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Custom Marvel Legends Stryfe Ultimate X-Men Figure by boskoestoys

Bursting from the pages of the Ultimate X-MEN comic #92 comes boskoestoys' Custom Marvel Legends Stryfe Ultimate X-Men figure. Boskoestoys has really captured the comic version of this figure and has taken it to the next level. The metallic paint aps on this figure are very high quality and look amazing. The black washing really makes the detail comes to life and the one of a kind sculpting and moulding of the figure brings out the accuracy from the comic.

Find out more about this awesome figure by heading over to eBay and checking out boskoestoys' Custom Marvel Legends Stryfe Ultimate X-Men figure.

Custom Star Wars Sith Darth Sion Figure by Mastercloner

Mastercloner is giving Star Wars fans a reason to add the word 'custom' in thier searches for Star Wars figures on eBay with his Custom Sith Darth Sion. While the Evolutions packs have added some strength in the Sith count, it is the custom Sith figures that keep fans coming back for more. From the artists rendering that I have seen, Mastercloner has done a very good job striking a balance between the concept and custom. Some of the artists renderings of Darth Sion I have seen look much more worse for the ware but Mastercloner's version may take place earlier in his history where he is much less battle scarred. The right arm that wields his lightsaber flows naturally into his pale white flesh and the crackled look that is applied to the body is very well done. Bid on Mastercloner's Custom Sith Darth Sion on eBay!

More about Darth Sion (souce:
When the factions of the Sith on Korriban turned on each other after Darth Malak's death and Revan's disappearance, Sion was one of the Sith Lords that escaped to the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. It seemed he had escaped to Malachor V, where he became the apprentice of Darth Traya, a former teacher of Darth Revan when he was a Jedi. For his benefit, Sion was a Sith Marauder. Sion was a uniquely powerful Sith Lord, having learned the ways of pain in the Trayus Academy on Malachor V. Torturing and killing others helped him enhance his strength in the Force, and his ability to feed on his own pain and hatred made him all but immortal; for if he were struck down, he could always arise by feeding on his agony. He was also a lightsaber master, and arguably the most infamous and deadly Sith Assassin of the era. Sion was known to be responsible for the deaths of countless Jedi during the shadow war waged by himself and Darth Nihilus. However, the alliance between Traya, Nihilus, and himself could not last forever. Sion and Nihilus attacked Darth Traya at the Trayus Core and as such, exiled her. Sion and Nihilus continued their shadow war by sending assassins after the last known "Jedi"—an exile who had served under Revan during the Mandalorian War.

Custom Marvel Legends Sunspot X-Men New Mutant Figure by Wanderer-X

Wanderer-X brings one of the New Mutants to life with his Custom Marvel Legends X-Men Sunspot figure. Sunspot is an interesting character as he absorbs solar energy to increase his powers. I have seen a couple of versions of Sunspot from the comics and I prefer this costume over some other drawings where his arms and legs are just black. I really like the head sculpt on this one and the coloring on the lips and eyes. Bid on this great Custom Marvel Legends Sunspot on eBay!

Custom Mr. America Hulk Hogan WWE Classic Superstars Figure by skribbel24

Helping me ring in AFC's 200th blog, skribbel24 has created a blast from the past with his Custom Mr. America Hulk Hogan figure. I had several opportunities to see the Hulkster in action as my Dad would take me to see the WWF when they came to San Francisco and Oakland, California. I was lucky enough to go to Wrestlemania 7 where Hulk Hogan defeated a GI Joe icon Sgt. Slaughter via his patented leg drop to win the WWF Championship. skribbel24's custom Hulk Hogan bears an uncanny resemblence to the living and breathing wrestling icon and that is why people are in awe of his customs. topping it off with a custom box, he delivers the total package (not to be confused with Lex Luger...ok...not funny). Let's learn more about skribbel24's latest custom:


Hulk Hogan had a run as the mask-wearing spoof superhero Mr. America in 2003. The persona was supposed to be Hulk Hogan in disguise, wearing a mask. He used Hulk Hogan's "Real American" theme music and used all of Hogan's signature gestures, moves, and phrases. He was the subject of a storyline that took place after Hollywood Hulk Hogan was forced by Vince McMahon to sit out the rest of his contract. After Hogan won at WrestleMania XIX, McMahon was kayfabe frustrated with him and wanted Hulkamania to die. A WWE pre-debut push took place with mysterious Mr. America promos airing for weeks during SmackDown!. There was also on-screen discussion on SmackDown! between then General Manager Stephanie McMahon and other players concerning her hiring Mr. America "sight unseen." On May 1, Mr. America debuted on SmackDown! on Piper's Pit segment. McMahon appeared and claimed that Mr. America was Hulk Hogan in disguise, and Mr. America shot back by saying, "I am not Hulk Hogan, brother!" (lampooning Hogan's use of "brother" in his promos). The feud continued through the month of May, with a singles match between Mr. America and Hogan's old rival Roddy Piper at Judgment Day. McMahon tried desperately to prove that Mr. America was indeed Hulk Hogan but failed at all attempts. Mr. America even passed a lie detector test. Mr. America's last WWE appearance was on the June 26 edition of SmackDown!.

