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AFC Interviews Nightmare Customs

This week, AFC Interviews Nightmare, a customizer with a great sense of humor and can back it up with some kickass customs. Let's learn more about this talented fellow!

AFC: Tell the fans of your work a little about yourself
Nightmare: My name is Nightmare, no last or first-name, like Cher, but cooler and more ruggedly handsome...wait, I have fans? My address is if anyone wants to throw stuff at me or you can always post on's boards to get my attention. I write reviews on anything, make comics about anything, customize anything, and complain about everything for fun. I live in Hollywood, California, and it can sink into the ocean, man, 'cuz the ugliest place in the whole wide world. I'm 21 soon, but that doesn't mean anything. I don't know why I even brought it up. I grew-up poor, I still am, it's great sometimes. Punisher is my idol. Red Sonja is my Goddess. I have a twisted sense of humor. -When did you start making customs? Around the time I started reading Green Lantern comics in the 90's. I'd use markers to make everything black, white, and green. Ninja Turtles, Ken-dolls, sock-puppets, everything, none escaped my markers' fury.
AFC: How many customs do you work on at one time?
Nightmare: A hundred. No, really, there are tons of ideas floating around in my head all the time, it's hard to keep track of them. Even when I write them down, a few days later I look at what I wrote and don't know what the hell I'm saying. Enough fragmented ideas make a whole custom sooner or later though. I have maybe 6 or 7 customs in-progress right now, they're awesome.
AFC: What is the custom you are most proud of?
Nightmare: Well, I'm going to cheat because I'm most proud of a custom RING I made for a friend, not a figure. The following has nothing to do with figures so feel free to skip this answer, folks. It was silver and simple, there were like three little sharp-leafed flowers in the center and the petals were made of some blue stone, topaz? I don't remember because it was a while ago and I pretty much scavenged for the parts. The ring was pre-made but I had to make the little flowers and set the stones, which may or may not have been real, hah. I worked on it in Metal Shop class, and I realized half-way through the process that I didn't know her ring-size, and I obviously couldn't ask or she'd be suspicious, but I went-on anyway. The teacher was cool and he helped me a few times with melting-point temperatures and tips on soldering, few days later it was done, the ring looked good. Too good. I wanted it to look like I had made it myself but it looked like I had bought it somewhere! So I used a few smelly liquids to try and age the silver, scuff it up a little but ended up deforming it instead, the stones cracked too. That sucked. So I went out and tried to find a ring that matched the one I had made, I found one that was close enough (and cheap enough, lol) and gave her that during lunch in the library. She didn't know what to say, I wasn't expecting anything anyway, so we kept talking and lunch was over. I never saw her again. It was the last day of 10th grade, when I got back after vacation she wasn't at that school anymore. Probably moved somewhere, she was cool. She is missed. I buried the ring in a cave in the nearby park, maybe someone will find it again, good luck to them. Figure-wise, I like my Punisher with the brown gloves and boots. I wouldn't change a thing.
AFC: What is your favorite toy line to do customs for?
Nightmare: Anything articulated is fine with me because I like using them in my comics, but I'm running low on cash so I'll have to start customizing some of my older static figures like McFarlane's military stuff pretty soon. Great chance to make some G.I. Joes, never tried making one before.
AFC: What customs do you have lined up for your next ones?
Nightmare: Ack! Samus Aran, Black Widow, Red Sonja, Buick, Spider-Carnage, Warhawk, Ninja Turtles, on and on. I was talking to Mike of Apathy Ink recently and he suggested I make my own re-invented line of Avengers. I didn't realize how much black I use on my customs, he suggested I use that "dark" style on Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, and Thor, make 'em evil. I would if I had the money to buy the figures needed...
AFC: If you had one piece of advice for other customizers out there, what would you say to them?
Nightmare: Rebel on. When someone tells you Wolverine has to wear brown, make yours purple. When you see everyone painting Transformers to look shiny and new, throw yours out the window, fart on it, and sell it for $100 bucks. When Kyle Robinson and Captain Coder tell you to stop posting libelous spam, kick dirt at their feet and spam away because we all know that spam is delicious. Don't imitate anyone's style, learn from it and make it better. Be rugged, be strong, be awesome, be more like that guy from the "Dos X" Mexican-beer commercials. And don't take crap from jerks that complain about everything. Next one you see, pop 'em on the nose and tell them Nightmare sent you.

Custom Marvel Legends Doomsday DC Figure by mairagirl05

Straight out of the pages of DC comics, mairagirl05 has created a superior version of Doomsday in Marvel Legends style. This version of Doomsday was inspired by the Death of Superman comic (Superman #75, 1993). What I like about it this custom is how mairagirl05 took a mediocre produced figure and transformed it into something that fans love. Using sculpting techniques with clay and plastic, this Doomsday figure comes alive. The colors on this custom really compliment the figure nicely and add to the gritty feeling that Doomsday exudes. The face just screams badness and I really like the way the right eye was done and and the teeth. If you look at the original Doomsday figure (see below), it looks like he has a goofy grin on his face. By resculpting the face, the figure takes on a menacing look. Here is what the original Doomsday figure looked like before mairagirl05 got a hold of it:

As you can see, the difference is night and day and the cool thing is that you can own this very figure by going to eBay and bidding on this Custom Marvel Legends Doomsday figure!

Custom Marvel Legends War Machine by DW40 Customs

When diplomacy fails and international law breaks down, James Rhodes - head of the human rights group, WorldWatch - dons his solar-charged steel mesh battle armor to become the world's number one weapon in the struggle against injustice and oppression!
Straight from the pages of Marvel Comics (ok, 25 issues of the comic), DW40 Customs brings us his Custom Marvel Legends War Machine. Staying true to the comics, the paints aps are in a nice silver and gun metal grey. One cool feature of this custom are the rockets and the fire blast coming out of the gun. Sculpting takes talent and I really like the effect of the rockets bursting from the launcher with a plume of white smoke followed by red and orange burns.

DW40 Customs War Machine is available on eBay so head over there and place your bid now for this awesome Marvel Legends Custom.

Custom Transformers Unicron Charity Auction by rhstuff4sale

I could not pass this "Custom" Transformers Unicron figure up! Trying to capitalize on the success of other Custom Unicron figures of the past, he has a very different twist on the custom figure. This listing was so great that I will let rhstuff4sale tell you what was going on in his very charitable head:

"A couple of months ago, I saw a custom Unicron action figure go for several hundred dollars on eBay. Since it's the holiday season, I figured why not try and catch lightning in a bottle again by doing the same thing for a good cause?
The figure pictured is a Transformers Armada Unicron toy, which has undergone a special two-step customization process involving my car (patent pending). I guess you could say he looks somewhat like he did at the end of Transformers: The Movie.
100% of the proceeds of this auction will go to the American Red Cross via eBay's MissionFish service. Even if you bid and don't win this auction, I urge everyone reading this to consider giving to any charitable organizations, not just during the holiday season, but year round. Give money, give clothing, give food, give blood, give your time, just contribute something in the spirit of making the world a little better, and doing a good thing just for the sake of doing it."

You can't get any better than humor and a good cause! Go bid on this great "custom" Transformers Unicron for a good cause on eBay!

Thundercracker G1 Transformers Custom Masterpiece Seeker Jet Back Up for Auction by noise_maze

If you missed this the first time around, noise_maze has put his Transformers Masterpiece Thudercracker up for auction! Head over to eBay and place a bid for your chance to own this great piece!

You can also read my original write up here!

Custom Star Wars MK IV Heavy Tank AT-HT by stenhunter

stenhunter brings us this amazing Custom Star Wars MK IV Heavy Tank (AT-HT) and special Clone Tank Commander "Hel'am" to drive this behemoth. Coming up with his own Star Wars Custom vehicle, stenhunter takes you into his Star Wars Universe. I do not come across many fan made creations that are made well and run with a totally new concept. This vehicle and figure was a real treat to come across as this custom was very well thought out and executed. One thing that is missing in the Star Wars universe are terrain vehicles and tanks. It is interesting that this tank was made without treads but as stenhunter points out, not many Star Wars vehicles have treads so he is staying true to the design specs. I think it was a great idea to ditch the treads and make this custom blend more with the Star Wars vehicles in the movies and the toys. The paint aps are done really well and it looks like stenhunter takes great care when designing and creating his customs, a quality that you look for when buying them. It is customs like these that take toy design to the next level. Speaking of design specs, here is a rundown of what stenhunter's Heavy Tank offers:
MK IV Heavy Speeder Tank (AT-HT)
Specifications: Combat Assault Tank
Manufacturer: Rothana Heavy Engineering
Top Speed: 75 kph
Twin Radiant 4000RL Repulser lift engines
Weight: 44 short tons·
15mm Anti-blast reactive composite armor
Dual high energy deflector shields
Crew: Four

Main Armament:
120mm smoothbore laser cannon
Secondary Armament:· Anti-Air Concussion Missile System (AACMS)
40mm Anti-vehicle blaster
Twin 20mm forward firing laser cannon
12.7mm Anti-personal blaster
15mm side mounted laser cannon


The MK IV is one of the main battle tanks of the Grand Army of the Republic. In service since the initial deployment of the Grand Army on Geonosis. The AT-HT was designed to be extremely maneuverable, moderately armored and heavily armed. During the Battle of Geonosis the tank saw heavy combat and distinguished itself as a versatile weapons platform.

stenhunter also provides us with some insight on how he created this awesome Star Wars vehicle:

"So my AT-HT started out as a "Corps" tracked tank. I found it at Wal-Mart and was surprised to find out it was relatively inexpensive. As you can see the tank was your standard green plastic with really no extra detail outside of some venting and some minor rivets. After adding dozens of tiny styrene squares and plating, and making some resin pours from an old imperial shuttle the tank slowly begins to transform into something cool. The final step was deciding on the "engines" I didn't want to use treads again because tracked vehicles are almost non-existent in the SW galaxy. So I found two used cans of AXE spray I had and embellished them some. I think the final pieces came out great. Finally working out a color scheme for the Trooper had me for a few days. What color, where would the color go, and how much was too much? I mocked up a few pictures and decided on the green. I think in the end it came out rather well."

This Custom Star Wars MK IV Heavy Tank, along with the Custom Tank Commander, is available on eBay so place a bid on this one of a kind Star Wars vehicle that you will never see mass produced (unless George Lucas reads this blog and takes idea!).

