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Deadpool X-Men Custom Marvel Legends Figure by K&L Customs

Deadpool X-MEN Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Deadpool X-MEN Custom Marvel Legends Figure

Ripped from the pages of Marvel Comic comes K&L Customs incredible Custom Marvel Legends X-Men Deadpool figure.  The K&L team makes the highest quality customs and this Deadpool figure is no exception.  Some highlights for this figure are the deep shade of blue that makes the suit look realistic.  Also, the symetry given to the 'X' symbols and face detail make this custom top notch!  To see more detailed pictures, head over to eBay and check out K&L's Custom Marvel Legends X-Men Deadpool figure.

Commander Bacara Sideshow Custom Star Wars 12 Inch Figure

One apsect of collecting that is tragic is when people need to trim down thier collection, which brings us to this Custom 12" Commander Bacara Sideshow figure.  Bacara only appeared in the Revenge of the Sith movie for a few seconds, but it was enough to make a lasting impression.  While stationed on Mygeeto, Bacara was given Order 66 by Palpatine and, along with his fellow Marines, gunned down Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi. This figure features a modified helmet sculpt, interchangeable helmet/clone head sculpt, Pauldron, real cloth Kama, and Blaster.  This figure will compliment your Sideshow or Medicom collection.  Someone else's loss is your gain so head over to eBay and bid on this Custom 12" Commander Bacara Sideshow figure.

Scarlett Sigma Six GI Joe Custom Figure by BoskoesToys

Scarlett, on of the leading ladies in the GI Joe comics and cartoons, is given a fresh look by BoskoesToys.  Thier Custom Sigma Six Scarlett GI Joe figure combines an anime look to soften up the hard lines of the Sigma Six type of figure.  Although a figure was never produced for Scarlett in the original line, BoskoesToys has translated her cartoon version to a figure and did an excellent job!  Looking much softer than most of the figures in the Sigma Six line, she retains her cartoon appeal and would be a great addition to your Sigma Six collection.  Head over to eBay and check out thier Custom Sigma Six Scarlett GI Joe figure.

Senate Security Clone Wars Custom Lego Star Wars Minifig by Rurisk

Not too much time left to catch Rurisk's Custom Lego Star Wars Senate Security minifig!  The deep red on the figure captures the animated Clone Wars representation perfectly.  I am so happy to see customs from the Clone Wars animated series and want to see more!  The great thing about new movies and new television series are that it creates a great canvas for customizers to give fans what they want!

A couple weeks, I wrote about a squad of Clones with the same deco and this figure would go great with that.   There is only 22 hours left to catch Rurisk's Custom Lego Star Wars Senate Security minifig.

Moondragon Avengers Marvel Legends Custom Figure by Wanderer-X

Noted for her shaved head and her arrogance, this Custom Marvel Legends Moondragon figure by Wanderer X really captures this comic hero's likeness.  The costume desing is excellent and really pays homage to the comic version of the figure:

If you want to own this figure or view more photos, head over to eBay and check out Wanderer X's Custom Marvel Legends Moondragon figure

Shockwave G1 Custom Transformers Figure by Jin Saotome

Shockwave was already a great addition to the Transformers Classics line and, as expected, Jin Saotome goes above and beyond and really brings out the Generation 1 feel to this Custom Transformers G1 Shockwave figure.  Using the purple and pink color scheme from the cartoon, this figure very closely resembles the Shockwave from the 1980's.  I like the modifications that were made from the Classics figure and it just goes to show you that more is less in robot mode.  In blaster mode, on the otherhand, this figure closely resembles a German Nebelwerfer, a six-barreled (nonrotating) tubular projector, with barrels 3 to 3 1/2 feet long and 160 mm in diameter.

On that note, let's hear more about this great figure from Jin: "This auction is for an 8” tall ‘Shockwave’ figure with removable arm blasters, magnetic shoulder cannons, and Space Cannon/Ship base. He has multiple points of articulation and in my opinion is the best Shockwave mold ever to come out of the Transformers line. He’ll fit right in with your current Transformers collection and is scaled to Voyager size. He doesn’t come with instructions because of the different Alt mode but you can probably figure it out by the pics.  You asked for him time and time again, the cold and calculating Decepticon with the single eye. Shockwave is back and this time he’s packing an arsenal of weapons! As you can see he’s been decked out in G1 colors using deep shadows, highlights, metallic effects, and the shocking purple/pinkish color right from the show. Shockwave has also been sealed against paint wear and transforms into a Space Cannon or removing the base has him looking like a cosmic battleship of sorts. His arm cannons are removable and fire off missiles while his giant shoulder cannons magnetically mount and can be removed too. So, were you looking for the definitive Shockwave for your Classics/Universe collection?"

