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Sam Fisher Splinter Cell Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by bigtado

Bigtado has recruited an ace in the hole to join to the fight for freedom with his Custom Splinter Cell GI Joe Sam Fisher cross over figure. This figure is very nicely detailed and the signature night vision goggles add the realism to this classic video game character. For those not familiar with Sam Fisher, here is a little more background: As a covert agent of the government, Fisher approaches his target objectives in a gruff, no-nonsense manner, but maintains a light-hearted relationship with his colleagues and even with his momentary hostages (even if he is going to kill them) . Fisher has little patience for government bureaucracy or political maneuvering.

Bid on bigtado's Custom Splinter Cell GI Joe Sam Fisher cross over figure on eBay today!

American Dream Custom Marvel Legends Figure by boskoestoys

Boskoestoys is heating up the Custom Marvel Legends figures with their American Dream figure. The sculpting and detailing is top notch! The hair looks like it is flowing in the wind and extends naturally from the helmet, which is uniquely sculpted like she is portrayed in comics and sketches. The colors are spot on and pay a nice homage to the Captain America feel of this figure.

American Dream is in peak physical condition for a non-powered human, and is a skilled martial artist. She has disc weapons similar to those used by Ricochet and has terrific aim. Later she was given a duplicate of Captain America's shield (more accurately, the shield itself from another dimension), and she uses it well (both defensively and offensively). Bid on this awesome Custom Marvel Legends American Dream figure by boskoestoys.

Custom GI Joe Dusty 25th Anniversary Figure by axandsmash

axandsmash brings us a very nice addition to the GI Joe 25th Anniversary collection with his Custom Dusty figure. The tan and the brown camo pay a very nice homage to the classic Dusty figure that came out in 1985. The hooded desert headgear and the camo across the face define this figure as the desert trooper we all know and love. Bid on this awesome Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Dusty on eBay today!

Custom Stealth Iron Man Marvel Legends Figure by Central Cali Customs

Complete with sound and blasters fire, Central Cali Customs (C3) brings this Custom Stealth Iron Man Marvel Legends figure to life. Like will all customs from C3, he pours his heart, soul, and talent into his works of art. I like the way the paint aps make this figure look like it is metallic. The helmet is also removable, which makes a really nice feature. Under the mask, the facial tone is a nice flesh color. This custom also has an interesting story, which I will let C3 describe in detail:

"Here is the story behind him. A week ago, I went through my bench work and usually clean up some un useful stuff. Then I found this repulsor Iron Man without the head and was ready to throw it away. I thought that I had no use for it. Then all of sudden, there is a little voice that could be customized rather than throwing it away. Then I found a head for him, so here you have it. He was hand painted multiple times with the glossy blue to depict his armor. His head was modified so that he could look up more than the original. The helmet is detachable; I personally love when he takes off his helmet (mask) as it looks like one of the statue. He also comes with his blaster blue fire when he's taking off (they are detachable). All of his sounds are working perfectly as he's taking off."

Bid on C3's Custom Stealth Iron Man Marvel Legends figure by heading over to eBay!

Custom Tony Stark Iron Man Marvel Legends Style Figure by CREG Customs

CREG has taken a different angle on the Iron Man customs with his version of Tony Stark depicting the "Yeah, I can fly" test sequence from the movie. This custom, with the amount of detailing and sculpting, far exceeds most Iron Man customs on eBay. What sets this custom apart from the others is that it is not a straight up Iron Man custom and the sculpting of the various parts flows nicely together. For example, the machinery on the arms flows up the biceps, giving the illusion that the figure is wearing the apparatus. The paint aps are nicely executed on the figure and compliment the depth and detail of the sculpting.

I would highly recommend that everyone head over to eBay and check out CREG's Custom Marvel Legends Tony Stark figure.

