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Transformers Custom Onslaught and Swindle Generation 1 Movie Figures by Warmachine

Hot on the heals of his Custom Deadend, warmachine has come back swinging with his Custom Transformers Onslaught made from a Transformers Movie Voyager Class Optimus Prime. What struck me about this custom was the unique repurposing of an Optimus Prime figure into a kickass Decepticon from one of the coolest combiner figures: Bruticus. The colors on this figure really bring out the Generation 1 style of the original figure and the extras are simply amazing. Not only has me made Onslaught, he also made Swindle, another Combaticon. The custom trailer and missles pay hommage to the original G1 figure with a great execution and vision for the potential of the Voyager Class Optimus Prime. I really hope he makes more Combaticons and completes the set of combiners. Warmachine explains more about how he created this classic:



"I custom painted the movie voyager size version of Prime but modded his original head by cutting away and trimming parts not needed, and then fabricated new parts with Milliput(modelers putty) and styrene. Then I custom detailed it to resemble his G1 toon Likeness. I also chose a shade of blue enamel paint to resemble his G1 cartoon appearence"  



Warmachine's Custom Transformers Onslaught and Swindle are available on eBay so head over and place your bid quick!  While you are there, check out more Custom Transformers figures.

Custom Ironman Marvel Legends Style by Jin Saotome

Hitting theatres 5/28/2008 is the Ironman movie which I am sure will be a huge hit and preempting the movie release is Jin Saotome's version of Ironman in Custom Marvel Legends Style. Jin's Ironman is highly detailed with a finish you don't find on many customs. The figures is painted in a metallic style and really shines, giving the figure the illusion of being made of iron. The head is custom made perfectly proportioned. Another great feature of this custom is the rocket pack, which is originally found on the Classics Jetfire Transformers figure, which was painted great and washed with black detail. I wonder what Jin has in store for a Jetfire sans rocket is how he created this great looking figure:

"To celebrate the big screen event of our metallic hero I give you my version of Iron Man. He's been painted with metallic red and yellow (ignore the somewhat green tinge to my camera lighting) and has a high gloss shine. Different sections are blacklined to show depth and there's natural shading/highlights when the light hits him. His head is custom made and he has articulated fingers! There's no Iron Man like this one available and it's not one of the movie figures either, it’s a one-of-a-kind custom figure. Even though he's completely poseable I'd handle him gently as his armor has a high gloss shine to it and you'll want to avoid scratching it. Plug on the Stark MG720 rocket pack and he's ready to head across the globe, into space, or wherever the Avengers need him! The rocket pack also converts to combat mode by sliding the back sections that reveal two spring-loaded lasers cannons."

Head over to eBay to find more Custom Marvel Legends figures!

Custom Marvel Legends Nightwing by Michael Amore

I had the opportunity to interview Michael Amore back in December and I was impressed by his attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship. This week, he has a Custom Marvel Legends Nightwing up for sale and I continue to be marvel (ha ha) at his customs. What I like about this custom are the paint aps as they look really smooth and have a gloss finish. The colors really compliment each other and the lines are of particular note as there are many straight lines on this custom that flow really nicely together. The figure looks like it is peering through you, an aspect very hard to pull off in a custom. All in all, Michael Amore has created another hit which I am sure will please fans.
Head over to eBay to check out more Custom Marvel Legends figures.

Custom Star Wars Lego Rancor Monster by mightymightybadger

The Lego customizers never cease to amaze with their talents and what they can make out of little tiny bricks. mightymightybadger is no exception with his Custom Lego Star Wars Rancor Monster that is sure to put fear in any unsuspecting Jedi thrown into the pit. Here is a little more information on what went into this beast:
"The custom Rancor monster is constructed from over 250 brand new and good condition used parts selected specifically for this model. Designed to faithfully replicate the Star Wars 'original' with its appearance, this huge Rancor model is minifigure scale and is nearly 180mm high (in its normal crouched position). The Rancor monster benefits from a fully articulated body - shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, even the ankles are all moveable and this provides a huge variety of poses for display and also playability. The model also has a working jaw complete with toothy maw, just ready to chomp down on an unsuspecting victim. The monster comes complete with his keeper 'Malakili' so you can easily re-enact the scene from The Return of the Jedi."
Head over to eBay to check out more Custom Lego Star Wars figures.

