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Marvel Legends X-Men Custom Warpath by ltlwiz

ltlwiz brings us his latest creation with this Custom Marvel Legends X-Men Warpath figure. The attention to detail on this Warpath is excellent! There are very few that go the extra mile and you can tell from the solid paint job and black detailing on the chest and abs that really set this figure apart from the rest. Hair is one of the toughest aspects of a custom to get right (along with the nose) but the hair on this custom flows very naturally and adds depth to this great figure. To tell you more about his custom, ltlwiz explains in his own words:

"Up for auction is a "Custom Marvel Legends Warpath" in a his new X-Men outfit. He is about 7 inches tall and looks amazing
the pictures do not do him justice. I only use the best paints on my figures and seal for durability to prevent paint rub. He retains all of his points of articulation. He would make a great addition to your collection. Don't miss your chance to add him to your collection."

Head over to eBay and bid on this awesome Custom Marvel Legends Warpath

for a chance to own this great piece. If you are unfamiliar with Warpath, please find out more about him below:
The life of James Proudstar seems to be partially defined by tragedy. He grew up hardly knowing his older brother, John, but nevertheless held him in high regard, watching him become a local hero. Later, his brother would be recruited into Charles Xavier's X-Men, taking the code-name Thunderbird, but he died on one of his earliest missions. Just before Thunderbird's funeral in the Western Desert, Proudstar stole his brother's body and gave him a traditional Apache warrior's funeral rite. Blaming Xavier for his brother's death, Proudstar accepted an offer from Emma Frost, then the White Queen of the Hellfire Club, to join her team, the Hellions. He took the costume and code-name of Thunderbird in his brother's memory.
Years later, during a trip to New York, Proudstar was approached by Cable to join his formative strike-force, X-Force. Proudstar initially refused the offer and returned home to find that everyone on his reservation had been slaughtered and a Hellfire Club mercenary's mask left behind. Vowing revenge, he accepted Cable's offer under the code-name Warpath, hoping that he could later use the team in his revenge. Warpath adventured with X-Force for a long tenure. Over time, he developed his powers to higher and higher levels. He also developed a crush on his teammate Siryn and was instrumental in helping her recover from alcoholism. Proudstar eventually confronted Emma Frost over the death of his people, but she convinced him that it was not the Hellfire Club that was responsible.


Custom Marvel Legends Ghostbuster Figures by boskoes

I was only 9 years old when Ghostbusters hit the theatres in 1984 and boskoes brings us a taste of this cult classic with his Custom Marvel Legends

Ghostbusters figures. boskoes has 4 auctions up this week, which makes this a real treat for Ghostbusters fans! Here is the line up:

Venkman, Spengler, and Zeddmore figures are fully posable and in perfect scale with all your other 6 inch ultra posable action figures. Each figure comes with a removable proton pack, that lights up (works on AAA batteries, and releases a small electro magnetic charge when turned on). This auction also includes, a pair of goggles (fits any one of the figures), 1 small ghost, and an ectometer. Slimer Glows in the dark, and comes with a jar of glow-in the dark slime. He also comes with a whole mess of goodies to eat. Slimer also comes with the above auction as a bonus!

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man


The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is a character in the movie Ghostbusters and the animated series The Real Ghostbusters. He was the cartoon mascot of the fictitious Stay Puft marshmallow corporation. boskoes Stay Puft Stay is ultra posable and stands aporox 9 inches tall and comes with Proton blast and base.

Gozar and Zuul


GOZAR is ultra posable, and in perfect scale with all your other 6 INCH ULTRA POSABLE action figures. She comes with exchangeable hands, and Zull. Zull is posable but is not overly articulated. His eyes light up red, and he comes with a removable chain.

Ecto 1


Last but not least, boskoes has totally "TRICKED OUT" custom Ghostbusters, ECTO 1. Vehicle is aprox. 14 inches long. Here are some of the mods that he lists to the car:

- We retooled the seat, so our Six Inch ULTRA-POSABLE ghostbusters figures can fit inside!
-We rigged it with working lights, and 3 different sounds (Engine starting, horn, and Siren). The flashing lights and sounds all work by pushing 1 of the 3 button on the roof!
- We gave it a crazy realistic paint job. We when with a "Ghostbustin' all day", distressed look, and hit it with cinder and Ectoplasam spatter!
- We kept the swivel roof seat, and tow wench intact!
- We gave it a custom MP3 player, that fits discreetly in the back hatch with industrial velcro. The MP3 player has an amplifier system so you can jam out while your pushin' Ecto 1 around, and also a pair of ear phones, incase you love this thing so much you wanna sit it by your bedside.
-MP3 PLAYER, comes loaded with the entire soundtrack to Ghostbusters 1 & 2, and hold up to 160 songs.