Custom Transformers Warpath Generation 1 Classic by chris-morada

chris-morada puts his mad skills and creativity to work and brings us his version of Warpath, the 1985 Generation 1 minibot. This is another great example of the Transformers Movie toys be repurposed into Generation 1 Classics. His Custom Transformers Warpath pays a great tribute to the little ole' tank that came on the scene in 1985 and was a nice addition to the minibot line. The colors that chris-morada chose for this custom really compliments the likeness of Warpath, and he has taken it to the next level with a custom head sculpt, which resembles the Warpath from yesteryear. One of the things that sets customizers apart from each other is the ability to sculpt the parts they need to get the job done. Without the custom head, this Warpath would have turned out very different.
chris tells us how he made this timeless classic, "So exactly how did I make him or which Transformers toy did I use to make this radical custom figure? To answer these questions, I basically mix and matched parts from both Deluxe Wrekage (Head, Hands) and Deluxe Brawl and I ended up with this radical figure. Did I mention, his head was made from scratch! Indeed I sculptured his head, I used Wreckage's head for the base and then applied Apoxie sculpt (professional sculpture clay), from there I pretty much sculptured his head to look like Warpath. As for paint, I use the usual durable paint, Testors Acrylics, the best paint out there or one of the best paints out there, but this one is my #1 choice. Anyways, this action figure can be posed and handled, just don't hand this action figure investment to a child or pet or else..."

This awesome Transformers figure is available on eBay so bid on this Custom Generation 1 Warpath figure and own great piece of G1 history.

Merry Christmas from Action Figure Customs

Everyone here at ActionFigureCustoms would like to wish all of you a happy and safe Merry Christmas! We hope Santa delivers everything you want and more!

Custom Transformers Hot Rod Generation 1 by deathwind000

"My actions speak louder than my words."
deathwind000 takes the run of the mill Bumblebee 2008 Camaro and turns it into a Generation 1 Classic with this Custom Hot Rod. This is another great example of a talented customizer taking a great base and doing something extraordinary with it. In robot mode, I like the way deathwind000 did the metal paint aps on the arms and legs, giving them a weathered look and a feeling that Hot Rod has seen some action. He chose a great shade of red and the flames pay a nice homage to this G1 classic. An awesome license plate decal which says "Hot Stuff" rounds off the figure as well as the great head choice. This Custom Hot Rod ranks as one of the best G1 customs made out of a Transformers Movie Bumblebee. I know it is the holidays but put deathwind000's Custom Hot Rod on your watch list on eBay and be sure to make this one your own!
More about Hot Rod
Hot Rod is the all-American-boy Autobot. Not too sweet, not too sharp, not too snotty... not a goodie-goodie, but basically a typical adolescent who has dreams of doing great stuff and being as heroic and important as Optimus Prime and other famous and revered top Autobots. He tends to follow rules until they bug him - and he sometimes learns, to his regret, that disobeying wasn't exactly smart. And he often acts without thinking in an effort to do the right thing - and this gets him and sometimes his friends in trouble. But he's not afraid when trouble does arrive and is a brave and honorable fighter and friend. He is especially close to Kup, the grizzled old mentor of an Autobot, although he sometimes resents hearing "wisdom." And he likes Daniel, the Earth kid, a lot. (In a way, Hot Rod is big brother to Daniel - a role model - and Hot Rod knows it and takes the responsibility seriously.) In robot or automotive mode, Hot Rod is sometimes hot-headed, but always a well-meaning, admirable "lad" and popular with all who know him.

AFC Interviews Michael Amore Customs

The talent of Michael Amore is highlighted in our fifth interview in the series. Michael's excellent sculpting ability and passion struck me at first when I first reviewed his figure so I thought it would be great for everyone to get to know this talented customizer. You can view Michael's work at his website as he as some awesome pieces there.

AFC: Tell the fans of your work a little about yourself
Michael Amore:
I was born in 1973 and grew up in a small New England town. As a child I loved comic books and action figures. I was into Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers, MEGOs and any hero based action figures I could get my hands on. In 1984 I bought my 1st Spider-Man comic book and that was it for me. I began going to my local variety store every week looking for the the latest issues. Though I did not know it at the time, I was reading reprints of the original 1960’s classic tales. I loved the characters and the art and that is when I began really drawing/writing my own stories, and customizing my own figures. At first I would add armor to my Lego figures, holsters to my G.I. Joes, rip apart my Secret War's figures and make new characters...that kind of stuff. When I got older I got into all kinds of art and my influences included musicians and writers and all types of artists. After High School I attended art school for a few semesters but ran out of funds to finish so...after that I spent the next decade or so writing and publishing books of poetry, along with drinking, getting in trouble and breaking my own heart!


AFC: When did you start making customs?
Michael Amore: I finally got sober a few years ago and really began customizing in earnest. I've been at it almost two years now and have worked hard to hone my craft to the highest level! I feel that these characters helped me so much in my youth, and now as an adult, here they are again helping me overcome a pain in the ass my work is really important to me, these characters are really important to me and I really want to recreate them to the best of my ability...the way I would like to see them done!

AFC: How many customs do you work on at one time?
Michael Amore: I like to have 4 or 5 figures going at a time...this allows me to jump from one to another while I'm painting and drilling and sanding and grinding and sculpting...that way I don't over work any one figure. Right now due to a lot of special orders and some unfinished projects I have over a dozen that are in various stages production!


AFC: What is the custom you are most proud of?
Michael Amore: Hmmm...I really love my new Nighthawk at the moment.


AFC: What is your favorite toy line to do customs for?
Michael Amore: Marvel Legends of course!

AFC: What customs do we have to look forward to in the future?


Michael Amore: I have orders for: the Enchantress, the Molecule Man, Nightwing, Battle Armor Thor, Mocking Bird...and some personal projects that include repaints of: Angel (with new wings), two Doom figures, 5 Iron man figures, the Sentry...and an all new Black Panther and a super surprise version of the thing!


AFC: If you had one piece of advice for other customizers out there, what would you say to them?
Michael Amore: Do what you like, not what you think will sell.


Custom Marvel Legends Cable X-Men by Mojo1 Customs

Before I start in on this Custom Marvel Legends Cable by Mojo1 Customs, this is AFC's 100th blog and we're still going strong. Straight from the pages of Marvel Comics comes Mojo1 Custom's version of Cable in Marvel Legends Style

. The left eye of Cable is cool as it looks like he is going to use this abilities to force people to bid on Mojo1's auction! Seriously, this custom is very well made and the paint aps compliment the figure nicely and stay true to the comic version of Cable. The hair looks natural and the facial features seem real.


I was forutunate enough to correspond with Mojo1 Customs and he shed some light on how he made this great piece: "Well, the recipe goes as such...Legendary Heroes Savage Dragon upper torso and head, the lower torso and legs from a TNA Kip James figure. I sculpted the extras on his bio-organic arm, facial scars and hair. Slpped it all together and paint."

This awesome piece is available on eBay so head over there and bid on this great Custom Marvel Legends X-Men Cable.

More about Cable
Cable is a mutant who possesses incredibly powerful telepathy and telekinetic abilities. These abilities have been limited by his need to restrain his techno-organic infection. As his powers grew, he was able to use his powers to perform greater and greater feats, without fear of losing control over his T-O virus. His telepathy increased to where he could read minds, broadcast his thoughts to either communicate with others or control minds, and fire mind-shattering psychic blasts. Without the effects of the virus, his telepathic and telekinetic powers are comparable in strength to those of X-Man, but enhanced by Cable's greater levels of experience, intelligence, and his Askani training.


Custom Masterpiece Thundercracker Transformers Generation 1 Style by noise_maze

noise_maze has possibly made the most accurate Masterpiece Custom I have seen so far with his Custom Masterpiece Thundercracker. When I first saw this on eBay, I thought that Takara had made this figure but I read on and discovered that noise_maze had found the exact paint color to match the G1 Thundercracker deco. Made from the Walmart exclusive Masterpiece Starscream, you could not get a closer match if you tried and noise_maze's paint aps are flawless and applied with precision. The sheen on the figure makes the figure look metallic. The sticker aps are true to the Generation 1 Thundercracker and if you did not know you were looking at a Masterpiece figure, you would think this was the original Thundercracker from 1984. I like the additions of silver on the engines and on the missile tips, a welcome upgrade from the standard paint job. This is a must have for any Masterpiece collector as this will probably the only accurate Thundercracker made, even beating out what Takara could produce.

noise_maze's Custom Masterpiece Thundercracker is up for a fixed price on eBay and I would not pass this one up.

Custom Marvel Legends Iceman X-Men by diddy310 customs

diddy310 customs caught our eye with his Custom Marvel Legends Iceman. The aspects that stand out about this custom is the detailed sculpting that he did. There are differences between a straight up repaint and customizers who take the time (and skill) to create a truly unique custom that is their own and diddy310 has taken this Iceman to the next level. The hair on this figure is perfectly sculpted and proportional to the head. The building up of the chest is a welcome addition as it ads much needed depth to the figure. Styling the figure after Humberto Ramos/Chris Bachalo, he has really captured their artistic nature. I was lucky enough to correspond with diddy310 customs and he shed some light on how he made this awesome figure:

"The base figures are a HML2 Xorn for the main body with the head and shins down from Quicksilver. I used an X-acto knife to trim off Xorn's chains and Quicksilvers hair, then resculpted the chest and added the iced up liberty spikes. From there it was a simple matter of repainting him head to toe, first using flat black on the pants and jacket, then Games Workshop Shadow Grey on the face, torso and hands. Then various layers of drybrushing with GW Skull White and Space Wolves Grey to make him look iced up, definitely like it more than the transparent plastic look Toybiz liked to use for him. I Think i captured the look of the Humberto Ramos/Chris Bachalo art in a more realistic style to make him work with the rest of the released MLs."
This Custom Marvel Legends X-Men Iceman is available on eBay so head over there to bid on this great figure!

Custom Marvel Legends X-Men Jean Grey by wanderer-x

wanderer-x brings us his Custom Marvel Legends Jean Grey in her classic Jim Lee uniform. One of the aspects that stands out for this custom is attention to detail with the hair and the face. The hair is beautifully sculpted and looks natural. It is also styled and flows nicely down her back. The eyes are striking and have a nice gaze to them. The facial features are beautifully proportioned and the paint aps on the costume are nicely done. This is one of the best Jean Grey customs I have seen in a while and should be a welcome addition to anyone's Marvel Legends collection.

