are very even as well and all in all this is an excellent figure to add to you custom marvel legends collection.  Head over to eBay and check out Shandra's Custom Marvel Legends Tigra figure.

Custom Lego Star Wars Clone Pilot Broadside Minifig by Rurisk

Broadside Lego Star Wars Custom Minifig

Broadside was a clone trooper pilot who fought in the Clone Wars under the command of Jedi General Anakin Skywalker. He served in Shadow Squadron and fought against the Malevolence in the Battle of the Kaliida Nebula.  Rurisk outdoes himself again and creates this awesome Custom Lego Star Wars Broadside figure, which will look awesome in your Lego Clone Wars vehicles.  There are only a few days left to nab this one for your collection so head over to eBay and bid on Rurisk's Custom Lego Star Wars Broadside figure!