Bid on his Custom Mr. America Hulk Hogan now as there is about a day left since this article was published.

Custom Star Wars Sith Guardian Darth Virax by Monsterforge Illustration Studio

Who doesn't need a bodygaurd? If you are a Sith, you may get by without one but only the wise look to Darth Virax for ultimate protection. Monsterforge Illustration Studio has created a one of a kind Sith bodyguard with their Custom Star Wars Sith Guardian Darth Virax figure. The detail on this figure is amazing for a 3 3/4 scale. I really like the way Monsterforge Illustration Studio has given the skin an old and crackled look to it and the sith robe is a great addition to the figure. The robe is very unique and really brings out the dark side of the figure. Looking at the facial features, I would not want to cross this Sith in a dark ally. Let's learn more about Darth Virax:

"Darth Virax was the high guardian of the ceremonial egg chamber of the Xarvog broodhome in the Xvxus Sector. His acute ability to detect any threats to the hive, his incalculable strength, and his unswerving devotion to the hive made him a valuable asset to the Xarvog Queen. When Darth Krayt sensed this great strength, he immediately set out to make Virax his servant. Krayt fought and defeated the massive warrior and immediately killed the Queen. Seeing his master defeated at the hands of an intruder, Virax was left without a purpose in life. Krayt offered him a new duty: serving as a completely loyal servant of the new Dark Lord of the Sith. Krayt trained the Force-strong insectoid in the Sith Arts and made him one of his powerful Sith legion. Darth Virax serves without fail his new master, and protects him from the power-hungry Sith who nip at the heels of Darth Krayt's empire."  



Bid on this awesome Custom Star Wars Sith Guardian Darth Virax figure today on eBay!

Custom Transformers GI Joe Starscream Cobra Night Raven Figure by Shinobitron

The GI Joe Transformers comic was an interesting concept and I have been waiting to see if someone could pull off a decent crossover custom and it looks like Shinobitron nailed it with his Custom Transformers GI Joe Starscream Cobra Night Raven figure. One of my favorite planes in the GI Joe universe was the SR-71 Blackbird they dubbed the Night Raven. Shinobitron has done this bird some justice and it looks like he tried really hard to retain the classic 1980's appeal of the Night Raven, even going as far as coloring the jet intakes orange like the original Cobra Jet. The smallest detail was not overlooked and if you look close enough, you can make out the tiny decals on the rear fins. Let's read more about Shinobitron's cross over custom:

"Screamers been made to resemble the way he did in the GI Joe TF Crossover. Screamer got to be The Cobra Commanders personnal jet, it must have been their stunning personalities or the love for each others voice. My Screamer stands at 6" tall and had removable wrist lasers. Screamer can change into the Night Raven and has been detsiled to the extreme. Screamer has Cobra symbols the authentic night logo on the wing and tons of extra decalling that make him more than just a generic jet. He has been marked with warning markers at his exhaust ports hatches ect. Not only is he marked for Cobra but he also has very sutle Decep logos on his shoulders. Not only that but open his chest and his true aligence is reveiled!"

Bid on Shinobitron's Custom Transformers GI Joe Starscream Cobra Night Raven figure on eBay today!

Custom Lego Star Wars Ewok Village Endor Attack by Fully Brick Models

Fully Brick Models has outdone themselves by recreating a famous scene and village from the final chapter of the Star Wars saga, Return of the Jedi. Home to the cute and cuddly Ewoks, this village was also home to some powerful scenes in the movie. Let's read more about how Fully Brick Models created this classic village:

"This is another big one, a very very big one, and very very very detailed. Its an entire EWOK VILLAGE. This is so big its easily titled an Ultimate Collector Series. It stands at 1 metre tall, (over 3 feet). Its breathtaking! Don't ask how long it took us to build this, just don't ask. Firstly, the sheer amount of money, time and patience to attempt something this big and detailed was well worth it to see this masterpiece completed. It comes with everything pictured, except the mini-figs. The birds that adorn the upper canopy, and the owl that looks down watching over the night come with this. You will notice we have also included an Ewok Glider which comes with the tree and is actually attached with a clear translucent bar so its extremely sturdy and invisible to see the attachment, thus it appears as though the Ewok is actually flying just near the tree, about to swoop down on the Imperial Stormtroopers or the AT-ST's.

