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Snake Eyes Custom GI Joe Star Wars Crossover Figure by Jedi-Style

Custom Snake Eyes Jedi Crossover by Jedi-Style

Custom Snake Eyes Jedi Crossover by Jedi-Style

Who can fight for freedom where ever there's trouble and defend the universe against the Dark Lords of the Sith?  Apparently Snake Eyes can as Jedi-Style has created this Custom Snake Eyes GI Joe Star Wars Crossoverfigure.  This is the first time I have come across a custom that has combined both the worlds of Star Wars and GI Joe but I think the Snake Eyes figure captures both aspects of the two universes nicely.  I like the way the Jedi browns are combined with the Snake Eye's classic black suit.  The figure comes with a nice assortment of weapons to kick either Sith or Cobra's butt and they compliment the figure in a great way.  For example, the hilt of the lightsaber, which is made out of metal, attaches maginettically to SE's belt.  Who doesn't have room for one of these on thier belts?  Let's read more about this great custom Jedi-Style:

This custom is made from several different figure lines features full articulation, highly detailed and realistic paint work, a real metal Lightsaber hilt that atattches to a real magnet set into the figures belt and will include your choice of either blue, green or purple Lightsaber blade, the sword is custom painted and is removable from the sheath, this figure also has added pouches, removable over-shoulder sword sheath, chest armor, functioning holster with 9mm pistol and carries 2 silenced MP5's.

Custom Snake Eyes Crossover Figure by Jedi-Style

Custom Snake Eyes Crossover Figure by Jedi-Style

This one of a kind crossover figure is available on eBay so head over there and bid on Jedi-Style's Custom Snake Eyes GI Joe Star Wars figure.

Cyclonus Custom Transformers Animated Generation One Figure by Shinobitron

Custom Animated Cyclonus by Shinobitron

Custom Animated Cyclonus by Shinobitron

Shinobitron pays homage to a Generation 1 icon with his Custom Transformers Animated Cyclonus figure.  Created by Unicron, Cyclonus is the Decepticon's air warrior and saboteur.  Shinobitron has an eye for what will look great in the end and as he explains, "Starscream being made with reverse wings he was just begging to be Cyclonus!"  I totally agree with his interpretation and the end result is awesome.  Done in the classic Cyclonus purple, this custom has a couple features that add to its appeal.  First, the head sculpt is maded from steel and Shinobritron was able to give this figure the aged and hardened look it had in the movie.  He also included Cyclonus' signature gray gun.  Let's read more about this custom from the source:

"My Cy stands 8" tall and comes fully articulated and transformable.  Hes been done in my favortie Cyclonus color purple thus the embodiment of the Decep symbol!  Whats Cyclonus with out a grey gun?  I took care of that and included one!  Cy has been given a custom head that was made from steel sculpt.  Not only does his head look cool but he also has red piping to show how evil he really is.  Cys head is pretty big with his warrior horns.  I took care of this problem and made a slot under the landing gear to attach it when in jet mode.  I also couldn't decide where to place his Decep symbols.  I am including 2 reprolabel stickers so you place your factions symbols where ever you like!"

Custom Cyclonus by Shinobitron

Custom Cyclonus by Shinobitron

Bid on Shinobitron's Custom Transformers Animated G1 Cyclonus on eBay today!

Darth Krayt Custom Star Wars Legacy Figure by kr2700

Custom Darth Krayt

Custom Darth Krayt

Only a couple hours left to bid on this Custom Star Wars Legacy Darth Krayt figure that kr2700 as up for bids on eBay.  This Dark Lord is from Star Wars Legacy and is very well executed and mirrors the comic representation very nicely.  The mouldings on the shoulders and helmet is of special note as the sculpting on this figure is very intricate.  The helmet is removable, which is a nice feature so that you can have a couple different ways to pose the figure next to your Sith Lord collection. 

Custom Darth Krayt

Custom Darth Krayt

Head over to eBay and bid on this Custom Star Wars Legacy Darth Krayt figure before time runs out!

