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Mindwipe with Vorath Custom Transformers Headmaster Generation 1 Figure by Shinobitron

Shinbitron is not afraid to take on a challenge and he proves this week after week, especially with his latest Custom Headmaster Transformers Generation 1 Mindwipe and Vorath figures. He always find some really cool base figures to work from and the end result is always a unique and quality piece. This time, he has chosen to take on Mindwipe with his little buddy Vorath so you are getting 2 for 1 with this one. This figure resembles a huge bat and also the G1 version of Mindwipe in robot mode. Here is a little more insight into his creation from Shinobitron himself:

"So I decided to take a stab at another one of the lovely Headmasters this time a Decep. I chose Mindwipe cause he was a cool Vampire bat that could control your mind! Mindwipe of course doesn't come alone and comes with his partner Vorath. My Mindwipe comes standing near 7" tall and is fully articulated. He comes with a gun and his tail can convert into a sword. The wings can pop into his back as seen and they also can double as swords!. He can easily change to batmode and has been given shiny red eyes that say BID ON ME!! YOU CANNOT RESIST!!!"

Like the man said, bid on his Custom Headmaster Transformers Generation 1 Mindwipe and Vorath figure by heading over to eBay!

Deadpool Custom Marvel Legends Figure by K&L

K&L Customs created a really great Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool figure for your collecting enjoyments. Painted as Deadpool appears in the Marvel Comics, K&L uses some really nice techniques to bring the depth out in this figure. The blackwashing really highlights the muscles and details in the figure. The accessories are a great touch and really add to the realism and coolness factor of this custom. To read more about K&L's Custom Marvel Legends Deapool figure, head over to eBay and check it out!

Nemesis Prime Transformers Animated Series Custom Figure by Jin Saotome

Now that the Transformers Animated Series are in full force at retail, we are seeing some great customs of figures you will never see in stores. Jin Saotome has his take on the evil Autobot with his Custom Transformers Animated Nemesis Prime figure. Painted with a smooth finish, Jin's choice of colors fit in nicely with the rest of the Animated Transformers in the line. Instead of the typical black and purple color scheme, Jin chose a nice light blue, red, and black scheme. Read more about Jin's Custom Transformers Animated Nemesis Prime figure by heading over to his auction for your chance to own it!

Crossbones Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Kirk

Straight from the pages of Marvel Comics, Kirk's Kustoms brings us his Custom Marvel Legends Crossbones figure. The finish on this figure is amazing and looks very smooth. Some of my favorite parts of this custom are the boots and skull across the belt. The boot detail gives a metallic look to them and the blackwashing detail on the red skull brings out much of the detail and gives the skull a nice effect. This is one custom you do not want to pass up. Head over to eBay for your chance to own this awesome figure.

Custom Classic Iron Man Figure by NTT

NTT gets back to classic roots with his Custom Classic Iron Man figure. Taking on the look as Iron Man appeared in the comics, NTT does an excellent job with this rendition. The blackwashing is a technique that I really like and it goes well with this figure, bringing out every detail. NTT describes a little more about his creation:

"This figure stands 7 inches tall and features multiple points of articulation (including pivot/swivel head, arms, elbows/wrists, legs and knees). Parts of this custom was sculpted with Aves apoxie (very durable) and completely hand painted in acrylics. It was designed to have a statue quality, but also have great figure articulation. Fans of the classic style can enjoy the original look done with attention to detail. This custom figure was made to take on lots of action poses and can be handled without damage by an adult collector. It also has the hole at the back to fasten any Marvel Legends base stand for in-flight poses!"

Bid on NTT's Custom Classic Iron Man figure on eBay today!

Batmobile Custom Transformers Animated Batman Crossover Figure by Shinobitron

What do you get when you cross DC Comics and the Transformers Animated series together? You get one kickass Custom Transformers Animated Batmobile crossover figure from Shinobitron. When I first saw the Transformers Animated Lockdown figure, which this custom is based off of, I thought to myself that this looked very much like a vehicle that was zooming around Gotham city. Sure enough, Shinobitron has executed this crossover very nicely. The black paint aps and the colors fit nicely with the color scheme of the Transformers Animated series and the choice of the figure was spot on as Lockdown provided so much to work with. The addition of the Bat symbol on the chest is a nice homage to Batman and I like the fact that this figure does not have any autobot or decepticon symbols on it. It is a true crossover figure that can fit in both the Transformers and the Batman Universe. The addition of the soft goods is a nice touch and, in robot mode, the figure takes on the persona of Batman with the cape. Overall, very well executed!