Auction Details - from wanderer-x
My custom of often possibly one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel universe and one of founding members of the X-Men. Jean Grey in styled her now classic Jim Lee uniform. She is made with the finest paint and materials.This figure has been painstakingly sculpted and painted to reflect the essence of the possessor of the Phoenix Force. This custom will fit in flawlessly with you other Marvel Legends figures. Jean retains all of her articulation.He is very durable and can be played with.Caution: Extensive posing may cause paint wear. Extensive play may damage some added parts. Highly recommended as collector's piece than a child's plaything. Jean comes compete with "fly" stand.
More about Jean Grey

Jean Grey-Summers is a mutant born with vast telepathic and telekinetic powers. Her powers were activated when she saw her friend getting hit by a car. She is a caring, nurturing figure, but she also must deal with being an Omega-level mutant and the physical manifestation of the cosmic Phoenix Force. She faces death several times in the history of the series, first in the classic "Dark Phoenix Saga," but due to her connection with the Phoenix Force, she, as her namesake implies, rises from death.

Ronin Marvel Legends Custom by Horton’s Heroes

Horton's Heroes brings us this Custom Marvel Legends Ronin, a figure that takes on different identities. The name "Ronin" refers to the Japanese term for a masterless samurai, a lone warrior. Maya Lopez was the first person to don the Ronin identity. A deaf woman with photographic reflexes, Maya became Ronin to investigate the Silver Samurai in Japan. Clint Barton is the second person to don the Ronin identity, becoming Ronin when he rejoined the New Avengers in the aftermath of Civil War.

What is truly unique about this custom are the interchangeable heads. It is like you are getting 3 figures in 1 with this great figure. The paint aps are superb and the gold seems to flow, as if the figure were wearing a soft good, a testament to the fine detailing, patience, and skill of the customizer. Horton's Heroes has really captured the essence of Ronin and stayed true to the comic book resemblance. I would rank this Custom Marvel Legends Ronin as one of the best I have seen to date. To shed some light about this figure, Horton's Heroes explains:

"Ronin can be all 3 characters, regular ronin head, Maya Lopez, or Clint Barton aka Hawkeye. All 3 heads are magnetic so you can use any of the looks you want for Ronin. The sculpting on this custom almost fried my brain, it was very, very, challenging! His heads are custom sculpted, arm armor, shoulder pads, chest, leg armor, skirt, and he was painted using both airbrush and a lot of hand detailing to give him just the right glimmer. He is still very poseable as well. Oh... yeah his numchucks are custom made as well with real chain."

This awesome Custom Marvel Legends Ronin is available on eBay so place your bid quick or view the rest of the photos from this great piece.

Warpath Generation 1 Transformers Custom by Jin Saotome

"A good shot is worth more than a good intention."
Life was much simpler back in the 80's. There were very few toy lines to keep kids happy, which included the smash hit Transformers. The toys were also much simpler to transform back then. Warpath, for example, simply needed a pull of the torso and a lift of some arms and a a head and and you were done! There something magical and nostalgic about the first minibots and Jin Saotome has captured that nostalgia with this Custom Transformers Warpath minibot. As far as capturing the essence of what a G1 Transformer is, this could be possibly be one of Jin's best customs to date. Here is how he created this one:
"The main body was the Classics Megatron 2-Pack Ultimate Battle Megatron but his arms are Movie Dreadwing's legs! If you open Dreadwing's waist and widen the holes on the legs they fit right inside Meg's shoulders. The legs were trimmed down so they folded forward and I whipped up some wrists/hands for him. Warpath's head is a modded Movie Long Arm's head. I crafted the front cannon out of the old Megatron's cannon arm and part of Cybertron Longrack's crane hydraulics. We use every part of the buffalo here, hah! The paint job is two tones of red and has tons of panel lines and shading. There's a little hatch-camera-eye on the top you can move around and he comes complete with a rubsign on the front of the vehicle just like the G1 version. There's rare earth magnets (one under the rubsign) that hold the cannon and camera-hatch on. I hope I paid the little guy homage with this figure, enjoy!"

Jin definately paid homage with this figure and you can have a chance to own this peice of Transformers Generation 1 history with this Custom G1 Warpath figure.

More about Warpath
Warpath thinks he's a lot more impressive than his comrades do. Certainly, no one would argue with his sharp-shooting ability. It just seems at times he's more concerned with showing off than the welfare of the Autobots as a whole. But his boisterous, loud-mouthed personality makes him welcome company and his raucous sense of humor can bring cheer to the gloomiest situations. Only one thing seems to upset him: any small nick or scratch to his gun barrel. He's both very proud and very vain about his weapon. His comrades fear that if his gun ever suffered anything as big as a dent, Warpath might be too depressed to speak for a month!

Nemesis Enforcer Marvel Legends GI Joe Custom and Cobra La Team by Nuffsaid Customs

Nuffsaid Customs brings us this gritty, straight out of the depths and massive cavern beneath the Himalayas, Custom Marvel Legends Nemesis Enforcer figure from the GI Joe line. Modeling the figure from the 1980's mold, Nuffsaid has taken the lack luster original concept and taken it to new heights. As Nuffsaid told me, the base figure is made from an AOA Marvel Legends Sabretooth and he resculpted the head, chest, and legs. The wings, which are the coolest part of the figure, are from a Mcfarlane Dragon figure. The Cobra La is definitely a force to be reckon with if they looked like this.The paint aps look raw but that is the look, in my opinion, that Nuffsaid was going for. As the auction states, the figure is sealed so it will retain this gritty look. The wings look like they are a part of Nemesis Enforcer's body and spawning from his back. If you remember, the original NE had florescent green wings that did not compliment the figure. Granted it was the 1980's, the figure really fell short and disappointed fans. Good thing that Nuffsaid is here to right the wrong that was the Cobra La.


Nemesis Enforcer is available on eBay and he also is selling Custom Marvel Legends Golobulus and Pythona, a must have for any Cobra La or GI Joe fan. Here are some more pictures of Nemesis Enforcer and the others: 

Custom Transformers Movie Spotlight Seller: Jin Saotome

Jin Saotome is one of the most talented Transformers Movie customizers and his pieces are well sought after and always grab top dollar. He is well known for his creativity, unique sculpts, and one of a kind paint aps. This week, Jin has many Transformers Movie customs up for sale so let's take a peak!
Custom Transformers Movie Ironhide
Auction Description: This auction is for an 8" tall custom Ironhide figure with twin arm cannons and four missiles. He has multiple points of articulation, far too many for me to count so I’m not even going to try. This means you can pose Ironhide in all sorts of awesome Decepticon-blasting poses and he'll look great in every one. He transforms just like the store-bought one and changing his form around won't affect the paint job at all. Instructions are included because let's face it, these suckers are like skill-puzzles! You came here for an action figure right? Something you can play with that's not just a statue? Well that's exactly what you’re getting! This custom has been painted with an exceptional level of detail, and with paint that’s not going to rub or flake off. Handle it, pose it, just don't give it to your little brother to play outside with. You'll find that my custom figure designs are durable and look great as well. Now you can have the best of both worlds. By now you’ve probably seen the Transformers movie, right? You may of noticed the store-bought Ironhide, while an excellently sculpted figure, is pretty much all one color and is missing the wear and tear that the oldest Transformer should have. That's where I step in! Ironhide has been repainted to accurately portray his character on the big screen. Every individual panel, gear, hose, and robot section has been hand-painted. He’s been carefully and realistically detailed with different metallics, shading, highlights, and mechanical tones. All the details in his face have been repainted and you can really see the fine sculpting of this figure now.Iron's head is now on a ball joint and can look around in all directions giving him some great poses! As mentioned before you can transform Ironhide without damaging the paint job and he will look great on your shelf next to the rest of your collection as an accurate portrayal of the movie character. Did you want a tough ol' hombre to play shoot-em-up with your Decepticons? Know someone who would get a kick out of a Topkick? Then don't pass this auction up!
Transformers Movie Bumblebee 2009 Camaro
Auction Description: This auction is for a 6" tall custom Bumblebee with removable weapon-arm, alternate arm panels, new detailed head, and battle-mask head! He has multiple points of articulation, far too many for me to count so I'm not even going to try. This means you can pose BB in all sorts of awesome Decepticon-battling poses and he'll look great in every one. He transforms just like the store-bought one and changing his form around won't affect the paint job at all. (You will need to remove the new head first however as it's wider than the normal one) He comes with instructions because these figures can be like skill-puzzles. You came here for an action figure right? Something you can play with that's not just a statue? Well that's exactly what you’re getting! This custom has been painted with an exceptional level of detail, and with paint that's not going to rub or flake off. Handle it, pose it, just don’t give it to your little brother to play outside with. You’ll find that my custom figure designs are durable and look great as well. Now you can have the best of both worlds. It's Bumblebee! This time the bee sports a new look with a new movie-accurate head and removable arm-cannon. He's been repainted and detailed to look like the movie character with different effects such as shading, highlights, metallic paints, and weathering to his robot parts. Slip his right arm off at the shoulder and you can replace it with the cannon-arm, also jointed at the elbow for maximum poseability.Need to go into battle with the Bee? Pop on his battle-mask head! It's hand sculpted and painted with great detail to resemble the one in the movie complete with little eye grates. You also get your choice of alternate arm panels in case you didn't want the clunky doors hanging off there. Bumblebee transforms like the store-bought toy but it’s best to remove his new head so you don't get it banged up underneath the vehicle, it's a bit wider than the old one. So, were you looking for a super-detailed Bumblebee with a face anyone can love? Know a friend that needs a hand? A cannon-hand? Heheh.. Then don't pass this auction up!
Transformers Movie Final Battle Jazz
Auction Description: This auction is for an 6" tall Custom 'Final Battle' Jazz with crescent rifle, robot-guts, and rip-in-half action! He has multiple points of articulation meaning you can pose him in all sorts of awesome "I got 20 seconds of fight time before I was torn in two" poses and he'll look great in every one. Transforming Jazz won't affect the paint job...and even if it did you'd just have more battle-damage, Ha! *Ahem* He converts from robot to car mode easily. Instructions are included, you just need to snap his waist together when you're ready for robot mode. You came here for an action figure right? Something you can play with that's not just a statue? Well that's exactly what you’re getting! This custom has been painted with an exceptional level of detail, and with paint that's not going to rub or flake off. Handle it, pose it, just don't give it to your little brother to play outside with. You'll find that my custom figure designs are durable and look great as well. Now you can have the best of both worlds. Poor Jazz, he got all beat up in the movie. I'd post a big 'spoiler' message here but if you haven't seen the movie yet you’re probably not looking at this auction. Jazz gets ripped in half by Megatron in his gloriously short amount of fight time and looked pretty roughed up. Now you can have the figure that pops apart too, complete with hanging robo-guts and blue-blood detailing for all you morbid types. I've seriously nicked, scratched, dented, and dinged Jazz here for some pretty believable battle damage.