Category Highlight: Custom Transformers

There are many awesome Custom Transformers this week on eBay so make sure to check more Custom Transformers section. Here are some of the figures that are ending this week:

Star Wars Custom Utapau Clone Trooper Medicom 1/6 Scale Figure by karatekid

The Star Wars Medicom line has been lacking in their production of Clone Troopers of late so this is where talented customizers come in and deliver what fans want! This Custom Star Wars Utapau Clone Trooper Medicom figure is no exception. This flavor of Clone Trooper happens to be one of my all time favorites from Revenge of the Sith and the paint job looks impeccable on this one. This Clone looks like he has just come back from battle and the Jango Fett head is a nice surprise as the 3 3/4" Star Wars line has been making Clones with removable helmets for some time now. karatekid gives us a little more detail on how he made this great Clone:

"This clone is made from a Medicom RAH 12" clone trooper. He has been repainted to resemble one of the Utapau clones from Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith. The figure was airbrushed and weathered by myself. The paint applications and weathering are very well applied and very clean looking. The figure is fully poseable and articulated just as any Medicom clone is. Given the fact that the figure has been painted, there may be a likelyhood of paint chipping so handle with care. The figure comes with a weathered/ repainted Hasbro rifle. He also comes with interchangable Jango Fett head and helmet. The Jango Fett head is a repainted Hasbro Electronic 12" Jango head. In addition to the repaint and interchangable heads I have included the additional ammo pouches and detonator pack on the back of the clone."

Custom Transformers Movie Blackout by kingokrap

The custom Movie Transformers keep on getting better and better, and kingokrap's version of Blackout might be the hallmark for achieving movie accuracy. Blackout was the first on the scene to open a big can of whoop ass in the Movie and this Custom Transformers Movie Blackout looks like he is ready to do some serious damage. One thing that kingokrap's custom Blackout has that most are lacking are the armaments and accessories that were seen in the movie. The guns were a great addition to beef up this bad boy and the blast effects are too cool for words. Kingokrap goes into a bit more detail on how he created this great piece:

"First off, Blackout was completely repainted with a weathered look. Multiple layers of washes and highlights were added. I even added the silver scrapes to his rotors. He was given decals to match the writing/markings from the movie. Now for the accessories. First off, I completely repainted Scorponok to match his look in the movie. Blackout was given a mini-gun with firing effect, and EMP Cannon with EMP blast effect. Two small shoulder rocket launchers that look good in either vehicle or robot mode. A larger shoulder rocket launcher with firing missile effect. A shoulder mounted machine gun with firing effect. A chest turret that screws into a hole on Blackout's chest and moves up and down, comes with firing effect. And finally I've included a rotor weapon for Blackout's arm, just like in the movie. All the arm attachments attach using powerful magnets, and they are sturdy."

Head over to eBay to bid on more Custom Transformers figures.

Custom Marvel Legends Scrap Iron GI Joe by rluxcustom

rluxcustom brings a 1980's classic Cobra figure to life with his Custom Marvel Legends Scrap Iron figure. Scrap Iron was my favorite figure to play with as a kid and it is great to see these classic figures remade Marvel Legends Style. Staying true to the 1984 version, the helmet is classically sculpted with a nice addition of a painted Cobra logo. Standing 6 inches tall and dressed to kill, Scrap Iron is ready to do some serious damage.

It is believed that Scrap-Iron is a product designer for Destro's armaments company. Carries out initial field testing on all new armor piercing munitions and sub-munitions. Area of specialization is remote-launched, laser-guided, rocket-propelled piezo-electric fused anti-tank weapons. These weapons are categorized beyond the "smart" stage and are known by the nomenclature: "brilliant." Current state-of-the-art Mil-Tech terminology."Scrap-Iron is methodical and precise. Imperfection in any form repels him. Perhaps that's why he wants to blow up the world."

Custom Carded GI Joe Figures by herno

herno has reinvigorated the Custom GI Joe category and infused it with some very unique custom carded GI Joe figures. Anyone looking for that 1980's nostalgia should flock to his seller page as he has many figures uniquely carded that you will find nowhere but his eBay page. Here are some excellent examples that look like Hasbro produced them back in the 80's:

Cobra Mortal




Custom Transformers Masterpiece Megatron by anemis007

Getting back to the basics and really honoring the G1 Style of Megatron, anemis007 has really created a nice homage to the cartoon original with this Custom Transformers Masterpiece Megatron. One thing that struck me about the Takara Masterpiece line was their blatant deviation from what fans are really looking for. Take their MP Starscream, for example, with the color scheme that many found to be distasteful. Another gripe I have heard about the Takara MP Megatron is that the quality is sub par and parts easily break. From what I have seen, anemis007 has taken quality and craftsmanship to the next level with his one of a kind Masterpiece Megatron.

There are many things I like about this this Masterpiece Custom! First, careful attention was paid when modeling this Megatron after the cartoon, which I am sure is going to be a hit with fans. This is really the first Megatron that even comes close to the cartoon likeness and even in gun mode, Megatron is a force to recon with. Another thing I like about this design is that it is simple and straightforward. This Megatron is taller than the MP Prime and would make a great addition to any one's Masterpiece line.

Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool by darthleon customs

Straight out of the pages of Marvel Comics comes darthleon customs' Custom Marvel Legends Deadpool. Down to the boots, darthleon has really stayed true to the comic version of Deadpool. The mask is sculpted very well and the ridging on the head gives the figure much needed depth and perspective. The accent pieces around the thigh and the belt look like they were paid extreme attention too as it is the little things that make this custom great! The colors on the thigh holster and belt are weathered and center buckle (for lack of a better term) is nicely proportioned. Overall, this is one Custom Deadpool you would want to own and be proud of.

Custom Transformers G1 Jetfire by jin saotome

The Generation 1 version of Jetfire has to be one of my favorite 1980's Transformers. Jin Saotome has revived this Classics Jetfire and made it his own with his Custom Transformers Jetfire Generation 1 style. In his own words, he is "Transformers fan request week" and Jin is delivering some 'Fan's Choice' (Star Wars fans would appreciate the reference) customs. I bought this figure and although the Classics line has done a good job recreating this great figure, Jin has take it to the next level. Here are some details on how Jin paid homage to this G1 icon:

"The entire figure has been repainted with all sorts of shading, washes, highlights, metallic gunmetal effects, and more. He comes with three magnetic hands, one gripping, one open palm (Force effect, hah!) and one "thumbs up" hand to show that he's landed in one piece yet again."

Head over to eBay to find more Custom Transformers figures.

Custom Scorponok Transformers Movie Diorama by chih

Recreating one of the coolest scenes in the 2007 Transformers Movie, chih has captured the look and feel of the US Marines battling the deadly Scorponok as he explodes from beneath the sands and wreaks havoc. One of the coolest features of this dio is the back light targeting simulation chih has created to make it look like the Marines are sighting the beast with their lasers as they call in "strike package bravo." Aside from the opening scene where Blackout obliterates the base, this is first one to one engagement the military has with the Decepticons.

Another great aspects about this dio is the Movie accurate paint aps on Scorponok. The mixtures of bronzes, golds, and metallic finishes really brings this one alive. This awesome dio is available on eBay so if you want a piece of Transformers Movie history in one of the coolest attack scenes in the movie, head over to the auction and bid on chih's Custom Transformers Movie Diorama or head over to eBay and find more Custom Transformers figures.

Custom Punisher War Journal Captain America Marvel Legends Style by collectablekid

collectablekid has created another timeless classic with his Custom Marvel Legends Punisher War Journal Captain America. One thing that always struck me about his customs was his skill and ability to sculpt. One aspect that I really like about this custom are the slight deviations from the comic. For example, in the comic, the ammo belt that Punisher wears is made of of bullets. In this custom, the bullets blend in with the skull as if they are the teeth, which works great because when the accessories are taken off, the figure retains the essence of the Punisher. Another aspect I like about this custom are the accessories. This one comes chalk full of guns, goggles, and a utility harness, which is hand crafted for this figure with an authentic belt clip, flexible military-webbing style material, working dual hip-holsters, knife sheathe, and strap for large gun. These accessories are the same high quality as the figure so you know they are awesome! collectablekid is one of the most talented sculptors I have come across so be sure to look out for his customs as they are sure to please.





After Frank Castle's family was killed by mobsters, he swore to avenge his family by wiping out crime in the most brutal ways possible as the Punisher. Still on his quest, the Punisher has resurfaced in a world where supervillains are everywhere and he's setting his sights on these suped-up criminals. With a healthy dose of black humor and plenty of action, this title is great for all but the youngest of Marvel fans. Frank Castle is adopting a whole new patriotic costume in the pages of Punisher War Journal as this buzz-worthy title is sure to turn heads in the coming months. Punisher War Journal #7 will see the Punisher in his new costume taking on the old Captain America villain Hate-Monger.

Custom G1 Devastator Transformers Generation 1 Figure by hangyodan

hangyodan has taken the G1 Devastator Constructicons to the next level with his metallic/muddy finish he has added to the originals. The original Constructicons looked too clean and this version brings them closer to the comics and to the cartoon. Speaking of which, he has custom made two different versions of the head to match the comic and cartoon.

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Lego Star Wars Custom Invisible Hand General Grievous’ Ship by mightyhutt

mightyhutt is at it again, building his heart out one Lego brick at a time with his Custom Invisible Hand Lego Star Wars Starship as seen in the Revenge of the Sith movie. If you remember, this was General Grieous' Starship and it is really amazing to see this represented in Legos. This great piece is over 2 feet long and one of the coolest parts of this custom is that he designed the ship to pull apart in the middle, as seen in the movie as Anikan takes this baby in for a smooth (err) landing. It is really amazing how he was able to recreate this Starship in Legos and is a testament to his skill as a Lego Master. mightyhutt gives us some more information so please read on below:
"This is a huge all-Lego custom model of General Grievous’ ship The Invisible Hand, as seen at the start of Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith. This is the biggest custom model I have ever made, the model consists of 1128 parts, most are new with some used but in good condition. I have tried hard to build the model to the correct proportions and have added a lot of detail. It is approximately 70cm long (27.5 inches) (that’s the same length as Lego’s Blockade Runner), 14cm wide (5.5 inches), and 36cm tall (14 inches) when stood on the stands. Due to its size, I have included a CD containing over 200 categorised digital photos, detailing all aspects of the ship’s construction inside and out. This will help in restoring any pieces that have come off during transit, and should enable you to re-build the entire model should you wish to build other models from it, and then re-build it in the future. I have designed the ship to pull apart in the middle at about the point where the ship breaks in two in the movie (remember, the front half crash lands on Coruscant)."