It comes with long vines that inter-twine throughout the village tree. The actual ewok huts are constructed of a beautiful colour which matches perfectly the colour scheme from the movie, as well as the reddish-brown of the tree. We first tried normal orange for the Ewok Hut, but it was too bright and looked wrong. Then we tried other shades of colour, and thus the colour scheme is simply identical to the movie. The base of the tree is very big so it can hold up the vast Ewok Village and it comes with the baseplates included. It tapers into the ground just like the actual Sequia trees, with huge buttressed roots penetrating into the ground from its thick trunk. This was emulated with a mass of long tapering slopes strategically positioned. The cost in time and massive numbers of parts for building this much lego was a lot, but well, well worth it, all you have to do is look at the finished product. You will not find this anywhere, just like all our custom models, as they are a work of art by us."

Own this one of a kind Custom Lego Star Wars Ewok Village by heading over to eBay.

Custom Transformers Leader Class Brawl Movie Figure by l.designs

l.designs is showing his diverse talent with his Custom Transformers Leader Class Brawl Movie figure. One of things I really like about this Brawl is the depth that this figure has with's paint ap technique. The camo art is very well done and the tank looks down and dirty. The blackwashing on the figure gives it a realistic feel and the mud on the tank treads makes it look like Brawl has traveled a long way to open a can of whoop ass on some unsuspecting Autobots. Let's get some more insight on how this Brawl was made: 

"A lot of time and attention to detail went into making this as accurate as possible to available reference material I could dig up, but of course has my spin on it as usual. I started out in tank mode and took the approach of a real war worn tank. After creating a factory finish paint job from top to bottom I weathered this sucker as accurate as possible. The wheels were rusted a bit, then shined back up where it would naturally rub and thus be polished from use. Finally touches of mud were caked on top of that. The tracks themselves have dirt in the crevices, but then the exposed portion that would be rolling along several types of terrain have been scratched into a slightly polished look. All hinges and areas around hatches and edges and what not have a weathered metal look as the paint would be worn from these areas as well. There is soot stain across the paint job from years of battle and use as well as scratch marks here and there. The robot mode has had much the same treatment, with several types of metallic paint to give real depth to the metal areas."

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Custom Transformers G1 Sideswipe War Within Figure by Warmachine

Straight from the War Within comics comes Warmachine's Custom Transformers Sideswipe. One of the aspects I like about Warmachine is his ability to see a figure and truly make it his own. With this custom, he took the crossover Transformers/Star Wars Shuttle Tydirium and was able to look past the figure and see the potential to create a classic comic book figure. The paint looks impeccable and he has retained the G1 color scheme. I am really impressed with Warmachin'e work and this is your chance to own a one of a kind from a talented customizer. Let's see how Warmachine made this great custom:

"Up for auction is a custom Transformers War Within Sideswipe modded from a StarWars Transformers Emperor Palpatine Tydirium Shuttle. I slightly modded a different head for him and added my own shoulder mounted missile launcher as well as a custom blaster rifle. Sideswipe is custom painted as seen in the War Within comics but with a couple more paint apps applied to enhance his overall look a bit. Now is your chance to add another character to your War Within collection. For the painting effects I used a combination of acrylic, and enamel paints as well as utilizing the drybrushing, panel lining, highlighting and wash techniques to achieve a more detailed look."

Head over to eBay find more Custom Transformers!

Custom Marvel Legends Goblin Queen X-Men Figure by KJ Customs

KJ Customs steams up the scene with his Custom Marvel Legends Goblin Queen! He is a very talented sculptor and this figure is evidence of that. The human body is very difficult to replicate but this is one of KJ's strong points! Some of the high points of this custom are the very detailed ab sculpt and shaping. The hair flows beautifully off the top of her head and on to her shoulders. This is one of the most highly detailed and nicely sculpted Marvel Legends custom I have come across in a while. KJ tells us more about how me made this beauty:  