He’s been painted with various metallic shades, grime, weathering, scuffs, shadows, and highlights. You’ll notice his car-mode is damaged, check out the detailed crack-patterns on the windows! Missing lights, cracked headlights, gouges from Megatron’s claws, it’s all there. He comes with his screen-accurate Crescent-cannon that’s painted just as detailed as he is and fires a cool energy bolt. So, wishing you had a Jazz that was equally banged up in both modes? Know a friend who would weep like a baby if you showed them this? Then don’t pass this auction up!

Custom WCW TNA Sting Classics Figure by realjxc

realjxc brings this wrestling icon to life with his Custom WCW Sting wrestling figure. The paint aps on the face do this figure justice as it bears a strong resemblance to Sting. This figure also comes with some cool accessories, such as a bat, leather jacket, and championship belt. Check out more about this great auction on eBay and place a bid for this great Custom WCW Sting figure.

I had the unique opportunity to correspond with realjxc and he shed some light on how he created his Custom Sting:

"First I used Charlie Hass's head from Ruthless Aggresion series, and Chris Jericho's hair. Then I used the Undertaker's body and any other ruthless aggression figure's arm as long as they don't have tatoo on it. At last, I used Rey Mysterio' gloves. After you have all those parts you are ready to paint. I used TAMIYA COLOR to do the painting job, after I finish the paint I spray a layer of Glosscote so the paint will stay forever and it looks better too."

More about Sting
Steve Borden, better known by his ring name Sting, is an American professional wrestler. He is one of the most successful and popular professional wrestlers to have never performed under contract for WWE, and is considered to be one of the best professional wrestlers of all time. Sting had a tenure in the WCW from 1989 to 2001.

Lion-O Custom Marvel Legends Thundercats by boskoestoys

Thundercats was one of my favorite cartoons and toy lines to collect when I was a kid. I have fond memories of fashioning fortresses and various types of devices out of Lego's to enhance my Thundercats playing experience. boskoestoys has created one of the legendary Thundercats, Lion-O, in Marvel Legends style.

A couple of high points for this custom include the overall enhancement of the 1980's figure by using the Marvel Legends figure as the base. I took a look at the cartoon rendering of Lion-O and this figure matches more closely the physique from the drawings this figure is a great likeness of Lion-O. The logo design on the belt is an excellently drawn and styled, paying a nice homage to the classic. Finally, the sword design goes above and beyond and truly enhances the look of the figure. Since Lion-O's sword was an integral part of the cartoon, boskoestoys has built the Excalibur of Thundercats swords, perfectly fitting for Lion-O.

Your chance to own this great figure is just a click away at eBay so go hurry and bid on this Custom Marvel Legends Lion-O figure!

Custom Star Wars Spotlight Seller: defiantyogi

defiantyogi is one talented Star Wars 3 3/4" customizer and he has some really nice pieces up for sale this week and that is why he is our third in the Spotlight Seller series! One of the great aspects of his customs as that they are unique and he creates custom cards so if you are a MOC collector you really love these customs as you can display them next your Star Wars Saga collection. Let's take a peak at what defiantyogi has in store for you:General Obi Wan Kenobi with Clone Armor

You are bidding on a Star Wars CLONE WARS CUSTOM General Obi-Wan Kenobi in Clone Armor. Figure comes carded in a custom made STAR WARS 2006 SAGA package with a Red Obi-Wan Kenobi Hologram. General Kenobi is seen fighting Durge and IG-88 Assassin Droids on Muunilinst in Cartoon Network's Star Wars Clone Wars Vol. 1. NOTE: Battle Droid in pictures is used as a PROP ONLY and is NOT FOR SALE.

Figure Specifications
HELMET: Evolutions Ep. 2 Clone Pilot REMOVABLE HELMET!!!
BODY: SAGA Clone Commander.
DETAILS: Head is from SAGA Super Articulated Obi-Wan Kenobi and can turn a full 360 degrees. Brown polyester tunic and cape hand sewn by my wife (nice job honey!)
WEAPONS: 1 lightsaber
Kashyyyk ARC Clone Trooper
You are bidding on a Star Wars CUSTOM Kashyyyk ARC Clone Trooper. Figure comes carded in a custom made STAR WARS 2006 SAGA package with a Red Darth Vader Hologram. This is a concept Clone Trooper and is based on the design and jungle camouflage color scheme of the 41st Elite Corps under the command of Commander Gree on Kashyyyk.

Figure Specifications
HELMET: Comic Pack ARC Trooper Alpha REMOVABLE HELMET!!!
BODY: Comic pack ARC Trooper Alpha painted in the jungle camoflage color scheme of Commander Gree
DETAILS: Battle gear includes shoulder pauldron with attached gauntlet
WEAPONS: 1 ARC Trooper Blaster Rifle
You are bidding on a Star Wars CUSTOM Clone Commander Keller. Figure comes carded in a custom made STAR WARS 2006 SAGA package with a Red Stormtrooper Hologram. Commander Keller is seen in Dark Horse Comics Star Wars Republic issue #79 and #80. Keller leads a squad of Clone Cold Assault Troopers on Planet Toola, tracking down fugitive Jedi.

Clone Commander Keller

Figure Specifications
BODY: TAC Airborne Trooper
DETAILS: Battle gear includes white soft goods hood, tunic and cape hand sewn by my wife(excellent job honey!), gun holster and sidearm repeater blaster pistol attached to right side of utility belt
WEAPONS: 1 DC-17 Blaster Rifle, 1 Repeater Blaster Pistol
ARC Pilot Clone Trooper
You are bidding on a Star Wars CLONE WARS CUSTOM ARC PILOT CLONE TROOPER. Figure comes carded in a custom made STAR WARS 2006 SAGA package with a Blue Darth Vader Hologram. ARC Pilot is seen in the opening minutes of Cartoon Network's Star Wars Clone Wars Vol. 2., flying the Muunilinst 10 on a daring rescue mission of Jedi survivors in the aftermath of the Battle of Hypori.

Figure Specifications
HELMET: Evolutions Ep. 2 Clone Pilot REMOVABLE HELMET!!! Target scope from Boba Fett attached to right side of helmet. Bat logo painted in the front top center of helmet denoting flight squad division.
BODY: Comic 2-Pack ARC Trooper Alpha.
DETAILS: Battle Gear includes tattered and torn kama(skirt) with ammo pockets.
WEAPONS: ARC Trooper Blaster Rifle

Custom Star Wars Darth Talon Expanded Universe by stocos28

Straight from the pages of Star Wars Expanded Universe comes stocos28's version of Darth Talon, a female Sith who you would not want to run into in a dark alley. The crimson skin of this custom is a nice shade and matches photo quite nicely! The tattoos look carefully placed and although they are not a direct translation, they look awesome and compliment the figure nicely. It is great when customizers deviate from what they see and make the figure their own so this is a welcome change. I like the Sith waist robe on the figure as it gives her a much classier look than a simple a bikini.

All in all, this Custom Darth Talon is a great looking figure and should get some big bucks on eBay, where you can still find it and place a bid!



More about Darth Talon (Source: Wookiepedia)
Darth Talon was a Sith Lord in Darth Krayt's new Sith Order c. 137 ABY. A female Lethan Twi'lek, she had red and black Sith tattoos covering her body, head, and lekku, which she had earned in ritual combat. She was trained by a fellow Twi'lek Sith named Darth Ruyn, whom she later killed on Krayt's command with a swift decapitating strike of her lightsaber. Talon was a third-generation Sith, raised on the ancient Sith burial world of Korriban to serve as the second of Darth Krayt's two Hands, Darth Nihl being the other. Thus, she had no idea of what life was like outside the order and had no purpose to her existence other than to serve as the executor of Krayt's will. A test of her loyalty came early when Krayt ordered Talon to kill her instructor, Darth Ruyn, who had just presented her to Krayt for final evaluation. Talon responded without hesitation.
Darth Talon was cold and dispassionate, and followed the commands of Darth Krayt without question or hesitation, as shown when she decapitated Darth Ruyn. She was unmerciful like most Sith, keeping Elke Vetter alive only for the amount of time needed to extract the location of Marasiah Fel from the grievously wounded Imperial Knight. Darth Talon, like almost all Sith, was armed with a single crimson-bladed lightsaber. It was elongated and notched with crisscrossing grooves. The hilt was constructed of a material that physically did not appear to be metal, and instead resembled a sort of rock.

Custom Transformers Movie Blackout Leader Class Ultimate Edition by boskoestoys

boskoestoys went above and beyond the call of duty and really delivered something out of this world with thier Custom Transformers Movie Blackout Leader Class Ultimate Edition! They informed me that they had one in the works a few weeks ago and I have been waiting for this day. First off, the scale is huge! Check out the regular Blackout next to this one and you will soon see exactly how large this Transformers is. Hasbro take notes! Second, the Movie accurate paint job is another reason to be the sole owner of this one of a kind custom, which, will not be reproduced again so you will be getting a 1/1 steller custom from boskoestoys. A couple other noteworth features includes the original headsculpt, which is very accurate to the movie and the super poseability of the figure allows you to pose Blackout in several natural positions.

Head over to eBay and check out more pictures of boskoestoys Custom Transformers Movie Blackout Leader Class Ultimate Edition and I would also suggest adding this customizer to your favorite sellers as he does amazing work! I have highlighted some of the details from the auciton, which you can find below. Two months of work was poured into this amazing piece of work! boskoestoys goes on to explain:

Conception of the idea
We waited, and waited to do this figure thinking Hasbro might come out with one, especially after the late arrival of a "Leader class Brawl". But with the movie buzz dyin' down, and Hasbro halting production on Transformer movie toys, it looked like it was up to us.In our opinion not makin' a Leader Class BLACKOUT was one of the biggest oversights in toy makin' history, and to us just shows how outta touch big toy companies are with their fan base.