Head over to eBay and check out more Custom Lego Star Wars figures and vehicles.

Custom Lego Star Wars Moisture Farm by mightyhutt

mightyhutt has made a recreated the Star Wars classic scene and it only took him 450 Legos to make with his Custom Lego Star Wars Moisture Farm on Tatooine. This custom will enhance anyone's Lego Star Wars collection. I really like how mightyhutt has captured the essence and feeling of Luke living on the Moisture Farm and the way the two levels of the Farm sit nicely on top of each other. If you look closely at one of the pictures in his auction, you can see where he recreated the scene where Luke, Owen, and Varu were discussing Luke's plans to join the academy. Here is how mightyhutt created this great scene, with some surprise extras on how to make different scenes:


"The model is built from over 450 genuine Lego parts, the vast majority of which are new, and I have tried hard to find the right parts for the job to make it look as realistic as possible and to make it as playable as possible. The model consists of an upper ‘surface’ level with a moisture vaporator, farm objects and a domed building with steps that lead down into the underground home. There are several rooms around the outside of the model including a kitchen/diner, bedroom for Owen and Beru, bedroom for Luke, and the workshop which includes the oil-bath and a rack of tools. In the centre of the model is the sunken courtyard of the home with windows and doors leading off to the rooms, and two more vaporators in the middle. The model comes complete with a Luke Skywalker minifig with binoculars, and custom Owen and Beru minifigs. I have included a CD containing over 100 digital photos, detailing all aspects of the model’s construction inside and out. This will help in restoring any pieces that have come off during transit, and should enable you to re-build the entire model should you wish to build other models from it, then re-build it in the future."

Head over to eBay and check out more Custom Lego Star Wars figures.

Custom Mara Jade Star Wars 1/6 Scale Figure by vintage_scum

vintage_scum has poured his talent and skill and created this amazing Custom Star Wars Mara Jade figure in 1/6 scale which would rival anything Sideshow Collectibles ever produced. It really takes a keen eye to select a great base figure to start from and I think vinatage_scum has nailed this one with his choice to use Cy Girl Blaze from the BBI line. With 1/6 scale figures, it is all about how real you can make these figures match concept art and bring these figures to life. To do this, vintage_scum has designed the perfect set of accessories to compliment her. For example, the knee pads and shin guards were custom made by him and they add an extra dimension to the figure that you don't see in most 1/6 scales figures. Add a Jedi cloak and a killer lightsaber and you have a recipe for a classic custom. It always astounds me how much effort it takes to make a custom figure and I lucky enough to correspond with vintage_scum and he let me in on how me made this excellent piece: 

"I started with a cy girl blaze. Her shoulder straps came from a backpack from the dragon/bbi line that held an ar-7 .22 rifle. I had the straps glued together with an ammo drum on top of the junction point from the gundam model 1/144 line. The gloved hands, knee pads, and goggles were from the same dragon/bbi line. The knee pads had shallolw holes drilled in with a dremel. The goggles were actually sunglasses with the arms removed with an elastic strap in their place to fit around her head. Her cloak was purchased from eBay but I had cut just below the stitch line just to have the hood. The shin guards were custom made from thin, flat pieces of plasic curved and shaped to fit. The "lines" on her inner thighs and shin guards were made from long, flat elastic "string" which can be purchased from Micheals Arts and Crafts, measured then glued directly onto her body suit. Utility belt and dl-44 were from the 1/6 hasbro POTF Luke hoth version I believe. I chopped the barrel and added cooling vents to the front of the magazine well on the dl-44. The holdout blaster was made from a skorpian machine pistol, chopped and glued. The lightsaber was a 1/6 luke from the poft line. The curved hilt was cut then replaced with a small, circular lego piece. A piece on an elastic strap was then wrapped around the hilt to simulate her emperors hand saber. Saber blade was obviously from a hasbro mace 1/6 saga. The vibroblade was made from steel I had asa part of a spawn figure, sheath was from the dragon/bbi line."

Vault Guardsman Custom Marvel Legends Figure by wanderer-X

Wanderer-X brings us this Custom Marvel Legends Vault Guardsmen this week. The armor is perfectly sculpted, especially on the head, which is nicely proportioned. If you want to own this great piece, go check out his auction and his other customs for sale this week on his seller page. If you want more information about the Vault Guardsmen, read more below.