"This figure is very detailed and very beautiful.She has several points of articulation and comes with a base with very detailed goblins.She also comes with a massive custom cape with about a nine or ten inch span.From head to toe this is going to please any x men fan! Starting with the figure itself ,she is about 7" tall.She is really for display and not for play. She has 8 points of articulation: Her ball joint shoulders,elbows,Knees, and ankles. Her legs and torso do not move because I wanted the figure to look flawless.She is pretty durable and has been crafted with magic sculpt and sealed. Her face is very beautiful and sexy.She has smokey eyes with light on the iris .Her skin throughout her body is shaded to look more realistic.She has red hair with many different colors of highlight and lowlight,and has been sculpted to look like it is flowing.She has a very sexy mid section and toned body. She has very detailed hands which have also been shaded and given long glossy black finger nails. Her costume is very comic book accurate. It is a jet glossy black color.On the loin cloth there are tiny gold skulls and a golden broach on her chest. The outfit itself is three dimensional, so it is not just painted on.Her knee high boots are also detailed and are jet black with gloss. She also comes with two hand sculpted very detailed goblins. The green one does not come off the stand but the blue one is removable. These guys are really awesome and help make the figure pop! Her cape is removable and very flexible. It has two rings which can be put on each wrist and really move with the figure when her arms move.The base is from another figure but looks really good with this one."

Head over to eBay to find more great Custom Marvel Legends figures.

Custom Transformers Stockade Sector 7 Movie Figure by chih

One of my pet peeves with the Transformers Movie toys is that Hasbro keeps making toys out of vehicles that did not transform into robots but chih makes up for this by making a kick ass Custom Stockade figure. I guess Hasbro can still pumping out toys as this gives customizers a nice canvas to work with.

What I really like about this custom is that chih made the robot mode look a million times better with weathered steel, copper accents, and a dull black that makes gives the figure a fresh from battle look. Sometimes the showroom shine does not do a figure justice and chih has a great ability to make a blase Transformers and make turn it into a masterpiece.

Head over to eBay to find more great Custom Transformers figures.

Custom GI Joe Dial Tone Sigma Six Classic Figure by artifax_toyz

artifax_toyz has given classic Joe fans a very good reason to own a Sigma Six figure with his Custom GI Joe Dial Tone classic! Paying a great tribute to the original Dial Tone from the 3 3/4" line from 1986, the colors are a dead on match. The weapons are very cool as they are updated versions of the rifle and CommLink Backpack. This figure retains all of the classic GI Joe'ness the fans from the 80's have known to grow and love. Let's hear about what other great features this figure has in store for the lucky winner:
This figure has been made to resemble the original 3 3/4th Dial Tone figure based on the 80's hit classic cartoon. Hasbro has since decided to cancel the 8" Sigma 6 line. Add this classic character to your collection. This figure is one of a kind and will no longer be produced. It's a must have for GI Joe collectors. Own a part of Sigma 6 history.

  • Full painted body
  • Resculpted/painted head
  • Removable beret
  • Custom CommLink Back Pack w/rotating mic extension
  • Custom S6 Rifle with collapsible stock

This Custom GI Joe Dial Tone Sigma Six Classic figure is on eBay so bid now!

Custom Marvel Legends Titanium Man Figure by Central Cali Customs

Central Cali Customs has taken a great character from the Marvel Comics and brought it to life with his Custom Marvel Legends Titanium Man figure. The colors on this custom really pop and pay homage to the comic representation of Titanium Man. He chose a great shade of green and complimented it with a dark silver which goes nicely with the figure and gives it a fresh from battle look. The faceshield on the head is proportional and the copper goes great with the figure. Central Cali Customs describes his process so let's get into the head of this talented customizer:


  • Researching, the best suitable Action Figure to transform. For example: According to Cable's bio, he is 6ft 8in and 350 lbs. So, I would not use a HULK's body because he is 1,000 lbs.
  • Once you find all parts, then you Assemble and Sculpt
    This part is very fun......I used Apoxie Sculpt for a strong finish.

  • Prime the whole body.

  • Paint major parts with correct color accordingly. I do multiple paint 3 to 4 times. I used Testors Model Master Acrylic Flat color paints. These paints are non-toxic and lead free.

  • Wash with darker color to imitate shadow (Where needed).

  • Dry brush with lighter color to imitate highlights (Where needed).

  • Then detailing such as lines, logos, etc.

  • Last and not least, I used Testors Dull Cote (flat finish) to protect the paint.
  • Find more great Custom Marvel Legends figures on eBay!