Barricade Custom Transformers Movie Figure by Jin Saotome

The custom transformers section on eBay has been a bit quiet but Jin has woken it up with his Custom Transformers Movie Barricade figure. Some of the things I really like about about Jin's customs are his quest to make it accurate, his attention to detail, and the quality and craftsmanship is light years beyond most. For example, in this Barricade figure, he has added a ball joint to the head, claws, and an LED kit so that the police lights work. My favorite part about this custom are the claws. I know it is a really small detail to be excited about but the original hands on the Barricade figure bugged me (well, most of the figure bugged me as it was not very movie accurate to begin with).

Read more about Jin's Custom Transformers Movie Barricade figure on eBay today!

Custom Cobra Ninja B.A.T. GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome keeps the custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary figures coming with his Custom Ninja B.A.T. figure. The Battle Android Troopers are a mainstay of the Cobra Army and Jin has made them more versatile and more deadly. Keeping in tradition to the style of the B.A.T. line with removable weapons and accessories, Jin adds some very nice touches to this robot of war. With flip out blades on the elbows, this Ninja assassin is ready for battle and his opponent will not know what hit him! This auction just went up on eBay so head over to place an early bid for this unique Custom Ninja B.A.T. figure or check out the other pictures.

Custom Iron Man War Machine Sigma Six Crossover Figure by yabemc

Creativity and skill is at the heart of yabemc's Custom Iron Man War Machine Sigma Six Crossover figure. It takes talent to transform a Sigma Six Zartan figure into a work of art with a custom head made from scratch. I happened upon this awesome custom trolling through eBay's completed listings but the really cool part is how much this custom went for! If you are curious, head over to the auction and see for yourself!

Custom Marvel Legends Minotaur Figure by DayYote

In Greek mythology, the Minotaur was a creature that was part man and part bull. It dwelt at the center of the Labyrinth, which was an elaborate maze-like construction built for King Minos of Crete and designed by the architect Daedalus and his son Icarus who were ordered to build it to hold the Minotaur. DayYote brings this mythic creature to life with his Custom Marvel Legends Minotaur figure. The detailing on this figure is a site to be seen and held. The sculpting and the paint washing techniques give this figure true depth and realism. Here is how DayYote describes how he created this wonderful beast:

"My Minotaur has been painted and sculpted with the finest materials. Aves apoxie sculpt,golden airbrush paint,and vallejo paint were all used in the creation of this masterpiece. Not only the finest materials but also the finest techniques were used also in the creation process. I applied a lot of sculpting, airbrush, paint washes, paint layers, dry brushing, and leather work. I even made my own battle axe. The Minotaur started out as a legendary heroes Pitt with everything being hand made. Original design of the armor came to me in my dream with a huge monster wearing armor that had huge teeth. A monster within a monster."

Bid on DayYote's Custom Marvel Legends Minotaur figure on eBay today!

Evil Jetfire Custom Transformers Classics Figure by boggs6ft7

What if Jetfire played for the Decepticons? boggs6ft7's plays this question out with his Custom Transformers Evil Jetfire figure. There are too many cool customs to write about each week but from time to time I look in eBay's completed items and come across some gems and this is definitely one of them. Although the auction is over, you can still read more about this great figure and see more pictures of this one of a kind Custom Evil Jetfire.

Custom Star Wars Imperial Tie Fighter by Vintage Scum

Vintage Scum has a very cool twist on one of my favorite Star Wars vehicles with his Custom Star Wars Imperial Tie Fighter. One of the aspects I really like about this custom is the wing design. The wing have an aerodynamic flair to them with the flat pieces in the middle of craft. The cockpit is very different as it protrudes from the front but it still retains the classic imperial look and feel of all of the classic Star Wars vehicles. This is why I made this website! It is talented customizers that keep their imagination flowing, which keeps me writing and writing. Let's hear how Vintage Scum describes this one of a kind vehicle:

"Here we have a custom tie fighter for the 3 3/4 scale. The tie fighter has been painted and weathered to give it a "battle worn" look. Acrylic model paints were used with a finishing dull coat. The entry/exit hatch is one piece. The custom tie pilot is also included. He is articulate only at the neck, shoulders, waist and upper thighs (again made from figs of the potf2 line). His blastech e-11 is included but not shown in the pix. The 4 round torpedo magazine below the canopy can be removed if desired. The flaps on the magazine open and close. The stand is also included. The tie is built pretty sturdy and may be handled just be careful if you place the pilots hands on the steering mechanism."