Custom Transformers Galvatron Generation One Cartoon Movie Style by Jin Saotome

Who can take a Transformers figure that looked like it came out of a Lucky Charms box and turn it into a piece of Generation 1 Transformers Movie history? You guessed it! Jin Saotome! After Jin's successful 2007 Transformers Movie Galvatron, he went back to his roots and created this Custom Transformers Cartoon Movie Galvatron out of the ashes of an Energon Megatron figure. I do like the masculine look of this Galvatron as Jin has focused on making him Gray and Blue (instead of the traditional purple). The cannon is a great shade of deep orange which compliments the figure nicely. As Jin states in his auction: 


This auction is for a 10” tall custom Transformers ‘Classics’ Galvatron figure with removable particle accelerator cannon, and space-cannon attachments. Galvatron has multiple points of articulation, far too many for me to count and they all have excellent range of motion even for as large as he is. This means you can pose him in all sorts of awesome Starscream-threatening poses and he’ll look great in every one. Galvatron changes from robot to scrap Space Cannon and transforming him won’t affect the paint job. Just take care when moving his parts around as he’s a very large and hefty figure.
This custom has been painted with an exceptional level of detail, and with paint that’s not going to rub or flake off. Here’s another taken on an old favorite, Galvatron done in a ‘Classics’ feel to him. First of all he’s huge, ten inches tall and fairly wide to boot. He has an imposing feel about him especially with his massive particle accelerator cannon aimed at you! The cannon can be attached on two spots on his right arm, on the side for storage and on his forearm for combat. And wow this sucker is a brilliant metallic gloss orange! Galvatron himself has been hand painted with various shades of blues/dark blues, weathered highlights, shadows, metallic sections, and given the full treatment of detailing that all my custom figures get. Even his eyes are two tones of red and yellow, burning with the need to kick Starscream across Cybertron at a moment’s notice.
But what’s Galvatron without an alt mode? Throughout the years he’s been depicted as different things but it’s back to the oldschool look this time! Galvatron transforms into yes, a massive space cannon, complete with treads. His arm cannon becomes the tip and brings his size to over a foot long. A lot of care and detail was put into this figure to get him the right mix of G1, cartoon, and modern styling here, I hope you like him. So, did you want Galvatron to top off your unique collection of Transformers? Know a friend who would get a kick out of a giant blue robot? (yes, sometimes Galvatron is depicted in purple, but then he’d be competing against the X-men Sentinels). Then don’t pass this auction up!! This figure will ship to you in time for Christmas too, in case you’d like to give him as a gift.

Make sure you check out Jin's awesome Custom Transformers Movie Galvatron for your chance to own this great piece!

eBay Photo Tips – Show Off Your Custom Figure!

Part of the fun I have writing this blog is trolling eBay and looking at all of the Custom Figures people have made from week to week. For the most part, seller's on eBay do not photograph their items very well and this is a definite drawback and customizers need to take note! Let's face it...people buying your customs want to see every minute detail! Here are some tips for photographing your customs:
Include Multiple Photos of your Custom
A picture does speak a thousand words and this is what ultimately will sell your custom and, in turn, make you the money. You can have a nice description and that helps but you need to take the money shots: photos that highlight all of the hard work you poured into your custom.
Use Proper Lighting
Nothing ruins a great picture more than bad lighting. There are many cheap solutions to solving lighting problems. One of those is Photo Studio in a Box, an inexpensive lighting solution that costs $99 and includes two lights, a backdrop, and a tripod. Using proper lighting decreases the chances of blurry photos, which you should never include (if you have taken a blurry photo, retake the shot).
Avoid Background Clutter in the Photo
As poor lighting can kill a photo, extra stuff that shows up with your custom in the photo can also be deadly! Make sure that you do not include any extras in your photos as you want to show off your great custom.
Here is a really bad example of a custom that is currently on eBay:
Custom Sandtrooper (Pink is really your color!)