    Custom Star Wars AT AP All Terrain Attack Pod by rik_biel

    rik_biel knows what Star Wars fans want! He has taken one of the most anticipated vehicles and made it not only movie accurate, he has created a metal finish that would rival some automobile finishes. What I really like about his Custom AT AP is the realistic metal finish and the carbon scoring on the vehicle makes it look it has just come back from battle. He explains how he created this great custom:

    "The first step in transforming this vehicle was to separate all of the pieces and take apart the centre pod console. I then individually spray painted each part carefully with a more authentic looking gray color. Once this had dried, I then carefully painted the instrumentation buttons and switches and added seat detailing as well (see the close up pictures). Next I then assembled all of the pieces and applied the model detailing and weathering techniques to get dark paint in all of the grooves (a "wash") and to then highlight all of the edges and add realistic weathering ("dry brushing"). These two techniques combine to give "scale" and realism to the model and really bring out the detail in Hasbro's sculpt. I then used special model-making masking tape to get the straight lines on the green and red unit type markings, the dark gray stripes on the legs and the circular red and white "Republic" insignia. A light dry brushing of brown on the "feet" to simulate dirtiness and the painting was then finished. The next step was to apply some "battle damage" - this is an area where it is very easy to go too far and lose realism. Using a special technique that I discovered only two weeks ago, I applied several "scorch" marks around the vehicle to simulate blackened blaster burn marks. The key to maintaining a realistic look is to not apply too much weathering on a small scale vehicle. Moderation and restraint were exercised here to give the appearance that the vehicle has seen battle, but has not been too badly damaged. You want something that looks like it is still "in service and potent." Once I was happy the painting and weathering were complete, I then gave the vehicle a generous coat of protective "dull cote" lacquer to ensure that it could be handled normally with the paint and effects still being protected. And there you have it! Look closely at the pictures - this AT-AP vehicle looks as close to "real" as you can get! It has also retained all functionality, including full movement of all legs (see 3-legged picture) and moving of all guns."

    These are becoming scarce in stores but you can own this awesome custom by heading over to eBay and bidding on this Custom Star Wars AT AP All Terrain Attack Pod.

    Custom Marvel Legends Storm X-MEN Figure by darthleon

    Darthleon's Custom Marvel Legends Storm figure rises from the page of Marvel Comics and is stirring up eyes on eBay! The sculpting on this figure is great and I am happy to see darthleon taking on a custom that is one of his favorite character portrayals. The hair looks great and it looks like she is getting ready to mess with mother nature. Let's see how he has made this great figure:

    "This is one of my favorite versions of storm to date so I figured I give it a go considering there really isn't a good storm out there. Her entire torso, Boots, Hair and chest was rescultped to give a more accurate and detailed look. The outfit was painted with many highlights and shadows to give it a realistic look. Please note that do to the boots, this figure is meant to posed on the flying stand that is provided, because she cannont stand without support. The figure has multiple points of articulation. This figure is one that needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. Although the figure is poseable and durable, this item is intended for collectors and should be handled accordingly. He was scultped using a very durable compound called apoxie sculpt that when cured is very hard and durable."

    Own this great Custom Marvel Legends Storm by bidding on the auction!

    Custom Cloud Strife Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Fantasy 7 Figure by somakustoms

    Having a spouse that works in the video game industry, I have an affinity towards video game customs. This week, somakustoms brings to life a Final Fantasy character with his Custom Cloud Strife figure from Kingdom Hearts 1. Let's read how he created this great looking custom:

    "The cape was taken from a Berserk Guts figure. I added on to it using hot glue and shaped it with the lowest temp wood burner I could find. I cut a fodder wing to make a general shape and used Apoxie to sculpt over it. The 3 belts hanging loose from his hips were made with hot glue. I wrapped the sword with a strip of a cotton shirt I cut up. The thing wrapped around his left hand was made with rubber bands and plastic strips I cut up from one of the toy packaging laying around. The claws on the left hand were sculpted with Apoxie."

    Somakustoms Custom Cloud Strife figure is up for bid on eBay so head over there!

    News from Hasbro: Customizing Guidelines for GI Joe Customizers

    Last February, Hasbro posted guidelines for GI Joe customizers. Please note that this does not apply to other toy lines:

    Hasbro Provides Customizing Guidelines to Collectors

    Dear Fans and Customizers,

    The G.I. JOE team would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the customizing community and the incredible creativity and passion that goes into each one of your projects. We are continually impressed by your work.

    The customizing community ranges from those who work with product to those who customize packages and artwork. There has recently been some confusion as to what constitutes the legal resale of customized product and what constitutes trademark infringement. The following guidelines for using Hasbro trademarks should provide some clarity.

    1. Hasbro encourages the customizing of individual figures for personal usage,
      and can be resold as one-of-a-kind, out-of-package figures.
    2. All Hasbro artwork, such as card art, cannot be reprinted without permission
      from Hasbro. These assets contain Hasbro-owned trademarks and logos, and
      cannot be sold or reproduced without Hasbro’s permission
    3. Hasbro owned trademarks such as character names and the GI Joe brand name cannot be used without written permission from Hasbro.

    As we look to the future of the G.I. JOE franchise, we want to ensure that the customizing community can thrive while Hasbro continues to protect the brand that it has spent the last 45 years creating. Hasbro will become more aggressive in the legal pursuit of counterfeit product that is being sold in all channels. We appreciate your cooperation with this matter.