Megatron Custom Transformers Universe Style Figure by Jin Saotome

Custom Megatron by Jin Saotome

Custom Megatron by Jin Saotome

When making customs, Jin not only goes big, he goes above and beyond to create one of a kind pieces that are made to fit in with the genera of choice.  This week, Jin tackled a behemoth and the end result was his Custom Transformers Universe Style Megatron figure.  He designed this figure to fit in with the Transformers Universe but I do see a hint of G1 in Megatron's eyes.  The head sculpt defines this figure as Megatron and Jin has done a great job keeping Meg's classic look and feel.  In Tank mode, the barrel of the canon is huge and menacing.  I also see a hint of Shockwave in the canon, making it a great centerpiece of the vehicle.  The grays and blacks bring out the detail in the figure and red accents are in the right places.

Custom Megatron by Jin Saotome

Custom Megatron by Jin Saotome

For your chance to own this one of a kind Megatron that you will never see anywhere else, head over to eBay and place your bid on Jin's Custom Tranformers Universe Megatron figure.

Puma Custom Marvel Legends Figure by dr f8

Custom Puma by dr f8

Custom Puma by dr f8

dr.f8 has created a classic Marvel Comics character with his Custom Marvel Legends Pumafigure.  Made from a combination of parts from Ripclaw, Wolfman, and a loads of apoxie, he was able to make a figure that has great depth and a feeling of flowing hair coming out of body.  For example, the way that Puma is detailed, it gives the appearance of the figure being covered with hair.  The colors of this figure pay a nice homage to the comic and the sculpting is very well done as it is very difficult to give the illusion of physics of a body on a plastic figure.  The eyes also give it an animal look to it as well.  What a great figure to add to your Marvel Legends collection and to find out more about this awesome figure, head over to eBay and place a bid for this great Custom Marvel Legends Puma figure.

Custom Insecticons Bombshell Kickback Shrapnel G1 Transformers Figures by Ptitvite

Custom G1 Insecticons by Ptitvite

Custom G1 Insecticons by Ptitvite

Taking his inspiration from the Transformers Generation One classics, Ptitvite has created a stunning version of the Insecticons with his Custom Transformer G1 Bombshell, Kickback, and Shrapnelfigures.  What is great about these figures is their cartoon likeness and classic look and feel.  The colors compliment figures very well, which helps to define their Generation 1 appeal.  Another aspect that I really like about these figures is they are scratch built, which demonstrates Ptitvite's talent as a customizer.  Here is more information about how these great figures were created from the source: 

This delightful set of modified G1 Insecticons will please the most passionate collectors. They are now super-articulated and are truly unique. Some parts are scratchbuilt and some taken from other Transformers. I carefully enamel-painted them, inspired by their cartoon interpretation and a bit of my own. They represent about 55 hours of work altogether...for toys that size! I really work hard on my customs and I always try to make them look perfect.

Ptitvite's Custom Transformer G1 Bombshell, Kickback, and Shrapnel figures are available on eBay so head over there and place your bid now!

Protoform Optimus Prime Custom Transformers Movie Figure by Crefigz

Custom Protoform Optimus Prime by Crefigz

Custom Protoform Optimus Prime by Crefigz

I have always been a fan of the Protoform figures but they were lacking something...a good paint scheme and Crefigz solves this issue with his Custom Transformers Movie Protoform Optimus Prime figure.  One of Crefigz' strengths is his shading technique and he really goes to town on this figure.  The technique he uses gives the figure much depth and brings it to life.  The paint aps gives this figure a metallic look that was lacking in the original design.
Custom Protoform Optimus Prime by Crefigz

Custom Protoform Optimus Prime by Crefigz

This Custom Transformers Movie Protoform Optimus Prime figure is available on eBay so place your bid now!

Nemesis Prime Custom Transformers Revoltech Figure by Sabrina Ng

Custom Nemesis Prime by Sabrina Ng

Custom Nemesis Prime by Sabrina Ng

Sabrina Ng is back and has taken on her latest creation with her Custom Transformers Revoltech Nemesis Prime figure.  The paint aps look very well applied and smooth and this was a creative figure to use as the base as it does not transform into anything (go figure...a non transforming Transformer).  Typically, Nemesis Prime has been decked out in Blacks and Purple's but Sabrina's accent color of choice is teal (as she explains below):

I used a convoy revoltech to repaint it into the darker more sinister Nemesis Prime! I coated it with primer as the material was kind of rubbery. First time working with such a surface. Gave him a jet black base coat. Think I hit almost 8-10 layers of black and silver paint for him! My favourite was of course the teal. No Nemesis Prime of mine will be complete without teal. His chest plate was given the most sinister red that I could find. Really gave it all I've got into creating the perfect figure with all possible detailing. Too bad I didn't have a Decepticon logo to paste on him.