Bid on Vintage Scum's Custom Star Wars Imperial Tie Fighter today and add this vehicle to you Empire!

Speed Demon Custom Marvel Legends Figure gipsy83

gipsy83 has put his mad skills to test with this Custom Marvel Legends Speed Demon figure. This figure literally could be pulled straight of the comic as this figure is identical. The paint aps are applied very evenly and done in such a way that the details of the figure still show through. Often, blackwashing helps with this but this figure does not need this. Place a bid on this classic comic figure by heading over to eBay and securing a place for this Custom Marvel Legends Speed Demon figure.


Black Cat Custom Spiderman Marvel Legends Figure by 2dtoys

 2dtoys has created a masterpiece with his Custom Marvel Legends Black Cat figure from the Spiderman comics. The sculpting on this figure is simply amazing. The mask is proportional and nicely painted on the face, which is silhouetted by the beautiful hair sculpt. Let's read more about how 2dtoys made this great piece:

"Inspired by the art of Terry Dodson, she was pieced together from different figures and handsculpted together to create a deadly and accurate rendition of her comic appearance. Figure has 34 points of articulation and is completely poseable. You won't have to worry about paint rub so you can pose her around as much as you like. A great addition and perfectly in scale with your Marvel Legends and Spider-man collection."

Bid on this excellent custom on eBay today and secure your place to win 2dtoys' Custom Marvel Legends Black Cat figure.  Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom Marvel Legends figures.

Custom Bespin Luke Skywalker Star Wars Figure by grizzlelee

Going above and beyond and building upon Sideshow's Bespin Luke Skywalker figure, grizzlelee has given the attention this figure needs to capture the look and feeling of one of the best scenes in movie history. This Custom Sideshow Bespin Luke Skywalker figure depicts Luke during his duel with Darth Vader on Cloud City in the epic film The Empire Strikes Back. The facial accents and detailing bring this figure to life and the custom distressing add realism to this 1/6 scale figure. The fatigues look like they have been through hell and pay a nice homage to the how Luke was portrayed in the movie. Let's read more about this unique Luke from grizzlelee:

  • Re-paint of the original Sideshow head made to depict Luke during his duel with Vader on Cloud City (Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back)
  • The outfit has been stained with acrylic paint and altered by sandpaper, x-acto knife and hand stitching
  • The boots, gun, holster and belt have been distressed with acrylic paint and sandpaper

This Custom Bespin Luke Skywalker Star Wars figure is available on eBay now so head over and place a bid!  Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom Star Wars figures.

Scarlet Witch Custom Marvel Legends Figure by krossiv

krossiv brings us a very beautiful Custom Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch figure. Using the X-Men comic as inspiration, this custom has many features that stand out. First, the hair is nicely done and flows naturally from her head. The costume sculpt around the her face sets off the soft beauty of this figure. The cape is a great accessory to the figure and the way the boots are sculpted actually looks like the figure is standing in them (as opposed to being molded as part of the leg).

Go check out krossiv's Custom Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch figure on eBay today! 

Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom Marvel Legends figures.