    Thank you.

    Update: Trailer Added to frenzy.rumble’s Custom Transformers Ultra Magnus

    Last week I featured frenzy.rumble's Custom Transformers Ultra Magnus where he left us with a teaser as to the mystery addition to his Ultra Magnus. The wait is over (and the auction) so check out frenzy.rumble's complete Custom Transformers Ultra Magnus in all his glory.

    Custom Marvel Legends Storm Shadow Figure by grinmankey

    Bringing one of the most popular GI Joe characters to life, grinmankey has remade Storm Shadow in Marvel Legends style. There are many aspects about this custom that make it stand out above the rest. First, grinmankey has retained the classic look of Storm Shadow in all of his version 1 greatness. Second, the sculpting on this figure is done really well, even down to the ninja stars on his belt. Finally, there are some subtle wrinkles and pulls in the 'fabric' of the costume that make this custom come to life. For example, in the mask, it looks like the mask pulls around the nose, adds some depth to the face. Also, the choice of legs makes it look like Storm Shadow's costume is flowing around the legs and not has form fitting. grinmankey tells us how he made this great custom:

    "This is a one-of-a-kind custom of Storm Shadow from the criminal organization known as COBRA. Ever since I was a kid, Storm Shadow was one of my favorite GI Joes (wasn't he everybody's?). My brother and I would always play as Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Perfect rivals. Ever since I started customizing, I've wanted to do a Storm Shadow figure and I finally got around to it. There have been many different costumes for the ninja, Storm Shadow, but this was my favorite, the classic look. I hope this figure lives up to the character. The two swords, bow and arrows are all removable and the figure can be played with, but do so with care because there could be paint rub on the joints.. It retains all original articulation of the figures used to create it.. Enjoy! Storm Shadow is made with the highest quality products available. The sculpt work is done with Aves Apoxie. the painting is done using Citadel Brand paints from Games Workshop. The parts and accessories are made from existing Marvel Legends and SOTA street fighter figures."


    To own this awesome Custom Marvel Legends Storm Shadow, head over to eBay and get to bidding!



    Custom Marvel Legends Black Widow Figure by K&L Customs

    K&L Customs brings another great Marvel Comics character to life with their Custom Black Widow figure. Created by this talented husband and wife team, this figure is very well sculpted and I am very impressed by the hair as it looks free flowing and natural. They also chose the right shade of red for her as it mirrors the comic and matches her skin tone. The costume design is very well detailed and I especially like the belt and the way that her collar flips up as it gives the figure attitude, an aspect that comes through naturally in this figure.

    Black Widow's Powers
    The Black Widow has received a variant of the Super-Soldier Serum which has enabled her to remain in peak physical condition for the past several decades, as well as slowing her aging process to some degree.

    Custom Cliffjumper Transformers Movie Figure by chris-morada

    Not happy with the Transformers Allspark version of Cliffjumper, chris-morada has unleashed his talent and created his own Custom Transformers Cliffjumper figure. The aspect that always strikes me about chris-morada's work is the paint! He has the ability to create customs that have a 'show room' shine. Certain customizers go above and beyond simply repainting figures and chris has sculpted a new head for Cliffjumper to give him a more Generation 1 feel.

    Find more Custom Transformers on eBay today!

    Custom Tiger Force Outback GI Joe UK Figure by romatoys

     The Tiger Force UK figures are my favorites in the International lines and romatoys has recreated one of the most sought after figures with his Custom Tiger Force Outback figure. I really like the different color scheme that he chose and the fact that it is not a direct copy of the UK Outback. He took some liberties with the pant color and headband but I think it really works for this figure. The Tiger on his orange shirt is very well replicated and the figure is rounded out with a great custom file card that matches the yellow version the International figures were famous for. Add this awesome Custom Tiger Force Outback to your lineup today!

    Custom Cover Girl Slaughter’s Marauders GI Joe Figure by romatoys

     romatoys has some unique custom GI Joe figures for sale this week and his Custom Slaughter's Marauders Cover Girl is one of them. Although Hasbro is the king of repainted action figures and the toy company is not shy about reproducing figures many times over, there are some squads that they made that were classics! I would rank the Slaughter's Marauders as one of them (along with Tiger Force, which romatoys also has up for sale this week). The color scheme is dead on and matches very well with the original Slaughter's Marauders and he has the right colors in the all the right places.