Custom Nemesis Prime by Sabrina Ng

Custom Nemesis Prime by Sabrina Ng

I did think this custom needed a Decepticon logo but repro stickers are easy to come by and make.  Sabrina's Custom Transformers Nemesis Prime would look great next your Optimus Prime collection so place your bid on her great custom now!

Cade Skywalker Custom Marvel Legends Star Wars Figure by CollectableKid

Cade Skywalker

Custom Cade Skywalker by CollectableKid

 The CollectableKid has done an amazing job with his rendition of a classic Star Wars Legacy character with his Custom Star Wars Marvel Legends Cade Skywalker figure.  I am always amazed by the level of detail the CollectableKid puts into his customs and this figure is no exception.  What impresses me the most about this figure is the realism that was achieved.  The hair looks flowing and the facial expression looks lifelike.  I have always been impressed with the CollectableKid's sculpting ability but it is also the way he blends the paint aps with the figure give it that special something not found in many customs.  To find out more about this custom from the source, read on below:    

"Straight out of the pages of "Star Wars: Legacy" comes this one of a kind 7" super articulated action figure of the descendant of Anakin and Luke Skywalker, Cade Skywalker!  A bounty hunter by trade, a loner by choice, and a Jedi through blood - this bad boy gone reluctant hero is ready for action on your shelf in your home. Act now and you can be the one to own this beauty of a figure. Wearing his signature pirate armor and distinctive tattoos, Cade features 30 points of articulation, lightsaber with glow in the dark removable blade and belt hook, double barreled rifle, & a hip holstered antique pistol."

Cade Skywalker by CollectableKid
Cade Skywalker by CollectableKid



Making Site Updates – Redesigning the Blog Section

I am doing a blog conversion this week. I am moving the blog from Google Blogger to WordPress so you may notice some changes this week so please be patient. Thanks to everyone who reads this blog daily and I am looking forward to upcoming changes!

Kup Custom Transformers Animated Generation One Figure by Shinobitron

Custom G1 Kub by Shinobitron

Shinobitron pays homage to a classic figure from the 1980's and finds a new way to use the Optimus Prime mold from the latest series with his Custom Transformers Animated Kup figure. What a great idea to use Prime's animated figure as a base for this one as the vintage Kup takes on the almost the same design. The head sculpt is updated and reflects Kup's age in a more dignified and refined look. At first glance, the head looks like it could belong on top of Panthro from the Thundercats but maybe Shinobitron will make another crossover figure in the future (a Thundercat/Transformers crossover is not likely but I would not put it past him...he has made some crossover figures in the past with his latest being a Custom Batman/Transformers crossover I wrote about a few weeks ago but I digress). The colors are spot on as this Kup has a nice powder blue like the classic figure. I have said it before and I will say it again, Shinobitron is the Man when it comes to G1 Customs and he is always thinking a step ahead and seeing what he can make and is not afraid of a challenge.

Custom G1 Kup by Shinobitron

Bid on Shinobitron's Custom Transformers Animated Generation 1 Kup figure on eBay today!

Snake Eyes Custom Medicom RAH 12 Inch GI Joe Figure by SixIceCubes

Custom Snake Eyes by SixIceCubes

Gearing up for the new GI Joe Movie, SixIceCubes is ahead of the game with his Custom Medicon Snake Eyes 12" figure. Using the RAH Darth Maul figure that was made by Medicom, he has taken Snake Eyes to the next level. The detailing on this figure is outstanding! From the communicator that stems from his ear down to the holsters and knee pads, SixIceCubes has captured the essence of Snake Eyes in an articulated figure decked out in soft goods.

Custom Snake Eyes by SixIceCubes


For more information and to check out more pictures, head over to SixIceCubes Custom Medicom Snake Eyes figure auction at eBay!