Custom Iron Man Sigma Six Figure by tdm-studios

Based on the Sigma Six Cobra Commander, tdm-studios performs his magic and transforms a GI Joe figure into an awesome Iron Man custom. It takes real talent to see a figure on the shelf and create a totally new and unique figure and tdm-studios come through with a hit. The paint aps are nicely applied and the red and gold scheme cements this figure as Iron Man. The eyes of this figure give it real character and one figure you need in your Iron Man collection. Let's hear more from tdm-studios about what went into this great custom:

"This figure has been customized to include a removable chest plate with light up led system, and a removable arm gauntlet. Many hours were spent creating certain designs and features for the figure. From the original sculpted head (not a cast) to the modifications to the hands and light up system, the attention to design was in every step. Some details include: original sculpted head (on top of the S-6 head), light blue acrylic inserts in the eyes, modifications to hands (open & closed fist), removable chest plate & led light system (it can be turned off & on with the turn of a screw and the batteries are replaceable), additional sculpted liberties throughout the body & a custom red (pearlecent) and gold paint scheme."


Bid on tdm-studios' Custom Iron Man figure on eBay today!

Iron Man Custom Marvel Legends Sigma Six Cross Over Figure by Jin Saotome

The Iron Man customs are heating up on eBay and their is very good reason! Typically, there is a surge of character specific customs that land on eBay before and after the launch of a killer movie. The 2007 Transformers Movie and the 2008 Iron Man movies have given customizers a great canvas to demonstrate their creativity. That said, I would like to focus attention to a really cool cross over figure done by Jin Saotome. Jin has created a hybrid Marvel Legends Sigma Six Iron Man that looks like it could belong in both worlds of Marvel and GI Joe. This Iron Man figure has retained the unique style of the Sigma Six GI Joe line and has married the aspects that make Iron Man a force to recon with. The colors really compliment figure and you can clearly identify this as an Iron Man figure and the black washing really brings out the detail. This blend of worlds has really come together into a great looking figure and boy is this auction hot! To read more about this awesome custom, head over to Jin's auction and see how red hot this figure is getting! 

Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom Marvel Legends figures.

Namor The Sub Mariner Custom Marvel Legends Figure by Michael Amore


Not satisfied with either ML version of Namor, Michael Amore has risen to the occasion and created a work of art with his Custom Marvel Legends Namor figure. One of the aspects about this custom that makes this unique is the custom flesh tone and the sculpting on this figure. The speedo is even hand sculpted and Michael rounds it out with a trademark N. Another great aspect of this custom is that Michael is able to capture the human element in action figure form. The way the muscles flow, especially from the neck down, makes this custom truly realistic, an aspect that is extremely difficult to capture in a figure but there are a few who can pull it off and Michael is one of them. The second photo below really shows off the superior level of detail. Let's read more about how Michael made this figure in his own words:

"I really wanted the flesh tone to be realistic and not to rub at all when you move I made my own custom flesh color and attacked his joints by: cutting, scrapping, grinding, sanding and smoothing...he is fully possable, plus he has two sets of of which holds ah custom trident I fashioned...the other has jointed fingers...and I lined his Speedo w/green felt on the inside so his legs would not rub...thus he retains ALL of his perfect paint apps!!!....His feet and head from the neck up are from the later version or Namor from the last FF line...I used putty and apoxy-scultp to make them seamless w/the rest of the figure...I also sculpted his Speedo to be comic book correct...and dry-brushed his Speedo and ankle wings to give them an awesome look! got yer gold gauntlets...yellow N for ah buckle...pointy ears...who could ask for anything more huh!!!...all hand painted...mostly custom colors...gloss, semi-gloss and flat pants used!!!...this figure took forever to make..."

Head over to eBay and bid on this one of a kind Custom Marvel Legends Namor figure by Michael Amore now!  Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom Marvel Legends figures.


Red Laser Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Figure by Jin Saotome

Since there are so many great customs out there to write about, I can't possibly cover everything so sometimes I will troll around in the Completed Listings section of eBay and come across some gems that I missed. Jin Saotome has created a blast from the past with an updated version of an International figure with this Custom GI Joe 25th Anniversary Red Laser figure. Jin has made a really nice addition to this figure with the wrist gauntlet/backpack and weapon. The addition of the helmet logo pays great homage to the original Red Laser figure. For those not familiar with International GI Joe's, Red Laser was an exclusive figure that was available in the United Kingdom and Europe around 1983 by the Palitoy toy company. He was available packaged with the Action Force Laser Exterminator - a red and black repaint of the HAL (Heavy Artillery Laser).