    Custom Kratos God of War Figure by Jin Saotome

    I am happy to feature Jin's Custom Kratos God of War figure. In the Sigma 6 style of GI Joe figures, Jin has created a stunning version of the video game character and made it his own in an animated style. Jin continues to go above and beyond when making customs and you know that if you buy anything from him, it will be top notch quality craftsmanship. Let's hear how Jin has created his latest masterpiece:
    "I present to you Kratos from the super popular God of War series! He's the next figure in my VideoGame AllStars lineup and is done in an 'animated' style similar to the GI Joe Sigma 6 figures. Kratos has been painted with various shades, weathered leather and metal armor effects, detailed right down to the scar on his face! He has the body tattoo as well that wraps around his left side and looks quite striking. Speaking of 'striking,' Kratos comes with the Sword of Olympus and two Blades of Chaos with metal chains that can be wrapped around his arms and swung about just like in the game! Kratos is a good inch taller than normal Sigma 6 figures so he's scale perfectly to fit in to your collection. This is also the ONLY custom Kratos I'll be making for my VG AllStars series."

    Custom Transformers Galvatron 3 in 1 G1 Armada Cyberton Figure by chih

    chih has taken 2 Transformers Galvatron figures, Armada and Cybertron, and given them a G1 makeover! He as the unique ability to take mediocre figures and changed them into works or art. He calls it a 3 in 1 figure but it is actually 2 figures that were given the Generation 1 treatment so if my elementary education has taught me anything, 2 figures + 1 G1 makeover = 3. Ok ok...enough math...what I really like about these figures are the subtle details that bring out the real Galvatron in the figures. I prefer the Cybertron Galvatron over the Armada (personal preference) but chih actually does the Armada figure some justice. The Cybertron version of Galvatron makes a really cool car updated with G1 colors. The custom sculpt for the head really brings out the menacing look of the evil one and the canon on the arm cements the essence of Galvatron. All in all, these are two great customs that Transformers Armada and Cybertron fans would be happy to own. Let's hear how chih made these great figures:

    "Thank you for visiting my Custom Transfromers Cybertron GALVATRON Figure! This is a G1 + ARMADA + CYBERTRON 3 in 1 GALVATRON that you've been waiting for!! I custom painted Purple, highlight with Gold, the pictures looks kind of blue, but it's lot more PURPLE than it looks!! and I also made lots detail & special weapons for him, it come with Original G1 Galvatron Gun, Orginal Dark Saber, G1 style Cannon and lot more, it also come with the cyber key and the 2 missiles, the manual, and all electronic works."

    Find more Custom Transformers on eBay today!

    Custom Marvel Legends Vertigo X-MEN Figure by K&L Customs

    K&L Customs brings the comics to life with their Custom Marvel Legends X-MEN Vertigo figure. The costume design for Vertigo resembles the comic and the hair is well done. The eyes have an intent gaze to them, which adds to the stunning look of this figure. Add K&L's Custom Marvel Legends Vertigo to your X-MEN collection today by going to eBay and placing a bid for this great figure.

    Custom Transformers Ultra Magnus Leader Class Movie Figure by frenzy.rumble

    From the creative mind and hands of frenzy.rumble comes his one of a kind Custom Transformers Ultra Magnus.  Taking a Leader Class Optimus Prime as the base of this figure, frenzy.rumble has created a truley unique custom and is in a class by itself. To be honest, I was speachless when I saw this custom you will see why in the coming photos and description. To kick it off, I will let frenzy.rumble do the honors:

    "This auction is for the leader class Autobot Ultra Magnus, which stands about 12" tall in robot mode. Created entirely from my imagination. Every single wire, detail, screw and millimeter has been carefully and perfectly detailed."

    Every aspect of this custom is amazing and from what frenzy.rumble has disclosed about the paint aps it must be bullet proof (8 layers + 3 coats of lacquer). I will first start off by commenting on the 'Magnus' robot, which is blue and white (pictured above). This is one of the best looking metallic paint jobs I have come accross and the blues and whites really pop, creating a cohesive looking color scheme for the base of Ultra Magnus. In truck mode, I love the huge silver Autobot symbol screams louder than a semi's horn and is a great addition to the base Magnus figure. In his own words, he describes how the base is made:

    "I built this custom starting with a leader class Optimus Prime, which I completely took apart, removed any factory paint, and primed with plastic primer, which provides a very durable protective under paint. All paint you see is 100% enamel. It's harder, and more durable than the customs you'll see painted in acrylic. Also, enamel paints are 'color-fast' meaning they will retain their original color for 10+ years, where-as acrylics typically fade after 2-3 years. The white paint used here is 8 layers thick including 3 layers of lacquer (clear coats) producing an INCREDIBLE shine (it's even waxable with car polish). The first robot you see (in only blue/white) is called "Magnus." The silver metal robot parts on him were painted in 6 shades of silver, to give the ultimate metallic look. This was done for the blue areas also."