Marvel Legends Custom Thunderstrike by Cal’s Customs

Cal's Customs brings us this awesome Custom Marvel Legends Thunderstrike. The likeness to the comic is spot on and the paint job on this one looks flawless! It must look aamazing in person. The hair looks very natural (something very hard to pull off) and the eyes have an intense look to them, adding to the realism of the figure. The mace is a great accessory and although the comic does have a 'T' monogrammed on the it, I actually like this one without it. Besides, I am sure the mace would be hard to clean after a battle if monogrammed. You can own this one of kind masterpiece over at eBay so go bid early for a chance to add Cal's Custom Marvel Legends Thunderstrike to you collection!

For those unfamiliar with this character from the Marvel Comics, here is a little background:

Eric Masterson, an architect, is merged with Thor and given Thor's form and powers after Thor is sealed in Eric's mind, by Odin, due to Thor's accidental killing of Loki. Eventually, Odin is revealed to have been possessed by Loki, who was attempting to manipulate everybody. Eric and Thor are separated and restored to their original bodies.

Eric continues in the role of Thor, after having been given Mjolnir by Thor, who tells Eric to carry on as Earth's protector. Eric then returns to Earth and joins the Avengers in Thor's place. During this time, he aids them in such battles as the Kree/Shi'ar war and the Infinity Gauntlet crisis, being one of only three heroes at the conclusion of that battle to remember the entire confrontation (The other two being Doctor Strange and the Silver Surfer.

However, Eric's role as Thor is relatively brief, as the Enchantress manipulates Eric into attacking Thor for Sif's affection. During a confrontation with Thor, Eric hits Sif, which provokes Thor, leading him to defeat Eric and reclaim Mjolnir while Odin reveals the Enchantress’s manipulations. Odin then creates a new mace for Eric called Thunderstrike.
Eric first uses the Thunderstrike mace against the villain Bloodaxe, and is
promptly defeated. Afterwards, Eric creates his own costume to distinguish himself from Thor, while keeping Thor’s reputation intact. Eric names himself Thunderstrike, after the mace itself. Eventually Eric defeats Bloodaxe, only to discover that ‘he’ was actually Jackie Lukus, his current love interest.

Omega Supreme Transformers Classics Custom by Jin Saotome


"Unyielding resolve has no conqueror."
Jin Saotome, master of Transformer customization, brings us a real treat today. Omega Sumpreme, one of the tried and true Generation 1 classics of our time, is reincarnated into this awesome Custom Omega Supreme, which I will let Jin describe in his own words...
"This auction is for a 10" tall custom Transformers 'Classics' Omega Supreme figure with removable drilling arms, working scrap-magnet, scrap-claw, Dump truck minicon, and flickering light-up smelting furnace. Omega has multiple points of articulation, far too many for me to count and they all have excellent range of motion. This means you can pose him in all sorts of awesome Decepticon-smelting poses and he'll look great in every one. Omega changes from robot to scrap metal foundry and transforming him won't affect the paint job. It's time for more Transformers Classics customs and this week I give you Omega Supreme Omega features two drilling arms that can be detached into separate vehicles. The right claw opens up and spins via a thumbwheel and the left drill extends and spins when you slide the lever. Add two AAA batteries (not included) and you can have the claw-drill light up and make noise when you spin it. Once detached you can transform Omega into a scrap metal foundry complete with a working scrap-magnet for hoisting metal chunks into his minicon buddy and scrap-claw for tearing apart slagged Decepticon wreckage into smaller bits. Inside Omega's chest is the smelting furnace that lights up and flickers brightly, ready to process scrap metal into raw materials to repair his Autobot friends. (furnace batteries are included and you can replace them easily) Omega Supreme has been painted with many different shades, metallics, weathering, highlights, shadows, you name it. He's been styled to resemble his G1 form while playing to the modern 'Transformers Classics' theme. So… were you looking for a giant guardian to watch over Cybertron while you were out? Know a friend who will keep trying to attach the two arms to form a rocket? (sorry, they're drilling equipment this time around, heh) Then don't pass this auction up!!"
Own this one of a kind custom today by visiting Jin's Custom Omega Supreme Auction at eBay. If you would like to learn more about Omega Supreme, please read below:
Omega Supreme is the ultimate defensive force. Although he has great strength, it is his even greater courage which truly distinguishes him. Against overwhelming odds, he will stand unwaveringly and fight with every last microchip of his mechanical being. His fellow Autobots consider him serious, even grim, but those with insight know the reason why: the enormity of the responsibility placed on Omega Supreme. He is designed specifically as the Autobots' last line of defense. It is his job to protect the Ark and anything else considered vital to the Autobot cause. He knows that should he fall in battle, chances are there will be no other Autobots left by that point to take over his role. His is a situation Omega Supreme finds both challenging and chilling. He would have it no other way.
Check out more Custom Transformers on eBay!