Prowler Custom Marvel Legends Figure by LooseCollector

Custom Marvel Legends Prowler by LooseCollector

Straight from the pages of the Amazing Spider Man comic, where he made his debut, comes Loosecollector's Custom Marvel Legends Prowler figure. The paint aps gives this figure depth while providing a comic accurate likeness to Prowler. The deep green body really makes the emblem stand out on his chest and the the shade of purple that was used really compliments the rest of the figure. One aspect of this figure that is noteworthy is the head sculpt. The way that the head was crafted and painted, it appears that Prowler can take on different looks depending on the light and how the head is angled. The mouth is perfectly positioned and the eyes are neutral, making the figure able to be interpreted several different ways.

Custom Marvel Legends Prowler by LooseCollector

This figure would be a great addition to your Marvel Legends collection so place a bid on Loosecollector's Custom Prowler figure today!

Custom Punch Counterpunch Transformers Universe Genration One Figure Jin Saotome

Custom Punch Counterpunch by Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome has captured the classic feel of a 1980's Transformers favorite with his Custom Punch Counterpunch G1 Transformers Universe figure. Part of being able to capture that feel are the colors used to create this figure. The yellows and the blues are dead on and the most unique aspect about this custom is that it is essentially two figures in one. Jin goes on to describe more about this unique custom:

"Punch is an Autobot, Counterpunch is a Decepticon, but they're the same being! Confused? Not as much as the Decepticons will be when this Doublespy infiltrates their ranks. Punch/Counterpunch can be transformed into two completely different robots, just like his G1 form could. Just a few extra twists and turns will change Punch into his alter-ego Counterpunch. He (they?) have been painted with rich semigloss colors, bright highlights, and sealed to protect against wear."

Custom Punch/Counterpunch by Jin Saotome

Jin's Custom Punch Counterpunch G1 Transformers Universe is available for bids on eBay so head over and check it out.

Commander Cody Custom Lego Star Wars Minifig by Rurisk

One of my favorite scenes in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith is when the clones descend on to Utupau and a gigantic battle ensues. Rurisk has captured the leader who took the troops into battle with his Custom Lego Star Wars Commander Cody minifig. What is cool about this custom is that (1) now you have a commander for your gaggle of custom Utupah Clone Troopers and (2) the visor on Commander Cody's head is removable so you can display him in a different way. The back is designed to mirror the gear that Commander Cody sports during the film.

Rurisk's Custom Lego Star Wars Commander Cody is available for bids on eBay so go check it out.

Sideswipe Custom Transformers Universe Generation 1 Figure by puichun721

puichun721, a customizer based out of Hong Kong, has captured the Generation 1 feel of a classic Autobot with his Custom Transformers Universe Sideswipe figure. He has captured the cartoon feel of the figure and has done a great job with the fine details of the figure. For example, he has added a shoulder mounted canon, which will remind you of the 1980's version. He has also reworked and sculpted the head which pays a very nice homage to the classic version. The paint is very well done and is in a nice deep fire engine red. The Autobot symbol and the air intakes on top of the car add a nice touch to the figure.

You can find puichun721's Custom Transformers Universe Sideswipe on eBay today!

Custom Lego Halo Master Chief Minifig and Needler Gun by Brickarms

Brickarm has created a Custom Lego HALO-inspired Master Chief minifig with a needler-like weapon found in the Halo video game series. This minifig is ready to take on the Covenant with his SMG Rifle and custom cast Needler gun. The great thing about the Needler is that, since it was custom cast, it does have paint, which means it can be handled without worrying about it. Let's check out more information from Brickarms himself:

"The torso sports a gold decal, sealed for protection, and he comes with silver MA5 Assault Rifle, M6 Magnum pistol and a custom-injected multi-colored Needle weapon. He also comes with silver frag grenades and a silver SMG Rifle. The Needler is 100% injection molded - no paint is used. It is 100% compatible with the Lego you already own, and I am the only one that makes them. "

Bid on Brickarms Custom Lego Halo Master Chief Minifig on eBay today!

Optimus Prime Custom Transformers Star Wars Crossover G1 Figure by Sonray Customs

Sonray Customs has found a great use for the Star Wars Transformers figures with his Custom Optimus Prime G1 'pre earth' figure. What a great idea to take a Star Wars Transformers Commander Cody and turn it into a G1 legend, Optimus Prime. I like Sonray's take on this figure as it pays a nice homage to Optimus Prime's earth likeness and what he may have looked like rolling down the streets of Cybertron. The G1 colors are great and the pin striping on the sides and the silver pipes gives this figure a very distinct and familiar. Sonray describes more about how he made this great figure:

"Basically I saw this awful SWTF toy in a store and saw that despite all its design flaws it had some potential to make a pretty good looking, pre-earth G1 Optimus Prime. So i took it home and painted him up with high quality acrylics and enamels in a pure G1 style, added a Movie voyager Prime head, and attached on some old 20th Anni' prime smokestacks i had saved.This is a great looking custom and very unique. Its fully poseable as you can tell by the pictures, and the paint is very durable."