The Guardsman armor gave the wearer superhuman strength allowing the operator to lift 40 tons under optimal conditions (for about 3 minutes). The armor's high-carbon steel alloy mesh and radiation shielding also offer protection from most ballistic and even energy weapons. The armor can fly via boot jets at a maximum speed of 250 mph for 3 hours, and contains 30 minutes air supply for submersion or high altitude flight.
Deep within the adamantium-lined walls of the high-tech prison known as the Vault, the world's most dangerous super-villains are kept in line by the stalwart Guardsmen. Each Guardsman wears incredibly advanced battle armor designed by Tony Stark and is skilled in a myriad of combat techniques. But a Guardsman's most valuable asset is his detailed knowledge of each super-villain's power - knowledge that comes in handy when dealing with the likes of Venom, Carnage, or any number of sinister symbiotes!

Nemesis Prime Custom Leader Class Transformer by chih

Ever since I saw Chih's Custom Transformers Nemsis Prime the first time, I have always been meaning to write about it. One thing that draws me to Chih's Customs is his mastery skill at the paint aps and the gobs of weapons he makes for each one, which reminds me of one of my favorite lines from the 2007 Transformers Movie when Simmons says, "Big guys with big guns." Chih is not afraid to arm his customs to the teeth with weapons galore that look like they really belong with the figure. The guns are really well made and crafted with intricate details that set them apart from each other.

Besides a great paint job on the figure, I really like the smaller details that are missing from some Nemesis Prime customs. For example, I dig the Decepticon mudflaps! If you are looking quickly at this figure you will miss them but I had to do a double take but it is this kind of attention to detail that makes Chih's customs special. The combination Prime/Decepticon Symbol is a nice touch as well and completes the tanker, which, again, is missing from most Nemesis Prime customs.

Head over to eBay and check out more Custom Transformers figures.

AFC Interviews Rombado

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Rombado, a Marvel Legends customizer who caught my eye with an awesome Custom Marvel Legends Storm Shadow! Let's get to know him a little better:

AFC: Tell the fans of your work a little about yourself (include website and contact info)


I hurt my back in a tragic work accident, back in 1999. I was a restaurant manager and was doing my inventory in the storeroom. When all of a sudden I heard a crack from behind me. It was the leg braking on one of our storage racks, it stood about 5' high and weighed about 300lbs. Before I could even think, it came crashing down on me and pinned me to the floor. Now, I'm a pretty big guy, 6' 1" 230lbs, and I worked out all the time, so my first thought was to push myself up. Big mistake! as soon as I began to push I felt a pull in my lower back, it felt like a rubber band snapping. I thought it was just a torn muscle and waited for help to arrive. When they pulled the rack off me, I stood up with some assistance but didn't feel too bad, just very sore. So, I was sent home to rest and when I woke up the next day I couldn't move. I have never felt pain like that in my life, it was so bad that I had to crawl to the bathroom. After I went to the doctor I found out I had a ruptured disk, and needed surgery immediately. I felt some relief afterwards, but in just a few short months I began feeling more back pain. So, 6 years later I've had 5 lower back surgeries, and my spine is fused from the middle of my back down to my tailbone. That means I have two 3" screws in each of my disk and a cage that surrounds it, which has left me permanently disabled. I've learned to control the pain through mediation and medication. The funny thing is, I hold multiple Black Belts, played sports, jumped out of planes, climbed mountains, served in the Army, and I have always pushed myself to be the best in everything I do, and it took a frickin' rack of food to take me out. I was so depressed for several years during the last 7 that I thought I'd never be anything close to what I was. But, through the love of daughters I found the meaning to life. "LOVE", is the key to everything and w/o it, I can't honestly say I don't know if I'd be here today, b/c some of the days I went through were just too black to see past 'em. I've realized through my experiences that nothing compares to the adrenaline rush of having a family. And now I AM a Superhero in their eyes. So, that's the skinny on the history about the man I am today. I'm sorry if it got too long winded, I can be that way sometimes. It's just I felt you should know the man as well as the Customizer. I've always been an Artist, drawing, painting, and sculpting. So, when I found out about Customizing in Aug. 2004 ( Thanks to Actorjez's Conan), I was so happy b/c it gave me an outlet for working and purpose. That's why I push myself so hard at it, b/c to me it's more then a hobby, it's my only job. I can't believe how blessed I've been b/c of it, and thank God everyday for it. I love creating my custom figures, and a hope you enjoy viewing them at my gallery Please, feel free to contact me 


AFC: When did you start making customs?Rombado: August 2004

AFC: How many customs do you work on at one time?

Rombado: I usually just work on one custom at a time, but always have a few on the back burner I'm tweaking with new ideas.


AFC: What is the custom you are most proud of?