Bid on Shinobitron's Custom Transformers Animated Batmobile crossover figure on eBay today!

Hemingway Morlock Custom Marvel Legends X-Men Figure by Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome boldly goes where no customizers dare to go! He picks up where the toy companies leave off and that is evident with his latest creation: Custom Marvel Legends Hemingway figure. As you can see below, Jin used the original character art from ToyBiz and he did an amazing job! What I love about Jin's customs is that he makes interchangeable parts to achieve the look and feel that he wants. For example, the photo below show the Hemingway figure with a club hand and Jin also made a regular hand. The bones protruding from Hemingway's body is a great effect and they are nicely proportioned. The sculpting detail really pulls this figure together and he makes an almost exact match to the drawing but with his own twist. Jin's Custom Marvel Legends Hemingway figure is available on eBay so head over there now and check it out!

Nate Grey Custom X-Men Marvel Legends Figure by collectablekid

Straight from the pages of the X-Men Marvel Comics comes the collectablekid's version of X-Men character Nate Grey in Marvel Legends Styles. One of the great things about the collectablekid's customs is that he is an excellent sculptor so you know that his heart and soul is poured into every custom he creates. A few notable points about his Nate Grey are the flames surrounding his hands, the detailing on his suit, and his head (which pretty much covers everything but I will go into a bit more detail). First, the flames on his hands are very well done and actually look like fire. The fire almost takes on a persona of its own and the colors are very life-like. Second, the way the body suit was painted and sculpted gives the appearance of an actual piece of clothing. Finally, the aspects I will point out on the head are the eyes and eyebrows. The way that these are designed brings much life into the figure and the raised eyebrow is a very nice touch that gives the figure personality. It is this attention to detail that makes the collectablekid's customs priceless. The hair is also an aspect that looks lifelike and is sculpted in a way that feels like the hair is flowing.

collectablekid's Custom Marvel Legends Nate Grey is up on eBay right now so head over there and check it out.

UPDATE: Bonuses 2 and 3 for frenzy.rumble’s Custom Transformers Devastator

Bonus #2

The winner of frenzy.rumble's Custom G1 Transformers Devastator will get to decide what his next custom will be. How's about that for power!

Bonus 3

This just in! frenzy.rumble describes bonus #3:
Custom made Power Jet Pack magnetically attaches to Devastator's back. This addition makes over 20 sounds and lights up! The engine's both light up red solid or flashing, and are controlled with 3 small buttons on the top of the Power Jet Pack!

More GUNS!

Custom painted and modified giant gun connects to the Power Jet Pack. This gun fits nicely in either of Devastator's hands. The gun has 4 different unique attachments, which actually make reloading and attaching noises when you change them.· There is a VERY powerful green laser light inside the gun, which activates and adapts to each attachment. Each attachment lights up differently. The laser is so powerful it will light up a small dark room, and can even be seen on an object many feet away.· You can see detailed pictures of each gun attachement in the slideshow above, or in the newly added pictures for this auction.Gun Names and Descriptions:· The Monsuta - This Plasma cannon fires heat-seeking plasma bombs · The Star Killer - The largest of Devastator's guns, this laser rifle fires a concentrated energon beam over 40,000 degrees Celcius.· The Firestarter - Energon infused flame-thrower shoots long range 'super-magma'. · The Plasma Cutter - This spinning blade of titanium cuts through Autobots like hot butter.* Please check out the slideshow and new pics added to the auction today for detailed shots. And to you all....Good luck bidding!!!

Check out his Custom Transformers Devastator for your chance to win! Only 1 hour left...this custom is red hot!!! You can also read the original article Custom Transformers Devastator Article too!

Devastator Custom Transformers Generation 1 Combiner Figure by frenzy.rumble Part 2

A few days ago, I featured frenzy.rumble's Custom Transformers G1 Devastator and alluded to some surprises that he may be adding to his auction! Well, he has updated his auction with surprise feature #1: the ability for the winning bidder to choose 1 of 4 colors for Devastator's eyes! Head over to his Custom Transformers G1 Devastator auction to read more!

