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Starkiller Star Wars Force Unleashed Custom Marvel Legends Figure by DarthLeon

Fusing two great toy lines together, DarthLeon brings to life a Star Wars figure from the Force Unleashed video game with his Custom Starkillerfigure.  There are some great aspects of this figure that deserve special note.  First, the paint aps and sculpting makes this figure very life like, especially the way the face is angled.  The use of soft goods is a nice touch and gives the figure a more realistic appearance.  To tell you more about this, DarthLeon explains below 

"He is styled after the STAR WARS UNLEASHED VIDEO GAME and he also appears in the SOUL CALIBER game as well. Starkiller is the apprentice of Darth Vader. The outfit is mostly fabric and he comes with a lightsaber. I used many references to get the details just right. He has been sculpted and painted with many shades of color to give it a more realistic and model appearance, yet retaining his articulation."

Don't wait for Hasbro to make this figure, head over to eBay and own one of DarthLeon's works of art and bid on his Custom Star Wars Marvel Legends figure today!

Grimlock Custom Transformers War Within Figure by Frenzy.Rumble

The War Within Transformers comic book mini-series takes place on Cybertron before the Transformers came to earth.  Building upon this theme, Frenzy.Rumble has created his version of a Cybertronian Tank in the form of this Custom Transformers War Within Grimlock figure.  Using the Transformers Universe Onslaught as the base figure, Frenzy.Rumble has really made this figure his own and given it a completely fresh look with a familiar face.  The paint aps are stunning on this figure and he gives the vehicle mode some cool extras, not to mention the killer battle scars.  Let's read more about how Frenzy.Rumble made this great figure:

"There's lots of cool extras and customizing done on Grimlock. To start, I resculpted the head to best resemble Grimlock, I painted the visor red, and the eyes light up using a small button on his back. The gray base color was achieved using several shades of gray, all the way to an almost white. The gun comes from a Gundam model kit and was painted to match this custom. The gun was also custom made, and the ammo belt actually fits into a small groove on the gun. He also makes lots of sounds... and lights up in various spots (alt mode lights on top)!!!  As for the alt mode (Cybertronian Tank)... I wanted to give Grimlock maximum firepower. I made some custom guns that mount onto small pegs up towards the front. The guns can pivot upwards, downwards, and slightly outwards so Grimlock won't have a problem locking onto any target. I also added some accessories to his alt mode, like the metal sections towards the back, the pipes on his back door, and the spare tire."

Over at Frenzy.Rumble's auction page, he has some killer photos so be sure to check out his Custom Transformers War Within Grimlock figure on eBay today!

Carnor Jax Star Wars Miniature Custom Figure by Lord Scythican

Lord Scythican makes some much needed adjustments to his version of this Crimson Empire legend with his Custom Star Wars Miniature Carnor Jax figure.  What fascinates me about this custom is that it is an amalgamation of 4 other miniatures.  These figures are small as it is but it takes a keen eye to know what will look great together once you start the surgical process.  As for the adjustment I alluded to earlier, I will let him tell the story of this one:

"This custom is Carnor Jax, as the Dark Lord of the Sith. I have made a few personal changes to this character after playing The Force Unleashed. First off, almost all of the royal guards and shadow guards in the game had lightsaber pikes. I checked back on Carnor Jax and seen that his original concept art had him with a double-bladed lightsaber. I decided to make Carnor Jax have a double-bladed lightsaber as well. I know that in the comics he weilds a virboblade, but honestly I believe that if the creators of the comic could go back and redo the art they would feature Carnor Jax with a lightsaber instead of a vibroblade. You have to think about the time when Crimson Empire was written. It was right before Episode I, and I believe that George didn't want to feature doublebladed lightsabers in the comics, especially comics that were released right before Episode I. (Crimson Empire was released in 1997-1998). So anyways here you go, Carnor Jax pieced carefully together from parts of four different miniatures."  

It is great that fans have a Star Wars Miniatures customizer on their side because Lord Scythican knows what they want and he knows how to do them well.  To view more photos or to place a bid on his Custom Star Wars Miniature Carnor Jax figure, head over to eBay!

Thor Classics Marvel Legends Custom Figure by Michael Amore

Michael Amore has displayed his talents once again with his Custom Marvel Legends Thor figure.  As he said, this figure is "Made from the parts of several Marvel Legend figures...and has been seamlessly crafted and sculpted into one powerful looking custom figure!"  That is one aspect that I really like about Michael Amore's customs...he has the ability to take pieces of several figures and make them into one fantastic looking figure.  Another aspect that is great about this custom is the comic shading and texturing that was done to the figure.  It actually looks like this figure was plucked from the comic in the way that it was made, making this figure very true to the art that it was made to replicate.  To check out more photos of Michael Amore's Custom Marvel Legends Thor figure, head over to eBay!