    To turn Magnus into Ultra Magnus, frenzy.rumble has outfitted this Autobot with custom armor and has armed him to the teeth! Anyone could have stopped at this point and called it good with an Optimus repaint but frenzy.rumble has taken it to the next level.

    The custom head sculpt and armor are what makes this custom unique and why this should be the Ultra Magnus to add to your collection. By donning the armor and head, the former Magnus figure takes on a totally new look and a bad ass persona. This is one of my favorite customs to date and to let us in on more detail, here is frenzy.rumble:

    "Armored Ultra Magnus: This mother is armed to the teeth. There's enough firepower on him to melt the decepticon army in a few blasts. All armor seen, was created using spare and extra parts from other transformers and action figures. The armor actually snaps or is magnetically attached to the base figure. His smokestacks were actually made from a woman's make-up applicator! The gun (shown in one of the last photos) actually winds up moves. The custom head was made from spare ZOIDS parts and a knock-off Transformer, and sits magnetically on the neck base."

    He leave us with teaser that only the winning bidder with get to enjoy so head over to eBay and secure your spot in the running to own this Custom Transformers Ultra Magnus figure:

    "To make Magnus into Ultra Magnus, you'd need to actually perform a 3rd one-of-a-kind transformation (which I will provide to the winner)."

    AFC Interviews Customizer l.designs


    I was introduced to's talent when I first reviewed his Custom Marvel Legends Icon Batman back in January and he continues to provide his fans the unique, one of a kind custom experience that only he can deliver. Week after week, l.designs produces top quality customs. I had the great opportunity to interview l.designs so let's learn more about this talented customizer.

    AFC: Tell the fans of your work a little about yourself and I will be more than happy to help you. I usually work on custom versions of characters that made an impression on me as a kid, that can be hit and miss as far as other peoples taste goes, so yeah if you want to see my spin on a character let me know, you can even include reference pictures to get me going on the right track.

    AFC: When did you start making customs?

    l.designs: Truth be told, I think I was altering and tinkering around with my toys since I was about 12 or 13. I recently started doing this for the public however about a year ago or so. Before action figures I was doing wargaming terrain for a few years (and still am) after that I started constructing custom lightsabers (still do a few of them here and there as well).

    AFC: How many customs do you work on at one time?

    l.designs: Anywhere between 1 and 5, that way I always have something to do and am not stopped dead in my tracks to wait for paint or apoxie sculpt to cure.

    AFC: What is the custom you are most proud of?

    l.designs: I would have to say whatever I am currently working on. Well if I have to really pick maybe the second 12 inch Batman I just finished, or maybe the 6 inch Swamp Thing.

    AFC: What is your favorite toy line to do customs for?

    l.designs: Marvel Legends without a doubt...the Toy Biz ones. However people have been bugging me to do some Transformers so...

    AFC: What customs do you have lined up for your next ones?

    l.designs: I am currently working on some classic Spiderman villains with my twist on them. And I just today dropped off a nightmare demon version of the 12 inch Batman at Heroes Alley

    AFC: If you had one piece of advice for other customizers out there, what would you say to them?

    l.designs: Follow your passion, and you will do your best work! Enjoy what you are doing, it shows through in your end product. There are a ton of resources online if you need inspiration or help.

    Custom McFarlane Spawn Figure from Issue #55 by somakustoms

    It always amazes me the way customizers take a figure and make it their own. I had the great opportunity to correspond with somakustoms and this week he brings us his Custom Spawn figure based on issue #55. For Spawn fans, this should be a real treat as he has taken a Spawn Series 30 figure and totally transformed it into a work of art. The sculpting work really stands out on this one as the ammo belts, the pouches, and the signature Spawn detailing are nicely executed and proportional. I love the contrasting colors on this Spawn as it makes all of the detail work pop! The artistic nature of this custom will make this one very sought after and a great addition to anyone’s Spawn collection. I asked somakustoms how he made this Spawn and he is sharing this with everyone so let's take a look: 

    "I bought a Series 30 Spawn X figure a while back and didn't know what to do with it until I saw a 3" fig of Spawn based of Issue #55 and was inspired to do my own Issue #55 Spawn figure. I sculpted pretty much everything with Aves Apoxie except the giant rifle and the sidearm on Spawn's right leg. The rifle came from my Agent 8 figure and I just repainted it. The sidearm came from my Sigma 6 Duke. The knife and pouch were free sculpted. His revolver was a gun that came from the Spawn X figure, I just moded about 60% of it and gave it a new paint job."

    Find other Custom McFarlane figures on eBay today!