Enter Boskoes Toys "exclusive", custom LEADER CLASS BLACKOUT Transformers movie figure. First we'll get to his size. He's actually more like an "ULTIMATE CLASS", measuring 2 FEET long in helicopter mode, and almost 13 inches tall in robot mode (not including propeller attachment, which makes him even bigger)

From Conception to Reality: Features of this Custom Blackout

  • Ultra realistic "movie accurate" pant job
  • We did have to simplify his Transformation process a bit, but there's still plenty of transformation happening here. His legs spin backward, and filled up underneath him. His legs are very articulated, and bend several places, including swivel at the hips allowing some cool "dynamic" poses
  • The tail piece of the copter detaches using a very sturdy "click in" system. The tail piece also holds a hidden sound FX (lasers, and copter sound)
    His arms which fold back and act as his side bars in Helicopter Mode, fold down, and have a wide range of motion
  • Sidebar covers fold out in Robot Mode to reveal large missile
  • Large Propeller from Helicopter detaches, and can be attached to BLACKOUTS back in robot mode
  • Top turret can be swapped with included BLUE LED search light
  • Blackouts head, which is an original "more accurate sculpt" is removed while in Helicopter mode (whirls on a sturdy ball and socket system), and can be stored in a small custom Transformers case
  • Blackout comes with three different exchangeable weapons (rifle, propeller gun, and claw missile launcher)
  • Back propeller can be removed and popped into the front of BLACKOUT large gun to create to propeller gun
  • BLACKOUTS hands are articulated and can be opened and closed
  • BLACKOUT comes with 3 Army soldiers and cargo gear (two fit inside the cockpit)
  • Revoltech G1 Optimus prime is included incase you wanna create a "trick scale" for display
  • We use the Gold standard in paints and Apoxy, Aves, Testors, and Reaper
  • Our figures are super sturdy, and the paint is very durable

Lego Star Wars Death Star Custom by epsidude

Home sweet home! Your darkside Lego minifigs now have a home thanks to epsidude and his Custom Lego Star Wars Death Star Playset that comes with 8 minifigs! Reenacting the classic scene from Return of the Jedi where Darth Vader squares off again Luke Skywalker with the Emperor overseeing the action, epsidude provides a very nice backdrop with his choice of pieces and parts for the Death Star. I have always wanted to see a nice Lego Death Star done because the ones that Lego produced were not a play set and were just for display purposes. What is great about this set is that you can add on to it and actually play with it. Here are some more details from the auction:

"This is a unique set that lets your child create some of the exciting scenes from the Star Wars movies. It comes with all you see; The DeathStar, 4 Stormtroopers, 1 Imperial officer, Luke, Vader, The Emperor, and a mouse droid. The set is very sturdy, and will allow your child to add on, or expand from his own collection. A set of instructions will be included, that will help to guide in the creation."
This great Custom Lego Star Wars Death Star Playset is available for Buy it Now and can be purchased immediately so head over to eBay and check it out as I am sure this won't last very long!

Custom Lego Star Wars Rebel Assualt Shuttle by Joe’s Custom Creations

Joe's Custom Creations, a customizer who specializes in Star Wars Legos and sets, brings us this Custom Lego Star Wars Rebel Assault Shuttle and comes with 6 custom Rebel Commando Elite Soldiers. This one of a kind masterpiece was created using 100% LEGO. It is 90% faithful to the original 7166 and 7264 Imperial Shuttle designs but it has been modified with missiles under the wings and an expanded cargo space in the back (for more troops and equipment to fit). 95% of the lego used in its creation is NEW LEGO - never played with! 5% of the lego is used but in very good condition! Here are more details and photos of this cool custom Lego Star Wars creation:

Defeat the Empire with this custom masterpiece from Joe's Custom Creations! Ever wonder how the Rebels can defend against the military might of the Empire? Well one way is to use small Special Forces units to infiltrate Imperial Defenses and sabotage the shield generators to make it easier for the main attacking force to take out the Imperial Base. It needs ships that can bring these special ground forces in where they are needed. But this ship is no unarmored civilian shuttle, it is a powerful air to air or air to ground weapon that will help give your Rebel forces that extra edge against Imperial forces.This ship brings a squad of heavily armed REBEL COMMANDOS to the action! But that's not all, it brings one heck of a lot of firepower and is a tough ship. Its like a tank in space, able to take many direct hits and still complete the mission! Equipped with missiles (see picture, you get two cannons under the wings that really fire - official lego cannons with two large rubber tipped darts) and a host of lasers as well as a custom Attack Sled that FITS IN THE SHUTTLE. This ship will help your Rebel Alliance Army to dominate anything in the air or on the ground!









The missiles in this set, plus the jet pack trooper and vehicle that fits in the back really make this great for interactive play. Shoot those imperials out of the sky or land and launch a ground offensive, this is a great set!  What you get:

  • 6 minifigures! Specially created for this set by my lego workshop
  • 4 Normal Rebel Commandos - all with custom Blaster Rifles
  • 1 Custom Shuttle Pilot - with headset detail on face, special black helmet w/ goggles and custom Blaster Pistol
  • 1 Rebel Officer / Lieutenant - this is the shuttle commander and also comes with his custom blaster

There is not much time left to make this one your own as there as 11 hours left since posting this place your bid now and secure this cool piece for your Lego collection!





Ultra Magnus Custom Transformers Generation 1 Style by Jin Saotome

Who can take a Star Wars Transformers Turbo Tank and craft it into the legendary Generation 1 Ultra Magnus? It is none other than Jin Saotome, Transformers customizer extraordinaire! This week he has stayed true to the classic G1 color scheme with the good ole' fashion red, white, and blue paint aps. What I like about the paint scheme is the weathered look to the figure, giving him a more mechanical look. This also is not your average run of the mill Optimus Prime repaint, Jin has seriously taken this custom to the next level as he had the forsight to see that a Star Wars Transformers Turbo Tank would make a killer Ultra Magnus custom. Here is a little more about this figure, straight from the horses mouth:

"This auction is for an 8" tall Custom Ultra Magnus Transformers figure with twin removable smokestack cannons. He has multiple points of articulation meaning you can pose him in all sorts of awesome eat-everything poses and he'll look great in every one. Transforming Magnusl won't affect the paint job and he converts from robot to Cybertronian-troop-carrier mode easily.

"This is the first Ultra Magnus custom I've done to be honest. I've had thousands of requests to do a UM but didn't want to do a repaint of Prime. So I bided my time, waiting for the perfect base figure to come along...And it did! Ultra Magnus transforms into a Cybertronian style troop-carrier that looks like it could roll through just about any Decepticon in his path. He's pretty tall in robot form and can wield his twin extending smokestack cannons for weapons. He's not done in my usual paint style as this time I went for a clean look with panel lines and different shades of color on full sections. I guess he just went through the car wash, he's brightly colored in the cartoons and why not this time right? He's still very detailed and fits right in with the normal Classics line, if you can get past the fact he's not actually a semi. I'm going for something different here! So… need a really unique Ultra Magnus for your growing Transformers collection? Know a friend who'll be like, "Hey, isn't that Turbo Tank with two wheels missing?" when you give this to them for Christmas? Then don't pass this auction up!"

Like Jin said, don't pass this one up and head over to eBay and place your bid early for his Custom Transformers Ultra Magnus!

Custom Signed WWE XBOX 360 Airbrushed Console – Triple H, The Game, Jeff Hardy and More

I have two categories on my site for Video Game Customs and WWE Customs but this Custom WWE XBOX 360 Signed Console spans both of them. Up for grabs is an authentic collector's item from THQ, the makers of WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2008. This lovingly airbrushed XBOX 360 Pro Console features the following WWE superstars in electric blue: John Cena, Undertaker, and Bobby Lashley. On the flipside, there is an airbrushed WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2008 logo featuring ECW, and signed by the following WWE Superstars: Triple H - the Game, Jeff Hardy, Umaga, Trevor Murdoch, Snitsky, Beth Phoenix, Robbie McAllister, Mickie James, and more!!

Head over to eBay and own this special XBOX 360 and a piece of WWE history!

Custom Marvel Legends Spotlight Seller: boskoestoys

boskoestoys delivers on quality and always gives fans what they want! I stumbled across boskoestoys customs when looking for Thundercats figures and boy was I impressed! I continue to be impressed and this weeks Custom Marvel Legends Bravestarr collection is a dream for any Bravestarr collector. He also has many other customs up for sale this week so I decided to feature boskoetoys as the second Spotlight Seller in the series:
Custom Marvel Legends Bravestarr Collection
Auction Description: "This auction is for the entire collection: a revamped Fort Kerium, over 10 Figures, and loads of extras. From loose concepts, to insanely awesome figures, our Bravestarr line was over two months in the making. We wanted to give these characters a much needed update, but we also wanted to stay true to the Bravestarr roots. The end result is a nice balance that should please "die hard" Bravestarr fans, and even make fans out of those who never followed the Bravestarr saga."
Marvel Legends custom MAN SPIDER
Auction Description: Fresh off of our Fantastic Four/ Dragon Man series comes our super fly Spiderman/ Man Spider series. We've amped up our favorite spidy characters, and decided to turn out a giant Man Spider for the "moc" BAF. (HE'S ALREADY BUILD FOR YA). This auction is for none other than Our Gigantic custom Marvel Legends MAN SPIDER!

MAN SPIDER stands aprox 12 inches, and is fully poseable as per Marvel Legends specs. Infact we added so many point of movement to this character we lost count. Super detailed paint job, and truly gigantic proportions make this figure a must have for any spidy fan!

Man Spider is fully poseable as per Marvel Legends specs, and in perfect scale with all your other Marvel Legends (scale appropriate to character in this case)!

About Boskoestoys
Boskoestoys sells custom action figures, several popular name brand toylines, and pop-culture goodies of all sorts. Items you might expect to find include: Marvel Legends, Masters Of The Universe, DC Superheros, 80's toys & more. They also have a website so go check them out and see all of the customs they have to offer! They also have an eBay Store so also venture over there to purchase these awesome figures.