AFC: What is your favorite toy line to do customs for?

Rombado: I have to go with Marvel Legends for this one. Although I do create customs from most toy lines ML is the line I got my start in this field and holds a special place in my heart for that.

AFC: What customs are you currently working on?


AFC: If you had one piece of advice for other customizers out there, what would you say to them?

Custom Transformers Movie Smokescreen G1 Style by frenzy.rumble

frenzy.rumble had the vision to take the mediocre Transformers Movie Jazz figure and crafted it into a Generation 1 masterpiece with his Custom Transformers Movie Smokescreen figure. When I first saw this figure, I was thrown back by the craftsmanship that went into this one. I really thought I was looking at the original G1 Smokescreen as the colors and decals are a perfect match to the original. The paint almost has a glass appearance and it is really obvious that this figure was meticulously painted and matched to the original.
The G1 redeco's are my favorite of the Transformers customs as the customizers who make these have a great vision for what will look great and frenzy.rumble's customs rank up there at the top of my list! One of the aspects that sets other customizers apart is the ability to enhance their figures by seeking out parts that will take the figure to the next level. Let's see how frenzy_rumble made this great looking figure:
"Smokescreen was built off a TFTM Jazz figure, G1 reco mold. His head comes from Armada Blurr, with some slight alterations. In order to compete against the spring on the head section, I installed a small peg behind his chest plate, this ensures that the head area and neck stay on a straight angle. Jazz's 'hands' were no good, so I dremeled them off at the wrists. I drilled into the wrist a tight hole for a steel rod, and attached Gundam model fists onto the rods. They are articulated (spin) yet remain very tight. I removed some of the detail in his knee area, filled it in with some apoxie sculpt and painted with a deep metallic-red high gloss enamel. The pistols he weilds are from a clearance toy found at WalMart. I had the decals for the hood and doors custom made using a high quality 3M vinyl. The exterior was painted with Krylon Fusion Red and Blue, then robot mode was painted with about 99% enamels, so the finish is very durable. I finished him off with some Testors clear coats, all matte, semi-gloss, and gloss variations."

This Custom Transformers Movie Smokescreen can be yours and is available on eBay so go check it out! frenzy.rumble has a blog called Frenzy.Rumble's Amazing Action Figures where you can check out his latest WIP's and completed customs. I will be writing more about his customs in the coming days so stay tuned for more Custom Transformers greatness from frenzy.rumble.

Jean Grey Phoenix Custom Marvel Legends X-MEN Figure by carloss7930

carloss7930 has created a one of kind Custom Marvel Legends Jean Grey Phoenix figure that deserves special note! In keeping with the Marvel Comic style for the figure, this Jean Grey comes equipped with nice paint aps and custom flames. The facial features are very realistic and he did a great job getting the facial tone right. The eyes are amazing as they feel they are staring right through you. The shadowing and coloring of the hair have nice shades of red and are perfectly shadowed. The flames add a very nice touch to this figure, which sets this one apart from other customs. I think the winner of the this figure will be very happy as this is one of the best Jean Grey figures I have come across to date.

Head over to eBay and find more Custom Marvel Legends figures.

Custom Dead End Stunticon Transformers G1 Style Movie Figure by grapes4mapes


Here is another great example of the many uses of the Bumblebee Concept Camaro with grapes4mapes Custom Transformers Stunticon, Dead End. Keeping with Deadend's G1 likeness, the head is fashioned after the cartoon version and not the toy. I actually like the cartoon head better as the toy looked too human and had a gold face. Although there is a deviation in color (the cartoon version and the toy were maroon), I like his color choice better and it compliments figure nicely.

You can add this Custom Dead End to your Transformers Bumblebee collection as this excellent piece is available on eBay!


If you want to read more about Dead End, please do so below.

Sullen and fatalistic, Dead End sees little reason to continue the Autobot-Decepticon War since all Transformers eventually become inoperative anyway, even though it might take tens of thousands of years. Yet he spends more time keeping himself unmarred and shiny than any of his fellow Stunticons, an irony not lost upon Motormaster, who speculates that Dead End wants to at least make sure he leaves a pretty wreck when he dies. This vanity leads to a lot of teasing and derision directed toward Dead End, which just makes him feel worse. The only thing that can lift his spirits is blasting Autobots in battle, despite what he says about the pointlessness of it all. It seems he's too busy trying to save his own life to get depressed about the possibility of losing it.

Custom Darth Nihilus Star Wars Sith Lord by stocos28

I recently created a Sith Lords filter for the Star Wars section of my website where the latest and greatest 12" Sith Lord customs can be showcased. This week, stocos28 has created a Custom 12" Darth Nihilus, the main perpetrator of the First Jedi Purge, which drew the Jedi on the brink of extinction. This custom stays true to the concept art from the Star Wars Expanded Universe and created a custom that would rival anything Sideshow Collectibles made or any other high end Star Wars company would ever dream of making.