To view more great pictures of Jin's Custom Transformers G1 Shockwave, head over to eBay!

Deadpool Daredevil Comics Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Wiz Custom Figures

As seen in the new Daredevil comics, Wiz Custom Figures (WCF) brings us this stunning Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool figure.  One aspect that struck me when I first saw this figure was the shadowing technique that was used.  This really brings out the detail and richness of the figure and you know that WCF delivers quality figures.  Let's read more about what went into this great figure: 

"In his new suit as seen in the new Daredevil comics an made with an exceptional level of detail to his comic counter part. Deadpool stands 6" tall with over 32 points of articulation for maximum poseability. He was made with real to life shadowing you have to see it in person to appreciate it. The swords are super shiney that gives it that real sword look, just look at the pics. He is made with the highest quality products available and looks amazing the pics do not do him justice. Any sculpt work is done with Aves Apoxie so it will not chip or break away. The painting is done using some of the best paint's available with some airbrushing as well. The parts and accessories are from existing Marvel Legends figures."

To check out more detailed photos, head over to eBay and check out WCF's Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool figure.

Headstrong Transformers G1 Custom Predacon Figure by Shinobitron

Master of the Generation 1 Custom Transformers, Shinobitron pays homage to another Predacon with his Custom Transformers G1 Headstrong figure.  Back in February 2008, I featured his Custom Predacon Rampage figure.  The Predacons are cool and it is great to see more customs and this Headstrong figure keeps the essence of the original with the G1 color scheme.  Let's learn more from Shinobitron about this great figure:

"HS is fully articulated and can transform freely!  He has been detailed to resemble his G1 self and comes with his horn Sword and a gun!  He has been given a metallic paint job for that extra shine when hunting down some Autobot!  Need a Pred to add to your collection?  Do you beleive that most of the jungles animals are red and Gold?  Then bid today and get Headstrong for your self!"

I have always thought that animals from the jungle were red and gold...who woudln't :)?  If you want to see more photos, head over to eBay and check out Shinobitron's Custom Transformers G1 Headstrong figure.

Matchstick Shadow Squadron Lego Star Wars Clone Pilot by Rurisk

I think you might have picked up on this already but if you have not I am a huge fan of the Clone Wars  so I am very excited to see customs from the animated series.  Rurisk pays homage to this fallen clone with his Custom Shadow Squadron Matchstick Lego Star Wars Clone minifig.  The Shadow Squadron has really cool markings on thier armor and Rurisk does a great job recreating the look on a small scale.  If you are not familiar with Matchstick, here is more information on him courtesy of

"Matchstick's Y-wing grazed a nebray manta, which caused engine failure. After he entered the Battle of theKaliida Nebula, Malevolence's ion cannon fired at him. While attempting to maneuver out of the path of damage his engine gave out and exploded in front of Tag, killing Matchstick and his Radio Intercept Officer, and Tag and his RIO as well.  Though he wasn't the only fatality at the Battle of Kaliida, his was the most unexpected and eventful, as he was an expertly trained commander and key member. Aside from Shadow Squadron, Ahsoka Tano was also affected from his tragic death. He did not die in vain however, because his squad managed to destroy the Malevolence's primary weapons and save 60,000 wounded clones"

Head over to eBay and check out more photos of Rurisk's Custom Matchstick minifig!

Vanguard X-MEN Marvel Legends Custom Figure by K&L Customs

K&L Customs has the perfect pair of figures up for auction this week.  I just finished writing an article about thier Custom Darkstar, which is amazing, and I am turning my attention to her brother.  Thier Custom Marvel Legends Vanguard figure is very well done and it was very smart of the K&L team to make these together becuase they are the perfect pair.  I like the use of gold and blacks for both figures.  The costume design on Vanguard looks amazing.  Check out both Darkstar and Vanguard on eBay to own these great figures.