Bid on Sonray's Custom G1 Optimus Prime on eBay today!

The Rock Custom WWE 2 in 1 Figure by skribbel24

skribbel24 possesses the unique ability to capture the likeness of people. As a customizer, that is a very important trait. He has demonstrated this over and over again and this week he brings us his Custom WWE The Rock figure. Capturing human expression and emotion in a piece of plastic is very difficult to do (so difficult the major toy companies often have issues recreating the likeness of people accurately). For example, skribbel24 has captured the quirky facial expression of The Rock and has crafted the face so well that it is almost a dead on representation of him. The tattoos also add that extra touch and very well executed. This is a 2 in 1 figure, meaning that you can change the look from wrestler in the ring to the more casual 'Just Bring It' outfit. This is a great feature in this custom as you can change the look depending on your mood and it adds some versatility to your custom display. Overall, this is one of the best versions of The Rock I have seen to date.

Bid on skribbel24's Custom 2 in 1 The Rock figure today on eBay!

Atlas Custom Marvel Legends 12 Inch Figure by Meltdown


 Meltdown Customs pays a nice homage to the comic likeness of Atlas with his Custom Marvel Legends Atlas figure. I really like the colors in this figure with the yellow and dark red contrast. The blackwashing really brings out the detail and the sculpting is nicely executed. The 'A' is nicely proportioned on the chest and the molding around the face compliments it very well. This figure is a 12" tall so I included a picture from Meltdown's listing just for scale purposes.

Bid on Meltdown Custom's Custom Marvel Legends 12" Atlas figure today on eBay!

Jazz Custom Transformers Movie Figure by Sabrina Ng

Sabrina Ng is new to customizing but you would not know it from looking at her Custom Movie Tranformers Jazz figure. It is great to see emerging talent in the customizing world, especially with Transformers. With the Transformers 2, Revenge of the Fallen due out in 2009, I am expecting high quality and unique work from the customizers out there. What struck me about this figure is the rich silver color that she was able to create and the finish on the figure is one to behold. The detailing on the circuitry in robot mode is a very nice touch as well, which was lacking in much of the original toys produced by Hasbro. I will be keeping an eye on this up and coming customizer as she already possesses the skills to deliver what fans want and need! Here she is to explain more about her Custom Jazz:

"Tried to give him a more accurate colour scheme faithful to the movies. Buffed, polished and waxed to get a very smooth finish. Managed to get some weathering in as well in certain parts of the body. Also, rest assured that all the pictures taken are not doctored or edited in any way to give it a more than accurate representation."

Bid on Sabrina's Custom Transformers Movie Jazz on eBay today!

Custom Joker with Thug Movie Masters Dark Knight Batman Figure by NTT


NTT has a real treat in store for Batman fans with his Custom Joker in the look of Gary Oldman. This figure is very unique and I really like the creative thinking that made this figure come to light. If you remember characters that Gary Oldman has played (Sirius Black in the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban movie), he played a very convincing crazy person, perfect for the role of the Joker. The hair on this figure really captures Gary's look and the detailing on the suit pay a nice homage to the Joker! Here is NTT with more information about this great figure:

"This figure stands 7 inches tall and features multiple points of articulation (including head, arms, wrists, and torso). Parts of this custom was sculpted with Aves apoxie (very durable) and completely hand painted in acrylics. Wanted to make a movie Joker with Gary Oldman's face instead of Heath Ledger's! Fans of Gary Oldman will no doubt remember his roles as psychopaths, and he would surely have done justice to the Joker character! At least it works in figure form! Included with this set is one of Joker's henchmen, Bob the Goon."

Go check out more information on NTT's Custom Joker figure on eBay today!