Bumblebee 1974 Camaro Transformers Movie Custom by Crefigz

It seems like everything Crefigz touches, turn to gold and his Custom Transformers Movie Bumblebee is no exception.  Putting Crefigz's signature touch on this 1974 Camaro version, he has brought out the richness of color and detail in Bumblebee.  The original Hasbro produced figure pales in comparison and is really only used as the base model for this custom creation.  One aspect that I really love about this custom is that the great detail was paid to make this custom movie accurate, even down to the rust on the car mode.  Crefigz has a unique talent to make plastic look like metal but don't take my word for it.  Here is how Crefigz explains his process:

"Took over ages to complete this one and it will be the unique one and only from Crefigz.
Airbrushed with the IMPROVED signature shading style by Crefigz.  Completed with worn out effects based on The Transformers Movie 2007.Different perspectives of view under high or low lightings show different tones of shadings done on most of the parts.  This figure is not only special in the shading, it also has a layer of coating that makes it look ultra realistic and protects the paints from wearing off.  The whole figure has been painted all over again to bring out the realistic feeling the moment you look at it."

Head over to eBay and check out all of the photos of Crefigz's Custom Transformers Movie Bumblebee figure.

Rey Mysterio WWE Custom Figure by lambo205customs

Lambo205customs has an awesome Custom Ruthless Aggression Rey Mysterio unmasked for all of you wrestling fans out there.  There are a couple aspects about this custom that I would like to point out.  First, the clothing was very well done and it looks very natural on the figure.  The head sculpt has a great gaze to it and the figure overall captures the essence of Rey Mysterio.  I really like the idea of removable braces as this adds to the display-ability and poseabilty of the figure.  It is great when customizers do this because it allows fans to change up their displays and give some versatility to the collection.  All in all, another great figure from lambo205customs so go check out more pictures of this Custom Ruthless Aggression Rey Mysterio on eBay today!   

Galvatron Megatron Fusion Custom Transformers Figure by BoskoesToys

BoskoesToys has been on a tear creating magnificent customs from all toy lines.  When I first saw this custom, I had to do a double take.   If you are from the 1980's and remember Megatron's transformation into Galvatron at the hand of Unicron, you will kill for BoskoesToys Custom Galvatron Megatron Fusion figure.  Catching Megatron mid transformation is the best way to characterize this figure.  The translucent parts that they added to the figure adds to the feeling of Megatron being subsumed by Galvatron.  Unicron's hand works, in an artistic way, to hold Galvatron and also put him on display.  I give BoskoesToys major credit for creating a unique piece that captures one of the coolest parts of the Transformers Movie from the 1980's with thier Custom Galvatron Megatron Fusion figure.

A Clockwork Orange Alex Custom Movie Figure by NTT

"Being the adventures of aTT young man ... who couldn't resist pretty girls ... or a bit of the old ultra-violence ... went to jail, was re-conditioned ... and came out a different young man ... or was he ?"

NTT has given fans of the movie, A Clockwork Orange, something to salivate over with his Custom Alexfigure.  Having 2 older brothers, I got exposed to many things I should not have seen and this movie was one of them.  When it came out on VHS tape, my brother got a hold of a copy and being 7 years old at the time, I had no idea what was going on in that movie.  I have never seen it since but seeing NTT's Alex figure makes me want to revisit the movie.  He captures the essence of a crazy person with this custom and he is decked out in his Clockwork Orange garb.  Head over to eBay to view more photos and place a bid for this cult classic Custom Alex figure.

Aerial STAP Lego Star Wars Clone Wars Animated Custom Vehicles by Joe’s Custom Creations

Specializing in giving Lego Star Wars fans what they want, Joe's Custom Creations has designed and modified the Clone Wars Aerial STAP vehicles and also made some great improvements to the Battle Droids who pilot them.  Fans were first introduced to the STAP in Star Wars Episode 1, The Phantom Menace, but they made a very cool appearance in the latest Clone Wars Animated Movie in the battle of Teth.  Joe goes on to explain his modifications and features of these cool Droid vehicles:

  • Removable Missiles for destroying clone units
  • Significant design improvements over lego factory versions including a stand for the droid or driver to stand on
  • Stand alone capability for added realism, this set can be displayed with or without the clear stand (see pictures)
  • Includes 2 Battledroid figures that have been modified to carry their blasters on backpacks (with custom antennas) and hold their custom blasters to be able to "shoot at the hip" (See Pictures)

To buy the Aerial STAP, head over to eBay!

Axe Smash and Crush Demolition Custom WWE Figures by knlimper

As a kid growing up in the 80's, Demolition was by far my favorite tag team wrestlers in the WWF (now WWE) and knlimper has paid a very nice homage to all 3 members with his Custom Axe, Smash, and Crush Demolition figures.  He has really captured the essence of this menacing bunch with their signature face paint and studded wrestling outfits.  I had the great opportunity to find out from knlimper himself the figures he used to create these customs and he said, "Ax and Smash consist of DA13 Cody Rhodes bodies with DA4 Kennedy Boots (with CS Demolition heads) and Crush is essentially a DA Randy Orton body with DA Chris Masters legs and a John Cena head."  It is always great to know what goes on in the minds of customizers and how they decide which figures to use as the base.  As for my WWF watching days, I remember waiting for Saturday Night's Main Event to come on NBC so that the more known wrestlers could tear into some unknown tag team duo.  You have to love the old school days of the WWF where theywould match up a pair of nobody's so that the more known wrestlers could get in thier weekly beatings.  To check out more photos of knlimper's Custom Axe, Smash, and Crush Demolition figures, head over to eBay!