Darkstar X-MEN Custom Marvel Legends Figure by K&L Customs

K&L Customs really knows how to bring the human element out of their customs and their Custom Marvel Legends X-MEN Dark Star is no exception.  My favorite part of this custom is the facial features.  The eyes are very well done and make the figure come alive.  The hair is beautifully sculpted and the proportions of the figure were well thought out and nicely executed.  Darkstar became a member of the Soviet Super-Soldiers with her brother, Vanguard, and the fifth Crimson Dynamo, which is especially interesting because K&L also created a Custom Marvel Legends Vanguard figure so be sure to check that out too!

Golobulus Cobra La Custom 25th Anniversary GI Joe Figure by WaysCreations

Typically I see Custom Golobulus figures made in Marvel Legends scale but WaysCreations decided to beef up the GI Joe 25th Anniversary line and create a the Supreme Leader of the Cobra La in a smaller scale.  This Custom Golobulus figure is one of the best I have seen.  The massive tail is coiled to keep the figure standing tall and he fused it to the body very seamlessly.  Overall, WaysCreation paid a really nice homage to the leader of the Cobra La so head over to eBay if you want to own this Custom 25th Anniversary Golobulus figure!

Iron Monger Custom Marvel Legends Iron Man Movie Figure by Crefigz

Crefigz puts his signature airbrushing techniques to great use with his Custom Iron Monger Marvel Legends figure.  Breathing life into the plastic, he once again has chosen the perfect figure and makes it shine like metal.  Take a closer look at the detail that he pours into every figure he makes:

This is one of the best looking paint aps I have seen on an Iron Monger figure and it looks like the movie version has burst through the tv and into your collection.  To view more detailed photos and to place a bid on this awesome figure, head over to eBay and check out Crefigz's Custom Iron Monger Marvel Legends figure.

Lego Star Wars Custom Section Added to AFC

I don't know why it took my so long to do this but I just added a Custom Lego Star Wars section to the website where you can view all of the eBay listings related to the mini world of Star Wars Lego.  If you know of a category that would help you find the customs you are looking for or if you are a customizer and you want me to take a look at your work, please feel free to contact me.

Commander Fox Clone Wars Lego Star Wars Custom Minifig by CloneArmyCustoms

CloneArmyCustoms hits back hard with more of what Clone Wars fans want!  A few days ago, I featured his Lietenant Thire, Jek, and Rys squad but today I noticed he also has a Custom Lego Clone Wars Commander Fox up for sale and it is just as impressive.  The detailing on the body of the figure is great and the helmet sculpt brings out the Commnader Fox in the figure.  Complete with blaster, pistol, and Kama, this Lego Clone Wars Commander Fox is ready to kick some droid minifig hieny.  To check out more photos or to purchase this item, head over to eBay and check out CloneArmyCustoms Custom Lego Clone Wars Commander Fox minifig.

Grimlock Animated Transformers Generation 1 Custom Figure by CreFigz

This week, CreFigz has taken on a G1 Classic with his Custom Transformers Animated Grimlock figure.  One of my favorite aspects of his figures is the way that he brings plastic alive to look like metal with his airbrushing techniques.  The color choice and placement of them really pays homage to Generation 1 Grimlock while still giving him that animated feel to him.  The deep reds, golds, and greys compliment each other very nicely and the way the figure is shaded gives it an added dimension of depth.  I have always been a fan of CreFigz's customs and he keeps producing excellent customs week after week so if you want to see more photos, please head over to eBay and bid on his Custom Transformers Animated Grimlock figure.

Blink Age of Apocalypse X-MEN Custom Marvel Legends Figure by BenjaminWings

I first came across BenjaminWings when I discovered his Custom Marvel Legends Goblin Queen figure but this week, he has something special for X-MEN Age of Apocalypse fans with his Custom Marvel Legends Blink X-MEN figure.  There are many aspects of this figure that stand out to me!  First, I love the shade of pink that chosen for figure.  Second, I love the way the face and head came out with the hard lines for the hair and the gaze the figure has.  Let's learn more about this awesome figure:

"She stands at 5.5 inches tall and retains all of her articulation. She is hand painted with durable citadel paints and sculpted with Apoxie to reflect her classic outfit from her appearences in the 90's X-Men: Age of Apocalypse saga. She comes with removable quiver and portal display base that can be suckered to a window or smooth wall or used as a stand. Her hair is made of craft foam to keep it malliable and allow better posing. She would make a brilliant addition to any X-Men or Marvel collection, especially if you're considering the upcoming Nemesis and Sunfire figures or already have the Sabretooth and Wolverine from the same dimension."