Custom Marvel Legends Havok X-Men by collectablekid

Hot off the heals of collectablekid's Custom Green Arrow is his Custom Marvel Legends X-Men Havok in stunning detail. Styled after the X-Men comic book drawn by Salvador Larroca, collectablekid brings Havok to life and frees him from the pages of the comics. This has been a work in progress for a couple years for the collectablekid and he recently found the unfinished work, which was only lacking a simple paintjob. Having started this figure in his early customizing days, he finished it up in a matter of days and here it is!

Instead of a simple repaint, collectablekid put his sculpting talent to use once again and captures Havok's ability to absorb cosmic radiation. If you look closely, the white detailing on the chest and other parts of the body have a powdery look to them, which gives the illusion of energy flowing through the body. The X is perfectly proportioned and the sculpting looks natural. The blue visor and the gauntlets extending from the forearms are adaptations from the comics and are welcome additions to the figure. Like I have said before, collectablekid has really detailed sculpts, which sets his customs apart from other straight repaints.

Here are the details from the auction:

  • ONE OF A KIND Havok figure based on his look in the X-men comic book drawn
    by Salvador Larroca- detailed re-sculpted, repainted by hand custom figure
  • Articulated neck, shoulders, elbows, and knees- magnetic feet allow figure
    to attach to any metal surface
  • In scale with other Legends figures
  • Bid on this awesome Custom Marvel Legends Havok

    and add this great figure to your ever growing X-Men collection!
    More about Havok (source:
    Havok is a mutant with the superhuman ability to absorb ambient cosmic energy into the cells of his body, transform it in an unknown manner, and release it as waves of energy that heat the air in their path enough to turn it into plasma, which is a super-heated state of matter consisting of charged subatomic particles. These waves will emanate from his body in all directions unless he purposefully tries to channel them in a single direction, usually along the length of his arms. Havok is himself immune to the intense heat he creates, as well as the power blasts generated by his brother Cyclops.

    Despite past accounts, the energy that Havok releases is not truly a concussive force. When Havok strikes an object with the waves of intensity of hot plasma, the sudden vast jump in temperature will often cause objects to shatter, explode, or seemingly disintegrate, and an observer might therefore wrongly think that the object had been struck by a concussive force. Should Havok direct his energy at the lowest level, he can project it towards a human being and his target will suffer a severe headache but will not burn up.

    Havok's body is constantly in the process of absorbing cosmic radiation. When each of his body's power-storage cell enclaves reaches its capacity, excess cosmic energy is thereafter absorbed and immediately re-emitted in negligible quantities. Upon the total expenditure of all his available energy, it takes Havok's body about 16 hours to recharge to its peak level. The act of concentration involved in releasing his energy in anything other than an omnidirectional wave is physically exhausting for Havok if he continues it over an extended period of time.


    Custom Marvel Legends Green Arrow by collectablekid

    I have always admired collectablekid's ability to sculpt figures as he has taken customizing to the next level. His Custom Marvel Legends Green Arrow is no exception! Crafted after the Smallville appearance of Green Arrow, collectablekid has done an amazing job bringing this one to life. Here are some of the details from the auction:

    • ONE OF A KIND Green Arrow figure based on his look in the CW television series SMALLVILLE- detailed, re-sculpted, repainted by hand custom figure
    • 34 points of articulation (neck, fingers, wrists, shoulders, elbows, hips, waist, knees, feet, ankles...)- in scale with other current DC and Legends figures (approximately 7" tall w/hood
    • Custom made accessories include: high-tech longbow, 2 longbow arrows, crossbow, 1 crossbow arrow
    There are a few aspects of this custom that really stand out. First, the costume design is one of the high points of this custom. I especially like the way hood lays on the figure as it is very natural and flows with the figure. The colors are perfect for this figure as the right shades of green were selected and applied in stunning detail. The signature 'G' on the front of the figure rounds out the costume and it is this level of attention to detail that makes collectablekid's customs special. Second, this custom actually looks human as the figure is proportional and the face of the figure has an element of mystery and emotion, something very hard to achieve in a custom but collectablekid has talent! Finally, the weapons complete this figure. The high tech long bow and crossbow are to scale with the figure and how the character on the show wielded them. To put it simply, the weapons are bad ass!

    This highly detailed one of a kind Custom Green Arrow is up for grabs on eBay so place your bid now!

    AFC Interviews Chih’s Customs

    This week, we bring you the fourth installment of AFC's interview series. Chih is an up and coming customizer who specializes in Custom Transformers. Let's learn a little bit more about Chih and how he got inspired to start making Custom Transformers.AFC: Tell the fans of your work a little about yourself

    Chih: I customize Transformers movie figures. I just started working on some old versions like the Cybertron model. Before the movie came out, I started buying all the figures just like everybody else. After I read the article on USA today "From TOY STORY to SERIOUS ART," then I started customizing them. Since I loved the Transformers movie and the figures so much, and my first few works came out very good, I decided to put them on eBay to see what interest was out there. Check out my work at:

 , and my eBay ID is: chihhsiang408. Feel free to email me through eBay or my hotmail:

    . About myself.... People call me SUPERMAN because I look like him: big,tall, and handsome. 🙂AFC: When did you start making customs?

    Chih: I just started in September this year. Within two months, I met so many good friends on eBay, and received their great support. I used to do lots of WWII airplane and tank models. Since I love the Transformers movie & the figures so much, I started customizing them right after the movie came out.

    AFC: What is your favorite toy line to do customs for?Chih: The New Movie Version Transformers, since the new figures have a lot of fine detail, and the custom paint job looks great on them!

    AFC: What customs do you have lined up for your next ones?

    Chih: I plan to use Cybertron Transformers next. The first one is my Ultra Magnus. It's turning out great and I like it very much, so I will use more Cybertron version Transformers.

    AFC: If you had one piece of advice for other customizers out there, what would you say to them?

    Chih: If you want to produce better work, you need to get better quality tools 🙂 If you don't have good tools, sometimes a great idea will be a disaster, so get some good tools to help you turn out your great ideas! 😉


    Custom Transformers Leader Class Menasor Warrior by chih

    chih has come back this week with a force and brings us a very unique Custom Transformer that he has called Menasor. I was lucky enough to chat with chih and he explained the inspiration for creating a warrior figure, which came from movies like Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, and 300. He goes on to explain, "Menasor has tremendous strength, his armor is nearly impervious to all but the most powerful artillery, so why not add more armor & weapons to make it look like a Gladiator style Super Warrior. I added the shield & the battering ram from GJ Joe-Law Enforcement "LOCKDOWN." I added 1 more gun and put it on the back of the shoulder, the gun is from GI Joe-COBRA Weapons Expert "CRIME BOSS DESTRO." I Love to use weapons from GI Joe on the Leader Class Transformers, a perfect fit and looks really cool."

    There are several aspects that make this custom unique. First, the weathering on the figure is spot on! It is almost like chih turned plastic into metal with the weathering and paint aps on the upper legs, arms and feet. It truly looks like Menasor has been through many a battle and lived to fight another day. Second, the way Menasor's face is painted fits very well with the gladiator/warrior theme that chih was going after. I was able to dig up a mask from the Gladiator Movie and the way chih painted Menasor's face really captures that feeling of Roman times. The way the head is painted makes it look like Menasor is donning a gladiator mask. Finally, the weapon choice really makes this custom unique. The shield puts the finishing touches on this Menasor Warrior. It is really nice to see a bit of historical reference as inspiration for customs as you know the old adage, people who forget history are doomed to repeat it.
    This Custom Transformers Menasor is fresh on the market on eBay so head over and visit the item page for more pictures and a chance to own this unique custom.

    Custom Marvel Legends Spotlight Seller: Kyle Robinson Customs

    I am a huge fan of kyle robinson customs and one of my favorite customs that he has done is the Marvel Legends Style Custom Deadpool 3 3/4 " GI Joe Style figure, which happens to be up for auction this week on eBay. As I was looking through his gallery, that is one of the customs that stood out to me as being very different and cool as I am a huge GI Joe fan! As I was looking through his other items, I noticed he had a few other Custom Marvel Legends figures up for sale so I figured I would do my first spotlight seller feature! Here is what he has lined up for us this week:
    Custom Marvel Legends GI Joe Style Deadpool
    Auction Description: If you follow my work, than you know I'm an avid deadpool fan, This was a commissioned peice that I unfortunately never got paid for, my loss is your Its made from a 25th anniversary Snake eyes to give you JOE fans an idea of his scale. Or use the ref image below standing next to ML 6 deadpool (not included)
    More Custom ML's  
    Custom Marvel Legends Punisher
    Auction Description: Franks is a bad ass, and deserves a few more bad ass figures, LIKE THIS ONE ^_^. This punisher comes with a big ass gun and a sweet jacket (my new favorite jacket in fact) I was thinking of the Marvel knights style pun when painting the skull, so it has a cool hand painted look to it. You get what you see, which a assure you is much more impressive in person.
    More Custom ML's  
    Custom Marvel Legends Glenn Danzig The Misfits Figure
    Auction Description: I'm Back With ANOTHER glenn danzig figure by popular demand. This time we have glenn just straight up, no click s and whistles. GOOD LUCK!
    More Custom ML's  
    Custom Marvel Legends Jim Lee Batman
    Auction Description: I just made 2 of these, one for me and one for a lucky fan. I always loved Jim Lee's batman, although I love the Hush Figure, I felt he needed more articulation, so here it is ^_^
    More Custom ML's  
    About Kyle Robinson Customs
    Rather than me introduce Kyle, I will let him do it himself:"I am... Well... Kyle Robinson. This is the home of my custom action figures and other custom creations. I have been customizing for a long time now and have over 200 figures in my gallery. This is also the home to a great community of fellow customizers and toy fans called TOY SOUP. You can join the Toy Soup community for free, just click the link to your left and register. For all you collectors and fans out there, there is 2 ways to acquire one of my custom figures. One is to contact me for a Made To Order Commission job by using the commission link to your left. And the other way is to check my eBay auctions link also to your left, as I tend to put an auction up every now and again. Oh, and you can always ask me if I still have a custom thats up for grabs pre-ebay (diriect order, non commission). For all you customizers out there just starting out, contact me anytime and I would be more than happy to give a tip or any other help. Also check out my Tutorials link for some of my tips, guides and how-to's. Contact me with any questions."