Cobra BAT Sigma 6 Custom GI Joe Figure by BoskoesToys

BoskoesToys has filled a void in the Sigma 6 GI Joe line with their Custom Battle Android Trooper.  I was never happy with Hasbro's version of the Sigma 6 BAT and it is great that BoskoesToys has paid attention to retaining the BAT's classic look and feel.  The black and yellow paint aps are just the start.  Let's get a rundown of what this figure comes with:

  • BACKPACK HAS BUILT IN SOUND EFFECT (CREEPY BATTLE HOWL) AND LED LIGHT WHICH GIVES A REALLY COOL EFFECT (Batteries are replaceable, and replacement batteries are included)

To check out more pictures, head over to eBay and check out BoskoesToys Custom Battle Android Trooper in Sigma 6 style.

Commander Neyo Clone Wars Animated Movie Star Wars Custom Figure by aeseven7

Only 30 minutes left to snag aeseven7's Custom Clone Wars Animated Commander Neyo figure!  This figure is very well done and was created by aeseven7's own interpretation of armor transition from the Clone Wars to the dreaded Order 66 call when we first saw Commander Neyo in Star Wars Episode III on Selucami.  My favorite part is the head sculpt and he did an awesome job melding the new Animated Clone Wars series into something familiar while retaining the look and feel of the Revenge of the Sith movie.  Head over to eBay to catch this one before it is gone!

Megatron Custom Transformers Movie Leader Class Figure by Boskoestoys

"Insanely detailed realistic-movie accurate paint job" is the only way to describe Boskoestoys latest masterpiece.  This Custom Transformers Movie Leader Class Megatron ranks on the top of my list as one of the best movie versions I have seen to date.  The paint aps are so accurate and applied in such a way that the figure looks like metal.  Check out all of the detail that went into this awesome Megatron:

"Next the Blue LED eyes- the biggest problem with movie Megs is that his eyes didn't light up. We fixed the problem by installing a tiny blue LED system in his head. The whole light system is contained in the head and works on a push putton. Push it once and it goes on a pulse. push it again and it stobes, push it a third time and give Megatron a steady glowing blue gaze- finally push it a forth time to turn it off. The LED system runs on 4 small watch bateries, and they are replaceable infact we'll include a spare set. The head mod doesn't change up any of Megatrons transformation, and aestheticallty is very discret.  Claw fix- We fixed it so it shoots out when you push the button.  Fushion Cannon Fix- Removed the spring so you can just flip it open and it stays that way until you fold it back in.  Fairy wings- We didn't remove them 'cause we like'em. If you win this custom but want them removed they're as good as gone."

I would highly suggest that you head over to eBay to check out all of the great pictures of Boskoestoys' Custom Transformers Movie Leader Class Megatron figure.

Aayla Secura Lego Star Wars Custom Minifig by Christo

Christo ranks very high on my list as one of the best Lego customizers out there and his Custom Lego Star Wars Aayla Secura figure is one of the reasons why I think he is great!  There unique aspect about his customs is that he does not use any decals, so it is just like getting a figure straight from the factory at LEGO.  His designs cater to what fans want and need to build their Lego Star Wars collection.  To check out more pictures, head over to eBay and check out Christo's Custom Lego Star Wars Aayla Secura minifig.

Black Widow Marvel Legends Custom Figure by Wiz Customs

Bringing another Marvel Comic character to life, Wiz Customs has an incredible looking Custom Marvel Legends Black Widow figure up on eBay this week.  In a simple, sexy, sleek outfit, Wiz brings out the detail in the facial features and hair sculpt.  Many of the Black Widow customs I have scene have done this figure with long hair but I actually prefer the short hair, especially when it is done right!  The style of sculpt is perfect for the figure and adds a touch of realism to it.  Head over to eBay and check out Wiz Customs' Marvel Legends Black Widow figure today!

Galvatron Transformers Animated G1 Custom Figure by Shinobitron

Shinobitron has been busy making the best of what he can with the Transformers Animated line.  This week, he brings us his Custom Transformers Animated Galvatron figure, with a G1 twist to the design.  This version of Galvatron, which is actually an animated Megatron as the base, transforms into an actual canon!  Paying homage to the G1 Galvatron, Shinobitron's choice of a deep purple is spot on.  While he has a made a G1 style figure, Galvatron still retains an animated feel to him.  Check out the thought process behind this awesome figure below:

"In my loyal attempt to make the heralds of Unicron the final figure is here!  Galvatron comes to you standing 6" tall and ready to crush some Autobot heads!  Galvs has been detailed to resemble his G1 self as close as possible with tones of purple silver and black all set to his original styling.  He has given his old school weaponry and even his red abs of ultimate evil!  Trying to be the best of both worlds I took some liberties and retooled the classic Galv crown and even filled in his seems with red energy! So you got Galvs bot mode now what to do for an Alt mode?  The  answer is easy, how about a tripod space canon!  With a few minor twists and turns Galv can reclaim his G1 glory and become a space canon once again!  G1 goodness with an animated attitude what more can you ask from one figure besides a pile of ash to call Starscream?"