To own this great figure, head over to eBay and place a bid for BenjaminWings Custom Marvel Legends Blink X-MEN figure.

Clone Wars Lego Star Wars Custom Lieutenant Thire Yoda and Squad by CloneArmyCustoms

Being a fan of the new Clone Wars Animated series, I am happy to see customizers paying homage to this new Star Wars format and CloneArmyCustoms has made a great squad from the premier episode in the series with his Custom Lego Clone Wars LieutenantThire, Yoda, and Clone Squad minifigs.  Although Yoda is not custom, he really tried to stay true to the series when he made these minifigs so here is a rundown of the Clones you will get:

Lieutenant Thire with Custom DC-15A Rifle DC-15S Pistol

Lieutenant Thire with Custom DC-15A Rifle DC-15S Pistol

Early in the war Thire, serving as a lieutenant, was assigned alongside his troops, Jek and Rys, to escort Jedi Master Yoda to a diplomatic mission to Rugosa. When their transport was shot down by Separatist frigates, Yoda and the troopers landed on the moon's surface in the escape pod. The clones helped Yoda to get past an entire battalion of battle droids, set by Assaj Ventress to intercept him, in order to secure a treaty with ToydarianKing Katuunko. Thire was wounded by a super battle droid during the mission, but still continued to fight alongside Yoda until their task was successfully completed.

Jek with Custom Z-6 Rotary Cannon

Jek with Custom Z-6 Rotary Cannon

At the beginning of the Clone Wars Jek had a relatively uneventful posting in the Senate district. Probably because of the sedate confines of Senate and diplomatic escort duty Jek became obsessed with weapons as an outlet. He was an expert in all manner of small arms blaster weaponry, and had even gone so far as requisitioning and obtaining heavy weapons even though they weren't part of his mission requirements.

Rys with Custom DC-15S Blaster and Pistol

Rys with Custom DC-15S Blaster and Pistol

Early in the war Rys was posted on Coruscant, where he usually served as a diplomatic escort or protection for the Senate district. Though he was loyal to the Galactic Republicas any of his brother, Rys was disappointed by this assignment and eager to join his brothers on the remote battlefronts. When off-duty, he would, as a hobby, track the movement of Republic fleet assets and follow the course of the war as it unfolded in the Outer Rim.
To own this great squad from the series, head over to eBay and place a bid on CloneArmyCustoms' Custom Lego Clone Wars Lieutenant Thire, Yoda, and Clone Squad minifigs. 

Darth Maul Marvel Legends Star Wars Custom Figure by Mace2008

Ever wonder what was under Darth Maul's tunic?  Mace2008 gives us a great representation with his Custom Marvel Legends Darth Maul figure.  I love the concept of this figure because we never saw Darth Maul look like this in the movie.  The way the body art flows from the head to the torso and the arms is done very well and I like the body choice for his figure as it is not overly muscular.  The back design is an interesting concept as it is mostly black and I give Mace2008 kudos for some artistic freedom.  The eyes are done very well and give Maul that sadistic, psychotic, possessed by the dark side look we have grown to love.  To check out more photos and to place a bid on Mace2008's Custom Marvel Legends Darth Maul figure, head over to eBay!

BAT Extreme Battle Damaged GI Joe Custom Figure by Darrens5150

Darrens5150 is most noted for his Custom Lego Star Wars figures but today he has ventured out of his comfort zone to create one of the coolest Cobra Soldiers with his Custom Extreme Battle Damaged BAT figure.  AS a kid, I did not army build my figures like I do as an adult but if I did, the BAT would have been a a mainstay in my Cobra arsenal and I would have loved to have a version where the BAT was obliterated and damaged like this one.  Not only did he go above and beyond a simple repaint but he has thoroughly enhanced the fresh from battle look with loose wires, bullet holes, and battle scoring.  One of the most notable features of this custom is the working red light in the chest, which is a cool feature considering that the BAT's are androids and having working parts.  If you want to own one of the coolest BAT's I have ever seen, head over to eBay and check out Darrens5150's Custom Extreme Battle Damamaged BAT figure.

