2009 Camaro Custom Lego Technic by crowkillers-incorporated

CustomLegoCamaro1 790006 lego crowkillers-incorporated is at it again and brings us this black custom Lego 2009 Camaro. If you have not seem his work before, check it from my blog post on his red Camaro. I am simply in awe of his work and his latest custom black Camaro comes with some nice details that sets this apart from his red version. For example, this black Camaro has racing stripes, a very nice addition to the car. The interior is tan, which sets off the black and red. As for how this was built, I will let crowkillers-incorporated fill you in on this one:

"As a Camaro owner myself I was in awe when I feasted my eyes on Chevy's New Concept Camaro Last Year. After a Few months I decided to build one. This model contains Well over 2300 New parts and has been constructed in 1/8 Scale studless form. Some of you may be confused as to what the term "Studless" actually means, well here it is:Rather than having bricks that actually "Click or Snap" together with studs, my models are pinned and joined together courtesy of different length friction pins and axles. This method makes for lighter and stronger models and is the only style that I build in. Studless building is like playing Chess where you must always be 5 or 6 steps ahead. Now that you know what studless means, on to the Car's specs:

CustomLegoCamaro3 718730 lego
V8 Engine with removable LS2 Style Engine Cover. This engine features a moving crankshaft with 8 pumping pistons. 6 Speed Transmission with Reverse. As you can see in the pictures, This is a Fully Funtional 6 Speed transmission with a working Reverse gear. Not to be confused with Lego's 8448 5 Speed+Reverse Transmission, My Model has 6 Forward Gears Plus a Reverse. I needed to clarify this because many people refer the Lego 8448 tranny as a "6 Speed"(5+R). My Tranny is much more complex and works very smoothly through all 6 gears. Or 7(6 Speed + Reverse) Depending on if you consider Reverse a Gear or not. Oh Yeah, The shift pattern also follows the Real Camaro's! Working independent 4 wheel suspension. Opening Hood, Doors, and Trunk. Operational Front Wheel Steering system with a "Hand of God" Steering system that also operates the steering wheelinside of the cockpit.

CustomLegoCamaro2 726752 lego
"Hand of What?" Ok, I always get the e-mail asking, so I will explain what "Hand of God" means. "Hand of God" refers to your own hand (Making You "God from above using your Hand") Turning a somewhat hidden wheel (In this case on top of my model's dashboard) that in turn steers the front wheels. And with my model, also turns the Actual steering wheel accordingly.Note: If you are the winning bidder, please don't consider yourself a God and start a silly cult. That would just be well... Wrong. Detailed interior done in Tan. Check out the cool arm-rests on the doors. And the awesome Black exterior With Red-Stripes. This is a complete custom model, not a set that you can buy at Walmart or Lego Shop At Home. And the only instructions that exist are embedded within my head."

There is still one day left to bid on this masterpiece of Americana! Head over to eBay and put yourself in the running to own this Custom Black 2009 Lego Camaro.

customlegocamaro1 300x225 lego

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