Custom Marvel Legends Living Laser Figure by Meltdown Customs


Straight from the pages of Marvel Comics, Meltdown Customs brings us his version of the Living Laser, Marvel Legends style. The sculpting on this figure really brings out the comic likeness in the figure. The head, hands and the boots are my favorite part of this custom. The ridges on the head are perfectly spaced and the way the hands and boots were designed, it pays a really nice homage to the comic representation of the Living Laser. The color choice is spot on and the flesh tone blends nicely with the figure.

The Living Laser is a bodiless quantity of photons (particles of light) possessing human consciousness. Formerly human, he can exert mental control over the particles that comprise his form, determining their direction of travel and concentration. Bid on this Custom Marvel Legends Living Laser figure by Meltdown Customs on eBay today!

Grimlock Custom Transformers Animated Series G1 Figure by encline598

A couple articles ago, I was reviewing a Custom Animated Starscream and I said that I was not a huge fan of the Animated Series but the figures have really grown on me. I actually picked one up and held it for the first time on Father's Day and I actually really like most of the figures. I ended up buying Starscream, Megatron, and Bumblebee but if I had come across a Grimlock, I would have bought that one too, which brings me to the topic at hand. encline598 has done a spectacular job with his Custom Animated Transformers Grimlock figure. The figure, in many ways, pays a nice homage to the Generation 1 Grimlock figure with its simple silver and gold paint aps and new head round bring out the feel of the 1980's figure but with an updated look. I was not too impressed with the original paint scheme that Hasbro chose but I am glad that encline598 has gone back to the basics and really made a great looking figure. The hammered silver look blends nicely with the overall look of the figure and it will fit right in with the other Animated Transformers, which is very important because you would not want mismatch in paint style to make the figure look out of place.

Bid on this awesome Custom Animated Transformers Grimlock on eBay today!

Custom Marvel Legends Ironman 1990 Style by Michael Amore

Many of the Ironman customs I see are based off of the 2008 Ironman Movie but Michael Amore chose to go the classic route with his Custom Marvel Legends Ironman done in the 1990's body armor style. Michael is an excellent sculptor, and it shows with this Ironman. The eyes and mouth really set the tone for the figure and are just the right size and shape but if there were any variations to the facial features, that would give Ironman a very different look. The armor is nicely proportioned The figure has a nice gloss to it, as if it was real armor. The paint aps mirror the look of the comic and the yellows and reds are spot on, which also blend nicely with the articulation points in the figure. The leg articulation flows nicely from upper thigh to lower leg and the biceps into the shoulders meld nicely. This Ironman is an all around great figure and would make a very nice addition to anyone's Ironman collection, especially for you completest's out there you need every version ever made!

If you want to bid on this classic version of Ironman, head over to eBay and bid on Michael Amore's Custom Marvel Legends Ironman figure.

Devastator Custom Transformers Generation 1 Combiner Figure by frenzy.rumble Part 1

When frenzy.rumble tackles a Transformers project, he goes BIG! Take a look at his latest creation, a 16" Custom Transformers Devastator Combiner figure. I really like frenzy.rumble's artistic liberties he has taken with this behemoth as I think it is a vast improvement to the original Devastator while still retaining the classic Generation 1 styling we all know and love. First off, you may notice the absence of a pretty dominant color purple that was the focal point of the 1980's classic. He has gone with a metallic look where there used to be purple and I think that adds very much to the look and feel of the figure. You can tell that this combiner has been painstakingly painted (as you can read below) as frenzy.rumble has achieved a nice Constructicon hue. frenzy.rumble goes into a bit more detail on how he created his masterpiece:

"Devastator is a combiner! This means he is 6 individual Constructicons that transform into construction vehicles, which combine into 1 gigantic Decepticon. In the slideshow below, you can scroll through the various pictures of each of these Constructicons, please note; there are 3 pages of slides. But if these aren't enough, to see many more pictures (including how this masterpiece was created) search "frenzyrumble" on Google. (It should be the 1st result returned)There are over 30 points of articulation on Devastator.... his head is on a ball joint, waist slightly rotates, shoulders move in and out, arms have 360 rotation front/back ways, elbows bend, forearms rotate in and out, all fingers (minus thumbs) have 3 points each, leg/hip moves outwards and back, knees bend, lower legs rotate outward/inwards, feet pivot on ankle (Mixmaster only.) I built this custom starting with 6 individual transformers, which I completely took apart, removed any factory paint, and primed with plastic primer, which provides a very durable protective under paint. All paint you see is 100% enamel. It's harder, and more durable than the customs you'll see painted in acrylic. Also, enamel paints are 'color-fast'; meaning they will retain their original color for 10+ years, whereas acrylics typically fade after 2-3 years. The yellowish-green is a result of 5 different shades. The silver metal robot parts on him were painted in 6 shades of silver, to give the ultimate metallic look."

I will be revisiting this figure when frenzy.rumble adds his signature bonus later on in the auction. Bid on this awesome Custom Transformers Devastator figure on eBay today!

Custom Star Wars Mustafar Diorama Darth Vader Rescue Scene by l.designs


l.dedsigns has recreated one of the most gut wrenching scenes from the Star Wars Revenge of the Sith movie with his Custom Mustafar Rescue Diorama. The cool (well, molten hot) feature of this dio is that l.designs has made the lava look very realistic. It takes talent and skill to make molton lava appear how it does in nature, and combine that with a Kentucky Fried Anakin and you have a recipe for a great looking Star Wars scene. The mountain side also blends nicely with the lava and the Shock Troopers are posed very nicely, as to say, "Man...I would not want to be that guy!" Here is more about how l.designs created this dio:

"This is a great custom built scene with some really unique features. The lava flow at the bottom you see there looks great on its own, as it reflects the ambient light of the room and looks as if it is generating its own light. This is accomplished by using a hollowed out section below with reflective material, then on top you have a sculpted out thick piece of acrylic. The effect here is that of some nice glowing lava. If that isn't enough for you, simply reach around to the back and flip on the switch that activates the LED light inside to give even more effect. You get all you see here, Clones, Palpatine, and even a nice crispy Anakin still roasting at the lava's edge there.

Bid on this awesome Revenge of the Sith diorama and a chance to own a cool piece of Star Wars history.

PowerGlide Custom G1 Transformers Animated Figure by Jin Saotome

Now that the Transformers Animated figures are out in full force at retail, we are seeing more and more customs week after week. Using a perfect base figure from the new Animated Series, Jin Saotome has given the Lugnut figure a face lift and turned it into one of the coolest minibots with his Custom Powerglide Transformers Generation 1 Animated figure. Although this figure is far from mini, standing at 7" tall, Jin pays a nice homage to the little red plane known as Powerglide by closely matching the distinct rich red color that the original minibot was painted and also keeping the light gray accents. In the original figure from the 1980's, the head was cone shaped as the figure did not have much articulation or hiding places for transforming parts so I like the fact that Jin did not try mimic this aspect and give this Powerglide a pointy melon and kept true to the facial features with a new head sculpt. Jin has many talents but one that I really appreciate is he is not afraid to give figures new heads (and sometimes he gives them two) to keep in line with the original designs.

Bid on Jin's Custom Powerglide Generation 1 Animated figure on eBay today!

Black Knight Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Michael Amore

Michael Amore has two awesome customs rolled into one auction this week with his Custom Marvel Legends Black Knight and Namor, the Sub Mariner, figures. I first wrote about Michael's Namor figure back in May and what struck me about that custom was how accurate the flesh tones were. He is continuing to add depth to his current Black Knight figure by doing what he does best, focusing on the tones and delivering an awesome custom! For example, Michael has created a very realistic looking chain mail on this figure, which is a type of armour or that consists of small metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh. Mail armour provided a highly effective defense against the weapons of the Medieval Period. The sculpting is always semetrical and the colors compliment each other nicely.

You can get both of these figure in one auction by heading over to Michael Amore's Custom Black Knight and Namor auction!