Nemesis Prime Allspark Transformers Animated Figure by Encline Designs

Encline Designs crosses two Transformers wolds together with his Custom Allspark Nemesis Prime Transformers Animated figure. The love the harsh steel look of this figure (when the lights are on) as it makes a stark contrast when darkness succumbs Prime and you see him in his Allspark glory. What a fantastic idea and executed well. Encline Designs did not over do the Allspark aspect as I could imagine someone running wild with the glow in the dark aps. The lights add great dimension to the figure and this would be something you want to sit and stare at with the lights out. Here is how Prime was made and the story behind him from the source:
How Prime was Made
He was dismantled and rebuilt. First you will notice I ran four red LEDs though the chest cavity with an on/off switch and battery pack on the back. It has a removable cap to replace the batteries. I removed the blue glass and replace it with clear acrylic sheets sprayed with transparent red. While apart, I airbrushed the whole figure with Flat Black enamel. I always liked purple on this guy, so, I put a simple metallic purple stripe on him. The paint is great, but no need to let Chuck Norris fight with it!! Then, I panel lined with GLOW IN THE DARK paint, and airbrushed glow in the dark ALLSPARK energy markings on him. I figured Nemesis Prime needs to have weapons like Prime, but a lot more menacing. So he has a new axe, the regular axe, a new arm grapple with blades, and not to mention the Chrome removable smoke stacks/rotating arm cannons. Also, look under the face mask!
The Story Behind the Figure
I thought it would be cool if the new C.E.O. of Sumdac Ind. wanted to create a bot to get rid of ALL transformers. While a rouge psychotic Transformer with the ability to scan other Transformers and gain there powers is heading to earth, from the future to scan Optimus Prime because he has become the greatest warrior, and next thing you know, he crosses paths with allspark and Sumdac Ind. to become the greatest threat to ALL TRANSFORMERS. So, there you go, you can complete the story when you add this to your collection.

Bid on Encline Design's Custom Allspark Nemesis Prime Transformers Animated today on eBay!

Facebook Custom Action Figure Group

I just created a Custom Action Figure Facebook Group so if you are on facebook and make or love custom figures, head over and join!

Red Hulk Custom Marvel Legends Figure by NTT


Calling all Incredible Hulk fans! NTT has created one of the best Red Hulks I have come across to date with his Custom Marvel Legends Red Hulk figure. The depth afnd design of this figure is what makes this one stand out! The veins appear to be bulging with rage and the shorts take on a very tattered look that have the appearance of soft goods. The blackwashing really brings out the detail in the muscles and I love the hair standing on end! This one is definitely going to give the Marvel Select Red Hulk a run for the money! Let's hear more about this great figure from NTT himself:


"This figure stands 9 inches tall and features multiple points of articulation (including head, arms, elbows, torso, legs and knees). Parts of this custom was sculpted with Aves apoxie (very durable) and completely hand painted in acrylics. This custom was made with a sense of realism - highlighted the veins to appear bulging, a raging facial expression, tattered pants and extreme body muscles! Fans can enjoy this super-articulated figure for play or display! The figure can be handled without damage by an adult collector and can take on loads of action poses. Done to look the way he appears in the comic, this Red Hulk is the one you've been waiting for!"

Bid on NTT's Custom Red Hulk on eBay today!

Guiltar Custom Transformers Animated Fusion of Megatron and Optimus Prime Generation 1 Figure by Jin Saotome

Adding some spice to Transformers Animated line, Jin Saotome cooks up this bizarre fusion of Optimus Prime and Megatron known in the Generation 1 world as Guiltar. Oh yes, don't forget to add a pinch of ghost spark from Starscream and you get a pretty cool figure that I will guarantee will never see the light of day in the Animated line. The molds of Optimus Prime and Megatron were perfect for this creation. When I first looked at this figure, I thought Jin had made two heads for it but when I read more about it, he actually created a movable faceplate that you can operate via a level to show a more rabid look to the figure. This figure looks very well put together for being a fusion figure and one to own for the hardcore Generation 1 fans. Head over to Jin's Custom Transformers Animated Guiltar figure today for your chance to own this great piece.

More About Guiltar (source)
Guiltar, also known as the "Great-Gun Soldier", is a bizarre, vicious fusion of Optimus Prime and Megatron, sent to attack both Autobot and Decepticon alike. It is ultimately a lifeless shell created by the Quintessons, animated by the "ghost" spark of Starscream. It has a massive artillery truck mode, as well as multiple gun configurations for its robot mode. Physically, it can hold its own against many of the toughest Transformers.