Ravishing Rick Rude WWF Custom Classics Figure by Skribbel24

Growing up in the 1980's, I had the opportunity to witness firsthand the introduction of Ravishing Rick Rude to the WWF and Skribbel24 has payed a very nice homage to this fallen warrior of the WWF.  His Custom Ravashing Rick Rude figure brings back so many great memories of watching the WWF on Saturdays and waiting, in anticipation, for the weekly matches where Rick Rude was pitted against the unsuspecting generic wrestlers and also the famous feuds he was involved.  Most notably, the feud with Jake the Snake Roberts took center stage but he was able to get under the skin of one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, The Ultimate Warrior.  Wrestlemania V and Summer Slam 1989 were classic match ups where the Intercontinental Title was lost by the Ultimate then regained in the Summer Slam. 

Some notable aspects of this figure include Rick Rude's  famous flaming tights, where he had embroidered his face in the most private of areas.  The head sculpt does an excellent job portraying Rude's likeness with short hair.  If you are looking to add this awesome figure to your WWF collection, look no further and head over to eBay and bid on Skribbel24's Custom Ravashing Rick Rude figure.

Punisher Zombie Marvel Legends Custom Figure by NTT

I love Halloween as it brings the most humorous and disgusting customs all year.  This week, NTT has created a Zombie version of a classic comic character with his Custom Marvel Legends Punisher Zombie figure.  The Marvel Zombies concept first appeared in Ultimate Fantastic Four#21-23 (2005) by writer Mark Millar and artist Greg Land. The premise is that almost all superpowered beings on Earth have become flesh-eating zombies after being infected by an alien virus (source:Wikipedia).  What I love about this custom is the unadulterated gore on this figure as it looks like the flesh is literally peeling off of his face.  To view more photos of this ghoulish custom, head over to eBay and check out NTT's Custom Marvel Legends Punisher Zombie figure.

Bonecrusher Transformers Movie Custom 13″ Legends Style by EnclineDesigns

A month ago, EnclineDesigns created a Custom 15" Transformers Movie Optimus Prime and this week he has his next installment of movie accurate customs with his Custom Bonecrusher figure that stands 13" tall.  With a work of art like this, EnclineDesigns had to sacrifice the transforming function for this Decepticon legend, which is fine because if you look at the result, you will not want to transform this figure into a vehicle.  The detail on this figure is amazing and EnclineDesigns is the first, that I have seen, to pay homage to this great Decepticon warrior in the scale he deserves.  Let's read more about how he created this behemoth:

"Thank you for checking out my second HUGE custom from TRANSFORMERS live action movie. This time around I bring you Bonecrusher in all his angry Autobot hating glory. I am not even sure at this point how many figures, models, stryrene sheets, clay, or live animals I used to make this. But it was a lot!!! I have tried to make him as movie accurate as possible. But of course with doing this, he does not transform. I did make his arms and shoulders with up, down, in, out joints. They are also able to extend out like the toy and other pictures but never did in the movie. Bonecrusher also has his Mega Claw with 13 points of articulation. The wheels on his feet do roll!!! He has been airbrushed with enamel paints for durability. Then I added all the little details with brushes. Please remember, this guy has been built with a collector in mind. PLease note he can be posed but in mainly for display. I will have a few special features coming up later this week, but let's just say that he in battle damaged for a reason."

To check out more photos, head over to eBay and take a look at EnclineDesigns' Custom Transformers Movie Bonecrusher figure.

Captain Rex and Speeder Bike Lego Star Wars Minifig Custom by GoodSchmoe

Ever wonder how Captain Rex gets around when he is trying to inspire his troops to defeat General Grievous and his Separatist Droid Army?  GoodSchmoe has an idea with his Custom Lego Star Wars Captain Rex Minifig and Speederbike concept.  To be more aerodynamic, Captain Rex has left his Pauldron at home and is ready for some streamlined action.  My favorite vehicles in the Star Wars universe have been the Speeder Bikes.  I remember when I was 8 and watched Return of the Jedi (the first Star Wars Movie I can actually remember watching in theater) and seeing the Speeder Bike chase and thinking that was the coolest thing.  I could imagine this Speeder Bike working in both land and space as Captain Rex hops back and forth between Republic Attack Cruisers.  If you are interested in owning this unique Clone Wars custom, head over to eBay and bid on GoodSchmoe's Custom Lego Star Wars Captain Rex Minifig and Speederbike.