AFC Interviews Caramel’s Customs

To kick off the first of the Interview Series on ActionFigureCustoms, Caramel's Customs provides us with some insight, history, and a glimpse into the future.
AFC: Tell the fans of your work a little about yourself.

Caramel's Customs: Hi, I am a 26th year old female customizer. I am a HUGE fan of comics all together. I customize action figures to many different lines including, but not limited, to Marvel, DC, Image and more. You can visit my website to see more of what I have done and what is in process of getting done. If you have any questions or interested in having your own figure customized, email me at

AFC: When did you start making customs?

Caramel's Customs: I began making customs this year in July, so really only about 4 months or so. My local comic store owner was the one who got me started in customizing. He saw my fan art drawings and invited me to enter his action figure customizing contest. I ran all my research and started making my first custom. I had so much fun, that now I am addicted to customizing and keep making them lol.
AFC: How many customs do you work on at one time?

Caramel's Customs: It depends really. But I take my time on each figure so I can only work a little on each figure a day. I work on an average of 4 figures at one time. Letting a figure dry completely before sculpting over other sculpt is very important, so instead of rushing on to the next step, I work on another figure.

AFC: What is the custom you are most proud of?

Caramel's Customs: My favorite custom has to be my Excalibur Dazzler. I put a lot of time and effort in that one and love how she came out. Here is a link to her pictures.

AFC: What is your favorite toy line to do customs for?
Caramel's Customs: I love Toybiz Marvel Legends figures to work with. They have the best articulation and nice head sculpt. But I love the head sculpt from various toy lines. I swap around heads to try to find the right one to work with the character I am customizing.

AFC: What customs do you have lined up for your next ones?

Caramel's Customs: I am working on my Heroes for Hire team. I am hoping the team will be done by the end of November. I will have a villain done as well with the 4 girls so they can be posed fighting someone 😉

AFC: If you had one piece of advice for other customizers out there, what would you say to them?

Caramel's Customs: One piece of advice to any customizer beginner is "Take you time. Don't rush anything. If you take your time, the end piece will be worth the patience. And remember, if you don't get it right the first time, try, try again. 😉 You will get it."

AFC: Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and for letting your fans into your world.

Custom Bumblebee Transformers Movie Dio Brawl Battle by matt1989cars

Another Custom Battle Damaged Movie Dio has popped up on eBay! matt1989cars gives us his take on the Transformers Movie with this battle scene dio with an added twist. One of the most exciting parts of the Transformers Movie is when Bumblebee is racing down the streets (with some help of a tow truck) and opening up a can of whoop-ass on Brawl. The aftermath after a hail of high heat sabo rounds and a shelling from bumblee's cannons, Brawl is left in a world of hurt. There are a couple things that differentiate this dio from others. First, matt1989cars has sculpted Bumblebee's mask, which you don't see many out there. The mask adds to the realism and the use of the Bumblebee Evolutions camaro adds extra battle damage to the car. Second, he added much needed battle damage to Brawl, rounding out the intense scene in the movie which leaves Brawl in a heap of scrap metal.matt1989cars goes on to explain a little more about this scene: "This is a custom Diorama with three Custom painted and modified Transformers (deluxe figures). Everything in the pictures is included with this auction. Bumblebee has modifies too his legs, gun, head, and shoulder guns(also a real like chain is included to wrap around him)! Brawl has a lot of battle damage from his foot too his head and of course that fatal chest shot. Longarm was also carefully painted and has a hydraulic was removed from the tow rack, so Bumblebee can be placed correctly on the bumper. The box and instructions will be included for Brawl and Longarm only(carefully opened). Bumblebee was from the target exclusive two-pack. I will include the extra removed parts for Bumblebee in case you want to put him back as original. You will have two replace two knee screws only, which are also included."This one is newly listed on eBay so here is your chance to own a great custom along with a one of the greatest battle scenes in the movie so go and bid on matt1989cars' Custom Bumblebee Brawl Movie Dio today.