This awesome Lord of the Sith is still available for bidding on eBay so secure the winning bid and own this great Custom Star Wars Darth Nihilus!

Custom Marvel Legends Icon Batman by l.designs

l.designs' Custom Marvel Legends Icon Batman is one of the best I have seen. Here are the details and more information about this awesome custom from l.designs himself:

"This yet another departure from the regular Marvel characters, a beautiful rendition of Batman with some of my Kelly Jones influence showing. Almost hate to sell this one, as it turned out so well. A lot of time and attention to detail went into making this as accurate as possible to available reference material I could dig up. I did a bit of resculpt on the head, removed the rubber cape and added a sculpted real cloth cape. Most of the work on this guy comes in at the painting stage, as I repainted the whole thing. I used a wide range of painting techniques to get the final look you see here (much better in person). You will see when you get this one that there are various levels of paint. It was undercoated in gray, then shaded and highlighted with airbrush. Finally a wash was added to bring out the detail as well a rough it back up a bit. Most of the detail doesn't come through in these pictures, but the detail on the face is as amazing as the rest of the piece. The original toy had a lot of detail that didn't even show up in their paint job, including zippers along the sides of the boots, the cracked look of worn leather in certain areas of the boots. It even looks like a rougher leather on the pads of the gloves, seams and everything. Originally this was a great looking toy already, I just added a bit of my taste to it, and then poured everything I had into the paint job! Matte clear cote was used throughout the process. Only the highest quality paints and clear cote used: Tamiya, Liquitex, and such. Also super tough plastic epoxy putty for the sculpt."

This Custom Marvel Legends Icon Batman is available on eBay so place your bid now!

Custom Marvel Legends Storm Shadow GI Joe by rombado

rombado, a customizer who has been nominated in four categories for "Custom of the Year" by some of the highest professionals in the Action Figure Industry, brings us this Custom Marvel Legends Storm Shadow, reminiscent of the 1984 Vintage GI Joe line. This year, the GI Joe line has been back in full force for collector's with the 25th Anniversary vintage figures so I am not surprised we are seeing great work coming out if this line in the form of awesome customs. Some of the high points of this figure include the vintage styling and a great choice of white for the paint aps. Also, the addition of the soft goods around the wrists and ankles really add something extra to the figure. The Arashikage dojo display and the weapons rounds off the awesome work of rombado for his Custom Marvel Legends Storm Shadow, which is available on eBay so bid for your chance to own this great piece!

Custom Transformers Spotlight Seller: Chih’s Custom Transformers Workshop

Chih's Customs ranks very high on my list as one of the most talented customizers out there. He specializes in making very unique custom Transformers figures that are high quality will excellent attention to detail. This week, Chih has come back in full force with some favorites of mine (Custom Menasor and Custom Halo Metroplex) and some new custom Transformers so I decided to feature Chih as the fifth Spotlight Seller in the series:
Custom Transformers METROPLEX (HALO Style) Super Fighter
Auction Description: "You really don't want to miss this one! I custom painted and also add lots detail & special weapon! It come with: HALO style Helmet, Laser cannon, Flame Blaster, Power pulse Blaster, Power Cutter Saw, and JET Pack! and all Light Up with Sounds! I have to say this is One of my Best Work!!"This review is hot off the presses and you can read it here!
Custom Transformers Leader Class MENASOR Super Warrior!
Auction Description: "You really don't want to miss my Leader Class MENASOR this time! I custom painted Black & Sliver, highlight with Gold, and also made lots detail & special weapon for it, I have to say this one is another best work!"I had the pleasure of reviewing this awesome figure back in December and you can read about here!
Custom Transformers Movie Leader Class MEGATRON Figure
Auction Description: I custom painted silver with a little bit Sliver Blue this time, just like you see in the movie and the video games.
About Chih's Custom Transformers Workshop
I had the pleasure of interviewing Chih so here is more about this talented customizer (here is a link to the original interview)AFC: Tell the fans of your work a little about yourself, and my eBay ID is: chihhsiang408. Feel free to email me through eBay or my hotmail:

. About myself.... People call me SUPERMAN because I look like him: big,tall, and handsome. :)AFC: When did you start making customs?

Chih: I just started in September this year. Within two months, I met so many good friends on eBay, and received their great support. I used to do lots of WWII airplane and tank models. Since I love the Transformers movie & the figures so much, I started customizing them right after the movie came out.

AFC: How many customs do you work on at one time?

Chih: I work on about 2~4 at a time, and some times more, because I got a lot of people’s special requests for my work.

AFC: What is the custom you are most proud of?

Chih: So far for my best work is the Nemesis Prime Tanker, because many fans emails just keep coming in for that one!

AFC: What is your favorite toy line to do customs for?

Chih: The New Movie Version Transformers, since the new figures have a lot of fine detail, and the custom paint job looks great on them!