To see more pictures, head over to eBay and check out more pictures of Shinobitron's Custom Transformers Animated Galvatron figure.

Scuba Trooper Star Wars Lego Custom Minifig by Rurisk

One of my favorite new Star Wars figures is the Scuba Trooper and I am happy to see Rurisk giving the Star Wars Lego fans a version with his Custom Lego Star Wars Scuba Trooper minifig.  I love the way the scuba tubing integrates into the back of the figure.  Top it off with custom decals and blaster and you have the beginnings of your underwater Clone Army.  Head over to eBay and check out Rurisk's Custom Lego Star Wars Scuba Trooper minifig today!

Swoop Transformers Animated Custom G1 Figure by Shinobitron

Shinobitron always puts a cool spin on his customs while retaining their G1 likeness and his Custom Transformers Animated G1 Swoop is no exception.  Calling Swoop a "flying ninja," Shinobitron added a custom double edged sword to fit more with his concept.  Let's read more about how Shinobitron came up with this concept:

"Don't get me wrong I love TFA Swoop but he should have been so much more.  My Swoop comes detailed to look like his G1 self and is done in metallics for that extra shine.  Swoop still stands 6" tall and is fully articulated.  Along with being superposeable Swoop can still change into his Pterodactyl Dino mode.  The dino mode has been changed with added missiles that can be attached during both modes.  The TFA figure comes with a cool looking mace, but to me thats not a weapon for an aerial warrior.  Swoop has been given a double edged sword that fits his look and new personality.  The sword looks awesome and can be used in many of Ninjaesk poses."

If you want a one of a kind G1 Custom Transformers, head over to eBay and check out Shinobitron's Custom Transformers Animated G1 Swoop figure today!

Mumm-Ra Thundercats Custom Marvel Legends Figure by customking316

The Thundercats have always been a favorite of mine and it is great to see customizers still paying homage to the mighty Mumm-Ra.  Customking316, in his first non-wrestling related figure, has hit a home run with his Custom Marvel Legends Mumm-Ra Thundercatsfigure.  Instead of creating a straight up translation, Customking316 puts his own unique spin on the character, which is executed very well.  His version is a medieval 2008 figure, which is a welcome deviation from the old school cartoon representation.  He still retains some of his mummy'ness with a few strands of bandages but this Mumm-Ra looks ready to give it to Lion-O!  My favorite part of this figure is the serpent helmet that fits his head perfectly and is very well done.  Head over to eBay and place a bid on Customking316's Custom Marvel Legends Mumm-Ra Thundercats figure today!

Transformers Movie Optimus Prime Custom 15″ Figure by Encline Designs

Sometimes you have to sacrifice an aspect of a figure to make a truly amazing design.  Encline Designs did what needed to be done and created a work of art with his Custom 15" Transformers Movie Optimus Prime figure.  To pay great homage to Optimus, he had to make a non transforming Transformer but the end result is unreal.  Scale is one aspect that Hasbro has grappled with ever since they started producing toys but it is customizers like this show them how the proper scale can really add a tremendous amount of value to the design.  Capturing the grit and mechanics of the movie, Encline Designs balances emotion with realism.  Let's read more about what inspired this amazing figure:

Hello fellow Transfans and collectors. Have you found all your movie Primes lacking something? I thought Hasbro really broke some new ground with the Transformers movie toys. Leader Prime is great. But, he is lacking one thing. SIZE!!!!! Up for auction is my scratch built 15" MOVIE OPTIMUS PRIME. He was scratch built and made from a number of figures, spare parts, and even styrene for parts I had to create. He does not transform. But, with out transforming, I was able to add a bit more to get the bot I wanted. I built him how I want him to be. He has various truck parts for body parts. I built him from the inside out. I airbrushed the truck body with a mix of red and copper pearl, then faded from back to front with a red candy. The blue is a mixture of blue, purple pearl, and silver. I then hand pinstriped the flames. I then did multiple brushing techniques for fine details. He has been painted with automotive paint and clear coated. I also added some damage and hieroglyphs to his face.He has about 30 points os articulation including his waist and chest. His head, shoulders, and wrists are on ball joints. One of my favorite shots in Transformers in after Prime rips the top off of the Sector 7 Escalade and we are looking up at Prime and you seethe silhouette with the headlights shinning. So, I installed a battery pack inside that runs off of 2 AAA batteries. The pack lights up the headlights, eyes, and yes, THE MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP!! This guy was built for a collector. I have taken great care in construction to make him safe to pose with careful adjustments.

As I said earlier, the scale of this figure is awesome so head over to eBay and check our more photos of this Custom 15" Transformers Movie Optimus Prime figure!