Custom Incredible Hulk Movie Figure by Crefigz

The devil is in the details with Crefigz's Custom Movie Incredebile Hulk figure. Going for a movie accurate paint scheme, Crefigz has outdone himself and mastered the right shading technique to pull off a Hulk that actually takes on different persona's depending on where the light hits the figure. Here is a closeup example of the detailing that went into this figure:

It takes quite an eye to pull off this level of shading gradients. Crefigz's Custom Movie Hulk is up for bids on eBay so head over to his auction page for your chance to own a figure from this talented customizer.

Shockwave Custom Transformers Generation 1 Figure by Boskoestoys

Boskoestoys have outdone themselves once again and paid a really nice homage to a 1980's legends with their Custom Transformers Generation 1 Shockwave figure. Made from a Transformers Classics Megatron, Boskoestoys has taken that mold to the next level. The head sculpt is great and really captures Shockwave's G1 look. Another aspect that captures the Generation 1 feel is the color as Boskoestoys was able to replicate a very close match to the original scheme with the nice addition of color variation. Shockwave come jammed packed with some really cool accessories, some which may surprise you! For example, Shockwave comes with a cool Lightsaber (yes you read that correctly), an Energon Axe, 7 different left hand attachments (fit in and out on a sturdy bionical type plug system, attachment port flips out of left forarm, and back in for transformation), a lightning rod, and the large base.

Boskoestoys Custom Transformers G1 Shockwave can be yours by placing a bid on their eBay item page!

Custom Venom Spawn Statue by NTT

NTT has something completely different in store for his fans! He took two popular comic characters and as he said "put them in a blender" and out came his Custom Venom Spawn statue. I take it the blender is his imagination but when you look at the figure, Venom and Spawn are in a Tango for the upper hand. Capturing the essence of Venom and Spawn in a battle, NTT has gone above and beyond creating this masterpiece. I love the way the arms protrude from the statue, giving it a feel of dire struggle. He must have used every sculpting trick in the book and if you read his write up on his page on FigureRealm, it sure looked like it. Here is an exerp from NTT on how he sculpted this great piece:
"This custom had its share of difficulties, like trying to balance the arms to look animated but still be able to fit together well on top of the Spawn figure without looking lopsided. But the hardest part was trying to attach one of the fangs around Spawn's mouth. All the other teeth (toothpick tips) glued on without a fight but for some reason, the 4th fang from the left, just wouldn't adhere and kept falling off!"

This just goes to show you that making quality customs is not easy and it takes skill, talent, devotion, and sweat to pull them off! You can find this great piece on eBay, where you can own this great statue by placing a bid for NTT's Custom Venom Spawn!

Bionic Commando Capcom Marvel Legends Custom Figure by Jin Saotome

To ring in the upcoming launch of the new Capcom game, Bionic Commando, Jin has diligently replicated one of the coolest video game figures in Marvel Legends style with his Custom Bionic Commando figure. There are a few aspects about this custom that make this outstanding! First, Jin was able to sculpt the hair and facial features in a very realistic way, which is a tough thing to pull off on a plastic toy. Second, the way the bionic appendages flow into the body looks like these were surgically implanted into the figure. He has achieved an awesome bionic look and feel with the way the machinery is sculpted and painted. The flexible piping and cords add to that realism and also give the figure the ability to aim in any direction you like. I threw in a reference picture from game as a comparison:

Jin goes on to describe this great figure in more detail: "Bionic Commando is back with an all-new look! This figure is based on Capcom's upcoming remake of Bionic Commando. He has a super realistic paint job with faded cloth colors, deep shadows, tanned skin highlights, and some great metallic features on his arm and legs. Check out his facial features and the tiny logo on his t-shirt, all painted freehand. His bionic arm features flexible piping and cords so you can aim his arm all different directions. Attach the bendable grappling cord and he can grab on to things or hang from objects. The clawed fingers move individually as well. This figure is scaled 6" to match your existing Marvel Legends figures, not 7" like the Player Select figures."
This awesome Custom Marvel Legends Bionic Commando figure can be yours by heading over to eBay and placing your bid! Don't miss out on this one!