Skywarp Custom Transformers Animated G1 Starscream Figure by Jin Saotome

Back in black! Jin Saotome takes the Animated Starscream figure and gives it a classic, Generation 1 feel while still retaining the animated nature of the figure with his Custom Transformers Animated Skywarp figure. Looking like it fits right into the Animated Series, Jin has decked out this figure with the classic purple and black deco and even has given him a new head sculpt and in Jin's own words, "a very peeved Skywarp, probably because he’s being bossed around by Megatron all day." I would believe it! The colors are rich and toned perfectly to mirror the other figures in the Animated line. For more information and more pictures, head over to the auction page where you can read more about this awesome Custom Transformers Animated Skywarp!

Custom Transformers Movie Optimus Prime Leader Class Figure by CREG Customs

In the most anticipated movie of 2007, CREG Customs' recreates the Transformers Movie version of Optimus Prime in the most detailed, realistic custom I have seen to date. Through advances in CGI, Optimus Prime was able to exhibit emotion in the movie with various facial and mechanical expressions. To achieve emotion, the eyes and mouth are typically manipulated so that human emotions are mimicked, giving Optimus a persona that the 1980's cartoon could never achieve. That is one thing to capture that emotion for a multi million dollar movie but it is equally as difficult to capture feelings through sculpting a toy. Not only does this figure have amazing detail, CREG captures the raw emotions of Optimus with two types of custom heads: one with a mouth guard and one without. The head without the guard, really does a great job at capturing various looks of Optimus and, depending what angle you look at him, the figure will appear to exibit different emotions.

Bid on CREG's Custom Transformers Leader Class Optimus Prime today for your chance to own one of the best Prime's I have seen!

Custom Jessica Who Framed Roger Rabbit Statue by NTT

For you fans of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, or more importantly, Jessica Rabbit, NTT has an excellent version of this beauty to share with you all. His Custom Jessica Rabbit Statue is a site to be seen (and owned). I am a big fan of customizers who can sculpt and this figure is beautifully done. NTT has really captured the essence and feeling of Jessica Rabbit and I will let him fill you in on the rest of the details:

"This figure stands 6.5 inches tall and features some points of articulation (including head and arms). Parts of this custom was sculpted with Aves apoxie (very durable) and completely hand painted in acrylics. Have always been a big fan of the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit and always wanted to see Jessica in an action figure form! There's been many beautiful statues made of her, even funny-looking bendies, but not a figure in the 6 inch scale yet. This one-of-a-kind figure has some articulation but is meant more for display."

Bid on NTT's Custom Jessica Rabbit on eBay today!

Custom Stealth Starscream Transformers Movie Generation One Figure by Chih

A stealth aircraft is an one that uses stealth technology to make it difficult to be detected by radar by employing a combination of features to reduce visibility in the visual, audio, infrared and radio frequency spectrum. Well known examples include the United States' F-117 Nighthawk and the modern F-22 Raptor fighter, which was the vehicle mode of choice for Starscream in the 2007 Transformer Movie. The stealth bombers I am familiar with have a black deco, like the Custom Stealth Starscream figure by Chih!

Chih's not only provides him with a stealthy paint job, but he also pays a nice homage to Skywarp, a Decepticon Seeker Jet that has a purple and black Generation 1 deco. The nose cone and the wing trim give this figure its signature G1 appeal and Chih even went as far as coloring the cockpit glass the classic yellow/gold that topped the 1980's classic seeker jet. Chih's Custom Stealth Starscream is available on eBay so head over quick to place your bid!

Custom Cobra Jungle Hiss GI Joe Tank by corycastle13

Attention to detail was not spared when corycastle13 crafted this Custom Cobra Jungle HISS. This HISS comes packed with ammo and can carry an army of Cobra soldiers into battle that you could almost call this an APC. It is fitting that I am reviewing a GI Joe vehicle on the 64th Anniversary of the landing of allied forces on the beaches of Normandy during WWII, more commonly referred to as D-Day,because this HISS tank reminds me of aspects that I have seen on WWII tanks and armory. For example, some aspects of this HISS remind of the US built M2A1 Half Track crossed with a Nebelwerfer, a World War II German towed rocket artillery launcher, developed in the 1930s and used against ground targets. The .50 caliber machine guns mounted on the front give the HISS a menacing look that can do real damage. As seen in the photo below, the guns and ammo have their place and the packs mounted to the side of the HISS give it a war torn feel that soldiers live in. This is one of the best crafted Custom HISS I have come across to date!

Bid on corycastle13's Custom Cobra Jungle HISS by heading over to eBay!