Wolverine Marvel Legends Custom Figure by Jin Saotome

Updating the Tiger Stripe Wolverine, Jin Saotome adds a very cool feature to his Custom Marvel Legends Wolverinefigure in the form of a pair of steel claws.  Here is Jin to tell you more about this classic X-MEN figure: 

"You asked for more steel claws and you got them! The new ‘tiger stripe’ Wolverine that came out in the Target Exclusive Red Hulk wave is by far my favorite Wolvie to date. He’s basically a direct mold of the old ML 6 brown Wolvie which has the best features in my opinion. Well this time around I updated him with my all new recipe for steel claws! These claws don’t simply sit on top of his hands but plug in with powerful magnets ensuring a tight fit however you play with him. You can remove them and plug in the retracted claw nubs for a different look. Wolvie has also been given an updated curved ear shape and some shading to his body for a more detailed appearance."

To check out more pictures, head over to eBay and check out Jin's Custom Marvel Legends Wolverine figure.

AFC Interviews Lord Scythican: Star Wars Miniature Customizer

Star Wars Miniatures Customizer Lord Scythican

Recently, I had the pleasure of getting to know and up and coming Star Wars Miniatures customizer, Lord Scythican.  Let's get to know him better:

AFC: Tell the fans of your work a little about yourself
Lord Scythican: To all my fans (New and Returning), I am a part time customizer who enjoys working with official miniatures and loads of green stuff to create miniature works of art. I have always liked creating art, whether it is using Prismacolors or Adobe Photoshop. I have learned a lot of techniques with games such as Warhammer, and found out a few more hints and tips about working with paint over the years from people like Dave Allsop. I majored in Graphic Design during college, but eventually I switched over to Education. Currently I work with Students with Special Needs for my day job, whereas customizing minis is a part time hobby that I spend my weekends doing. I have yet to set up a website, but I will eventually. You can contact me at

AFC: When did you start making customs?
Lord Scythican: I started making customs about ten years ago in High School. I started with the old Power of the Jedi line of figures. I would use existing figures to make characters for the Star Wars RPG from d6. Nothing beats turning a stormtrooper into a bountyhunter!

AFC: How did you get started making customs?
Lord Scythican: I mentioned that I started about ten years ago with some Star Wars action figure customs, but that was for me only. I started making customs for other people a few years ago, when I was into Warhammer 40K. I started making custom Star Wars miniatures shortly after that.

AFC: How many customs do you work on at one time?
Lord Scythican: I usually work on about ten at a time. I find myself juggling customs for eBay and requests from my fans all the time. I try to list about half that number on eBay and the rest I send in progress pictures to the people who requested the custom. It can be kind of hectic at times, because some fans think I am exclusively working on their custom and no one else’s. I love the e-mails at 7:00 AM that ask “Is my custom done yet?!” (They just requested it the day before…) Now this ten at a time deal is usually a week’s worth. I will usually finish the customs for eBay on Saturday which is listed to sell on the following Thursday night. Then Sunday is spent finishing up requests. On Monday or Tuesday I send out all the packages and then start again for the next week.

AFC: What is the custom you are most proud of?
Lord Scythican: The custom that I am most proud of is: Darth Revan, Dark Lady of the Sith. She was an idea giving to me by one of my long time friends. He told me, “Why not do Darth Revan as a Female? You know there was a petition to make Darth Revan a female and not a male. There are 1000’s of fans out there that refuse to call Darth Revan a “he”. So I did a little magic and made not one, but nine Female Darth Revans. Every one I make sells quickly. (I have one requested right now that I am finishing up). I should note that my friend has yet to try and collect royalty fees on the idea. I guess I own him a couple of free customs…

AFC: What is your favorite toy line to do customs for?
Lord Scythican: My favorite toy line to do customs for is Star Wars Miniatures, hands down. For pre-painted miniatures they are pretty good! In addition they are easier to modify than other lines of miniatures. Some miniatures have really brittle plastic and can be hard to cut and reposition.

AFC: What customs do you have lined up for future projects?
Lord Scythican: I have a lot lined up at the moment. At the time of this interview, I had just finished up: The Jedi Exile in Neophyte Armor, Jaina “Sticks” Solo, Darth Vader Redeemed, Several Nameless Sith Lords from Darth Krayt’s New Sith Order, Vergere. I have a lot of future Projects planned such as, Another Vergere, another Darth Traya, Darth Krayt, Jedi Exile Version 2, Jedi Exile Version 3, Lowbacca, Darth Plagueis, Darth Andeddu, Darth Desolous, Darth Phobos, Bull Rancor, Junk Titan, Galen Marek (Sith Lord), Kento Marek, Darth Bane (Orbalisk armor), just to name a few…

AFC: If you had one piece of advice for other customizers out there, what would you say to them?
Lord Scythican: Buy loads of Green Stuff! It is mother’s milk for customizers. Do not settle for Epoxy Putty at Wal-Mart or Lowes. Only buy the real stuff. Green Stuff has a smooth texture which doesn’t stick to the skin, (unless you hold it there for awhile). It has a long workable time and left over parts that are already mixed can be frozen to be used on another day. Other products (like the stuff at Lowes) have a workable time of about 3 minutes. It sticks to your fingers and generally puts you in a foul mood. (I am not a paid representative of Green Stuff, but I would like to be!).