Iron Man Marvel Legends Custom Figure by Jin Saotome

I just watched the Iron Movie again and I was looking around for some inspiration and came across Jin Saotome's Custom Marvel Legends Iron Man figure.  What I love about Jin's customs are that he is not afraid step out of the usual repaint and go above and beyond and infuse his own ideas to make great customs.  Let's see what inspired Jin for this Iron Man:

"There’s so many different Iron Man suits that it’s hard to keep track sometimes! Well I’m adding to that mix with a new suit that’s never been featured in any comic. It’s a mix of modern and classic Iron Man designs and uses a great new body type for the Iron Avenger. He’s been painted with a true metallic gold using burnished metallic highlights that have been buffed in. There is also deep armor shading, panel detailing, and an overall polished look to the figure. Iron Man is ready to be posed alongside your Avengers or thrown into battle with Ultron on your shelf!"

If there is any Iron Man custom you want to own, get it from on of the best of the best and check out Jin Saotome's Custom Marvel Legends Iron Man figure!

Mandalorian Assault Warrior Lego Star Wars Custom Minifig by jv2402

I do have to give credit to the Lego Star Wars customizers for coming up with original ideas that are very well executed using a very small canvas to work with and jv2402's Custom Lego Star Wars Mandalorian Assault Warrior is no exception.  This figure looks like a mash up between Jango and Boba Fett on steroids.  First, the helmet is a unique design and is painted to resemble Jango Fett's armor.  He has given this minifig extra shoulder protection that flows very nicely into the jetpack.  The kama is a very nice touch and helps soften up the figure.  To see more photos of jv2402's Custom Lego Star Wars Mandalorian Assault Warrior minifig, head over to eBay!

Arcee Transformers G1 Classics Custom Figure by Defstar

Paying a very nice homage to a Generation 1 classic figure, Defstar brings us his version of one of the few female Autobots with his Custom Transformers G1 Arcee figure.  What I love about this figure is that is retains her Cybertronian look.  Defstar chose the perfect shade of pink and white to compliment the classic nature of Arcee.  Since the figure is pink and white, Defstar did a great job knowing where to add black accents to the figure to give it an added dimension.  I don't see Arcee's come up very frequently so it is great to see her appear once and a while and Defstar delivered what fans want!  Head over to eBay and check out more photos of his Custom Transformers G1 Arcee figure!

Commander Bly Lego Star Wars Custom Minifig by Rurisk

Commander Bly was only in Revenge of the Sith for a brief moment but the effects were long lasting and Rurisk has captured his essence in minifig form with his Custom Lego Star Wars figure.  He nailed the yellows and browns and use of soft goods on the minifig is a nice touch.  This figure was made with made with custom decals, painted modified helmet with movable and removable visor, pauldron, kama and a custom blaster.  Commaner Bly is one of my favorite clones and I hope to see more of him in the new Star Wars Clone Wars Animated Series (they already had Commander Thire in the first episode so there is hope!).  If you want to own this (or other great figures from Rurisk, head over to eBay and bid on his Custom Lego Star Wars Commander Bly minifig.

Goblin Queen Marvel Legends Custom Figure by BenjaminWings

BenjaminWings takes on a very sexy comic book character from the 1980's with his Custom Marvel Legends Goblin Queenfigure.  The attention to detail really shows with the costume design and craftsmanship.  I love the way the cape is tattered, giving it a more realistic and flowing look.  Let's read more about this great custom from BenjaminWings himself: 

"She stands at 6 inches tall and retains all of her articulation. She is hand painted with durable citadel paints and sculpted with Apoxie to reflect her classic outfit from her appearance during Inferno in the 80's X-Men comics. She would make a brilliant addition to any X-Men or Marvel collection, especially if you're considering my other auctions too! I take my time with all of my work and a lot of TLC went into making Madelyne a reality"

If you want to own this Custom Marvel Legends Goblin Queen figure or just look at more pictures, head over to eBay and take a look!

More Site Upgrades

Hi you can see I am working through some site updates so I ask for your patience while they are sorted out.  I am working with CrushLabs ( and they have been awesome!  If you can get past the WIP it will be back up and running to normal within the next couple days.

Ironhide Masterpiece Generation 1 Custom Transformers Figure by Rick Coronel

When it comes to Generation 1 Transformers, Ironhide is one of the originals and you can't beat that!  Kids from the 1980's had Ironhide in their Autobot line up and Rick Coronel has paid a great homage to this G1 legend by not only kitbashing him to G1 specs but also creating him in Masterpiece style.  His Custom Master Piece G1 Ironhide will fit in very nicely with the MP collection.  Standing about 7" tall, Ironhide's scale will look great standing next to the MP Prime.  As far as the G1 likeness is concerned, Rick nailed this one!  Albeit a van is not the sexiest vehicle to transform to but the way that Rick engineered the pieces together is amazing and I am very pleased with how this came out.  He has many photos on his auction page so head over to eBay and check out his Custom Masterpiece G1 Ironhide MP figure.