    Custom Marvel Legends Nighthawk by Michael-Amore

    Soaring from the pages of Marvel Comics comes this Custom Marvel Legends Nighthawk by Michael-Amore. Staying true to the representation of Nighthawk in the Marvel Universe, Michael-Amore has created a comic accurate piece that I am sure will be well sought after! The sculpting around the eyes is very well proportioned and adds depth to figure, allow the eyes to be seen, giving the figure its own personality. The hawk design on the chest is perfectly proportioned as well and mirrors that of one of the versions found in the comics (see below). The way the wings flow into the sculpts on the shoulders in nicely executed and gives the figure a very natural look for having been combined from 3 different Marvel Legends figures. All in all, this figure an excellent example of the talent it takes to make a custom come to life like Michael-Amore has achieved. I was able to get some insight directly from the source on how he created this great custom:

    "I used a Captian America body, the wings from Arc Angel
    and Banshee's arms from the forearms down...I used self drying clay to make the arms smooth at the connection and to sculpt his wing attachments on his chest...for his paint job I used flat blue and a clear blue for the blues, flat yellow and a clear yellow for the yellows...the wings are a semi-gloss all his joints have been reduced buy a dremmel and then hand sanded with a fine grade sand paper!"

    This Custom Marvel Legends Nighthawk is available on eBay and featured on my home page of so check it out and place your bid early as I am sure this will be one hot auction!

    About Nighthawk (source:

    Kyle Richmond lived a privileged life of luxury, making him spoiled, irresponsible, and insubordinate. His irresponsibility led to tragedy, however, when he drove drunk and caused an accident that killed his girlfriend. He sought refuge in being drafted for the army, but he was rejected when a physical revealed he had a heart murmur. He threw himself into his life of luxury, all the while secretly searching for a cure. Finding a mysterious formula in an ancient book, Kyle re-created and drank it, discovering his body gained superhuman powers, but only at night. Due to the effects of an alchemical serum, Nighthawk possesses superhuman strength, endurance, and recuperative powers during the night. (In daylight Nighthawk has normal human strength, although at one point he remained paralyzed during the day.)
    Check out more Custom Marvel Legends on eBay!

    Transformers Movie Bumblebee as Bugbite Botcon Exclusive Custom by gertine_1

    There have been some really cool Transformers Movie Bumblebee customs made that range from Generation 1 Classics (Wheeljack, Prowl) to amazing Movie style paint aps. This weeks Custom Botcon Exclusive Bugbite made from the Transformers Movie Bumblebee 2009 Concept Camaro is no exception! He picked a great choice for the head by using an Engergon Inferno head as it closely resembles the orignal Botcon Bugbite head. Not happy with the original Botcon Exclusive, gertine_1, created his own that puts the original Botcon figure to shame. gertine_1 gives us some information about how this custom was made when he states, "He is such a cool figure that i knew i had to create him. He is a Transformers Movie Concept Bumblebee, With a totally new head sculpt from a Energon Inferno. As usual i used Model Master acryl, Games Workshops colors, and Ave's Fixit Sculpt." 

    Check out more awesome Custom Transformers on eBay!

    Custom Lego Star Wars Mini Figs – Commander Gree and Mandalorian Warrior by Still A Brick Ahead


    Still A Brick Ahead brings us several Custom Lego Star Wars mini figs this week. With amazing detail, he has created a couple figures that I would like to spotlight today!


    Commander Gree
    One of the aspects that makes this custom mini fig stand out is the paint aps on the helmet. The greens and silvers are right on and very closely resemble the Commander Gree found in the Star Wars Revenge of the Sith movie. The armor is is also custom made and as Still A Brick Ahead states in his auction, "the armour is made with custom decals and the helmet is painted with the green and silver pattern. Comes with a custom blaster." This would make a great addition to anyone's custom lego mini fig collection and clone army! What is a Kashyyyk army without a commander? Commander Gree, designation 1004, led the Elite Corps stationed on Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars. He served under General Yoda, commanding troops that employed specialized equipment for combat in the jungle environment. Gree himself wore camouflaged armor to better blend into the verdant surroundings.  



    Mandalorian Warrior
    Another mini fig to highlight is his custom Mandalorian Warrior. This one definately looks like it would be part of a mercanary group Jango Fett is heading up. As the auction states, the Mandalorian Warrior comes with custom armor decals and matching painted helmet with jetpack and a custom. For those not familiar with Mandalorians (called Mando'ade in Mando'a, meaning "children of Mandalore"), they were a warlike, nomadic group of clan-based people consisting of members from multiple species. Often, they served as mercenaries. In later years Mandalorian Warriors wore very distinctive battle helmets with T-shaped visors that covered the entirety of their faces, which would provide inspiration for the helmets of the clone troopers. These helmets would eventually become strongly associated with the Mandalorian people (source: Wookipedia).

    Commander Gree and Custom Mandalorian Warrior


    AFC Interviews PassionDesigns

    This week, AFC Interviews PassionDesigns. He is our third in the interview series and is very enthusiastic about customizing. Mix a lot of God, talent, and fun and you have a recipe for PassionDesigns!
    AFC: Tell the fans of your work a little about yourself.
    PassionDesigns: 31 M , South Louisiana, I'm blessed with an awesome wife Bridget and two kids (5) Gabby & (3) Kaleb . God has totally flipped my world upside down from my childhood to my marriage. I have more peace than ever before, my wife and I are truly best friends. I joined the Air Force right out of high school and now I'm out. So I love God, love this country and I'm not ashamed to admit it. My website is and there I will share anything I create from toys -> displays -> church designs. I also have a myspace =
    AFC: When did you start making customs?
    PassionDesigns: As anyone I always have had the imagination of seeing better toys, or crazy models/diorama.I always thought it would be cool to have your own Batcave sort of thing lol! Up until about 3 years ago, I didn't realize that there was this little community of fans/collectors/ = customizers. I started to get the itch, and I started researching from materials, websites, tutorials. I would print up anything I could get my hands on and save. Then experimenting here and there. But I have only been public for about 1 1/2 years.
    AFC: How many customs do you work on at one time?
    PassionDesigns: I have had 2, sometimes 5. Its so easy to get out of hand with it. So I try to complete as many customs before creating new ones. Note: I said TRY lol
    AFC: What is the custom you are most proud of?
    PassionDesigns: My wife had my friend Hans paint a Jesus painting for me for fathers day. It came out awesome. A month or so later, Hans's wife Sonni came to me to make a figure of Hans. So I took it a step further and made an Airbrush Diorama for him. I learned a lot with that project and it was personal.
    AFC: What is your favorite toy line to do customs for?
    PassionDesigns: MY passion is for Masters of the Universe, Spiderman, and Transformers. But with the Marvel Legends there is so many parts and choices to customize characters. Its hard to pick one.
    AFC: What customs do you have lined up for your next ones?
    PassionDesigns: The flip flopping of the Batcave really got me thinking. So right now I have Goblins Lair in WIP ( with the option of ozborn warehouse old school, flip to Ozcorp industries flip to New Goblin lair with Harry SM3). I have a couple more Transformer customs/dioramas.Along with some Christian designs working with the Angel Wars Series.
    AFC: If you had one piece of advice for other customizers out there, what would you say to them?
    PassionDesigns: IT's all about PASSION!! HAVE FUN!!!!!! Regardless who's says what! I am customizing things that is passionate to me. What gets you excited? Right now I'm also creating a diorama of a scene out of one of my favorite comics. LOL I laugh not a lot of people will get it, but I remember this scene from my childhood and this summer I found this comic at a flee market for $0.50 from the late 1980's. So stay tuned...more to come. But just be creative and shoot for the sky.I would love to see a customizer convention where we could meet and greet lol !!!!

    Custom Megatron Transformers Generation 1 Style by Jin Saotome

    Ever since the Transformers Classics line came out, I have been waiting for someone to do the Classics Megatron justice. The original was a train wreck mix of greens, blues, blacks, and oranges and was a let down with respect to the original Generation 1 Megatron paint scheme, which I thought the Classics Line was supposed to pay respect to. For the most part, the Classics Line delivered (aside from Megs) but luckily there are talented customizers who can look past the myriad of crappy colors, which were probably a result of a poor focus group when they decided on the paint aps.
    Jin Saotome, in his latest rendition of the Classics Megatron, has taken the original figure leaps and bounds from what Hasbro produced and made it his own with his Generation 1 style Custom Classics Megatron

    . Jin even added some cool extras that I will let him tell you about:

    "Megatron's light-pipe eyes glow red now instead of green! Cool as that sounds, there's even more to him than that. Megatron's scope has a high-powered Laser pointer installed in it [Warning, laser radiation, do not look directly into the beam people!] that projects past my block as far as I can tell. Oddly enough the laser has a secondary mode that projects some sort of bizarre UV- blacklight from it. At first I thought it was just a blue LED but I now know it's a blacklight because the clear green eyes of my bionicle figures light up neon-bright in the dark and it will charge my glow-in-the-dark shirt almost instantly. I wouldn't look directly into this beam either as I don't know the specifications of this device. There's two buttons on top that activate each mode separately and you can replace the batteries inside if you need to."



    Jin dares to do what the American Toy companies fail to do and that is deliver accurate, cutting edge Custom Transformers like this Generation 1 Classics Megatron, which is available on eBay!

    Custom Transformers Fortress Maximus Generation 1 Style by Corvus

    When the Cybertron Metoplex hit stores, this gave Transformers customizers a reason to create on the largest Generation 1 Transformers: Fortress Maximus. Being that this is Corvus' first custom, I am simply amazed at his work and his craftsmanship. Using the Cybertron Metroplex as a base, Corvus not only made a Fortress Maximus in robot mode, he took it to the next level and created the Base Mode!Background and Concept
    The conception of Corvus' Fortress Maximus began when he admired the work of others who had tackled the giant beast of a Transformers. As he explains, "This custom/kitbash was one I had really wanted to do since I first saw it done on the Japanese boards, and another by Viagra Prime: Cybertron Metoplex into Fortress Maximus. I let the desire simmer for a couple of years, and when Cybertron Metroplex recently hit Dollar General stores at $19.99, I decided the time was now, and soon I'd gotten started on my first custom Transformer." What a great story!