Menasor Update #3: Guns Added to the Stunticon Combiner by Frenzy.Rumble

If this custom could not get any sicker, Frenzy.Rumble has added his third bonus installment in the form of kickass forearm cannons!  Here is more detail on them from the source:

"These custom made arm cannon guns fit perfectly on Menasor's forearms. On each of these guns, fit the small pistols from the individual Stunticons. If you look in the slide show above, you will see these guns all split apart and match a Stunticon. Yellowfor Dragstrip, maroonfor Deadend, redfor Wildrider, and whitefor Breakdown. Each arm cannon holds 2 pistols, giving Menasor maximum autobot blasting power."

I would highly advise heading over to eBay to look at Frenzy.Rumble's Custom G1 Transformers Menasor in all his glory!  You can also read the original G1 Menasor Review as well.

Spotlight Customizer: Star Wars Miniatures by Lord Scythican

This week I decided to feature Lord Scythican's Custom Star Wars Minatures as he has many great figures up for sale this week.  Take a look at a few of them below then head over to eBay to check out more from Lord Sycthican:
Capturing the human element in customs is very hard to do, especially on a small scale.  The way that the face was painted gives the figure personality, which goes a long way and will look great posed next to other figures in your collection.

Capturing the human element in customs is very hard to do, especially on a small scale. The way that the face was painted gives the figure personality, which goes a long way and will look great posed next to other figures in your collection.

The Darth Vader Redeemed Concept comes from the Star Wars Infinities comic and Lord Sycthican does an excellent job bringing this version of Vader to life with his detailing and shading techniques.   Because the figure is all white, the attention to detail brings out the depth in this Star Wars Miniature Figure

The Darth Vader Redeemed Concept comes from the Star Wars Infinities comic and Lord Sycthican does an excellent job bringing this version of Vader to life with his detailing and shading techniques. Because the figure is all white, the attention to detail brings out the depth in this Star Wars Miniature Figure

Jedi Exile was his interpretation of what the Jedi Exile from 'Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords' would have looked like. He designed her wearing Neophyte Armor, which he considers one of the best armors in the game.  Knowing when not to mess with a custom is a talent!  As he explains, "She was made from a DC hero clix named Phantom Girl. She was in a special box set that featured a few other minis that had exceptional paint jobs. (I did put the eyebrows on her though...)Usually I paint all of the faces on my minis, eyes and all. I didn't have the heart to repaint phantom girl though. She looked too good to mess with!"

Jedi Exile was his interpretation of what the Jedi Exile from 'Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords' would have looked like. He designed her wearing Neophyte Armor, which he considers one of the best armors in the game. Knowing when not to mess with a custom is a talent! As he explains, "She was made from a DC hero clix named Phantom Girl. She was in a special box set that featured a few other minis that had exceptional paint jobs. (I did put the eyebrows on her though...)Usually I paint all of the faces on my minis, eyes and all. I didn't have the heart to repaint phantom girl though. She looked too good to mess with!"

Brock Lesnar Custom WWE Evolution Set of 3 Figures by lambo205customs

Brock Lesnar has had a very interesting career and lambo205customs has captured this evolution in this unique Custom Brock Lesnar Set of 3 figures depicting his WWE, Mixed Martial Arts, and Ultimate Fighting Championship looks.  All of these figures are custom detailed and scuplted.  My favorite parts of these figures are the tattoos and realistic looks to the figures.  It appears that lambo205customs takes great pride in his work and it shows.  I love the fact that each figure has a distinct look and they are not cookie cutters of each other in different outfits.  If I had to pick a figure, my favorite out of the bunch is the UFC Brock.  To check out the detailing of the these figures and to place a bid on lambo205custom's unique Custom Brock Lesnar Set of 3 figures, head over to eBay!

Menasor Update #2: Sword Added to Frenzy.Rumble’s Custom Transformers Menasor

This just in!  Frenzy.Rumble has added Menasor's Sword to the ever popular Custom G1 Transformers Menaor figure.  Read the original article or head over to eBay to check out all of the awesome photos.

Kashyyyk Clone Trooper Custom Lego Star Wars Minifig by Darrens5150

One of my favorite Star Wars figures from the newer movies are the Kashyyyk Clone Troopers and Darrens5150 has done an excellent job paying homage to them with his Custom Kashyyyk Clone Trooper Lego Star Wars minifig.  The Biker Scouts from the Return of the Jedi movie were my favorite so in keeping with the same theme, the Kashyyyk Troopers are the evolution of the Scout Troopers in a cool camo.  Darrens5150 has done a great job detailing the camo on the figure and this would make a great addition to your Lego Clone army.  The custom blaster is also a cool addition.  To read more about this Custom Kashyyyk Clone Trooper Lego Star Wars minifig, head over to eBay!

Menasor Update: Motormaster’s Trailer Added as Bonus

If this custom could not get any hotter, Frenzy.Rumble has just informed me that he added Motormaster's Trailer to the most sought after Custom Transformers G1 Menasor Combiner figure.  Check out the original review of Menasor to see the other figures in all thier glory.