AFC: What customs do you have lined up for your next ones?

Chih: I plan to use Cybertron Transformers next. The first one is my Ultra Magnus. It's turning out great and I like it very much, so I will use more Cybertron version Transformers.

AFC: If you had one piece of advice for other customizers out there, what would you say to them?

Chih: If you want to produce better work, you need to get better quality tools 🙂 If you don't have good tools, sometimes a great idea will be a disaster, so get some good tools to help you turn out your great ideas! 😉


Custom Transformers Halo Style Metroplex by chih

Chih's Customs ranks up there as one of my favorite customizers. This week, chih has outdone himself again and has created a Halo Style Transformers

crossover figure that is extremely detailed and comes with a bunch of extras!
Paint Aps
Chih was right on with his choice of colors for this one. In the Halo series from Microsoft, the Master Chief, which Chih modeled this Transformer after, dons a green suit to battle. The way the suit was weathered takes the armor and overall look of the Transformer to the next level! He has the right mix of weathering to give a fresh from battle look without over doing it. While the paint aps are not a direct translation of the Master Chief's suit, Chih had to make some concession to fit the figure into the Transformers Universe. For example, the original Halo suit has black but to fit the world of the Transformers, Chih substituted metal, which goes much better on this figure. Check out the comparison below:


The extras that come with this figure are plentiful and go well with the figure. There are subtle things that separate customizers from each other and that is taking the time to modify the accessories and Chih has done just that. Some of the guns light up and the jet pack has an awesome orange glow to it, as if he was blasting off. Here is the rundown of the gear:
HALO style Helmet
Laser cannon
Flame Blaster
Power pulse Blaster
Power Cutter Saw
Jet Pack

This Custom Transformers Halo Style Metroplex figure is one of Chih's best work in my opinion and should grab top dollar on eBay. For a chance to own this figure, go check it out on eBay!

Custom Snake Eyes GI Joe Figure by unclechopchop187

unclechopchop187 has created a one of a kind Custom GI Joe 12" Snake Eyes and he is up for sale on eBay! Snake Eyes is sporting some very cool accessories, including his infamous Uzi and a real metal Katana Sword. You get both Commando and Ninja with this one. Here is some insight on how he created this great looking custom:

"I custom made this on, taking parts from other 12 inch figures. Some parts are from BBI, some are from Dragon, as well as Hot toys. I put in a ton of work into this one and made it correctly. Trust me, it is truly awesome and is top notch quality. I paid a ton for all of the parts, and spent tons of time into it. It even has Snake Eyes famed gun, the UZI. And because he's a ninja, I actually fitted him with a Real metal (yes you heard right, Metal) katana sword. I put only the best parts so it would look right. A must for all of the Snake Eyes fans out there!!"
This is definitely a must have for GI Joe fans and with the 25th Anniversary figures flooding pegs, there is sure to be much interest in this Snake Eyes!

Custom Marvel Legends X-Men X-Force X-23 Figure by Lars

Lars brings us his version of X-Force's X-23 in Marvel Legends style. Featured in Toyfare Magazine issues #98 and #112, this custom would make an awesome addition to anyones Marvel Legends X-Men collection.

Lars tells us how he created this beauty: "I used a Marvel Legends X-23 as the base and builtup her chest using a 2-part epoxy resin. Once she was dry, I painted her with acrylics and sealed her with Dullcote spray."
Check out more details on his auction page and your chance to own this one of a kind Custom Marvel Legends X-23.

Venom Spiderman 3 Custom Marvel Legends by geejayscustoms

I had the great pleasure of interviewing geejayscustoms back in December 2007 and I am happy to feature another one of his fantastic customs. You can read the full interview here!
This week, he brings us his Custom Marvel Legends Venom, from the Spiderman 3 Movie in Marvel Legends Style. I love the way this figure exudes villainy! The tongue is just the right size and teeth are proportional to the head. I would not want to come across this in a dark alley.
I was able to get the recipe from geejay and here is what he had to say, "I took Hasbro's ML Venom and popped off the head. Then i took one of Black Arachnis's casted Venom head from one of the older spider man figure lines. I dremeled the neck to fit on the neck of Hasbro's Venom, and resculpted part of the back of the head to look more subtle. The whole figure was then painted with black and retouched the spider symbol and finally, added iridescent glaze to give it that shiney look to it."
I dig the glaze as it makes the figure really stand out. It is great to get into the minds of the customizers as everyone is a unique and talented artist. Geejayscustom's Custom Marvel Legends Venom is available on eBay so head over there and read more about it!


Custom Transformers Megatron Generation 1 Style by Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome has another one of his Custom Megatron Classics up for sale in G1 style. He sold one of these earlier in December 2007 and you can read the original write up here. If you want an opportunity to own your own Custom Megatron, head over to Jin's auction page.

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