Tarantula Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Steveid

Steveid brings a classic Marvel Comic figure to life with his Custom Marvel Legends Tarantula figure. Decked out in red and black with his signature poisonous stingers attached to his soles, this figure is dressed to kill. The crimson red color sets off the black accents on the figure and the brushed steel look of the stingers makes them look menacing. If you want to read more about this great figure, head over to eBay and bid on steveid's Custom Marvel Legends Tarantula figure.

Iron Monger Custom Marvel Legends Iron Man Figure by Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome is heating up the Iron Man custom section with his Custom Marvel Legends Iron Monger figure. The cool thing about this custom is that Jin has given this figure the look of brushed steel and has a light up chest but I will let Jin take it away from here:

"Monger has been decked out in a shiny metallic paint job with just a hint of blue shading and great highlights that give the look of real brushed steel! He has full articulation in the legs as well, not static posed like the first Iron Monger figure. Ready for the kicker? Open up the cockpit and flip the hidden switch, Iron Monger’s eyes and chest light up just like the onscreen character! Please don’t stare directly into the chest light, it’s so bright you can use this guy as a flashlight in case of an emergency. The batteries can also be replaced if needed."

Bid on Jin's Custom Marvel Legends Iron Monger figure on eBay today!

Jedi Hunter Clone Trooper Custom Lego Star Wars Mini Figure by rik_biel

rik_biel has made one of the coolest Lego Mini Figs I have ever seen with his Custom Lego Star Wars Jedi Hunter Clone Trooper figure. Who knew you could pack this much detail in a mini fig? Here is a rundown of what this clone contains:

Four triple tube grenade launchers - 2 shoulder mounted, 2 thigh mounted - 3 tone red gold and black color scheme - Sith spikes - 2 on helmet, 2 on knees ! - metal backpack with detailed micro wiring! - battle worn cape!

If you want to own this little piece of Star Wars history, head over to eBay and place a bid for this Custom Lego Star Wars Jedi Hunter Clone Trooper figure.

Starscream Custom Transformers Animated Series G1 Style Figure by Crefigz

Crefigz pays homage to the Generation 1 Starscream of yesteryear with his Custom Generation 1 Transformers Animated Starscream figure. First off, the base figure that Crefigz had to work with is stellar. I am not a huge fan of the Animated Series but some of the figures they made are really nice but it suffered from a lackluster paint scheme, which Cregfigz has more than made up for. Not only is this figure a Generation 1 throwback, the way it was painted makes it look like it could fit into the animated series today. You know you have come across some talent when a customizer can take a figure and make it fit into the current scheme of the series. The toning on this Starscream is down right amazing, giving it the cartoon feeling. The texture of this figure is also something to note as the toning has been done so smoothly that it looks like a factory job. All things considered, I think this may be one of the best looking Generation 1 repaints I have seen thus far.

Much in the spirit of his G1 counterpart, Starscream is a sarcastic, treacherous and two-faced usurper, who desires to be the leader of the Decepticons by overthrowing Megatron. However, his attempt ultimately backfired. As with all previous incarnations of the character, he transforms into a fighter jet, armed with his signature null-rays.

Bid on Crefigz's Custom Generation 1 Style Animated Starscream on eBay today!

Megatron Custom Transformers Movie Leader Class Figure by Chih

Chih is heating up the Transformers category with his Custom Megatron Transformers Movie figure. I don't know if this is a coincidence or not but I have seen a decrease in Transformers customs with the introduction of the Premium Series Transformers. I must say, the Premium Series is a slight improvement to the figure line but they do not hold a candle to the talent, craftsmanship, and artistic ability of the customizers out there and Chih ranks very high on my list of people that consistently create quality pieces for the fans out there.

For toy companies, it would seem like a simple task: Create a figure that comes close to their movie likeness. I guess that was what they were trying to achieve with the Premium Series line but they have to realize that they need to up the quality of the figures if they are to compete. Fans are growing tired of repaints and poor quality figures and that is where customizers fill the gap. Chih's Custom Megatron is a great example of Megatron was supposed to look. A very nice silver with bronze accents gives this figure that war torn battled look that the original toys were lacking. Chih's Custom Transformers Movie Leader Class Megatron figure is available on eBay so head over and place your bid now!