Prowl Transformers Animated G1 Custom Figure by Hunter Knight Customs

I never grow tired of seeing customizers turn current figures into G1 classics.  This week, Hunter Knight Customs shows us what the latest Prowl would look in G1 style with this Custom Prowl Transformers Animated G1 figure.  The 1980's Prowl was very simple and classic and Hunter Knight Customs captures that feel with his Animated repaint.  If you think about it, the original Prowl was a cop car and back in those days, the only flavor of colors for those cars were the good old Black and White.  The custom looks slick in motorcycle mode but you will have to head over to his Custom Prowl Transformers Animated G1 figure on eBay to view them.

Lego Warthog Custom Halo 3 Vehicle by DreamHappyDreams

Every Halo Lego minifig fan needs a ride for their Master Chief and troops right?  DreamHappyDreams makes this a reality with his Custom Lego Warthog Halo 3vehicle.  I used to play Halo on the XBOX and would often explore the vast maps on the Warthog.  The vehicle was also a necessity in multiplayer mode so you can get from one part of the map to the another while mowing down your foes.  What I like about this Lego Warthog is the scale and the minifigs go great in it.  The design is great and more aerodynamic than I would think a lego vehicle could be.  If you are a fan of the Custom Lego Halo, head over to eBay and check out more pictures of this Custom Lego Warthog Halo 3 vehicle.

Cy-Kill Custom Transformers Animated Gobots Figure by 007

I have to admit, I owned plenty of Gobots in my day so when I came across 007's Custom Cy-Kill Transformers Animated Gobots figure, I had to write about it.  Using the Oil Slick Animated figure was the perfect base for Cy Kill.  Painting the figure in the Gobots classic Red, White, Blue, and Yellow, the figure pays a nice homage to the leader of the Renegades.  Come to think of it, the Transformers movie version of Starscream would make a great Leader 1 if anyone want to take that project on.  If you are a fan of the Gobots or just Cy Kill, head over to eBay and check out more photos of 007's Custom Cy-Kill Transformers Animated Gobots figure or check out the other Custom Transformers while you are there.

Cyclops Custom Marvel Legends X-MEN Figure by K&L Customs

K&L Customs has a Custom Marvel Legends Cyclops X-MEN figure up this week.  This Jim Lee version is very well done and they do an excellent job recreating the suit that Cyclops was sketched in and bringing this comic figure to life.  The colors work well with the figure and the skin tone on the face looks very realistic.  Head over to eBay and check out the other pictures or place a bid on this Custom Marvel Legends Cyclops X-MEN figure.

Menasor Custom Transformers G1 Combiner Figure by Frenzy.Rumble


When I first saw Frenzy.Rumble's Custom Transformers Menasor G1 figure I was at a loss for words, which is not good for a blogger 🙂  When I composed myself, I began looking closer at this work of art that stands over 17" tall and began to see how awesome this figure truly is.  Due to the fact that the sum of the parts make the whole, let me start with the Stunticons themselves:











Let me stress that this is not a repaint of the G1 Menesor but it is actually 5 distinct Stunitcons that combine to make Menasor.  Each Stunticon looks to be painstakingly detailed and Menasor is the beautiful creation that is made up of them.  The colors on this one remind me a lot of the Generation 1 combiner and each figure resembles their former self from the 1980's.  Stay tuned for updates as Frenzy.Rumble has informed us that there will be 3 bonuses added to his Custom Transformers Menasor G1 as it progresses for check back often.

Megatron Transformers Movie Custom Figure by Crefigz

Crefigz, in another one of his signature shading jobs, has created a Megatron that will make fans drool over.  This Custom Transformers 2008 Movie Megatronhas to make the execs over at Hasbro cringe when they see great work like this and it is a shame that they can't make toys as good this but then again, customizing is an art form so I would not want them to make figures this good.  I still love a good Megatron and this is one of the best.  For more photos and to own this awesome piece, head over to eBay and place a bid for Crefigz's Custom Transformers 2008 Movie Megatron or check out the other Custom Transformers while you are there.

Darth Traya Custom Star Wars Minatures Figure by Lord Scythican

Lord Scythican, a very talented Star Wars customizer, has put his energy and skill in making very small but extremely detailed Miniature Figures.  His Custom Star Wars Miniature Darth Traya, a figure from the Knights of the Old Republic 2, is surrounded by 3 levitating lightsabers, a very cool effect and sets the figure off very nicely.  Working with miniature figures takes a steady hand and Lord Scythican takes much pride in his work and it shows!  Let's hear more from the source about what inspired this great figure:

First off this is Darth Traya from Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. I made her using a Very Rare miniature Kreia, who is actually the same character. I have spoken to a lot of people who loved Kreia as a character, but thought it was weird that she had a Double Bladed Lightsaber. At first I thought about just removing one of the blades, then I thought, why not repaint her and make her look like Darth Traya, (which is what the fans wanted anyway). Then I decided why not make this interesting and put her on a custom bade that is modeling after the most difficult fight in the game. So there you have it, I took a Very Rare miniature and made her way cooler than anyone thought possible. In addition, I have not glued the Very Rare Kreia base to the custom base. It is removable as seen in the second picture. I have cut a hole in the center of the custom base with the three Levitating Lightsabers that is used to place the original mini in. It fits snug and will not fall out. 