Although the auction has ended already, you can view Jin's Custom Red Laser to find out more about him and also see more photos.  Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom GI Joe figures.

Iron Man Custom Marvel Legends Figure by boskoestoys

boskoestoys, another one of my favorite customizers, takes on the Iron Man Mark 7 with force with their Custom Marvel Legends Iron Man figure. I love when new movies come out, like Iron Man, which means a serious influx of customs. The apsects that I love about boskoestoys is that they are not afraid to take some liberties their customs and really make them their own and unique. boskoestoys tells us more about this awesome Iron Man figure:
Iron Man figure features:
  • Exchangable hands
  • Regular hands with repulsors in palms
  • Repulsor cannon attachment (fits on back)
  • Prototype hand (repulsor fingertips)
  • Oversized work hand
Exchangable heads: Like two action figures in one. swap out heads for Tony stark, and turn you movie Mark 7 into an Ultimate Mark 7. Exchangeable pieces fit very snug and are not wobbly or loose. Chest lights up 2 different colors. The acrylic shield over his chest piece is clear blue, but there are two different buttons on his back. On makes his chest smolder red, and the effect from this light spreads through his right torso (kinda a lunar armor effect). The other button is bright orange glow. runs on small watch batteries (batteries are replaceable). Real metallic paint additives, careful attention to detail, and a multi layered paint ap finish this figure off!

There is less than 1 day left for this Custom Marvel Legends Iron Man figure by boskoestoys!  Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom Marvel Legends figures.

Laserbeak Custom G1 Transformers Figure by Shinobitron

Shinobitron, my go to guy for G1 Transformers, has a unique version of a 1980's classic with his Custom Transformers Laserbeak figure. The unique aspect of this custom is that the eagle version of Laserbeak does not transform into a cassette tape but a pretty cool robot! The reds, blacks, and silvers gives this bird the classic look that fans love. Let's find out more about this awesome Laserbeak from the source:

"I believe one of these guys was made for Botcon a few years back but some people complained he lacked a classic G1 flair. I tried to pay homage to the G1 character with added mortar canons/ thrusters to his back and BA paint scheme that, when in bot mode, says "Hi I'm a Ninja and I look like Deadpool!" Along with the thrusters I have also made him twin canons that can attach to his side in bird mode and be used as guns in bot mode. This figure has super articulation and can be put into all kinds of neat poses to strike fear into your autobots!"
This week, Shinobitron is paying homage to the little cassettes that could in the Transformers universe to be sure to bid on his Custom Transformers Laserbeak and also check out his other customs!  Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom Transformers figures.

Scrap Iron Custom GI Joe Sigma 6 Cobra Figure by Shinobitron

As a kid, I used to have all out battles between GI Joe and Cobra and Scrap Iron played a huge part in destroying some strategic Joe bunkers and command centers. I grew up with the 3 3/4" Joes and Scrap Iron performed his magic with his rocket launchers behind the Cobra Bunker and caused massive devastation (not to mention the large mess I had to clean up before I went to bed but we won't go there!). Shinobintron takes on Scrap Iron in Sigma Six form and he does an excellent job capturing the colors and style of this classic Cobra figure. One aspect that I like about this figure is the way the helmet wraps around the head to give him maximum protection against a Joe onslaught. I like when customizers take some liberties and go out on a limb and I feel that the absence of the signature rocket launcher deserves some mention here but Shinobitron makes up for this with a big ass machine gun that looks like it can do some serious damage.

Shinobintron is one of the most talented customizers out there right now so make sure you check out his auction and place a very high bid on this Custom Sigma 6 GI Joe Scrap Iron figure!  Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom GI Joe figures.