Custom Transformers Movie Hot Rod by Todd’s Original Custom Designs

Todd's Original Custom Designs has a new take on a classic G1 figure with his Custom Hot Rod made from the 1978 Camaro Bumblebee mold from the Transformers Movie line. By using an Energon Rodimus head and matching the paint color pretty close, Hot Rod is reborn. The flames pay great respect to the G1 Hot Rodfigure. The weathering is nicely done and paint aps in robot mode look convincing although I don't really care for the pinkish/purplish accents. I would have either liked a nice metal or a black for those parts but that said, it is a nice figure and I enjoy seeing movie figure customs as G1 classics.

Masterpiece Starscream Clean Version – How to Guide by revlimiter

Although few and far between, the Masterpiece Starscream in G1 deco is becoming a sought after piece. Once again, Hasbro has taken some liberty and deviated from the true G1 paint scheme but there are some clever people out there who figured out how to bring Starscream back to his 1980's greatness. Building off of a post by Optimus Scourge over at the Transformers World 2005
Boards, revlimiter goes on to explain in his short tutorial:


Masterpiece Starscream Paint Removal 101:
1) Weathering: The weathering is way easy to remove and requires almost no effort. A little rubbing alcohol (I use expensive TARGET brand 95% stuff) and a stiff paper towel make this a 5 minute project. And the panel lines stay there! It's hard to remove them, but I didn't want to anyway. You can just rub off the weathering (Gently) and the pretty grey panel lines will remain behind.
2) Nosecone: That silver is really on there. I roughed it up with a green scotchbrite pad before and during paint removal. Just light scuffing to break the paint up, not enough to cloud the blue plastic underneath. And you just use the same alcohol/towel technique. I pulled the nosecone forward and held it with my fingers in one hand (that never touched anything else) and removed with the other. If you happen to touch the cockpit with a alcohol soaked hand, bad things might happen. Clear plastic hates alcohol.
3) Thruster covers: That paint is really on there, but scrubbing and protecting the blue tail fins with one hand got it all clean within about 30 minutes.

On a side note, I just joined the Transformers World 2005 community and there are definitely some awesome customizers who post over there so if you have not made it over there, go check them out. For more Custom Transformers figure, check them out on eBay!

Custom Marvel Legends Incredible Red Hulk by Caramel’s Customs

Caramel's Customs brings us a taste of the future with her Custom Marvel Legends Red Hulk. The color of Hulk's skin must have taken him hours to get right and the vein color strikes a nice balance with rage seen in Hulks face. The hair compliments the figure's complexion and rounds out this great piece. Did I mention that this figure is 13" tall? Well, if you want to see a picture of this Red Hulk to scale you will need to view the auction! I found an image of the Red Hulk for comparison (see below) and Caramel's Customs did an excellent job bringing this one to life. 

I took a trip over Caramel's Customs website and found a little more information on her Red Hulk: "HULK SMASH! Who can this be? He's HUGE and RED! Can he be a new HULK? We will all find out come after the New Year! In the mean time, if you want to own you very own customized red Hulk before then, check this one out! I spent ALOT of hours making this one. I wanted to make him as large as he is on the cover."eBay but bid early as this one is getting some great action. Also, visit, Caramel's Customs website and check out her other customs!

RSS Feeds for Myspace or Websites

Ok...slightly off topic but relates to custom figures! I just recently joined MySpace to network and get to know all of the talented customizers out there! In a few short days I have created my presence on MySpace and have found many of the people who I blog about it. On of the things that bugged me about MySpace was the fact that they have their own blogging programs embedded in the page. After a few Google searches, I discovered that I could embed a widget into any part of my profile thus constantly keeping my MySpace page up to date with the blogs from this site. I know many of the customizers have blogs out there so here is a recipe for creating RSS feeds within Myspace:

and create a new account or log in if you have an existing account
2. Click the Make a Blidget button
3. Enter the URL or RSS feed of the blog that you want to appear on your MySpace profile
4. Adjust the width, color, and the title of the Blidget to match with your MySpace scheme
5. Add a title, image, and tag it
6. Click Publish Blidget
7. On the following page, click the Add to MySpace button (or the larger Get Widget button, and then Add to MySpace
Note: You can't just copy and paste the code into your MySpace profile (already tried it and it does not work) if you want the links to be clickable. When the Widgetbox puts the Blidget on the page, it adds extra code to create buttons that will open links
8. Enter your MySpace email address and password as Widetbox needs them to edit your profile
9. Choose the section of MySpace where you want the Blidget to appear
10. Click OK
The Widgetbox Blidget should now appear on your MySpace profile!