I will be keeping my eye out for more from Lord Scythican and I want to thank him for introducing me to the world of Star Wars Miniatures.  To own this one of a kind Custom Star Wars Miniature Darth Traya, head over to eBay and place a bid!

Breakdown Stunticon Custom G1 Transformers Figure by Kyle Robinson

Kyle Robinson has taken 1/5th of the Stunticons and paid homage to one of them with this Custom G1 Tranformers Breakdownfigure.  The combiner figures are great and I still own Menasor and it is great to see people making these figures.  Staying true to the G1 nature of this custom, Kyle has done a great job matching the colors to make this custom come to life.  The head sculpt is my favorite part of this custom as it does not exactly match the G1 figure, it does a great job keeping with the scheme of the updated figure.  To see all the great pictures and to place a bid on this great Custom G1 Tranformers Breakdown figure, head over to eBay or check out all of the other Custom Transformers figures.

Scourge Custom Leader Class Nemesis Prime Transformers Movie Figure by BoskoesToys

BoskoesToys puts their spin on what they think Scourge would like if he appeared in the upcoming Transformers 2, Revenge of the Fallen movie with their Custom Leader Class Sourge Transformers Movie figure.  One thing that sets this apart from other Scourge customs I have seen are the awesome flame effects (take a look below)

These effects are very realistic and add another dimension to the figure.  Imagine if Scourge ever met The Falllen and you have BoskoesToys version!  There are many more pictures to view so head over to eBay and check out this Custom Leader Class Sourge Transformers Movie figure or check out the other Custom Transformers figures while you are there.

Jabba’s Sail Barge Custom Star Wars 4 Foot Vehicle by mcrobo creations

Ever wondered what it would be like if Hasbro actually made vehicles to scale with your 3 3/4" figures?  mcrobo creations gives you a window into what that would be like with his Custom Star Wars Jabba's Sail Bargewhich is 4 feet long!  Even with Hasbro's attempt to make the Millenium Falcon bigger, it is still way too small, unlike this one of a kind custom which looks amazing and according to Ido, is rock solid.  Imagine the battle scenes you could recreate with this behemoth!  I would not pass this one up and the price is very appealing!  Think of how much the BMF costs and compare it to mcrobo creations Custom Star Wars Jabba's Sail Barge and you will be tempted to hit the Buy it Now button!  Head over to eBay and check it out or check out the other Custom Star Wars figures while you are there!

BAT Custom Battle Damaged GI Joe Figure by GettingRidOfToys

What takes a licking and keeps on ticking?  GettingRidOfToys has provided an excellent answer to that age old question with his Custom Battle Damaged Battle Android Tooper(aka BAT) figure.  I recently wrote about another one of his Battle Damaged BATs as I really loved the concept so here I am writing about it again!  As with customs, every figure is unique and this BAT in particular has some great battle damage effects.  For example, this BAT has been to hell and back and the helmet looks like it is shredding off his head!  The collateral damage on the shoulder completes the look!  Head over to eBay to own one of these unique Custom Battle Damaged Battle Android Tooper figure or check out the other Custom GI Joes!

Custom Lego Star Wars Shaak Ti Minifig by Christo

Custom Lego Star Wars Shaak Ti

Custom Lego Star Wars Shaak Ti

When I first came across Christo's Custom Lego Star Wars Shaak Ti minifig, I thought this was produce by LEGO!  There are no decals on this figure, which is special since many Custom Star Wars Lego minifig customizers use decals to create their figures.  The color of the pants reminds me of the color of Obi Wan's Jedi outfit from 1978 and Christo did an excellent job creating Shaak Ti's hair.  Add a glow in the dark lightsaberand you have one awesome minifig to add to your Custom Lego Star Wars collection.  To see more pictures, head over to eBay and check out Christ's Custom Lego Star Wars Shaak Ti minifig or check out the other Custom Lego Star Wars minifigs.

Goblin Queen Custom Marvel Legends X-MEN Figure by NTT

NTT has done an excellent job bringing to the life the sultry X-MEN character with his Custom Marvel Legends Goblin Queen figure.  I have always been a fan of NTT's sculpting ability and he has not let me down so far.  Some unique aspects about this custom include the windblown look of the Goblin Queen, as her hair and cape appear to be blowing in the wind.  The costume design is excellent and the facial structure of the figure is very lifelike.  To view more pictures, head over to eBay and check out this Custom Marvel Legends Goblin Queen figure!

Voyager Class Optimus Prime Custom Figure with Diorama by matt1989cars

matt1989cars has finally figured out a solution for the cab on the Voyager Class Optimus Prime.  He has turned into a double barrel machine gun that looks like it can do some serious damage.  This Custom Voyager Class Optimus Primefigure is very nicely detailed and the added use of the cab as a bad ass machine gun is a reason to own this custom.  Many fans complain about the cab but turning it into a weapon was something different.  Like all of his customs, matt1989cars has great attention to detail and the dio adds an extra level of display.  Check out his Custom Voyager Class Optimus Prime figure on eBay and also check out what else he has for sale.