Ultron Avengers Custom Marvel Legends Figure by CentralCaliCustoms

For all of you classic Avengers comics fans, CentralCaliCustoms has a real treat for you with his Custom Marvel Legends Ultron figure.  I love the silver shading that was done on this figure.  The bursts of flame add another dimension to the figure that will make this very sought after for Avengers fans.  CentralCaliCustoms gives us more details about this figure:

"If you are an Avenger's series fan, then you must have this Classic Ultron. One of the most powerful villain of Avengers team. This Ultron was built on one of the best articulation figure out there. It's so easy to pose him. His chest, belt, arms straps, and knees straps were hand sculpted. He was hand painted with multiple, different shading of silver. Just as you could see in the Ultron's classic comics, you will find the white rings, straps or whatever you call it on him. Lastly he comes with 2 blue silver flames, and a blasting flame. Just watch out when he's gathering his energy, he's ready to unleash them."

Check out CentralCaliCustoms' Custom Marvel Legends Ultron figure on eBay today!

Galvatron Generation 1 Transformers Leader Class Custom by BoskoesToys

BoskoesToys continues to amaze me with thier creations.  This week, they bring us a Leader Class style Custom Transformers Galvatron figure that stands over 9" tall.  Tricking out the Energon Megatron figure to the max, this Galvatron pays a nice homage to its G1 counterpart with the nice shades of purple and oranges.  Rather than describe the transformation process, they included a video to demonstrate:

Custom G1 Galvatron Transformation Video by BoskoesToys

To view more photos and to place a bid on this one of a kind Custom Transformers Galvatron figure, head over to eBay!

Clone Pilot Lego Star Wars Clone Wars Custom Minifig by Darrens5150

One of my favorite Clones from Star Was Attack of the Clones (and the new Clone Wars Animated Movie) are the Clone Pilots and Darrens5150 pays a very nice homage to them with his Custom Clone Pilot Lego Star Wars figure.  I love the helmet design of the Clone pilots and they were the first Clones that Star Wars fans were introduced to where they looked different than the standard Clone uniform.  Darrens5150 did an excellent job designing the helmet, which gives this clone its distinct look.  The breather tubes fit in nicely with the scale of the minifigs and the rest of the Star Wars Lego universe.  To own this awesome Custom Clone Pilot Lego Star Wars figure, head over to eBay!

Cobra Rattler Transformers Universe GI Joe Custom Crossover Figure by Jin Saotome

You have to hand it to Jin for creating a mash up of two of the most popular toy lines in history with his Custom Cobra Rattler GI Joe Transformers Universe crossover figure.  Using a great weathering technique, this Rattler is sporting the classic Cobra blue.  The decals make this custom unique as the Decepticon Symbol and the Cobra Symbols compliment each other well on each wing.  Let's learn more about this great figure:

"Powerglide has been transformed into the most iconic Cobra aircraft, the Cobra Rattler. He’s decked out in a highly detailed paint job that includes realistic shading, panel wear, flight weathering, metallics, and is sealed to prevent wear. He even sports the Cobra Airforce decals as well as Decepticon emblems. His missiles are removable and he has a rotating center turret that activates his lights and machine gun sounds."

To own Jin' Custom Cobra Rattler GI Joe Transformers Universe crossover figure, head over to eBay!

Kashyyyk Scout Clone Trooper Lego Star Wars Custom Minifig by Rurisk

From the 9th Assault Squadron on Kashyyyk comes Rurisk's Custom Lego Star Wars Kashyyyk Trooper minifig.  It was great to see the evolution of the Biker Scouts from Return of Jedi surface in Revenge of the Sith as BARC Troopers and Kashyyyk Troopers.  The Scout Troopers are some of my favorite figures and it is great to see the Lego minifig versions.  With customs decals and a painted helmet, Rurisk's Custom Lego Star Wars Kashyyyk Trooper minifig will be a great addition to your Lego Star Wars minifig collection.