If you want to check out how it looks on MySpace, please check out the About Me section here:


Here is a screenshot of what it looks like (I could not embed it in this blog...but that would have been funny...a blog within a blog!):


Custom Transformers Movie Galvatron by sainte_786

Another Transformers Movie Galvatron Custom Custom has surfaced on eBay. Staying true to the G1 Galvatron, sainte_786 has added a cannon which mounts on the arm and the colors compliment the original nicely. I like the way that the orange accents looked weathered, like they have seen fierce battles. The purple is a great shade, which pays a nice homage to the Generation 1 figure from the 1980's. The Matrix necklace is adds a nice touch to the figure. If Galvatron ever made into the Transformers Movie sequel, as a reincarnation of Megatron, saint_786's version definitely is one that Michael Bay should note. Go head over to eBay and bid on this awesome Custom Transformers Movie Galvatron! 

As for Galvatron's history, here is some background on this evil Decepticon: In the year 2005, the Decepticons launched a failed attempt to capture Autobot City on Earth. In the process, Decepticons leader Megatron was gravely wounded, though not necessarily mortally. During their retreat from Earth, the Decepticons had to abandon many of their beaten warriors to cold space, whether or not they were beyond repair. Craving the leadership, Starscream also threw Megatron's body overboard. Eventually, Megatron was approached by a being of god-like power: Unicron. They talked and a bargain was arrived at. Unicron would save Megatron's life and provide him with a new body and new troops, and Megatron would destroy the Matrix of Leadership for Unicron. Deciding that a new and more powerful body would be needed, Unicron turned Megatron into Galvatron.

Check out more Custom Transformers on eBay!

Custom Transformers Devastator Generation One – Destruction of Autobot City by bromen238pxk

bromen238pxk has outdone himself and created a scene that is surely sought after. He brings us this one of a kind sculpture with amazing detail. This Custom Devastator Diorama was built completely from scratch and definitely shows off the talent of this customizer. One of my favorite parts of this diorama is the facial expression he molded for Devastator, which brings out the ruthlessness of this Decepticon. Expressions are really hard to capture with customs, especially ones built from scratch, but bromen238pxk has captured the essence of Devastator's character and persona. I also like the way bromen238pxk portrays destruction with the flames in the diorama, which adds the realism.


bromen238pxk gives us a little taste of how much effort was put into this awesome piece, "This auction is for my custom built and painted Devastator statue with diorama. I built Devastator from a variety of toy parts, as well as custom sculpted head, hands, arms, and a completely scratchbuilt diorama. The diorama was constructed from floral foam, sealed with plaster, painted and detailed. The entire piece is huge. The figure itself stands around 17 inches tall, with an armspan of about 22 inches. The base is 23 inches across the front, and 15 inches front to back. The tallest building stands 23 inches tall. The sculpture itself represents a scene from the 1986 animated movie. The Decepticons are blitzing Autobot City, and the Constructicons form Devastator to breach their defenses. Devastator has the sheer power to tear the city apart with his bare hands. This piece was a true labor of love, and has hundreds of hours of work put into it." 

Custom Transformers Trailbreaker Generation 1 Movie Figure by mirages_boxes

mirages_boxes brings us the latest G1 reincarnation of a Transformers Movie figure with his Custom Trailbreaker made from Dropkick. The packaging is a blast from the past with the G1 style tech spec and box art. This is another great example of a customizer taking advantage of a figure who never saw the light of day in the Movie and turned it into a G1 Classic! Custom Classics Trailbreaker #2 Made from Movie Figure Dropkick. Figure was Dissembled, Washed, Masked and airbrushed. Legs and arms were than painted with chrome detail and battle wear. Custom stickers professionally printed on Vinyl were then applied. Custom packaging made to resemble the past with a piece of the future. Back has tech spec with converted art and I even have some transformation pics in back. Joints were masked to avoid paint wear but these areas are not noticeable easily. His back claw does still pop out with great ease. Packing was printed on high res paper and is very glossy and vibrant. Figure looks great with your movie figs or your classics."

mirages_boxes explains how he transformed Dropkick into a G1 classic: "

You can nab this one of a kind Custom Trailbreaker on eBay so get it while you can!