Cable Custom Marvel Legends X-Men Figure by collectablekid

collectablekid brings Rob Liefeld's X-Force comic icon to life with his Custom Marvel Legends Cable figure. As with every custom from collectablekid, no detail was spared, even down to the gun. The vibrant colors coupled with the black washing really brings out the hard lines of this figure and defines each discrete piece.

Check out more details about this awesome Custom Cable over at eBay!  Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom Marvel Legends figures.

Custom Transformers Movie Barricade 1:18 Scale RC Dub City Mustang GT-R by sdub442

Ever wanted to recreate the scene where Barricade and Bumblebee are tearing down the streets in the one of the best movie car chases? sdub442 makes this possible with his Custom Transformers Movie Barricade 1:18 Scale RC Dub City Mustang GT-R! This Decepticon is customized to the 'T' to look exactly like the Barricade that appears in the Transformers Movie. The functioning lights and the fact that this is an actual radio controlled car makes this custom very special.  Check out sdub442's auction for the exact details on how he made this awesome car!

Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom Transformers figures.

Iron Man Movie Lab Diorama Custom Marvel Legends Style by rayscustoms

Rayscustoms has a kickass diorama up on eBay right now! This thing is just too cool for words so please cehck out his auction page and place a bid on his Custom Marvel Legends Iron Man Movie Lab Diorama.  Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom Marvel Legends figures.

Custom GI Joe Battle Android Trooper C.O.M.B.A.T Figure by Jin Saotome


Dubbed the Command Oriented Military Battle Android Trooper and keenly acronym'd C.O.M.B.A.T., Jin Saotome once again displays his mad customizing skills and gives GI Joe a much need troop enhancement. The Cobra B.A.T. (Battle Android Trooper) was one my favorites to play with as a kid and as an adult it still remains a mainstay in my Cobra Army. The head sculpt is my favorite part of this custom and I love the tubes that go from the head to the back as it reveals a vulnerable point in the droid. The B.A.T. is the only troop that "dies" in the GI Joe cartoons so I can imagine this C.O.M.B.A.T. figure's getting it's tubes severed in battle and rendered useless. Jin goes on to explain more about his figure:

"Cobra BATs are all the rage these days, disposable troopers that Cobra Commander can flood the battlefield with while he cheats Zartan at cards in the Terrordrome. No complaining, no need for medics, what more could you ask? Well what goes around comes around, enter C.O.M.B.A.T. standing for Command Oriented Military Battle Android Trooper. More sophisticated than the earlier models (and based on my Sigma 6 Combat) this trooper is ready to deploy wherever you need him. This Combat unit 055 is ready to handle your basic trooper needs and wields a PDW and machine gun. Out of ammo? No sweat, Combat can deploy its shoulder mounted machine gun for a quick attack. Check out the hand painted weathering, shading, and detail. He even has an American flag to show off his patriotic spirit!"  



Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom GI Joe figures.

Cosmos Custom Transformers Generation 1 Figure by Shinobitron

Shinobitron has the perfect solution to beef up your Minibot collection with his Custom Transformers Cosmos figure. I don't see many Minibots come through so this is a real treat. The colors and figure choice capture the essence of the G1 Minibot Cosmos. For more information and to place a bid on this one of a kind Cosmos, head over to eBay!

Please Note: Items are removed from eBay databases every 90 days so if the item is gone, check out more Custom Transformers figures.

Custom Metroid Samus Master Chief Halo Crossover Figure by TheFlesk

TheFlesk's Custom Samus Master Chief Metroid/Halo crossover figure brings 2 great classic gaming icons together in one awesome figure! First released in 1986, Metroid was one of the first NES that sucked all of the time from my adolescent life. Fast forward to 2001 where Halo makes gaming history and once again sucks all of my time, now, from my adult life. This figure is nicely done as it blends both aspects of Samus and the Master Chief. Combining the classic colors of Metroid with the fighting armor of Halo makes for a custom that I am sure will be very sought after.

Bid on TheFlesk's killer crossover custom on eBay today!