    From Concept to Reality
    It is one thing to have a vision but actually making that dream into a reality takes a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and imagination. Having a great base to start with, Corvus also used many other parts from various toy lines to make this Fortress Maximus come to fruition. Here is a list of what he used to create this bohemoth:

    • Superion Head as the base for Max's head
    • Ball-joint for the neck courtesy of a Xevoz Alpha Centurion
    • G1 Battletrap guns for the forearm cannons
    • G1 Drag-Strip cannons stand in for Fort's leg-mounted mortars
    • The Rifle is made from a KO Abominus rifle and an Optimal Optimus Missile
    • Waist-cannons were made using the guns from an Energon/Universe Windrazor
    • Dual-barrel Laser Gun was made from a G1 Streetwise cannon and parts of Energon Arcee's weapon
    • Some mini-con ports from Energon Perceptor were also incorporated
    • Rifle-scope is made partly from an old, empty technical pen, and even a few pieces of a toothpick and twisty-ties
    • Left-over sticker sheet materials from the sheets for God-Ginrai and Optimus Prime
    • Junk parts he had kept around from old models, GI Joe toys, and even model sprue, which he used to make various items, especially the repair arms
    • He even made use of Marvel-Legends blister-plastic, and an old G1 Tech-Specs decoder

    The Ingredients
    Creativity is what makes this Fortress Maximus so special and no, Corvus did not use sugar or flour to create this custom. Corvus made extensive use of sheet, tube, and rod styrene, as well as Aves Fixit Sculpt for the alterations and original parts. Here is an example of how he made the autobot symbol on the tower in base mode:

    "I made the autobot symbol on the tower by printing out a copy of the insignia, gluing it to a sheet of styrene with rubber cement, then carefully cutting out each piece with my x-acto knife. Once the cutting was done, I soaked the pieces in water to remove the cardstock and cement. Then I glued the pieces onto another sheet of styrene."

    Behold: Fortress Maximus by Corvus
    Mix around 50 hours of work, a bunch of parts from various toy lines, a ton of imagination, natural skill and craftsmanship, and you have a recipe you have the masterpiece that is Fortress Maximus! Corvus also runs a website and a board called CorvusChatter so go over and check out his other talents from this burgeoning customizer and artist. Corvus has a bright future in customization as his first attempt scores a 9.5 out of 10 in my book! For now check out some more pictures of his Custom Fortress Maximus.

    Robot Mode

    Base Mode

    Custom Marvel Legends X-Men Cannonball by K&L amd M1 Customs

    Straight out of the pages of Marvel Comics, K&L and M1 Customs brings us their version of Cannonball in the Marvel Legends Style, a mutant that generates a thermal/kinetic field around himself which renders him invulnerable and allows him to fly. What a great team they made and it shows! The high points of the this custom Cannonball center around 3 areas: The Hair, eyes, and the upper body.

    First, the way the hair was sculpted really gives this figure some depth and character. The deep lines and grooves make the hair flow and give Cannonball a realistic look and finish. They even went to the detail of making the back of his head mimic what real hair would do if it was bound with goggles above it (e.g., the hair below the goggle line is fringed and looks different than the hair above the goggle line.

    Second, the eyes gives this custom a look that Shaft would be proud of...."Cannonball is one bad mutha...shut your mouth!" Seriously, the eyes are perfectly centered and give the figure a couple looks depending on the angle. The first look I can see is one of staring off into the distance, as if he was awaiting something. The second look I can see (from a different angle) is one of shear badness! You would not want to cross this dude!

    Finally, the upper body of the costume was sculpted to match the comic representation of Cannonball, even down to the small raised circles of the costume near on his chest. The circles are well rounded and give more depth to the figure. Cannonball is rounded off with a big 'C' on the chest and the shoulders, making this custom a very fine piece of art.
    This figure is currently listed on eBay so head over there and check out this awesome Custom Marvel Legends Cannonball by K&L and M1 Customs.

    Custom Transformers Ultra Magnus Generation 1 Style by chih

    "Consistency is victory."
    A commander could want no finer a soldier than Ultra Magnus. Despite his incredible fighting skills, courage and unmatched talent for improvisation on the battlefield, Ultra Magnus is most comfortable when carrying out orders, and is naturally uncomfortable if the mantle of leadership should ever find itself placed upon him. chih brings our readers a flavor of Generation 1 with his Custom Ultra Magnus made from a Transformers Cybertron Galaxy Force Optimus Prime. Out of the ashes of the Cybertron Prime, which was used as the base of Ultra Magnus, chih strikes a nice balance of form and function with other additions to the figure like weapons from GI Joe Black Ops and the addition of the Autobot emblems on the shoulders of Ultra Magnus. The whites and blues that were used bring Ultra Magnus to life and pay a nice homage to the Generation 1 original. The silver grill puts a nice finishing touch on the custom, which also mirrors the 1980's classic! One of my favorite thing to see customizers do is to take a really unattractive figure (e.g., the Cybertron Galaxy Force Prime) and turn it into a Generation 1 classic! Take a look at the comparison below; chih has outdone himself and really made Ultra Magnus his own.

    Chih also has a blog where he uploads pictures of his latest creations so head over there and check it or, better yet, head over to eBay where you can bid on his Custom Ultra Magnus or some of his other custom creations, like his custom Nemesis Prime that he put up for auction last week.

    Custom Transformers ‘The Fallen’ Generation 1 Figure by Jin Saotome

    Jin Saotome brings us a reincarnation of 'The Fallen

    ' with his latest batch of customs for this week. What intrigued me about this figure is the sharp contrast in color among the blacks, oranges, red, and yellows to create the fire effect in his gears and body (not to mention the huge flame coming out of the top of his body). This is truly a piece of art that captures a real force of nature - Fire! As Jin states in his auction:

    "This auction is for a 6" tall "The Fallen" custom Transformers Classics figure with removable side cannons, magnetic removable inferno flame, extra right hand, and spinning turret/claw arm. He has multiple points of articulation meaning you can pose him in all sorts of awesome "I'm one of the first Transformers, bow to me!" poses and he'll look great in every one.

    This custom has been painted with an exceptional level of detail, and with paint that's not going to rub or flake off. The Fallen was one of the first 13 Transformers created by Primus and perhaps one of the coolest bots around. Why? BECAUSE HE'S ON FIRE! (Not literally as playing with the figure would result in your house burning down. But his character is supposed to be glowing like a furnace, always burning with flame.) The Fallen is detailed with various shades of… eh… black? Well the inner-furnace detailing are is neat part, done in orange-red-yellow tones for a real burning look! He does feature various metallic tones and weathering too for that been-around-for-a-millions-years theme. Flip out the turret and claw on his right hand and depress the lever on top for flaming-turret spinning action. The magnetically attached flames behind his head can be removed for transformation and the side cannons are removable as well. The Fallen transforms into an assault-tank and looks fairly cool doing so, rolling around and looking quite threatening. So, need a revamped Fallen to replace the chunky Titanium version that keeps toppling over? Know a friend who would bring this figure on camping trips in case of an emergency? (Kidding, it's not on fire.) Then don't pass this auction up! This figure will be shipped in time for Christmas in case you'd like to give him as a gift."

    Go over to eBay and bid on Jin's Custom 'The Fallen'

    before time runs out!

    At the dawn of time, Primus created new life, the 13 original Transformers, to crew his planetary form into battle against his eternal nemesis Unicron. One of these 13, his original name now lost to the mists of time, turned against his siblings, his creator, and his universe, and betrayed them all.

    As Vector Prime was constructed to safeguard Space/Time, this robot's function was to oversee the primal force of entropy, the aging and dissolution of order in this universe as presage to a new creation. However, this guardian of entropy became obsessed with the darker side of chaos and death, and in the black place these urges lead him, the betrayer found a new god, more suited to his nature. He turned against Primus and became the Fallen.

    Now he is a being of power, darkness, and absolute dedication to Unicron. At the end of the first battle between the two Gods, for his treachery, the Fallen was sealed into extradimensional limbo along with his new master.


    AFC Interviews Geejay’s Customs

    This weeks AFC Interview focuses on the talent of GeeJay's Customs. He is our second in the interview series and sheds some light on how he got started making customs and joy it brings him.

    AFC: Tell the fans of your work a little about yourself

    GeeJay's Customs: Hello, name's Gerald, and I'm a 21 yr old Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). I started customizing about 2 yrs ago, but honestly, I don't really remember lol. My work is mostly Marvel, all my favorite characters are from there. Also, I love customizing, as to a lot of us, in Marvel Legends scale. As you can see in my customs, I try to make it a little bit different from the actual reference and sorta make it "stand out" I guess, but keep all the recognizable characteristics, so people would be like, "oh yea, that's Winter Soldier" as an example. I also like working with big bulky muscular figures, sine there’s a lot of details in em. I haven't done any female figures, but I'm working on one for my girlfriend, which is taking me a LONG time, sadly. -_- I started customizing cause those cool statues and bust we're so expensive! So I started sculpting from scratch at first and then got into customizing when I saw a few of them on eBay. I was like, "hey that's cool! I don't have to buy a lot of clay to make figures now!" lol. And since then I was hooked! You can visit my website for past figures, what's new, and what's on eBay, at You can also contact me at with any questions, suggestions, or just to say hi! ^_^

    AFC: When did you start making customs?

    GeeJay's Customs: LOL, I answered this! Hehe I think, about 2 yrs ago.

    AFC: How many customs do you work on at one time?

    GeeJay's Customs: I have no clue! I have so many WIP it’s not even funny! But I usually work on up to 3 customs at a time, sometimes more. But I usually focus on a certain custom to get it to look how I want it too. Then move on from there.

    AFC: What is the custom you are most proud of?

    GeeJay's Customs: I am proud of all of my customs! Well since they were made from hard work, and patience. And I love to see my customs progress, and that's something I can also be proud of. ^_^

    AFC: What is your favorite toy line to do customs for?

    GeeJay's Customs: Hehe, wow I went ahead on the first question and answered a few. Well I really like to customize in Marvel Legends scale, preferably, Toybiz, oh and SOTA Street Fighters and Deluxe Aggression Wrestlers! Very well made and easy to work with. I also like to customize those 12 inch figures, from any line really, as long as it fits the job!

    AFC: What customs do you have lined up for your next ones?

    GeeJay's Customs: I have quite a few in my line up! World War Juggernaut, Leonidas, Cable, and other cool characters for Figurerealm, Toy Soup, and Comic Crypt Contests! Well that’s the plan, now I just gotta put it into action, which is the hard part, lol!

    AFC: If you had one piece of advice for other customizers out there, what would you say to them

    GeeJay's Customs: Have FUN with customizing! Be creative and go ALL OUT! ^_^ There’s no limit to your imagination!