AFC Interviews Lego Star Wars Customizer Darrens5150

I have the opportunity to meet many great customizers and this week, we are learning more about Darrens5150, a Star Wars Lego customizer who's attention to detail and creativity caught my attention. 
AFC: Tell the fans of your work a little about yourself
Darrens5150: I started collection SW action figs (Hasbro) in 2000 & after a few years my wife wanted to collect something, so I bought her a SW Lego set for her to build& she loved it. As I bought them & she built them they starting growing on me.I hand paint every fig I custom myself. I have a work room w/ a lot of little tools, I've collected, to make my work easier. 
AFC: When did you start making customs?
Darrens5150: I started SW Lego customs about a year ago
AFC: Why did you start making customs?
Darrens5150: As a kid I always liked building & painting models & saw some of the SW Lego customs being sold on eBay & thought "Boy I could do that & maybe even better" So I researched out the supplies.  My decals are from Kam at my Kama & Pauldrons at MMCB Custom Mini fig Cloth Accessories, and started customizing & selling on eBay under my user name darrens5150. I had already been selling on eBay for years
AFC: How many customs do you work on at one time?
Darrens5150: I try to work on only 10 at a time, I only have a few days a week to work on them
AFC: What is the custom you are most proud of?
Darrens5150: My red Clone Captain & my ARC-170 Pilot, it's hard to choose I have a lot of favorites
AFC: What is your favorite toy line to do customs for?
Darrens5150: Star Wars, but I want to start up some GI Joe customs, I'm a big collector of GI Joe too
AFC: What customs do you have lined up for your next ones?
Darrens5150: I want to do a Scuba Clone, more Kashyyyk Clones & some from the new Force Unleashed line.
AFC: If you had one piece of advice for other customers out there, what would you say to them?Darrens5150: Take your time & put together a good kit of tools & materials. Researched people who sell custom accessories & ask questions. Check out some of the Lego links out there & surf the web about custom Lego, etc. Oh...and be sure to visit regularly and check out from Darren (darrens5150 eBay user name)

Ghost Rider Marvel Legends Custom Figure by Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome is ringing in Halloween season with an excellent version of Johnny Blaze (or Daniel Ketch) with his Custom Marvel Legends Ghost Rider figure.  The shading on this figure really brings out the depth and richness of the body.  My favorite part of this custom is the flame neck engulfing the skull, which is a really cool effect.  Let's hear from Jin about how he made this great figure.

"Ready to whip all the villains into submission with his metal chain, Ghostie has been painted with deep shadows, dusty gray highlights, semigloss leather effects, and a flaming bone look to his head and eyes. You can remove his chain as the lock magnetically attaches back when you’re ready to store it on him. All his chains are real metal and won’t tarnish or rust. You really have to get this figure up close as even the pictures don’t do him justice."

If you are wanting the best of the best with respect to quality, craftsmanship, and one of kind concepts, head over to Jin's auction page and check out his Custom Marvel Legends Ghost Rider figure.

Ironhide Transformers Movie G1 Custom by Sabrina Ng

Those who grew up in the 1980's remember Ironhide as a a red and orange minivan.  Sabrina Ng has taken the classic paint aps of the Generation 1 figure and fused it with the 2007 Transformers figure and you get her Custom Transformers Movie G1 Ironhide figure.  Airbrushed figures are some of the best painted customs I have seen and if you are lucky enough to come across a customizer who uses this technique, you are in a for an eye candy treat.  One aspect of the 2007 Movie Transformers that needed special attention was the look of the metal and steel and Sabrina has done an awesome job creating a realistic look of metal with her painting techniques.  To tell you more about this G1 Ironhide, here is Sabrina herself:

"A weapons specialist, a tough soldier and one of the oldest Autobots. My fondest memory of Movie Ironhide is when he wanted to blow the dog away with his canons for peeing at his legs 🙂 This is a very special custom to me as I took some time experimenting in combining airbrush shading with dry brushing to bring out a more shadowed steel look. After my G1 Optimus Prime, I felt that Ironhide deserved a G1 makeover as well.  Ironhide was soaked, washed, cleaned and primed before painting. I made sure that the icky sticky factory finish did not interfere with my paint scheme. I applied three layers of shading combined with five shades of dry brushed silver. I gave him a very special metallic vermillion colour for his vehicle mode and topped it off with his G1 yellow stripe which is of a darker and more metallic variation of the typical sunset yellow. Various detailing were done but I was careful not to make Ironhide appear overly 'colourful'. I ended this custom with several layers of anti UV gloss coat in order to protect and retain his vibrant colours for years to come."

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